Great But Doubtful Lines: Uncertain Parentage of Progenitors in Three Countries.; Interesting Case of Derby Winner Moses--Mortemer and Rayon dOr Are Cited., Daily Racing Form, 1922-06-08


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GREAT BUT DOUBTFUL LINES Uncertain Parentage of Progeni ¬ tors in Three Countries Interesting Case of Derby Winner WinnerMoses Moses Mortemer and Bayon Bayond d Or Are Cited BY SALVATOR SALVATORThere There Is one phase of the consideration of blood lines which the ordinary breeder or devotee of breeding problems never takes Into account He tabulates taproots male lines etc makes nice calculations about the weaving in and out of this that and the other ancestral element and the like But all the while he pays no attention to the fact that it is Impossible to analyze the pedigrees of most stakewinners without encountering cases often repeated ones of doubtful or double parentage This is due to the breeding of mares to different stal ¬ lions the same season making the sires of their ensuing foals uncertain It is true that from dates of service etc some one horse is customarily assigned as the true parent and when the pedigree is tabulated so ap ¬ pears But there can be no certainty of this fact in may cases Sometimes a foal Is so unmistakably marked by its sire in color conformation or otherwise that no reasonable doubt can be felt of tho true progenitor But again it may not closely resemble either or any of the stallions to which his dam was bred bredThe The English Derby the worlds most famous horse race has repeatedly been won by colts of doubtful parentage The first occasion was in 1822 when the Duke of Yorks colt Moses captured it The dam of Moses an unnamed mare by Gohanna had been covered in 1818 by both Whalebone son of Waxy an Eclipse horse and Sey ¬ mour son of Delpini a Herod horse But Seymoui has been as the phrase goes accepted as the sire of Mcses Moses lives on in breeding history through his daughter Pauline which produced that wonderfully prepotent horse Gladiator the sire among many ohers of Sweetmeat which got Maca ¬ roni Parmesan etc and of those two mem ¬ orable matrons Queen Mary by many ex ¬ perts pronounced the foremost of all thor ¬ oughbred matrons and Miss Gladiator the dam of the allconquering Giadiateur Water ¬ loos avenger Also Gladiator sired Ventre St Gris whose line has accomplished much in France FrancePARENTAGE PARENTAGE OF TIIOR3IANBY IN DOUBT DOUBTThe The second Derby winner of disputed parentage was no less a horse than Thor manby I860 His dam the renowned Alice Hawthorne had been mated in 1856 with botli Melbourne a Matchem horse and Wind hound of the Herod line The latter how ¬ ever became the accepted sire Thorman bys influence as a sire was farreaching His male line in France carried on where it did not in England or America and has culminated today In Hoi Herode His daugh ¬ ter Rouge Rose in England produced Bend Or whose blood is fast becoming paramount everywhere In America Glengarrjt son of Thormanby contributed Glendew the third dam of Commando our most dominant lat ¬ terday progenitor progenitorA A third Derby winner of uncertain parent ¬ age was St Gatien which deadheated with Harvester for the blue riband of the turf in 1884 the stakes being divided St Gatiens dam St Editha was covered in 1880 by both Rotherhill son of Lord Clifden and The Rover son of Blair Athol a son of Queen Mary abovementioned the latter being later accepted As tho sire of Med ¬ dler St Gatiens blood is still a living force in American breeding operations operationsIn In this country we have had no instances of classic winners parallel to those of Moses Thormanby and St Gatien Perhaps the most distinguished performer of disputed par ¬ entage seen here has been Ramapo a horse of high if not the first class He won twentyfive of fiftyone races and 66940 his most notable exploit having been his victory in the Suburban of 1881 when a four yearold under 120 pounds That day ho beat a grand field and ran the mile and a quarter in 2 zOe1 the fastest Suburban on record to that date Ramapo later went to England and ended his life there thereRAJIAPOS RAJIAPOS ORIGIN UNCERTAIN UNCERTAINHis His was a most interesting case of doubt ¬ ful blood His dam Annie P was herself by either Springbok or Galway Galway accepted and in 1889 was mated with both Runnymede son of imported Billet and Pontiac the imported son of Pero Gomez himself a Suburban winner It was the lat ¬ ter horse which was accepted as Rarnapos sire though on appearance at least there was no ground whatever for such action actionThe The analysis of pedigrees shows that un ¬ certain parentage has prevailed much more largely in England than America Many prominent instances are on record there and but few here We however have drawn from England much doubtful blood of this sort One of our dominant lines of today is that from Bonnie Scotland a doubly doubtful horse To begin with he was a son of old Queen Marjt which descended from the uncertain Moses While paternally his cire lago was by Don John of doublo paternity his dam having been mated with Tramp and Waverly the season before she produced him Wavcrly was accepted It is further interesting to note that Don John eired Lady Masham from which mare one of tho most fashionable maternal tribes of the present day descends including in Amer ¬ ica Fair Play the siro of Man o War WarFair Fair Play moreover gets a second dosa of doubtful blood through another imported source His nire Hastings had for dam Imported Cinderella whosa paternity is dis ¬ puted by both Blue Ruin and Tomahawk the latter being accepted As Cinderella also produced Plaudit another highly dis ¬ tinguished race horse and sire this strain has become well diffused here hereIt It is curious to discover how linked with different strains of doubtful caste the blood of Queen Mary has been Her first foal Haricot 1847 was by either Lanercost or Liverpool with the latter accepted and Haricot not only produced the redoubtable Caller Ou but Lady Langden the dam of Hampton a truly great sire whose name we encounter again and again in modern pedi ¬ grees especially through his daughter Maid Marian the dam of Polymelus PolymelusIt It is a curious fact that the two great French iiorses Morteirer and Rayon dOr which in past years did so much for the American thoroughbred breed both brought in currents of doubtful blood Not only did Mortemer go directly to Gladiator in the direct male line his dam Comtesse was by either The Baron or Nuncio Nuncio ac ¬ cepted On the other hand Rayon dOr was by Flageolet whose dam La Favorite was by Monarque that horse having no less than three putative sires viz The Baron Sting and The Emperor of which The Em ¬ peror was accepted The Baron here gets counted out for the second time Moreover tho granddam of Rayon dOr Constance was by Gladiator GladiatorWe We saw above that Fair Play sire of Man o War got strains of doubtful blood through his direct maternal line which goes to Lady Masham by Don John and through his sire Hastings as well that horses dam Cinder ¬ ella being of doublo paternity But there is still another factor of this kind in his hered ¬ ity Tho male line of this pedigree reads Man o War Fair Play Hastings Spend ¬ thrift imported Australian and Australians third dam Variety was by either Selim or Soothsayer tho latter accepted acceptedOne One of the regnant lines in England today is that through Sunstar and Sundridge to Amphion which horse was by either Specu ¬ lum or that horses son Rosebery Rosebcry being tho preferred and Speculum tho common stock Another fashionable contem ¬ porary English tribe in Britain is that de ¬ scending from the Tristan mare Canterbury Pilgrim an Oaks winner through her two sons Chaucer and Swynford the dam of Canterbury Pilgrim Pilgrimage being by cither The Earl or The Palmer the latter being accepted acceptedHad Had not death snatched Sysonby away from us after his unbeaten threeyearold campaign he might have founded a family here In that caso another doubtful clement would have entered into our fabric as his sire was Melton the Derby winner of 1SS5 he a son of Master Kildare whoso grand dam Judy Go was by either Crozier 01 Dcy of Algiers tho Dey preferred preferredMany Many other instances might be quoted but the above are sufficient to develop the many uncertainties which surround tho Inheri ¬ tances of a host of tho best English French American and other thoroughbreds of Uie present time

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