Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1922-11-01

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BAIL Y MA CING FORM HANDICAPS , LATONIA The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are : Lntonln, Ky., October .11, 1022. 1 Green Gold, Ararat. White Star.. 2 Victoire, Watchful Waiting, Miss Minerva. 3 Claymore, Sir Lawnfal, Tulsa. 4 Lathrop, In Memoriam, Gallaher Brothers entry. 5 Aliadane. Sir Thomas Koan. Hadrian. G Nichol. Wuywassamo, Brnnell. 7 BROTHERLY LOVE, Matinee Idol, Tableau dHonneur. -T. L. Dempsey. Sow Vorli n: iiT!-:i p. 1 Miss Petite, Green Gold, White Star, Marine Corps. 2 Childs Play, Violet Mahoney, Away, Bedazzle. S Hiyh Gear, Sir Lawnfal, Tulsa. Claymore. 4 Lathrop, Triumph, Bo McMillan, Resting Time. j 4 5 Abadane, Rapid Day, Klmer IC. Ablaze. C Lucky Run, Spinball, Waywassamor Nichol. 7 MATINEE IDOL, Pumps, Sea Prince, Brotherly Love. liii:iu :inl Itnir.il.. Hiiiiiltcni. 1 Ararat. Miss Petite. Ruby, Green Gold. 2 Victoire. Intried, Violet, Mahoney. 3 SIR LAWNFAL, Claymore, Loveliness, Dr. Itae. 4 In. Memoriam, Prince K., Bo McMillan, Lathrop. 5 Abadane, Elmer K., Avispa, Ablaze. 6 Waywassamo, Nichol, Spinball, Lucky Run. 7 Matinee Idol, Brotherly Love, Mechanic, Pumps. Observer Handicap. 1 Miss Petite, Ararat, White Star, Ruby. 2 Victoire, Away, Untried, Bedazzle. 3 Claymore, Sir Lawnfai, Merchant, Huen. 4 In Memoriam, Lathrop, Prince K., Bo Miliap. Avispa, Abadane, Ablaze, Rapid Day. 6 Waywassamo, Spinball, Lucky Run, Nichol. 7 MATINEE IDOL, Sea Prince, Brotherly Love, Pirate McGee. CoitHciiMiiK of UnmllcnpK. 1 Miss Petite, Green Gold, Ararat, White Star. 2 Victoire, Childs Play, Violet, Mahoney, Untried. 3 Claymore, High Gear, Sir Lawnfal, Tulsa. 4 Lathrop, In Memoriam, Prince K., Bo McMillan. 5 Abadane, Avispa. Rapid Day. Alma K. 6 Nichol, Lucky Run, Waywassamo, Spin, ball. 7 MATINEE IDOL, Brotherly Love, Sea Prince, Pumps. PIMLICO The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are : Pimlieo. Aid., October "1, 1022. 1 TRUE FLIER. Three Square, Winner Take All. i Trcviscot, Gimme, Unar. :; Moco. G. W. Foreman and J. M. Collins entry. Miles S. 4 Careful, Tryster, Dominique. 5 Best Pal, Fair Way, Tufter. 0 Wilderness, Bluemont, Amusement. 7 Jock Scot, Mavourneen, Whalebone. T. K. Lynch. Vciv York 1 1 :i ml ion i. 1 True Flier. Sweet and Pretty, Poor Sport. Adventuress. 2 Bynjr, Pasebrook, Gimme. Unar. :; Moco. The Roll Call, Miles Toodles. 14 Careful. Dominique, Knobbic, Mad Hatter. 5 TUFTER, Fairway, Irish Kiss, John Paul Jones. 6 -Wilderness, Little Celt, Bluemont, Dunlin. 7 AVhalebone, Cum Sab, Jock Scot, Peri- yourdine. Chicago :nul Ituffnlu I:mli:iii. 1 True Flier, Adventuress, Scare Crow, Poor Sport. 2 Payebrook. Unar, Bviik, Treviscot. 3 Ballot Mark. The Roll Call. John Mor rill, Pollv Wale. 4 DOMINIQUE, Tryster, Careful, On Watch. 5 Paul Jones. Fairway, John Paul Jones, Irish Kiss. 6 -"Little Celt, Dunlin, Bluemont, Amuse ment. 7 Perigourdine, Cum Sah, AVhalebone, Jock Scot. Dlistrvtrs If .and I en p. 1 True Flier. Pom Sport. Adventuress, Sweet and Pretty. 2 Unar, Pagebrnok, Byns, Treviscot. 3 John Morrill, Ballot Mark, Moco, The Roll Call. 4 DOMINIQUE, Careful, Tryster, Mad-Hat ter. 5 .Fairway, Baby Grand, Paul Jones, Tufter. C Bluemont, Little Celt, Amusement, Wilderness. 7 Cum Sah, Perisourdine, Jock Scot, AVhalebone. CoiiNi-iiNiitt of II n it !!: pn. 1 TRUE FLIER. True Sport, Adventuress, Sweet and Pretty. 2 Trcviscot, Iiynjr, Faebrook, Unar. 3 Mfyeo. Ballot Mark, John Morrill, Miles S. 4 Careful, Dominique. Tryster, Mad Hatter. Best Pal. Tufter, Paul Jones, Fairway. Wilderness, Little Celt, Bluemont, Amusement. 7 Jock Scot, AVhalebone, Perigourdine, Cum Sah.

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