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JIM RANDELL 1*8 Fulton St., Room 388, NEW YORK CITY Dally Wife. Well, Well, Well! Just missed Making; 10 straight. MAJORITY t!S.2«- Win .10- 2ND MAN AI.1VK, LOOK AT THESE WINNERS! EVERY DAY IS WINNING DAY! Saturday. April 12— TIIORNDA1.E .80- WON Friday, April 11— NIGHT SHADE t.40- WON Thursday, April I* — WARNING 3.10-12 WON Wednesday, April 9 — HI ADO 19.16-12 WON Tuesday. April 8 HIDDEN JEWEI .30- WON Monday. April 7. BIEF BANG NMMI WON Saturday, April i — ROYAL CHARLIE 16.30-12 WON Friday. April 4— WARNING IHJMI WON Thursday, April S — BIEE BANG |7.39- WON Dont hesitate. Get in touch with me at once. Its dirt rheap. *."» Daily or 0 Weekly. FAIR PI.AY FOR ALL 0 FOR TODAY If j on rare to get on a niee 20-1 shot today, then get in tonrh with me at once as I have smother one like WARNING, which paid .30 and WON easy. Yes, sir, another baby like this coos today. Get my wires at onee as I een expect better results at Hat re de -race. Send in 20.00 and know that you are going to get real li e information. Wire money Western Union or Postal. HARVEY AMES Earle Bldg., Broadway at 52nd St. NEW YORK, N. Y. Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" WON WessieB.,.30-,Won Another evidence of the superiority of this sua ice. We li;;e imitators, but no competitors. Eighty r°r cent of all subscribers to "Harvey Transactions" do so continually without hit rro.pt, km. which speaks for their value. Several "Harvey Transactions" now in preparation awaiting favorable starting condition1--. The strongest possible con-n i liens have Joined us for the coming Havre de Grace meeting. Thiir worth to this organization will be demonstrated from the beginning of the meeting, which starts tomorrow, Wednesday. Telegraph 00 promptly, as arrangements are to the effect that all "Harvey TlSOSai Unas*" are limited to territory ai.d in order to uphold the price, day of starting will be omitted from these columns. Telephones: Circle 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 OPPORTUNITY for reliable parties to share information from om •f the best sources in Kentucky. Will identify ■ ytelf fully acd satisfactorily. References givei and required. P. 0. BOX 2038 AOUISVILLE KENTUCKY TELEPHONE-BRYANT 6.133 J » [M [ J E R RY Hfl RDI Wtfij|t3 CT"!™ "SCHUYLER INVESTMENT " A. J. BUJA .30- WON 1452 Broadway NEW YORK CITY .00 Daily— Hours 9 A. M. to 2 P. M.— 0.00 Weekly WATCH THE SEA GULLS GET BREAKFAST BIG «50.00 SPECIAL will l»e Riven FREE today to all who S*»B*HlHS j m* *"*■■«* «1»" ■*•■ ■ formerly charged FIFTY DOLLARS for WHEN THE OCEAN TIDES ABE OUT AND ***** KXTR V PR,VATK *™ IALS. bat I want to treat all of my fol- THE BEACH IS SPRINKLED WITH LITTLE lowers alike and therefore each and every one who sulmerlbe* for m r CLAMS, .wo swiftly ■**, ~. the " gull m swirls •• down upon j.x. the sand _ _ _ , . _ , , .. ... . . wire today will icet thin BIti SIKt IAL. This „ horse has been lmroins; up and digs up a fresh clam tirhtly shut up in its . . _ _. — . ._ .... „ .. ,. , .. the track in private and the word was passed to me to go the limit. In shell. Away the bij bird sweeps with „-, its prize: . . ._ , , . , . . .. , fact, 1 feel so extremely confident that unless this horse wins and pays one cr two hundred fest in x. tin sky. thus to throw it down upon the beach whera it is found broken by tb.3 fall, ready for the seafood breakfast. # fans! kx aP rTa" T± V*A. A "V JT CLEVER BIRDS. ARE THEY NOT? %0 J *W OsBmsl JL mJ aaJ AsV JL "But where there is a will" the old proverb says. *■ he mntnels. I will srive my next days wire free of charge. I am now "there is a way. and that is the better thing S50.00 SPECIAL for Thnrsilay anil to be remembered. completinsr arrangements for another I advise all of my followers to subscribe at once for a week and then A mans instincts are a thousand times greater .. ,., . .. .. ._.. . «rt t«,,w ■ » w iui.-i _ I REE. . they will get these two big: *50.00 SPECIALS, than a bird s. dollar flat racing: days, netted my fol- •SCHUYLER INVESTMENTS" SUPPLY THE A wenty-tlve play, past seven SEA FOOD— HOW ABOUT YOUR BREAKFAST 1 lowers abont SUBSCRIBE FOR THE NEXT SCHUYLER IN- !*rW # 1 I llls iLnl * ■SBSSsI * * .s#B»nsssl aa+W VESTMENT, WHICH TAKES PLACE WEDNES- 9r 9 D Y. Tenna and, what is more, we expect to doable this amonnt within the next few ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS days. Remember. I am the same LKKY JERRY HARDING who grave twenty-six winners in a row a couple of years ago and the secret of my -tl. no u i ADVAjrcE recent success is that I am now doing: business with the same combina- The Schuyler Investments are tUm like "Sterling" on Silver — . The Stamp of Distinction _ _ . _ Yesterday s Horse : -■ WESSIE B $ 8.30- WON Saturdays Horse : juwramFsgisrTi ?T«mM1F SSSLillsSill 0LD FAITHFIIL $ 9.50- WON 1s9tmc wizard or em allIj Fridays Horse : DAY HttY 1.80 WON SOLD ON ALL NEWSSTANDS-* DALLY Thursdays Horse : WT "READ EM AND WEEP" supebbum .io- won Yesterdays Bie "special": Wednesdays Horse : A. J. BUJA .30- WON DANCnre F00L ■ " „ " ;•• * 850*2 WOT Tuesday s Horse : ™.n?SS? - STL* PL""1E CAPTAIN C0STIGAN 2.80- WON Saturdays Bi« "Special": Mondays Horse : $ 7.30- won Lord Granite.... .90- WON fifty-fifty ! ■ M " fc"4 Y baVe be" M business longer than any one else in And one, a?ain "CHIEF CLOCKEB " army of "**• Yo« wlU a,"aj" find ™ d°ln« b"" followers WON more EASY MONET." I »» "7" f" and year out, whether my ad appears or not. My service has stood the One HOrSe t DaV NeVer MOre *cid Mt ,OP ear"» »*■■»■» because I take every precaution to make cer- tain that no errors will be made. Original wires direct from the race YOU cannot beat 7 races a day— "BUT" YOU can trmcv on file in my office. Wire your subscription by Western 1 nion or BEAT "ONE HORSE" A DAY by following "CHIEF Postal Telegraph. CLOCKEBS " "SPECIAL" DAILY. 00 "SPECIAL" TODAY • ■tr cost you only- fj i ii u WftMi* f ARS WEEKLV TODAYS "Special" easily worth $£00. "BUT" flsUlsiflll II UUUU 1 % W QTADI T QFPRFT s M. sst» 0 1 ADLiIL OCV.IL, 1 O n» we never charge MORE than A DAY. -. 115 161ST STREET „ „„ JAMAICA, ..„,.,, v N. Y. YOU NEVER WILL "FORGIVE YOURSELF" if 35 CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS yon let this get away from you TODAY, so RUSH Q U/IMUPRC CHR K9R NEW ISSUE FOR SALE NOW to your newsdealer and get "CHIEF CLOCKER" O VVIillII-nO IV/n D£.nJ "SPECIAL" and YOU will WIN some more m ■ r ■ f/ TT ■ PT BrVsnAT F B TfMl W EASY MONEY AT GOOD PRICES ANNOUNCEMENT ! NOTICE.— "CHIEF CLOCKER" sold everywhere .. , Wo have abbreviated GARS CHIEF OBSERVER - v i „„j only and „,„ are My tolesrandms c011" »f one i°rse to GARS WEEKLY, which will find KACUJU RAnNG lOandM FORM told cniH_*l«. — also maii~i mailed *« to ™ you MTT-z, OVER- fijed jn advance with Racing Form. you NIGHT in plain sealed envelope, 0 weekly. BIGGER and BETTER CHIEF CLOCKER Should a loser occur in your three telegram", serv- TH AM FVFR 1 partpc A nm AL. V A MT until receive three winners at J.«V, aS €%and%=* Suite £02. 39 W. Adams St. Chicago 111 ic° is continued you good prices. fuU 0f VITAL INFORMATION that you MUST HAVE to KNOW ALL ABOUT whats going on on SiDC0 B°Wie °Pening handd f°Ur eUar"teed WirM- tUrf CHAS RAYMOND i TODAYS FREE CODE: unHO. nnimuiiU AU four won. They were: tmimiiii »»■ ■ »■■ «5.C0 DALY-J20.00 WEEKLY ApML u. VDier no considerati n fail to get the NEW Yesterdays Only Horse: _ «0 CO "A7i*irJ ISSUE TODAY and under NO consideration fail to t Till— 1 Q ft inriinii 2 A ff t 0 111 tJHJ " liLUV Zl.OU- WWII tako advantage of the SPECIAL OFFER ON PAGE AntlMUAL Vr.UU-pC WOll APKIL 8: U- wher© «« W1H seo the details of how to get Znonl Our Birthday . . ..60- WON Qar. 00 SriPCial ttl » «p*w/ aprtl5: jycitxi Notice1 Notice Notice BIG 0 SPECIAL TODAY »oyai ohariuie.so.ia woh Free | Next Friday The Koccnd of a series of EXTRA SPECIAL IN- T ;flp tj „ „ „. *7 Oft to A7nN Rurh right now to your newsdealer before he FORMATION is scheduled to go today. You all "1JI »■"» jpi.OU-JB* «"« seils out. know that my first BIG 0 WIRE. TO WHICH I w Sk. s»v w»- m « -V w w - ■ CALLED ATTENTION FOR OVER A WEEK. WAS ■ LOOK I LOOK f horseman and Mv thirty ycars. experiencs as a my LISTEN DEARIE. "* *~ aSSUranC° °f my .0.10 WOO SfiSaSS?" Saturdays big special And yesterday this horse WON again. Those I * ■ T tf»"| A 1A t»Q 117 that received this horse Saturday and won A FOR- Mv information is sent by tolegram ti reach you MSI6I1 LI6tiri6. ihlU.IU-tbZ Yl Oil TUNE went right back again yesterday and cleaned about noon. No information will be mailed. *-»w«.v»» , *v,*v Tu " w" up p.gain. And every man-jack that had bought GARS TERMS— 0 I expect two or three good ones this week and DAILY got this LONG SHOT. FOR THIS SPECIAL ONE H03.SE the first of these will proSably go Wednesday. payable in advance. Use W. U. or Postal. Wire TAfli A V ? 1701717 f early and carefully cad my telerram. I will ex- 1 I B II ■ I P l P P I plain how to plav. as I expect 10 1 today TELEGRAPH SUBSCRIPTION BY WESTERN I 1 Vl/li 1 • 1 IVLilj • REGULAR W WIRE ALSO GOES UNION And this one will pay plenty also: should easily THREE WINNERS FOR 5 f _ •» W* C Si/ I l/*/«OCTAriol win. Terms for daily service. daily. 6 wires, 0. V-»Cl,I O %yand4 V VCAOHJllClI CHAS. RAYMOND A LL A IM WUU UO *Jlcln Y tsll you that j ;am extremely" conndenteabout Room 338. 20C Broadway NEW YORK CITY 115 161ST STREET JAMAICA, N. Y. this OCCASIONAL, you can RELY on it. For this Occasional ask your newsdealer for "17 j$ 149391493914939 1493914939 $ j* vj»cir s Daily WlandXiZSL iS PREDETERMINED UP ■ Cent, at » II ■■■ Weeks. Daily. TerniK f„r tins acrrkM 7 TITDT DDACITO 00 FOR SIX DAYS • 1 UKr I KUMiO ** GAR PUB. CO. rthBananail iM1 ** Th" M,RALE SYSTEM li nationally «» 43« SOUTH DEARBORN ST. CHICAGO. ILL. STANDARD TURF GUIDE *♦ I1"0"?. *„ ,:,.S ,*!! ffgag. ssB! 1 °* «• i N°te romoval of * «■» Plymouth Court. j 2JQuytrecticagolL ,ny ym„ M, couId not sp nd nw|ny . .. thousand* of dollars per annum a Jer- |, I ** tisine Mtttrr ss rough sj rui — and con- ** ssisssssss«ssss«sismssssssssi " | ■■■•sssslsslsaHaisBsw | tinue in business. Sold on mstullmrnt m~% ■—» w T m A -t. LISTEN DEARIE .50- WON payment* paid from your profit s. Ab«o- ** tcaV t* 1*0111 Y OUT "FOlltS Was Yrwtprdsv * B«««- •• lutely FREE. lOO page racing manual. v» — -- ■ — - , Mailed direct. .00 for 6 b. X.. ARTHIR day. tm — For particulars mail this sd. with your name NATIONAL 0. K. RACING LETTER VMM * T#w*on» Md- /ITS and »ddress to J. K. WILLIS. 411 Baltimore Bldg. Chicago, 111. KV 225 Thirtieth St., Miami Beach, Fla. j aSBBBBBBSBSSBBBBBBBBBBSSSBBSBBBSSBBBSSBBBBBSSSSBSBBSBsl Mm~* **** » * *•*■*##.* JJ J J *J0 aSBBSVSBBBBBBBBBBBSSSSSBBSSSSSSBSSSBBBSSSWBWBWSSl

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