Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1924-04-16

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps HAVRE DE GRACE Th horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are: Hatrp de firace. Md., April 15. 1924. 1— H. P. Whitney and L. Thompson entry. Peter Paul. Erla Baby. 2 — Arendal. Vice-Chairman. Seastake. 3 — DONAGHEE. Yankee Princess. Sarko. 4 — J. K. Ij. Psoss Entry, Swingalong, Shuffle Along. I Piaster Hand. O. Henry. Ruminist. fi — Flying Devil. The Foreigner. Pay Lilly. 7 — St. Donard, Fannie Bean, Superbum. T. J. Lynch. New York Handicap. 1— Shanghai. Sam Grenet, Toppanite, Black Climber. 2— Despair. Poor Sport, Dellahm. Antiquity. 3— Margin, Donaghee, Sarko, Yankee Princess. 4— Prince of Tmbria, Dunlin, Flint Stone. Main Mast. 5-0. Henry, Royal Duck, Master Hand, Gray Gables. C— Night Raider, Day Lilly, The Foreigner, Royal Crown. 7- FANNIE BEAN, St. Donard, Mystic, Su-pe-rbum. Chicago Handicap. 1— Toppanite, Edisto, Peter Faul, Great Moments. 2 — Vacuum. Arendal. Mabel K.. Tidings. 3— SARKO. Margin, Kings Ransom, Yankee Princess. 4 -Dominique, Dunlin, Flint Stone, Golden Rule. 5 — Gray Gables, Master Hand, Royal Duck, O. Henry. C— Night Raider, Smarty, The Foreigner, Owasco. 7 — Fannie Bean, Mvstic, Superbum, North Wales. Observers Handicap. 1 — Shanghai. Sam Grenet. Toppanite. Edisto. 2 — Arendal. Vacuum. Tidings. Dellahm. 3 — Donaghee, Yankee Princess, Sarko, Margin. 4 — Dominique. Mainmast. Flint Stone, Dunlin. H — Royal Duck, Master Hand, Gray Gables, 6. Henry. C— Smarty, Day Lilly, Night Raider, The Foreigner. 7— FANNIE BEAN, Superbum, St. Donard. Mystic. tonnriinuft of Handicap*. 1— Toppanite. Shanghai. Edisto. Sam Grenet. 2 — Arendal. Despair. Vacuum, Dellahm. 3 — Donaghee, Margin, Sarko, Yankee Princess. 4— Dominique. Golden Rule, Prince of Lm-bria. Flint Stone. 5 — Master Hand, O. Henry, Gray Gables. Royal Duck. G— Night Raider, Flying Devil, Smarty, Day Lilly. 7—FAXN1E BEAN, St. Donard, Superbum, Mystic. HUNTINGTON The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are : Huntington. W. Ya., April 15, 1W4. I Mill IH TREASURE, Billy Skidd. Red Seth. [ 2 — Gonwithim. Corto. Luberk. 3— Theo. Matinee Idol. Mabel Curtis. 4 — Barbara Palmer, Florence Peen, Fayelle. ! f. — Grass Maid. Dreamer. Topango. I f — Auntie Millin. Publicity, Royaline. 7 — Pirate McGee, Sportiboy, Fred Kinney. F. H. Sproule. »w York Handicap. 1— Red Seth. Dor;i Lntz. Pardner Jewell, Honest Mose. 2— George Choos, Billy Bern, Gonwithim, Effie Randal. 1 3— Matinee Idol, Maude Harvey, Theo, Ogar- ite. | 4— BARBARA PALMER. Florence Deen, Fayelle, Flaxy Mae. 5- Halu. Grass Maid. Dreamer, Wise Cracker. 6— Auntie Millin, Meddling Mattie, Publicity, Royaline. 7— Pirate McGee, Sportiboy, Gath, Silence. Cliicauo Handicap. 1— Honest Mose, Red Seth, Dora Lutz, May K. 2— Monsoon. Maehiavelli. Gonwithim. Corto. I ■3 -THEO. Maude Harvey, Matinee Idol, The, Ulster. 4— Barbara Palmer, Fayelle, Amelia S., Flaxy j Mae. I 5 — Dreamer. Widgeon. Grass Maid. Sam Reh. j | 6— Auntie Millin, Royaline, Publicity, Forty. Two. j 7— Pirate McGee, Fred Kinney, Gath, Sportiboy. OlwwrTeri Handicap. j 1— Dora Lutz, Billy Skidd, Red Seth, Honest ; Mose. ! 2— Gonwithim, Corto. Maehiavelli, Monsoon. I 3— Maude Harvey, Theo, Matinee Idol, The 1lster. 4— BARBARA PALMER, Flaxy Mae, Fayelle, Florence Deen. j 5 — Widgeon, Haiti. Grass Maid, Kent L. I 6— Publicity. Auntie Millin, Royaline, Ran- tlals Royal. 7 — Pirate McGee, Silence, Sportiboy, Johnny OConnell. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 — Seths Treasure, Red Seth, Honest Mose. Dora Lutz. 2 — Gonwithim. George Choos. Monsoon. Corto. 3— Theo. Matinee Idol, Maude Harvey, The Ulster. 4— BARBARA PALMER, Fayelle, Florence I een. Flaxy Mae. 5 — Grass Maid. Halu. Dreamer. Widgeon. 6 — Auntie Millin, Publicity, Royaline, Meddling Mattie. 7 — Firate McGee, Sportiboy, Fred Kinney, Gath. TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are : Tijuana. Mexico, April 16, 1»24. 1 — Publisher, Sequan. Pueblo Stable entry. 2 — Zinon, Candorosa, Miss Jane. 3— Wilmer the Wizard, Golden Cup, Eva Aekley. 4 — Ethel Brown. Horinga. Lady Tiptoe. ,ri — Norford Honey, Dexterous, Bedazzle. 6— COELII DE LION. Great Luck, Tracer. 7— Furious Bill. Salton, Athanna. 8— Quecreek, Little Beach, Coffield. 9 — May Prosper, Flunger, Sportsman. G. W. Schilling. New York Haudicap. 1— San Isabel, Publisher, Runolathe, Top Side. 2 — Chrome, Candorosa, Billy Joe, Lady Ma-rac. 3— Wilmer the Wizard, Eva Arkley, Combustion. Jimson. 4 — Lady Tiptoe, Bookworm, July Fly, Ethel Mrnwn. 5 — Harry Burgoyne, Dexterous. Arctic King, Dovesroost. C — Great Luck, Coeur de Lion, Van Patrick, Be Frank. 7 — Salton. Lemon Seth, Furious Bill, Stone Bell. S— THE FALCONER, Kauila, Doubtful, Little Beach. 9 — Rouen, Plunger, Senator Donlan, May Prosper. Chicago Handicap. 1 — Sequan. San Isabel, Runolathe. I.ahonton. 2 —Chrome, Candorosa, flip. Charmant. 3 — Wilmer the Wizard, Golden Cup. Combustion, Eva Aekley. 4— Lady Tiptoe, Shifty, Ethel Brown, Horinga. 5— Arctic King, Bedazzle, Dovesroost, Miss Fryer. 6— GREAT LICK, Coeur de Lion, Tracer, Van Patrick. 7 — Salton, Lemon Seth. Athanna. Babe Ruth. 8 — Kauila. Coffield, Doubtful. The Falconer. 9 — Plunger, Rouen, May Prosper, Sportsman. Obserrera Handicap. 1 — San Isabel. Publisher. Sequan. Runolathe. 2 — Chrome, Candorosa. Miss Jane. Charmant. 3 — Wilmer the Wizard, Golden Cup, Combustion. Eva Aekley. 4 — Lady Tiptoe, Ethel Brown, Shifty. Bookworm. 5 — Bedazzle, Dexterous, Harry Burgoyne, Dovesroost. C— GREAT LUCK, Coeur de Lion, Tracer, Be Frank. 7 — Furious Bill, Salton, Athanna, Lemon Seth. 8 — Kauila. Little Beach. Coffield. Quecreek. 9— Rouen, Plunger, May Prosper, Romeo. onarnaua of Handicap*. 1 — San Isabel. Publisher, Sequan. Runolathe. 2 — Chrome. Zinon. Candorosa. Miss Jane. 3— WILMER THE WIZARD Golden Cup. Eva Aekley, Combustion. 4 — Lady Tiptoe, Ethel Brown. Horinga. Shifty. 5 — Norford Honey. Harry Burgoyne. Arctic King. Bedazzle. 6 — Great Luck, Coeur de Lion, Tracer, Van Patrick. 7 — Furious Bill, Salton, Athanna, L«mon Seth. 8 — Kauila, Quecreek, The Falconer. tof field. 9 — Rouen, May Prosper, Plunger, Sportsman.

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