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Daily Racing Form Handicaps r HAVRE DE GRACE The horses which seem best in Saturday** 1 • races are : Havre de Grace, Md.. April IS, 1924. ; 1— EOISTO, Cloudland. Gymkhana. 2 — Chuckle. Herriard. Jim Coffroth. 3 — Yankee Princess, Senator Norris, Leopard-i ess. 4— Swingalong. Shuffle Along:. Wilderness. 5 — New Hampshire, Exterminator, Flint L Stone. 6— Lord Wrack. Superbum, Wessie B. 7 — Freezy Sneezy, Little Ammie, Scare Crow. ■ T. J. Lynch. »w York Handicap. i 1 — Edisto. Bother, Bernice Harrar, Gymkhana. 2— Chuckle. Vicaire. Huonora. Jim Coffroth. 3— SENATOR NORRIS, Sarko, Yankee Princess. Huon Pine. 4 — Shuffle Along;, Wilderness, Martingale, Senator Norris. 5 — New Hampshire, Flint Stone, Exterminator. Spot Cash. 6— Lord Wrack, Rupee. Hickory. Wessie B. 7 — Freezy Sneezy, Little Ammie, El Jesmar, Spues. Chicago Handicap. 1 — Gymkhana, Edisto, Bernice Harrar, Cloud-land. 2— Huonora. Chuckle, Vicaire. Bon Garcon. 3 — Sarko. Senator Norris, Leopardess, Yankee Princess. 4— WILDERNESS. Shuffle Along, Swing- j j along. Lord Granite. 5 — New Hampshire, Flint Stone, Spot Cash, I ; Exterminator. 6— Lord Wrack, Wessie B., Hickory, Lady Zeus. 7 -El Jesmar. May Roberts, Little Ammie, Freezy Sneezy. Observer* Ilandleap. 1— Edisto. Gymkhana, Bernice Harrar, Cloud-land. 2— Huonora, Chuckle, Bon Garcon, Jim Coffroth. J 3 — SARKO, Senator Norris, Yankee Princess, ■ I Beau Nash. 4 — Shuffle Along, Swingalong, Wilderness j j Martingale. I 5— Exterminator, Flint Stone, Spot Cash, New Hampshire. 6— Superbum, Lord Wrack, Wessie B.t Hickory. 7 — Spugs, May Roberts, El Jesmar, Freezy Sneezy. Consensu* of Ilandleap*. 1— EDISTO. Gymkhana, Bernice Harrar, Cloudland. 2— Chuckle. Huonora, Vicaire, Jim Coffroth. | j 3— Sarko, Yankee Princess, Senator Norris, l I leopardess. 4— Shuffle Along, Swingalong, Wilderness, Martingale. 5— New Hampshire, Exterminator, Flint Stone. Spot Cash. C — Lord Wrack, Superbum, Wessie B., Hickory. 7— Freezy Sneezy, El Jesmar, Spugs, Little Ammie. HUNTINGTON The horses which seem best in Saturdays races are : Huntington, W. Ya., April 18, 1924. 1— Satana, Col. Pat, Haran. 2 — Anticipate, Gonwithim, Black Ruler. 3 — Due de Guise, Adventure, Auntie Em. 4 — Drummond. Mallowmot, Manokin. 5— SECOND THOUGHTS, Calcutta, Pelion. 6 — Little Florence, George Starr, The Ulster. 7 — John Morrill, Halu, Tingling. 8 — Eye Bright, Mormon Elder, Fayelle. W. C. Daly. New York HandlcJip. 1 — Konnesaw. Amaze, Satana, Newport. 2 — Gonwithim, Rhinegold, Anticipate, Black Ruler. 3 — Auntie Em, Mr. Beck, Mack Garner, Eternity. ! 4 — Kirklevington, Tawasentha, Futurette, Hello Pardner. 5— SECOND THOUGHTS, Lorena Marcellia, Big Sapp, Calcutta. 6 — George Starr, Ringleader, Little Florence, George Choos. 7 — Halu. Barbara Palmer, Tingling, Silence. 8— Mock Orange, Mormon Elder, Proceeds, . Little Ed. 2 Chicago Handicap. 1 — Arapahoe, Amaze, Satana, Col Pat. 1 ■ i j j I ; J ■ I j j I | j l I ! . 2 2— Black Ruler, Gonwithim, First Pullet Corto. 3 — Mack Garner, Kitty Carpenter, Auntie Em, Adventure. 4 — Kirklevington, Mallowmot, Ardito, Hello Pardner. 5— SECOND THOUGHTS, Lorena Marcellia, Pelion, Calcutta. 6 — George Starr, Ringleader, Little Florence, Lilac Time. 7— Amelia S.. Silence, Tingling. Six Pence. 8 — Fayelle, Neenah, Mormon Elder, Mock Orange. Observer** Handicap. 1 — Satana, Col. Pat. Amaze, Arapahoe. 2 — Black Ruler, Gonwithim. Corto, Rhinegold. |3 — Auntie Em, Mack Garner, Adventure, Kitty Carpenter. 4 — Mallowmot, Kirklevington, Dantzic, Hello Pardner. 5— SECOND THOUGHTS. Lorena Marcellia, Our Star. Pelion. 6 — Bristow. Little Florence, George Starr, The Ulster. 7 — Halu. Barbara Palmer. Silence, Amelia S. 8 — Fayelle. Mormon Elder, Blazonry, Mock Orange. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 — Satana. Kennesaw. Arapahoe, Col. Pat. 2— Black Ruler, Anticipate, Gonwithim, Rhinegold. 3 — Auntie Em, Due de Guise, Mack Garner, Adventure. 4 — Kirklevington, Drummond, Mallowmot, Hello Pardner. [S -SECOND THOUGHTS, Lorena Marcellia, Calcutta, Pelion. C — George Starr, Little Florence, Bristow, Ringleader. 7 — Halu. John Morrill. Amelia S., Tingling. 8 — Fayelle. Eye Bright, Mock Orange, Mormon Elder. COLUMBUS The* horses which seem best in Saturdays races are : Columbus, Ohio, April IS, 1924. 1 — Cantores, Lady Haldeman. Belle If. 2 — Babylonian. Ballynew. Jlenlivet. 3 — Fast Boy, Great Northern, Aunt Jane. 4— Sun Brae. Banker Brown. Noon Glide. S— LUCY KATE, Dorothy Buckner, Vennie. f — Illustrator. Busy Bob. Sweet Cookie. 7 — Hilman C, Pirate McGee. Scraps. F. H. Sproule. New York Handicap. 1— Rosita. Cantores, Lady Haldeman, Hole Card. 2 — Glenlivet, Ballynew, Babylonian, Jack Pot. 3— Fast Boy, Great Northern, Aunt Jane, Bert Dennison. 4 — Far East, Sun Brae, Noon Glide, Banker Brown. 5 — Buckhorn II., Beg Pardon, Dorothy Buckner, Tableau dHonneur. 6 — Busy Bob, Glenn, Illustrator, Sweet Cookie. 7— GRASS TREE, Pirate McGee, Scraps, Boy from Home. Chlcag-o Handicap. 1 — Rosita, Lady Haldeman, Cantores, Ma-lacha. 2— Ballynew, Babylonian, Lucky Run, Glenlivet. 3— Aunt Jane, Great Northern, Fast Boy, Trafalgar. 4 — Noon Glide, Banker Brown, Sun Brae, Far East. 5— LUCY KATE, Dorothy Buckner, Buckhorn II., Vennie. 6 — Sweet Cookie, Illustrator, Spring Vale, Glenn. 7— Hillman C, Zapatos, Pirate McGee, Grass Tree. Observers Handicap. 1— Lady Haldeman, Rosita, Cantores, Belle H. 2— BALLYNEW, Babylonian. Jack Pot. Glenlivet. 3— Aunt Jane. Great Northern, Fast Boy, Judge Hickman. 4— Banker Brown, Sun Brae, Far East, Stamp. 5 — Beg Pardon. Buckhorn II., Tableau dHon- lieur. Lucy Kate. C— Illustrator, Busy Bob, Sweet Cookie, Knot Grass. 7— Pirate McGee, Scraps, Hillman C, Grass Tree. Consensu* of Handicap*. 1— Rosita, Cantores, Lady Haldeman, Belle H. — Ballynew. Babylonian, Glenlivet, Jack Pot. 3— Fast Boy, Aunt Jane, Great Northern, Tra- 1 falgar. 1 I 4 — Sun Brae, Far East, Noon Glide, Bankei Brown. 5— LUCY KATE, Buckhorn II.. Beg Pardon, Dorothy Buckner. 6 — Illustrator, Busy Bob, Sweet O— fcJ Glenn. 7 — Hillman C, Grass Tree, Pirate Md lea Scraps. TIJUANA ■■Baa I The horses which seem best in Sat unlay Y races are : Tijuana, Mexico, April IS. 1924. 1 — Payoff, Insurance, Noonhour. 2 — Zillah, Queen Catherine, Black Shasta. 3 — Edmon, Our Boy, Yoohoo. 4 — Athanna, Regular Girl, Wild Thoughts, 5 — Little Less, Ethel Brown, Miss Spears. 6— Trusty, Frank S., Fort Churchill. 7— Capt. Clover, Top o th Morning. Ma or House. 8— JACK BAUER, Fighting Cook, Knighthood. 9 — Martha L., Sweet and Low. Bessie Young. 10 — Piow Steel, War Winner, Tennilee. G. W. Schilling. New York Handicap. 1 — Pay Off. Bookworm, Good Hope. Flea. 2 — Zillah, Contusion, Queen Catherine, Black Shasta. 3 — Edmon, Runolathe, Nellie A., Norma Tal- madge. 4 — Big Indian. Regular Girl, Stone Bell, Marion North. 5 — Miss Fryer. Ethel Brown, Jack Fountain, Toombeola. 6 — Frank S., Trusty, Fort Churchill, Tubbv A. 7 — Mayor House. Top o* th Morning. Harry Maxim, Capt. Clover. 8— JACK BAUER. Knighthood, Fighting Cook, First Call. 9 — Sophia Goldman, Martha L, Bsjscl and Low, Bessie Young. 10 — Plow Steel, War Winner, Tennilee. Broom Peddler. Clilcagro Handicap. 1— Flea, Good Hope. F. G. Corley. Ollie Wood. 2 — Zillah, Queen Catherine, Little Thistle, Black Shasta. 3 — Runolathe, Nellie A., Edmon. Yoohoo. 4 — Athanna, Wild Thoughts, Marion North, Ravenwing. 5 — Dr. McArthur, Ethel Brown, Candorosa, Lady Bourbon. 6— FRANK S., Fort Churchill, Tubbv A., Trusty. 7— Top o th Morning. Capt. Clov« r. Mayor House, Scarlet Bugler. 8 — Jack Bauer, Knighthood, Fighting Cook, Tooters. 9— Sophia Goldman, Gold Bryan, Sweet and Low, Plurality. 10 — War Winner, Tennilee, Plow Steel, Sample. Observer* Handicap. 1 — Debtor, Bookworm. Good Hope. Flea. 2 — Zillah, Contusion, Queen Catherine, Black Shasta. 3 — Runolathe, Edmon, Solimente. Our Boy. 4— Regular Girl, Big Indian, Wild Thoughts, Athanna. 5— Ethel Brown, Dr. McArthur, Miss Fryer, Candorosa. C— FRANK S., Trusty, Fort Churchill. Tubby A. 7— Capt. Clover, Top o th Morning, Scarlet Bugler, Mayor House. 8— Knighthood, Fighting Cook. Jack Bauer, Tooters. 9 — Bessie Young, Sophia Goldman. Sweet and Low, Martha L. 10 — War Winner, Tennilee, Plow Steel, Water Willow. Consensus of Handicaps. 1— Pay Off, Flea, Debtor. Good Hope. 2— ZILLAH, Queen Catherine, Black Shasta, Contusion. 3 — Edmon, Runolathe, Nellie A.. Our Roy. 4— Athanna, Big Indian, Regular Girl. Wild Thoughts. 5 — Little Less, Miss Fryer, Dr. McArthur, Ethel Brown. 6— Frank S., Trusty, Fort Churchill, Tubby A. 7 — Capt. Clover, Mayor House, Top o th* Morning, Scarlet Bugler 8 — Jack Bauer, Knighthood, Fighting i "ook, Tooters. 9 — Sophia Goldman, Martha L. Bessie Young. Sweet and Low. 10— Flow Steel, War Winner, Tennilee. Sample.

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