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116 Nassau St., Room 401, New York City United Turf News SPECIAL NOTICE PNITED TURF NEWS" semi-weekly issue, price .00. publi.-hed Wednesday and Saturday, will be on sale again at all newsstands starting at I.atoma June 4. UNITED TURF NEWS Daily Occasional in Kentucky .00 DAILY— 0.00 WEEKLY Opening Louisville Occasional Saturday: GLIDE .30-Won Thousands at stake Monday on our Louisville Occasional. SPECIAL NOTICE UNITED TURF NEWS FOLLOWERS Regarding Mondays BIG OCCASIONAL Mondays horse is the ho-se we have ben raving about and advising our clients to stand a tap on all straight. Dont Let 15-1 Scare You Monday This Horse Will Win Like a 1 to 10 Shot. Subscribe: 0 Weekly, Daily Telegraph 0 00 fc.r one week or .00 for one day. ITse Western 1nion or Postal in wiring money. City clients call. Occasiona every day in Kentucky all summer. TflESPORTINGlEADER erfraencair Grcateit Sport Taper 25CENTS- FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS « Todays Free Code: /p*vAS Timlico: Albany- ItfcSrB/ Petard-Fold Fold- Q§rTUP~» Louisville: Memphis fffiv rMiftVf Honor-Latent- J5fjjl3 Nexus Pin h fffol Automatic Changes W K ntuckj S 101 . I * R 94; best rating 94 L S 98 ; best rating 98; B 115. Maryland WW 99 ; UN 101 ; SSS 100 ; TTT 97. NOTICE: At Kentucky L H best rating Is 80. TODAY AL GEMS 0 SPECIAL GIVEN FREE Ooes at Louisville and take It from m this is a hear cat. Here is one you canno afford to oerlook. And 1 got the final O. K Als» will gio the probable Preakness Winner For these, just ask vour newsdealer for AL GERNS SPECIALS, |1 AT NEWSSTANDS Maryland Service Suite SOS, 14i W. 41st St. New York City SATTJBDAY"S EXCLUSIVE RELEASE Pas Seul . . .3.90- Won MONDAY, HAY 12, WE RELEASE OTTB NEXT PLAT. A few of oar older clients are already familiar with the name and full particulars connected with thia release. For the benefit of the others we wish to state that we have waited with considerable anxiety for this coming opportunity. If there is cuch a thing as an iron-cUd investment in racing nothing comes nearer this than our release Monday. Hay 12th. Right here we wish to advise all our constituents to make their limit play and maha it straight only. In publishing this statement you can readily see in what high esteem we hold the medium of our next release. In other words we are staking our reputation, built upon an unbroken string of winners, upon the outcome of Mondays race. OTTB RECENT RELEASES— Excuse Me S11-10-S2 Won Worthmore ....4.90- Won Le Vignemale . .5.40- Won Mary Dear $ 8.80-S2 Won Noel 4.40- Won Byng 0.10- Won Normana 2.50- Won Sweepstakes . . .3.l0- Won Old Faithful ...$ 9.50-S2 Won Night Shade ...0.40- Won Bucado $ 9.50-S2 Won Normal $ 6.10- Won SUBSCRIPTION— 00 IN ADVANCE Special offer Monday, 5 in advance. 5 aftei you collect winnings, providing horse pays 6 to 1 oi better. To Avoid Delay, Remit by Telegraph MARYLAND SERVICE Suite 208, 145 W. 41st St. Kew York CHj J. J. CASEY Kentucky Tnrf Speeialist I advertised just four transactions during the Ix-xington meeting. The result speaks for itself ; my t Merits got plenty hero on these three winners: — OPULENT .10 LITTLE VISITOR .00 REPUTATION .70 NOW! I have three transactions early In the I LbtttevUla Meet. FIRST ONE GOES MONDAY, MAY 19 00 FOR ALL THREE Introductory Price Wire fee and phone ; Ill telephone you in ample time. Oct in by noon, sure. I have best brains on Kentucky tracks working for you and me. FREE Any and all information on any horse running in Kentucky. Ask anything; I have ail the "dope." DONT GUESS— KNOW J. J. CASEY «S E. 41st St., I.ATOMA, KY. 1 hones — Covington 4170 — 4171. Every Transaction Filed BEFOR. NOON Every Day With RACIN FORM PITTSBURGH PHIL BEAT THE RACE So can you. The St lKHIOR SYSTEM an e HANDICAP TAP.I.KK »1ftl»Mrt| Kires all tl t information n t-di-d to make you a winner. Tak the uii c rtainty out of tnrf k|m ruation. In ui l»y a few Kinces.sful o|H-ratois for years, but ner before offered the public. ;ives romparatn speeds of ~ trucks, at distances of , to 1 | nnlei weishl. time and beaten ■llowan, c«. ami tells ji when and how to wajjer. Compiled by work famous handi ui|-i r and in w simple anyone el une It. jivett tiiKhert percentage winners of an BjBtein M devised. Absolutely eliminates cues work, lnte, by mail, t- 00 Address, J AS. 1». FOOTE 931 Maryland Ave. 8. W. Washington, D. 0.00 Weekly— .00 Daily C I Bill Kennedy JOE BRAND J 801 W. 58th St. New York City 1547 Broadway Suite 506 everybody knows me NEW YORK CITY SATURDAY I ADVISED: BIO OPENING DAY SPECIAL: QUESADA - - .10- WON PAS SEE 3.90- Won CHUHOWEE - 20- WON Nothina Adv,sed Friday or Thursday , THURSDAYS BIG HOUSE: WEDNESDAY I ADVISED: EXCUSE ME - 2.20- WON SUBTLE . .20- Won **v~««** v~vMVTM i. v— WEDNESDAYS BIG HOBSE: SUBTLE - - 020- WON TUESDAY ADV,SED MSKEG - - Won FTVF WINNFR 1 I AST 11? lllllLlIuJ iiilljl Li IT Monday I Advised Elm, Which Lost WEEK AT BIG PRICES - ■ have been txxS at Kentucky I HAYE THE POSITIVE O. K. ON MON- tracks ■■■■■■■ll a number of DAYS BIG SPECIAL. WILL WIN AT A years, during which time my worth In GOOD PRICE the line of endeavor has been fully ri/I f A11J lrMMriW proved to everybody who has ever rULLUYV IvLlNPItlJl done biness with me. AND WIN PLENTY 5 Straight Winners Which —NOTICE™ Averaged Better Than 5 to 1 MY PRIVATE PROPOSITION AS - ., , -. . .. , advertised Another Long Shot Monday TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS IN ADVANCE . PAS SEUL - 3.90- WON SPECIAL N0TICE I KNEW NO MISTAKES WOULD BE MADE TWO PRIVATE PROPOSITIONS My first *100 Special poes Tuesday RELEASED— TWO WON and wi], fce glven absolutelv free lo 1 All Weekly Clients Will Receive weekly subscribers om . D"t m,S3 *■■ e*cePu"nal offtr-Which My Third Private Proposition Will Positively Start Monday at Kentucky Free. Terms" A S WEEKLNyESBSACRRYPT,°N *10 Dai|V- ™ Weekly Kennedy Convinces the Most DO IT NOW oKeptlCai Wire Money to Insure Quick Action Wire money Western Union or Postal telegraph. J Lv " " TurTEditorslf eekly T"E The Greatest Weekly Ever Published AW* M M %t %M0 Jtm. jf FREE— This Issue— FREE Turf BlireaU If you have not got your sample copy yet, siiTE 212 1350 Broadway NEW YORK CITY get one today. Free at your newsdealer. Yon must pet a winner for your money, as a loser The booklet is good for a whole week. Save does not count against your subscription. it and get the EXACTLY AS WE TOLD YOU EnilR ETRfTCr PfinF QPPPIAI Q **■ first h,rse iha-t we *ired *n clients at rUUll rntU. UUUl. OUl_L»IHL.O Churchill Downs WOH. This horse was wired to ail clients and filed in advance with Daily Racing: this week. Will be published in the Daily Form and all telegraph companies. Racing Form on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs- - _ 1 A rt /V/ Aa WWf Pas Seal .90- Won 91" Mr. PlayGT, " FOP MOflday Gentlemen, do not wait unt.l you see the horse 3 advertised and then wish you had been in on it. I have WORD on TWO CHERRY RIPE W|R[£ SUBSCR,pT|0N TODAY www www iiwia i v/lsj-i i MELONS that go for the REAL MONEY. I have the WORD YERY STRONG. Here SUNDAY Is your chance to GET DOWN on TWO LIVE C«- %- Jf Jk HORSES. For these Specials go to your kJW»l ~w9 JaVftOHOSIjr newsdealer and ask for % - /Tl 1 »11 WV At ChurcM Downs T»rf Editors Daily * BOYS. IT IS VEEY SELDOM THAT WE MAKE Only A MISTAKE AT KENTUCKY. And what we know about this horse will make you a steady client of For Sale Today, Sunday, for Monday the KENTUCKY BUEEAU. at your • newsdealer, or mailed * you one week. JZgESt £?* HEC0RP fAT KENTUCKY for the past eight years. And if you want winnan » . Send J5 to MR PI AYFR * I¥ln" rL" ■ "I TURF EDITORS PUB. CO. — — . - _ - - _. . ... wire in 0.00 for six winners, or 0.00 for Mon- 20 West Jackson Blvd. Ch.cago, III. diy., „,„. at j You mu* ™t a0rw*nr _______________ for your money. Wonderful Winning System A cool, conservative method wherein success is 7 | .j 1*1 I ■ I I T F assured. Can be played at or away from tha a, J A 1VM m I J 1 l_i _ _ J trtck with large or small capital. It rives a few .elect plays each week. Won big money on a of straight flat play. Stood the acid test with won- derful success for seven years. My system gives _ ft — — | many rood-priced winners. Becent winners — . _, TIir« mrtnir 90 Pares ALTAWOOD 4.60 WON Advance 1UL I IkI I k T„nth" jEXTBEME $ 9.o0- WON or UlL VI 1 ILL eatner ESCOBA DOBO 2 00 WON C. O. D. I Bound KIRKXEVINGTON 8 80- WON V i «■ Ib bboaobt1 ::::::::::::::::::::8SSS III NOTHING FANTASTIC. NO bunk, no tips ■ JAGO 6.40- WON , , , . _ Tho KTe,ltest and most successful handicap ever CONTENTMENT ......-■ 2 ■ 00 WON ff _ offered tha public is why tha wise men are buying Small payment down, balance as you win Facts re- Reduces chances th lt your on horses to a mini- raxdw* syitcms that will open your eyes free. Write mnm; aUo list of "classed- horses. WAIoUli l/UnNbLL s mu meade rvauumra o. Ml W. 4£th St.. Boom 201. New York City. P. 0. Box 731 Nashville, Tena. J "The Thorobreds Home" d ■ LAST MINUTE DECISION J Wait unU Monday for release of proposition PAS SEUL 3.90" WON .. scheduled for Saturday. was yesterdays BEST. ■ Bemember, we rive only TWO A DAY JUt fr wlc-Att M/xPADTV I T lm If you want wiBMri — an hMest ! SARATOGA SPRINGS NEW YORK deal. Ket the 0. K. J | — DAILY AT ALL NEWSSTANDS— 41 NATIONAL O. K. BACING LETTER :. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form m BalUmore Bld"

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