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HARVEY AMES , EARLE BLD. BROADWAY AT 52D STREET NEW YORK CITY One of the best opportunities to take part in a "getaway special" -is herewith offered you for the closing day of the Bowie meeting i TODAY i It is but seldom that we enthuse, but we are prompted to sidestep our usual conservative methods, in view of the fact that we have more than a passing interest in this matter and are familiar with the plans in consequence. The usual terms for each "Harvey Transaction" have been ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS 00.00. In order to make additional friends for the highest class service known in racing, we have decided to re- duce the terms for TODAY, to Fifty Dollars as the result should make you a steady client for "Harvey Transac- ; tions" for the winter. Telegraph the amount. 0. in advance, which must reach us no later than ten oclock this morning, in view of the eaity starting. .Let us say in conclusion that nothing will be left undone to make this the event of the season. Expense is never a factor, when results are in sight. To illustrate the importance of "Harvey Transactions," it may prove of interest to know that many, while in Europe this summer, continued to play them, although three thousand miles from the scene of action. It should be needless to add that strictly one horse will be advised. THIS MEANS ONE HORSE, NOT A COLLECTION. To avoid unnecessary regrets, subscribe directly to this office. There are imposters in every town who, knowing the demand for "Harvey Transactions," issue wrong horses and are guessing same for you. The racing public has convinced itself of the fact that we state "FACTS, AND NOT ILLUSIONS." Telephones: Circle 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 YOU READ THIS AD ON THURSDAY: FREE .-FREE ! -FREE ! FREE ! TODAY AND TOMORROW. SEND NO MONEY. Just telegTaph name and address. Local I clients call and ask for todays two long shots at New Orleans; one today and one tomorrow. Boys dont spend any money for information until you see what I can do. After these two horses run you will be glad to subscribe to my Daily One Horse "Wire at 25.00 per day, 00.00 for sir days. My connections are permitting me to release limited number FREE as proof of my wonderful information as we need several hundred more clients to help meet our great expenses at New Orleans and Tijuana. At Maryland I had 47 winners out of 54 horses sent; all at good prices. I have no time to read letters, so wire your name if you wish sample long shots today P and tomorrow. These two horses are filed with this paper and results will bo advertised Satur- 5 day, win or lose. The horses I filed and gave out were: THURSDAYS HORSE WAS: I c3Boy 0 Boy, 0.10, Won FRIDAYS HORSE WAS: 03 little Alfred, 8-1, Won Filed in advanci with Daily Racing Form. All FREE wires sent by Western Union and on file with them. Todays Horse Should Pay 15 to 1 RUSH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TERMS: One day, 5. Six days, 00. When I advertised that I would send two horses free to prove the value of my information, I did not anticipate the enormous response. I received thousands of requests and though I- worked I all THANKSGIVING DAY AND FRIDAY, still soma requests Temained unanswered. However, this paper .and Western Union have proof that I sent as stated. To enable everyone to again benefit I by my unsurpassed connections, I will wire my next six horses one horso a day for ?25. After the next six days, regular rate of ?100 for six days, will be in force. Rush 5 at once and receive six days service for the price of one day. You will not bo I kept waiting and missing good winners, as I will positively start your service as scon as I re- H order. S Wire 5 at once, as I am expecting horses even better than the two free specials, which proved to turf followers that I am in right. I Iceivo E. FLETCHER 145 West 41st Street New York City I TIPTON SLASHER 1014 14TH ST. SAN DIEGO, CALIF. The man who electrified the racing fans of California is in a good position to furnish first-class information. I am not new to the racing fans of Louisville, Cincinnati and Detroit. I will send my one wiro service direct from the track for .00 or-20.00 for G wires, prepaid. One or more horses may be sent in a wire, but one wiro will constitute a days service. When the information is not considered favorable it will be withheld, so do not worry if a wire does not coma every day. Advertise in Daily Racing Form k Pay From Your Profits f THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing tho races will be mailed you for ono weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the S3 icale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS I 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach. F!a. GARS WEEKLY 35 Cents at All Newsstands New Weekly Out TODAYS FREE CODES: Jefferson: Maine-Rose-Brown-Pink. Bowie: Michigan-Light-Rain-Ocean. And take it from me that THaS FAIR art READY TO COP. OoLWinleV .00 Sheet for Sale at All Newsstands and at Office f5.00 Special Wired From Office at Noon Suite 41G Crilly Bldg. 35 S. Dearborn St. CHICAGO Phone: Dearborn 4903 . a I JpgT Yesterdays Cleanup: $ Fair Orient, 18-5, Won! Wapiti, 3-5, Won! Thursdays Big Tijuana Special Horse: Time Exposure, 2.00, Wonj We made good with thousands of our followers. Some mailed j t their sheets too late and were shut out because of no mail delivery t r Thanksgiving day. However, we wired the horse to our out-of- town dealers and they gave the horse out, FREE. X Today a 5 Special goes free to all those who buy my sheet from any of my agents Z Z listed below. Just show todays sheet and a wire will be shown to x X you. J Chicago Players Phone Dearborn 4908 and just name to- Z days two horses and you will get this special, FREE. I X Today, I have two 10-1 shots going for you in the fourth and seventh races at New Orleans. Here are two that will not be given a chance by any handicapper, but I have direct information on X them. Dont miss my dollar sheet today, as it is a pay ticket. Z You get my 5 Special, FREE, when you buy todays sheet. X 1 W,LL Y0U LET A DOLLAR STOP YOU FROM CLEANING UP? Z Rush, at once, to my agents and get Col. Winleys, for today. Only . Dont pay anything for my 5 Special. My agents X must show my telegram to you, free. 2 DETROITERS, REMEMBER J I have only two agents in your city. They are the two leading newsstands, namely: T T DUNNS NEWSSTAND, Corner Michigan and Shelby. Opposite New Cadillac Hotel. I T BAGLEY NEWSSTAND, Woodward and Monroe. In front of the Monument. No buildings. T X DF"CHICAGO, FOE. SALE AT Arcade Newsstore, 74 West Madison. Opposite Morrison Hotel T J and at office, 35 South Dearborn Street. T T CLEVELAND, FOB SALE O. C. Schroeder, 212 East Superior. T T ST. LOOTS, FOR SALE Wm. Laser, 711 Market St. T T KANSAS CITY, FOR SALE Rickseckers Cigar Store, 9th and Walnut. i X OMAHA, NEBR., FOR SALE Meyer Coron, 1411 Farnum St. X T Also in all other cities where the Daily Racing Form is sold. T X X Secretary, FRED DAVIS. Treasurer, E. J. MARTIN. President, JACK ADAMS. THE UNITED AMERICAN TURF SERVICE BUREAU Room 1218, Longacre Bid g., 42d and Broadway NEW YORK CITY, X. Y. YESTERDAYS WIRE: lieutenant II.. 8.90, Won THURSDAYS WINNER: BONNIE OMAR 7.30, Won "WEDNESDAYS WINNER: SUMPTER $ 8.10, Won TUESDAYS WINNER: BONNIE OMAR 9.70, Won MONDAYS WINNER: LADY AUDREY 3.90, Won SATURDAYS "WINNER: LADDIE BUCK 4.80, Won LAST DAY NOTICE! NOTICE! NOTICE! The directors of THE UNITED AMERICAN TURF SERVICE BUREAU, at a special meeting Iicld Saturday, November 22, 1924, have rotcil to advance the terms to all new subscribers, beginning with Monday, December 1st, to 5.00 per week, on account of the many new subscribers pouring into the office dally, and it will require all the added necessary expense, in shipping our ablest men to various tracks, such as New Orleans, Miami, Tijuana and Havana, who will furnish our information. NOTICE! NOTICE! NOTICE! Office has been opened in Havana, Cuba, and all members who wish to get in touch with our representatives at this track may use cable code "NAMEOFTURF." All subscriptions that conic to this office up to Saturday, November 29, 1921, will be accepted at the old rate of 0.00 weekly. The directors have also voted that all new subscribers will have to pay, beginning with December G, 1921, 00 as an initiation fee, plus 25 weekly. This will bo done so as to enable the bettor element of turf followers to become associated with this organization. BOOK ALMOST FULL In October we had carefully culled 1,347 members and admitted 291 of the number. The sole criterion was reliability, trustworthiness and general faith. "Wealth of applicants had nothing to do with the measure. The other 1,056 will be balloted upon November 29, 1924, at directors meeting, at which all applications will be considered. This bureau is here to stay. AH money cannot be won in a week or a month. Subscriptions are on a permanent basis; their longevity will be proverbial. Definite establishment of our own "Inside" Is the object. "Nothing in the way of information is unwelcome," and "In union there Is strength," are the English translations of two of the most honored Latin axioms. I LAST DAY 0.00 PER "WEEK for the service of this organization, plus the cost of wires sent to subscribers. This relieves one of the added obligation of the initiation fee. This Is an organization for the gathering of ALL RELIABLE TURF INFORMATION from first-hand sources. It operates on a similar plan to that of the Mercantile Agencies or Associated Tress, in that it has correspondents on EVER" subject that can possibly interest racing sportsmen at EVERY POSSIBLE point where information can be acquired. In order to prove the value of THE UNITED AMERICAN TURF SERVICE BUREAU, it will bo to your advantago to send in your subscription at once and be convinced of Its real value. THE UNITED AMERICAN TURF SERVICE BUREAUS HOURS OF DAILY OPERATION: This office will be open from 9:30 a. m, to 0:30 p. in., to interview all of its subscribers.

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