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DOC RILEY THE DOCTOR OF INFORMATION ONLY 0.00 DAILY IPfTHE MAN WHO GIVES SERVICE AT ONCE-?pg Sure ! My Clients Beat the Races ! DAILY WINNERS FOR TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS! BY SPECIAL REQUEST SPECIAL RATES My clients are so delighted over my information that they -want to follow -me for -weeks. They have asked me to state my -weekly rates, no matter -what I ask. I am making rates within reach, of everybodys means of only ? 50.00 per week. READ ABOUT MY FREE PROFESSIONAL FLASH FItEE TO ALL "WEEKLY CLIENTS YESTERDAY THE DOCTOA PITT OVER: Sleivebloomi, 15-1, Won Johnny Jewell, 4-1, Won MONDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: MOMS BOY 6-5, Won SATURDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Escclane 10-1, Won Jaunebar 4-1, Won FRIDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Warfare 12-1, Won Waukulla 11-5, Won THURSDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Previeux " 12-1, Won Benedict Vow 6-1, Won WEDNESDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Gayly 15-1, Won Brinkley 3-1, Won TUESDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Dave Goldie 7-1, Won Lucifer 9-2, Won MONDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Pete the Scribe 4-1, Won Stormalong 3-1, Won SATURDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Piedmont 10-1, Won Elector 5-1, Won FRIDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Eagerness 0.80, Won Lieutenant II ..8.90, Won PHT SHOULD WIN TODAY- .-FREE PROFESSIONAL FLASH-g will positively he given free to all weekly clients. It will he released at 11 a. m., allowing you plenty of time to operate. Dont forget. Take advantage of this opportunity. Wire 0.00 For a Week You get six days service in addition to this hig spscial. Should pay as well as the hig one last Wednesday, GAYLY. 15-1, won. Wasnt that a nice one to give the hoys? You can win on this kind. I-AGAIN TODAY SAYS THE DOCTOR- For everyhodys sick hank roll, as usual, two very good long shot pills that should win hy a city block and pay automobile numbers. He also says to all sick bank roll owners to wire their weekly subscriptions and know what it means to be healthy financially. If you are a winner, you dont need me. Small as well as big players are invited. Get in this week. Rates are going up. SUBSCRIBE. Wiro your money with correct address for prompt service. No personal checks. DOC RILEY S CORTLAND STREET, OFFICE HA NEW YORK CITY Liberty Flash I "Bureau of Winning Info" TWO HORSES DAILY 6 DAYS, 0.00 WEEKLY. TUESDAY LIBERTY RELEASED: JOHNNY JEWELL. .7-2, Won HAVANA ELECTRIC 6-1, Won - MONDAYS 00.00 SPECIAL: MONDAYS LIBERTY FLASH: ANTONIA 5-1, Won NASSAU 3-1, Won No racing at Havana. The "Liberty Flash" has been releasing private information to its limited clientele for years, giving profitable returns. To convince yourself, wire 0.00 at once for one weeks service, which also entitles you to our 00.00 SPECIAL that goes MONDAYS. . LIBERTY RELEASES PAST WEEK: SATURDAYS LIBERTY FLASH: PONJOLA 7-1, Won KATHLEEN K 6-1, Won FRIDAYS LIBERTY FLASH: PRIVATE PEAT 4-1, Won WRANGLER 9-5, Won THURSDAYS LIBERTY FLASH: BENEDICT VOW ...6-1, Won BUCADO 2-1, Won WEDNESDAYS LIBERTY FLASH: SMART GUY 4-1, Won IRISH FRIEZE 7-1, Won TUESDAYS LIBERTY FLASH: MISS MEISE .....13-5, Won LITTLE HOPE 2-1, Won MONDAYS 00 SPECIAL: PETE THE SCRIBE 4-1, Won MONDAYS LIBERTY FLASH: BEAR GRASS . ..3-1, Won No racing at Havana Monday. City clients call in person. Out-cf-town clients, wire giving correct address to avoid delay. M Liberty Flash 9 Suite 222 80 East Eleventh Street New York City 1 CHARLES BUSTOR NEW ORLEANS WIZARD 20G-208 BROADWAY, ROOM 53G. NEW YORK CITY TEltMS: 0.00 DAILY TWO HORSES DAILY YESTERDAYS RELEASES: JOHNNY JEWELL 7-2, "Won SLEIYE BLOOM 15-1, Won IF you were to pay ,000 for information, you couldnt get any better than CHARLES BUSTORS two horses daily, for the small sum of ten dollars. A trial is all that is necessary to become convinced, to know whether this information is worth ,000. Each and every horse that Charles Bustor sends out to his followors, carries the backing of his connections. MR PLAYER, dont overlook this opportunity cf getting in with the man that knows. Subscribe to Charles Bustors information on two horses daily and fill up your kiddies Christmas stockings. MONDAYS RELEASES: ANTONIA 5-1, Won GAYLY 9-2, Won SATURDAYS RELEASES: THURSDAYS RELEASES: TUESDAYS RELEASES- ESCOLANE 10-1, Won OLD PAIGE 6-1, Won LUCIFER 4-1, Won JAUNEBAR 4-1, Won ARABIAN 16-5, Won DAVE GOLDIE 6-1 Won FRIDAYS RELEASES: WEDNESDAYS RELEASES: MONDAYS RELEASES-WARFARE 12-1, Won BANKRUPT 10-1, Won PETE THE SCRIBE . 4-1 Won WRANGLER 9-5, Won SMART GUY 4-1, Won ST02MALONG 7-2, Won Another Double Header Today WEDNESDAY! 50-1 OR BETTER! TODAY! Thats just what my connections rxpect on my two horses today. These two come from the sams gentlemen that gave mj Escoane and Jaunehar on Saturday. So rush your subscription at once to Charles Bustor and get started with the Wizard of New Orleans. Wiro remittance, via Western Union or Postal. City clients, call. 70 REACH RACING FANS ADVERTISE IN DAILY RACING FORM BILL MONTGOMERY THE NEW ORLEANS WONDER CAKE OF WESTERN UNION RACE TKACK NEAV ORLEANS One or Two Horses Daily Terms: S25.00 Per "Week YESTERDAYS 1IOKSE: ST. NICHOLAS , 6-1, Won COPY OF TELEGRAM: Form I204 rTTl WESTEJU UNION l-TI HVtlJB I Mt S28H8KCl WWMmm hit If mm U Dim 9n tynfieh T V , B5B5vlP Jt M MrMUTHr I III nMNtlMwivOMi. A rlrarVAlTA upon Mar OMf-MtflMartf lT NtWCOMaCARl.TON.n.CDtMT OtOftOCW. C. ATKINS, .T v..7.10T dSJffgfandg fECHYED H 4 . Jew Cleans 853 A. II. Dec 9 las Buster Daniel 371 Fulton St Care W. U. Brcoklyn Hy. St Nicholas one thousand straight for Daniels. signsd Montgomery. 1014 A. II. . TODAY TWO HORSES AND TWO WINNERS . , THIS PAKLAY SHOULD PAY 50-1 OK BETTER The results of thsse two horses will appear in this papar tomorrow. I publish winners and losers but seldom have losers. That is the reason all of my clients have all the faith in the world in me and, boing at this track daily, know almost everything going on in these parts. The foUowing horses were the only horses released ty me for this past year: MONDAYS IIOKSE: ANTONIA ak.t-r.,a 51t Won , ... SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: ESCOLANE 10-1, Won JAUNEBAR 18-5, Won FRIDAYS HORSE: KNIGHTS BRIDGE 20-1 Won WEDNESDAYS HORSE: mi.w MONASTERY 12-1, Won , MONDAYS HORSE: PETE THE SCRIBE 4 Won THURSDAYS HORSE: BENEDICT r..i.., VOW 6i Won TUESDAYS HORSE: M.An-.r. MISS MEISE ...13-5, Won SATURDAYS HORSE: nlI.n,lrtll PIEDMONT 1M Won Remit by wire, through -Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Address, BILL MONTGOMERY " Care of Western Union, Race Track ycw Orleans, La. I Two Horses I gjr The ManWho a DaY kia Produced Mos1 I 0 Daily Winners NO WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTIONS PHENOM WIRED YESTERDAY: BUTTRESS 9-10, Won PRINCE K. 0-2, Won TODAY AT NEW ORLEANS THE PHENOM IN HIS PERSONAL REPORT has wired this office that todays double should win and pay the limit ?40.00 for .00. PHENOM WIRED MONDAY: GAYLY 0-2, Won CORINTH .if AVon PHENOM WIRED SATURDAY: ESCOLANE 10-1, Won SEA COURT .....S-l, Won PHENOM WIRED FRIDAY: KNIGHTS BRIDGE 20-1, Won WAUKULLA 9.5 Vo Phenom Wired Thursday: Phenom Wired Tuesday: Phenom Wired Saturdav Kinsman 2-1, Won Dave Goldie 0-1, Won Elector ... A-nn Boot Black Third Elsass 18-5, Won Piedmont io-1 Aon Phenom Wired Wednesday: Phenom Wired Monday: Phenom Wired" "Fridav Gayly 15-1, Won Good Will 18-5, Won Little Alfred 8-1 vltn Brinkley 13-5, AVon Pete the Scribe ..7-2, Won Miss Kate A-l, Won THE PHENOM AT NEW ORLEANS I am on the grounds, personally, at Jefferson Park, supervising a few private specials for some of the "largest operators" in the country. All private specials will be included in my two horse daily service, which is released daily through my Now York office. With the assistance of mv exclusive connections, I will produce results at the New Orleans meetings that will startle "tha turf world." They call me "The Phenom" on all principal race tracks for the phenomenal results I nro duced. Owing to my high standing on all principal race tracks it is impossible to give mv identity to the racing public, as my reputation would be jeopardized. My connections include, information from owners, trainers and jockeys, who will always be my pals. Remit 10, at once,, for one days service and be convinced of profitable results. Wire remittance, giving correct address, to avoid delay. Address all communications, THE PHENOM -.90 BROADWAY ROOM 223 nEW YORK CITY SUNRISE SERVICE 15G FULTON STREET, SUITE 533 NEW YORK CITY TERMS: S5.00 DAILY" ONE HORSE DAILY YESTERDAYS RELEASE: JOHNNY JEWELL 72, Won Which proves again the.value of this service. Four winners, at good prices, in four successive days doss not look like guesswork, you will admit, but this is only the beginning of my winter service which should prove to be the best ever. MONDAYS RELEASE: TOD RENESOR 30-1, Won SATURDAYS RELEASE: JAUNEBAR 18-5, Won FRIDAYS RELEASE: PAT HAMPSON .6-1, Won TODAYS ONLY HORSE has received the benefit of two qualifying races, and connections report him to be in the best condition of his career. This, together with the fact that today this horse will meet opposition that is so pronouncedly inferior, makes it compulsory for us to state that our confidence knnw snows no bounds. EO DONT MISS THIS HORSE TODAY. RUSH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. CITY CLIENTS, CALL. OUT-OF-TOWN CLIENTS, REMIT BY WIRE. j Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM, of playing the races will be mailed you for one weeks t trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this and a two-cent stamp to Sad J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach, Fla. TURF LIGHT For the Specials this week turn to page three 3, column two 2; take the third 3d and fourth 4th horses down. They aro ready to run for a kings ransom. On page four 4, under SLEEPERS, take tho fifth 5th horse down; name begins with "T." This one is a peach and stick close. For a live one at Tijuana look in the upper left hand corner, page one I, in a FANCY BOX. Many live ones in this issue. Watch boxes, bottom page 1. All stands 15 cents; all cities.

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