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Two Horses Daily Terms: 0.00 Daily Stop ! Look! and Read ! I TOLD YOU SO ! Yesterdays Two Horses: Johnny Jewell, 7-2, Won Sleivebloom, 15-1, Won And once again my army of followers "won" BIG. "No surprise," for my followers when they WIN day after day as they KNOW the5 value of this INFO. Mondays Two Horses: Asa Jewell 7-5, 1-2 2nd Midwestern Lost Saturdays Two Horses: Escolane 10-1, Won Jaunebar 18-5, Won Fridays Two Horses: Warfare 12-1, Won Knights Bridge 20-1, Won A 00 parlay on my two horses WON 4,000. I am on the grounds every day and see that each and every angle is well protected before my clients make any investments. My record of winners should convince the most skeptical turf followers that I must know something about the racing game. Reward ,000 Reward Will be given to any person or persons who can prove that the horses advertised above were not filed with this paper and released to my clients five hours before post time. Are "You" One of Them? IF NOT YOU have "yourself to blame" but you still have time to "COME IN" With the WINNING CROWD, by starting with FRANK COBURN from TODAY and be with ME every day and you will $ GET YOURS $. Today My two horses TODAY come from a source that make "NO MISTAKES." TODAY they are down HOOK, LINE and SINKER, as they think both these horses "Cant Lose" Today-Get Your Xmas Money Now Here is your chance to get your Xmas money, today, as both these horses TODAY, should pay a "BIG PRICE" and connections are more than confident that these two horses will win today. NOTICE MY NEW OFFICE IS OPEN TODAY EVERYBODY PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: ROOM 301, 76 WILLOUGHBY ST., BROOKLYN, N. Y. CHARLES RAYMOND COMMISSIONER OUTE HORSE IDAILY OJTE WEEK 6 BAYS , 0.00. I AM IN FORM AGAIN! SLEIVEBLOOM .15-1, Won Wired early to 136- clients, old and new cnes. Yon can start today or any day you wish. I am right on tha grounds and will wire a horse each, and every day. ANTON I A 5-1, Won Positively the only two horses released at Jefferson, and both won at fair odds. I have secured the tiivilege of handling: all big commissions from. New Orleans and I CA MAKE YOU A VIXXER IVES 00 WEEKLY BOXT TRY GUESSIXG Follow my info, on commissions with a 0 flat daily play and you shonld win this amount consistent ly. SUBSCRIBE IXOTV 0.00 "WEEKLY "Wire your fee via "Western Union or FostaL Ton set service, not a page of premises, and, what is ir.orc, POSITIVELY ONE HOUSE A DAT. THE I05G SHOT BOYS "WORK TODAY I know something unusual. All i will say is that the price should not he less than 8-1, and these folks never make mistakes. Rather than handle a. favorite. I would postpone informaticn for another day. Thats how I dol business. Wire or write DO IT NOW to - CHARLES RAYMOND EOOSEVELT HOTEL NEW ORLEANS, LA. Bob Caldwell .00 DAILY 0.00 "WEEKLY 0E HORSE DAILY YESTERDAYS TRANSACTION: ST. NICHOLAS 6-1, Won MONDAYS TRANSACTION: TOD RENESOR 30-1, Won SATURDAYS TRANSACTION: FIRMAMENT. 12-1,5-1, 2nd -NOTICE NOTICE-g Six of the leading turfmen throughout the country have combin;d ta give the average player a chance to recoup their heavy losses and at the same time produce results that will startle the racing world. We have attempted to do so the past three days, hut this is nothing compared with what we are ging to do. We could go on and enumerate our capabilities but this wouldnt interest you much. What you want is results and hsros your chance to get winners at good prices. Try us for a week and you will thank God that you didnt overlook this ad. Rush your subscription. One week, six 0 racing days, 0.00. Address all communications to BOB CALDWELL Sg7 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY Advertise, jn Daily Racing Form Subscribe for Daily Racing Form HARVEY AMES EAltLE BLDG. BROADWAY AT .".2D STREET 2fEW YORK CITT Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" WON ODDS BETTER THAN 9 TO 2 The last "Harvey Transaction" and, of course, the only horse advised, WON EASILY. We distinctly stated that past performances were to be ignored and "That there are DAYS AND DAYS." "Harvey Transaction" TODAY Subscribe 00, in advance, by telegraph or in person. An easy victory is again anticipated at good odds and, in this particular case, ask all our followers to ignore past performances. This office recognizes no competition. Imitators are not competitors. Our advertisements state "Facts, not Illusions." "Harvey Transactions" mean one horse, not a collection. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592. 2593 and 5749 CONSERVATIVE SAFE SUPREME SCHUYLER FLOYD INVITES 31 ADDITIONAL CLIENTS Last Friday, the First "Schuyler Investment": Waukulla, 2-1, Won This winning "Schuyler Investment" proves anew the superiority and noteworthy position that this office holds in the field of turf information. AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY is in the next "Schuyler Investment," which takes place TODAY WEDNESDAY TERMS: One hundred dollars, payable in advance, plus the winnings of a hundred dollar straight play on this "Schuyler Investment," winnings to be telegraphed day following race. No other proposition but the above entertained. Address all communications to SCHUYLER FLOYD 2528 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY GEORGE LAMAR Boom. 78, 33 Union Square NEW YORK. CITY .00 DAILY; 0.00 WEEKLY STRICTLY" OXE HORSE A DAY YESTERDAYS INVESTMENT St. Nicholas 6-1, Won YESTERDAYS 00 SPECIAL Sleivebloom 15-1, Won MONDAYS INVESTMENT Antonia 5-1, Won SATURDAYS INVESTMENT Escolane 10-1, Won FRIDAYS INVESTMENT Warfare 12-1, Won FRIDAYS 00 SPECIAL Previeux 12-1, Won 10-1 OR BETTER FOR TODAY. I advised all my- followers yesterday not to miss. TUESDAYS horse and they sure cleaned up. I again have information, on a. horse for TODAY that should he another winner and pay 10-1 or better. Free Today ! Free Today ! BIG 00 Special -will be given FREE to all that will get my horsa for today. MY Special should pay big odds. YOUR SUBSCRIPTION MUST BE RECEIVED AT MY OFFICE NOT LATER THAN 1 P. M. Special Notice!! TO ALL THOSE THAT WILL SUBSCRIBE FOR ONE WEEK I WILL GIVE YOU ONE ADDITIONAL WEEKS SERVICE ABSOLUTELY FREE. YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE ALL MY LATE SPECIALS, AND MY OCCASIONAL 00 SPECIALS FREE WITH THIS SERVICE. DONT FAIL TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER. "HTTRK IS YOUR CHANCE TO PARTAKE IN A WAT. SMART PROPOSITION AND SOMETHING THAT I EX- PECT TO SHOW. I Am Urging subscriptions to be rushed early so I can have ample time to send it to you in time. WIRE VIA WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH. ADDRESS ABOVE Frank Odom HORSES ONLY WHEN POSITIVELY READY "BANG!" ONCE AGAIN MY "SPECIAL" YESTERDAY WAS Sleivebloom 15-1, Won and once again I proved to you that I get the "real stuff." And once again my "followers won." MONDAY "I GAVE" Tod Renesor 30-1, Won and my- advice was "go the limit and rest easy." Theso are the only two horses I sent out. "Boy. oh, boy," what a lacing those "poor bookmakers" rot from my army of followers on these two above winners. But FridayDec. 12 Friday T have something that will "surprise" you going Friday. This is the "surest thing" I ever handled in my 20 years on the turf. 20-1 or Better is just the price this horse should pay "Friday." "L am so sure" this horse will win and pay the "above, price," that, if it dont. I will give you my next three horses absolutely free. Dont Hesitate! If You - let this opportunity get away from you Friday, yu never will "forgive yourself" get me! If you wish to participate on this winner, as all my followers are now doing, remit .00 by Western Union or Postal Telegraph, and agree, to send me the winnings of a. five-dollar straisht play, and deduct the five you sent, after you have collected. FRANK ODOM 5 COURT SQUARE SUITE 9 BROOKLYN, N. Y.

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