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Daily Racing Form Handicaps HAVANA The horses which seem best in -Sunday; races are: Havana, Cuba, December 27, 1021. 1 Bodanzky, Drapery, Biddledee. 2 Crestwood Coy, Hindoostan, Old Sinner. 3 Lord Vargrave, Wanderlust, Hendrlck. 4 Keaolani, Silver Springs, Brush AH. 5 Rubv Marsh, Tesuque, J. G. Bickel. C RELIABILITY, Malt, Handel. 7 Cromwell, Eelman, Captain Adams. Ticw Yorlc Handicap. 1 Bodanzky, Mess Kit, Biddledee, Drapery. 2 -Old Sinner, Beg Pardon, Crestwood Boy, Ilaran. 3 Bobs Hope, Lord Vargravc, Jig Time, Hocking. 4 Brush All, Keaolani, Gonwithim, Col. Pat 5 TESUQUE, Cottager, Ruby Marsh, Golden Ball. G Malt, Reap, Mainspring, Reliability. 7-r-Capain Adams, Cromwell, Eelman, Christie Holtcrs. Chicago Handicap. 1 Mess Kit, Bodanzky, Drapery, First Blush. 2 Beg Pardon, Hindoostan, Old Sinner, Crestwood Boy. 3 WANDERLUST, Bobs Hope, Lord Var gravc, Mala. 4 Brush All, Keaolani, Col. Pat, Private Peat. 5 Tesuque, Cottager, Golden Ball, Ruby Marsh. G Randel, Malt, Reap, Reliability. 7 Captain Adams, Christie Holters, Cromwell, Eelman. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Drapery, Pony Express, Bodanzky, First Blush. 2 Old Sinner, Beg Pardon, Ilaran, Hindoo stan. 3 Lord Vargravc, Rocking, Jig Time, Bobs Hope. 4 COL. PAT, Private Peat, Silver Springs. Brush All. 5 Ruby Marsh, Golden Ball, Tesuque, Cot tager. G Malt, Reliability, Reap, Fincastle. 7 Captain Adams, Eelman, Henry J., High Gear. New Orleans Handicap. 1 Drapery, Biddledee, Pony Express, Ponza Ray. 2 Beg Pardon, Crestwood Boy, Miss Miami, Old Sinner. 3 Lord Vargrave, Hendrick, Wanderlust, Rocking. 4 Keaolani, Brush All, Col. Pat, Kendall. 5 TESUQUE, Golden Ball, Fusileer, Ruby Marsh. C Malt, Randel, Reap, Fincastle. 7 Eelman, Captain Adams, Christie Holters, Henry J. Observers Handicap. 1 Drapery, Mess Kit, Bodanzky, Pony Ex press. 2 Crestwood Boy, Old Sinner, Beg Pardon, Hopeful. 3 Bobs Hope, Lord Vargrave, Wanderlust, Jig Time. 4 Brush All, Gonwithim, Col. Pat, Keaolani. 5 TESUQUE, Golden Ball, Cottager, Ruby Marsh. 6 Randel, Malt, Reap, Fincastle. 7 Captain Adams, Cromwell, High Gear, Christie Holters. Consensni ot Hand leap?!. 1 Drapery, Bodanzky, Mess Kit, Pony Ex press. 2 Crestwood Boy, Old Sinner, Beg Pardon, Hindoostan. 3 Lord Vargrave, Bobs Hope, Wanderlust, Hendrick. 4 Brush All, Keaolani, Col. Pat, Private Peat. 5 TESUQUE, Ruby Marsh, Golden Ball, Cot tager, i C Malt, Randel, Reliability, Reap. I 7 Captain Adams, Cromwell, Eelman, Chris- tic Holters. j TIJUANA Tha horses which seem best in Sundays races arc: Tijuana, Mexico, Ticccmbcr 27, 1 Bethpage, The Nephew, Briar Sweet 2 Lawrence Manning, Amackassin, Margaict Wlr.te. 3 Tom Craven, Ten Can. Sportsman. 4 Osprey, Paula Shay, Tracer. 5 Edmon, Nayarit, Time Exposure. 6 June Fly, Ruddy, Diomed. 7 Bill McCloy, Fort Churchill, Caveat Emp tor. S CANUTE, Dellahm, Mary Contrary. C. McCarthy. Kcw York Handicap.. 1 Joe V., Jack Ledi, Bethpage, Vibrator. 2 Emma Williams, Lawrence Manning. Nizam, Convent 3 Tom Craven, Ten Can, Ilackamore, East Indian. 4 PAULA SHAY, Tracer, Osprey, Batsman. 5 Thno Exposure, Nellie A., Nayarit, Deputy. G Rnddy, Zealot, Wynnewcod, Diomed. 7 Bill McCloy, Frank S., Caveat Emptor, Fort Churchill. S Canute, Mary Contrary, Full o Fun, Dellahm. Chicago Handicap. 1 Briar Sweet, Joe V., The Nephew, Procla mation. 2 Amackassin, Lawrence Manning, Emma AVilliams, Convent. 3 Tom Craven, Marine Corps, Ten Can, Sportsman. 4 OSPREY, Paula Shay, Tracer, Plucky. 5 Time Exposure, Nayarit, Nellie A., Ed mon. G Apricot, Nebraska Lad, June Fly, Diomed. 7 Bill McCloy, Caveat Emptor, Fort Churchill, Frank S. S Canute," Dellahm, Mary Contrary, Louis. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Jack Ledi, Joe V., Bethpage, The Nephew. 2 Amackassin, Bon Box, Lawrence Man ning, Emma Williams. 3 Insurance, Ten Can, Hackamore, East In dian. 4 Osprey, Paula Shay, Tracer. Speedball. 5 SPIC AND SPAN, Time Exposure, Nay arit, Nellie A. C Wynnewood, Zealot, Glanmore, Ruddy. 7 Doctor Corbett. Fort Churchill, Caveat Emptor, Great Finisher. S Canute, Mary Contrary, Dellahm, Full o Fun. Oliscrvcrs Handicap. 1 Joe V., Bethpage, Jack Ledi, Briar Sweet, j 2 Amackassin, Emma Williams, Bon Box, Lawrence Manning. 3 Insurance, Hackamore, Ten Can, East; Indian. 4 OSPREY, Tracer, Paula Shay, Combustoi 5 Nayarit, Time Exposure, Spic and Span, Nellie A. C Diomed, Wynnewood, Zealot. Glanmore. 7 Frank S., Bill McCloy, Fort Churchill, Caveat Emptor. S Canute, Mary Contrary, Super King, Louis. Consensus of Handicap. 1 Joe V., Uethpase, Briar Sweet, Jack Ledi. 2 Amackassin, Lawrence Manning, Emma Williams, Bon Box. 3 Tom Craven, Insurance, Ten Can, East Indian. 4 Osprey, Paula Shay, Tracer, Batsman. 5 Time Exposure, Edmon, Spic and Span, Nayarit. G June Fly, Ruddy, Apricot, Wynnewood. 7 Bill McCloy, Doctor Corbett, Frank S., Fort Churchill. 8 CANUTE, Mary Contrary. Dellahm, Full o Fun. JEFFERSON PARK The horses which seem best in Mondays races are: K"ew Orleans, La., December 27, 1921. 1 Gold Mount Muskeg, Boot Black. 2 DAVID HARUM, Rork, Rachel Potter. 3 Stirrup Cup, Head Line, Winsome Lad v. 4 Modo, Boy O Boy, Doc. McMahon. 5 -Wuhu, Mary Johnston, Little Jimmy. G Rupee, Smuts, Demijohn. Prince K., Margaret Ware, Good Night .7. L. Dempsey. New YorU Handicap. 1 Theo, Gold Mount Judge Breuer, Muskeg. 2 David Harum, Arragosa, Rachel Potter, Rork. 3 Aversion, Taudlane, Winsome Lady, Head Line. 4 BOY O BOY, Modo, Alexander Mocre, Doc McMahon. 5 Mary Johnston, Pyroot, Akbar, Uncle Jay. G Zanzibar, Demijohn, Smuts, Rupee. 7 Margaret Ware, Prince K., Good Night, Bench Msinager. Cbica;ro Handicap. 1 Theo. Rubien, Gold Mount, Boot Black. 2 David Harum, Arragosa, Rachel Potter, Taylor Hay. 3 Stirrup Cup, Winsome Lady, Head Line, Aversion. 4 MODO, Boy O Boy, Pete the Scribe, Doc McMahon. i Clique, Mary Johnston, Wuhu, Pyroot. 6 Demijohn, Zanzibar, Rupee, Smuts. 7 Prince K., Margaret Ware, Waukulla, Good Night Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Muskeg. Theo, Judge Breuer, Boot Black. 2 David Harum, Arragosa, Article X., Cote dOr. 3 Aversion. Head Line, Stirrup Cup, Win some Lady. 4 MODO, Alexander Moore, Boy O Bov, Pete the Scribe. 5 Wuhu, Pyroot, Uncle Jay, Clique. G Smuts, Colonel Wagner, Demijohn, Zanzibar. 7 Frincc K., Good Night, Bench Manager. Margaret Ware. Xcw Orleans Handicap. 1 Boot Black, Judge Breuer, Muskeg, Gold Mount. 2 David Harum, Rachel Potter, Article X., Rork. 3 Firmament, Winsome Lady, Stirrup Cup, Head Line. 4 Modo, Alexander Moore, Boy O Bov, Al Boyd. a WUHU, Pyroot, Boo Boo, New Hope. G Rupee, Smuts, Demijohn, Colonel Wagner. 7 Margaret Ware,. Prince K., Good Night, Waukulla. Observers Handicap. 1 Muskeg, Judge Breuer, Theo, Gold Mount. 2 Rachel Potter, David Harum, Cote dOr, Proceeds. 3 Aversion, Head Line, Winsome Lady, Shir ley Louise. 1 ALEXANDER MOORE, Doc McMahon. Boy O Boy. Modo. 5 Pyroot, Clique, Wuhu, Uncle Jay. 6 Demijohn, Zanzibar, Rupee, Colonel Wag ner. 7 Prince K., Good Night, Margaret Ware, Waukulla. Coiikciiniih ot Handicaps. 1 Theo. Muskeg. Gold Mount, Boot Black. 2 DAVID HARUM, Rachel Potter, Rork, Ar ragosa. 3 Aversion, Stirrup Cup, Firmament, Head Line. 4 Modo. Boy O Boy. Alexander Moore. Doe. McMahon. 5 Wuhu, Mary Johnston, Clique, Pyroot 6 Rupee, Demijohn, Zanzibar, Smuts. 7 Prince 1C, Margaret Ware, Good Night, Waulnilla.

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