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E. E. KEENEY Terms — 0.00 Weekly — Two Horse Parlay Daily I 117 NORTH DEARBORN STREET, ROOM 316, CHICAGO, ILL. Honest advertising. Real bona fide turf information. Beware of impostors and inferior turf bureaus. Subscribe to a legitimate turf bureau. Horses released to all subscribers— out of town and city clients alike — no exceptions. Prompt service. YESTERDAY S FABLAT: NINE SIXTY $ 9.40, Won CONTRACT 3.20, Won B» 0 TO 1 WIN PARLAY TODAY «pj| Subscribe today. Do not miss todays big parlay. Two winners. Should pay 0 to 1. Do not wait. Act promptly. Released to everybody. No delay! Winners! Winners! No favorites! No odds-on or public choices. Legitimate turf information. No guesswork. Our connections at Lexington are the best obtainable. SATURDAY S PARLAY ■ Rodrigo 4.80, Won Fourteen Sixty 4.40, Won FRIDAY S PARLAY: Uralite 7.70, Won Dust Up 0.00, Won THURSDAY S PARLAY* Arbitration 0.10, Won Ruth S 8.00, Won WEDNESDAY S PARLAY: Gymkhana 4.00, Won Topboot 0.70, Won TUESDAYS PARLA Y ■ Maid of India 0.60, Won Polly McWiggles . . .$ 7.60, Won Chicago clients, call in person. Office open 9:30 a. m. to 4 p. m. If out of town, remit ten dollars, via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. E. E. KEENEY 117 N. Dearborn, Room 316, Chicago, III. Eastern Office: 145 West 42nd St., New York City HARVEY AMES, k. EAUI.i: SLUG. BROADWAY AT 52D ST. NEW YORK CITY WON! Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" won easily. Attention is drawn to the fact that this horse had not won a race in nine 9 previous starts. Whether at Lexington or Havre de Grace our agents are on the grounds seeking, regardless of expense, the best, and only the best, information obtainable for the followers of "Harvey Transac- "HARVEY TRmCTION" TODAY Subscription, 00, in advance, by telegraph or in person. Todays horse comes from the same reliable source as yesterdays. TELEPHONES: CIRCLE 2591-2592-2593-5749-1434-1435 J. SCOTT STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY. .00 DAILY. I SMASHED OYER ANOTHKR! YESTERDAY S ONLY HORSE: PIGEON WING II 0.20, Won And this winner comet right on the heels of a week of BIG WINNINGS. 0 to win. each day, for the past week WON 00. Some pay envelope for any player, Ill say. FIYE 5 OUT OF SIX 6— WINNERS IADDIF HI K 8.10, Won 1ANOLA I $.70, 2nd TOlHOOT 0.70, Won ARBITKTIO 0.10. Won .HALITE 7.70, Won KF.H FFWANT 8.20, Won Only for a winner. Wire via Postal or Western Union. WHY NOT PLAY WITH THE BEST OF IT. We know "something today. In fact, an owner that has spent months of patient waiting SHOULD GET THE MONEY TODAY. brings this info to you. Address your communications to FFF.m.KSS CO., hllds DnlMInc, Duune Street and Park How In York Cltj JUDGES PARLAYS J Established 1920 7 FIFTH AYENUE. SUITE 1307. NEW YORK CITY 0.00 DAILY "TWO HORSES" DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY YESTERDAYS PARLAY: CONTRACT 3.20, Won SPEARO $ 6.00, Won This being; our sixth ANNIYERSARY WEEK, established since 19S0. it gives this organization great pleasure to announce to the racing world the following message: To all prospective patrons who subscribe immediately, sending 0 by Western Union or Postal Telegraph, we will give the following offer: 0— SIXTH ANNIVERSARY WEEK-WEEK OF APRIL 26-MAY 3—10 DAYS SERVICE— 0 You Must Receive 7 Win Parlays Out of 10 for Your Subscription Your subscription must be in our office Tuesday. April 27. at 10 a. m. in order to participate in our sixth anniversary week and to get immediate service. For the benefit of prospective patrons and the general public, we give, below, our record for the past five days, each release filed and released t all clients: Saturdays Parlay: FOURTEEN SIXTY 4.40, Won HODHIGO .S0, Won Fridays Parlay: CLEAR VIEW 0.50, Won DUST IP 0.00, Won Thursdays Parlay: MABEL C 1.40, Won ARBITRATION 0.10, Won Wednesdays Parlay: GYMKHANA 4.00, Won TOPBOOT 0.40, Won Tuesdays Parlay: MAIB OF INDIA 0.60, Won POLLY McWIGGLES . . ..$ 7.60. Won 99* Should Have a Net Profit of ,000 ~g§ After we have shown you the above net profit, we expect you to remit the balance of our fee. or we will positively refuse to accept renewals of subscriptions from those who fail to live np to their obligations. REMIT AT ONCE— REMIT AT ONCE— IMMEDIATE SERVICE— NO WAITING SIX DAYS-DO NOT MISS TODAYS BIG PARLAY If interested, remit yonr subscription of ten dollars for ten days service, via Western Union •r Postal Telegraph, immediately, with correct name and address. Address all communications to 347 Fifth Avenue, JUDGES PARLAYS. NEW YORK CITY. Deal direct with our only office and avoid unnecessary regrets M. FRANK WILLIAMS THE ONLY AUTHORIZED WIZARD OF THE "FINAL WORD" TERMS FOR LIMITED PERIOD: A PROMISE FULFILLED 0 FOR 1 WEEK— YOU SHOULD WIN 00.00 5.00 FOR 2 WEEKS—YOU SHOULD WIN ,200.00 Special Notice IsTOwing; to the fact that famous "CAP" WINSLOW. who is achieving pronounced success, is increasing his rates for his private specials, and as I am one of his clients who buys this information t* give FREE to my followers, I am forced to slightly increase my rates on Wednesday. But what is a few cents more, if a man can produce. I am paying the increase. The Layers Are Wondering and Asking the Trackmen: HOW AND WHERE DOES WILLIAMS GET THE "FINAL WORD"! ■ . Yes, Boys, The Laying Gentry Bit the Dust Again! "CAP" WINSLOWS ,000 SECRET: MERRY 7.40, Won "BOOTS" WALLIS AND MR. WILLIAMS PARLAY: Contract 3.20, Won Amy A 0.50, Won Just Get My "FINAL WORD." Then Wait for the Figures To Go Up WW TUESDAY "FINAL WORD" SURPRISE! -»* I am advising a horse that should PAY THE LIMIT AND WIN EASILY. This one I really believe to be as GOOD AS IN. The parties who have "given" me this one are very enthusiastic over his winning chances. They are going to turn this one loose. "A RUNNING FOOL," so they say, and if works and condition count, then there should be very little chance of failure. A visit to the "cashiers line," and a return with a "smile." Thats whats doing when you go to this horse, WW HAS WORKED "EXCEPTIONALLY FAST" " Very "FIT." and. personally, I think highly of this one. "GOOD INFORMATION" is scarce these days. Therefore, keep this to yourself. Dont spread it." This is RELIABLE GOODS that should WIN. HOP ABOARD— WAKE UP— DONT HESITATE The most consistent and persistent producers of winners at a price. xVAnd I say that if I was to ask 00.00 for the above mentioned special instead ef giving it FREE to all subscribers, it wonld be worth it and more, and I dont mean maybe. ~V8i Its all in knowing when to send it, and Tuesday we will hear the old machines ring. Terms. 0.00 for six days; two weeks for 5.00 — WIRE NOW. Rates increase tomorrow. Wire yonr subscriptions and positively forward telegraph address. 110 PEARL STREET, SUITE 406. NEW YORK CITY PAY AFTER YOU WIN Here is on9 big opportunity to get in on the ground floor as my connections have three BIG SPECIALS, good things, that will be TURNED LOOSE for the MONEY at LEXINGTON. The first Special goes Monday, APRIL 26. This horse has had a SPECIAL PREPARATION for this particular race and I expect a good price. I advise you not to miss any of my Spacials. TERMS: The WINNINGS of a FIYE DOLLAR wager to be wired to me after HORSE HAS WON. JOE BARTON PHOENIX HOTEL LEXINGTON, KY. SUPREME FLASH TURF WEEKLY 35 Oonts a Copy — 10 Weeks, TODAYS FREE CODES: HAVRE DE GRACE— March 25-11-10 2 LEXINGTON— Sept. -20 -26 22-18 -2. HOBSON This was the only one I gave yesterday. I advertise losers as well as winners. I only give one a day and a good one. Only ones I gave last eight days were: Laddie Buck, 8.10. won: Maid of India. 0.60. won: Montferrat. lost: Toyland, 9.20. won; Mabel C, 8.70. won: Montferrat. 0.20. won: Blue Hill, lost. I have given honest service for fifteen years. My terms are: Wire to help pay expenses and wire winnings of after horse wins. No other terms accepted. WIRE .00 AT ONCE— EXPECT 10-1 TODAY E. FLETCHER JAMAICA, N. Y. ~ .._ J Weekly Racing Guide A PICTORIAL OF THE TURF PUBLISHED EVEHY FRIDAY WEEKLY RACING GUIDE is sold strictly on its merits as a publication that picks the winners. Its regular features include HORSES READY TO WIN, SELECTIONS. CLOCKERS 8PECIAL8. BEST WORKOUTS. TIMELY PICTURES. DAILY CODE SERYICE and other valuable data for race followers. ON SALE AT ALL LEADING NEWSSTANDS FREE CODE SPECIALS FOR TUESDAY: HAVRE DE GRACE — Secretary -Blinkers -Ha If LEXINGTON Start — er-Mile-Half -Blinkers-Track WEEKLY HACINH GLIDE 26 Cents a opy DAILY RACING CHART, Inc. PUBLISHERS UJ East 38nd Street ew York, Ye WATCHinMirT-TjTjp Apr COMING WEST SOON weekly

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