Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1926-04-27

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DAILY RACING FORM SELECTIONS LEXINGTON The horses which seem best in todays s races are : Trackmans Selections. 1— Mally Jane, Mickey Free, Sutler. 2— GENERAL HALDEMAN, Luxembourg, Two Sixty. 3 — The Spa, Charcoal, The Archer. 4— Teak, Little Visitor, Rothermel. 5 — Cherokee Lee, Buckwheat Cake, Old Slip. - 6— Sixteen Sixty, Embryo, Firewater. 7 — Fantoche, Foolscap, Wrack Ray. J. L. Dempsey. Daily Racing Form Selection*. 1 — Sutler, Susan Rebecca, Mickey Free, Ren - barg. 2 — Parmelee, General Haldeman, Coohogan, i, Swordsman. 3— Charcoal, The Spa, Cherebu, Halu. 4— LITTLE VISITOR, Rothermel. Teak, :t Cross Village. 5 — Cherokee Lee, Buckwheat Cake, Pride, ? Old Slip. 6 — Sixteen Sixty, Firewater, Grey face, Embryo. j. 1 — Fantoche, Irish Lace, Foolscap, Stoneage. Dick Welles Selection*. 1— Renbarg, Mally Jane. Sutler. 2 -General Haldeman, Luxembourg, Coohogan. - 3— Rear Crass, The Spa, Andrv. 4— LITTLE VISITOR, Teak, Rothermel. 5 — Old Slip, Cherokee Iee, ltuckwheat Cake. • 6— Sixteen Sixty, Mayor Behrman, Firewater. . 7 — Fantoche, Norseland, Foolscap. Consensus. 1— Sutler, Mally Jane, Renbarg, Mickey y Free. 2— General Haldeman, Luxembourg, Coohogan, - Two Sixty. - ? f 1 • . I f „ i j ~ f " ? e 3 . p ■ . I I i | • 1 i I I , . 1 • 1 t . I l f . I I ? t s - - i, :t ? j. - • . y - 3 — The Spa, Charcoal, Bear Grass, The Archer. • 4 — Little Visitor, Teak, Rothermel, Cross Village. 5 — Buckwheat Cake, Old Slip, Cherokee Lee, Spanish Lay. C— Sixteen Sixty, Firewater, Embryo, Grey-face. 7— FANTOCHE, Foolscap, Irish Lace, Norse-land. HAVRE DE GRACE The horses which seem best in todays races are : Trackmans Selections. 1 — Lena Rinehart, Sparkling Water, Wandering Times. 2— Dignify, First Edition, Hanky Rice. 3— St. Valentine, Mabel C, Lady Glassen. 4-.A. P. Canale, Beatrice Noyes, Jack H»r- gan. S— LOVED ONE, Goldbeater, Redstone. 6 — Tempest, Green Blazes, Best Shot. 7 — Futuro, Johnny Jewell, Dream of the Valley. T. K. Lynch. Daily Racing; Form Selections. 1 — Wandering Times, Lena Rinehart, Spar- kling Water, Outing. 2 — Fred Dubner, First Edition, George J., Dignify. 3 — St. Valentine, New Hampshire, Lady Glassen, Mabel C. 4 — A. P. Canale, Beatrice Noyes, Landlord, Jack Horgan. 5— LOVED ONE. Goldbeater, Edward Gray, Prince Hamlet. 6 — Green Biases, Buttercup. Cliff, Tempest. 7 — Futuro, Modo, Eager, Dream of the Valley. Sweeps Selections. 1— Wandering Times, Sparkling Wrater, Outing. 2 — Dignify. Fred Dubner. Hanky Rice. 3— New Hampshire, St. Valentine. Mabel C. 4 — Beatrice Noyes, A. P. Canale. landlord. 5— LOVED ONE, Prince Hamlet, Redstone. 6 — Buttercup, Tempest, Green Blazes. 7 — Dream of the Valley, Eager, Futuro. Consensus. 1— "Wandering Times, Sparkling Water, T.ena Rinehart, Outing. 2 — Dignify, Fred Dubner, First Edition, Hanky Rice. 3 — St. Valentine, New Hampshire, Mabel C Lady Glassen. 4 — A. P. Canale, Beatrice Noyes, Landlord, Jack Horgan. 5— LOVED ONE. Goldbeater, Redstone Prince Hamlet. 6 — Green Blazes, Tempest, Buttercup, Besi Shot. 7— Futuro, Dream of the Valley, Eager. Johnny Jewell. COLUMBUS The horses which seem best In todays races are : Trackmans Selections. 1— GOLDEN DUST, Nestle, Smile Awhile. 2 — Sir Glen, Glenn, Intake. 3 — Ciceronian, Kentucky Rose. Lucille Russell. 4— Becky Sue, Peter Brush, Air Mail. 5 — Hole Card, Finday, Myrtle Belle. 6 — Nettie May, Illustrator, Sea Mime. 7 — Wapiti, Lucky Run, Bad Luck. F. J. May. Daily Racine Form Selections. 1 — Golden Dus Nestle, Smile Awhile, Kama- kani. 2 — Glenn, Merrv Mars, Miss Emerson, Sir Glen. I — Kentucky Rose, Knot Grass, Ciceronian, Dan E. Stewart. 4 — Blue Caddie, Rebeck. Al Kripp. Log Fire. 5— CORAL REEF, Finday, Hole Card, Myr-f tie Belle. 6 — Sea Mime, Billy Welch, Illustrator, Nettie May. 7 — Wapiti, Mighty, The Colonel, Lucky Run. Consensus. 1— GOLDEN DUST, Nestle, Smile Awhile, Kamakani. 2 — Glenn, Sir Glen, Merry Mars, Intake. 3 — Kentucky Rose, Ciceronian, Knot Grass, Lucille Russell. 4 — Becky Sue, Blue Caddie, Teter Brush, Rebeck. 5 — Coral Reef, Hole Card, Finday, Myrtle Belle. C— Sea Mime, Nettie May, Illustrator, Billy-Welch. 7 — Wapiti, Lucky Run, Mighty, Bad Lack, AKRON The horses which seem best in todays races are : Trackmans Selections. 1 — Dr. F. T. Adams, Geo. Dever, Raising Sand. 2— STAY ON, Naughty Nisba, P. T. Barnum. 3 — Trafalgar, French Canadian, Joe Camp-?. bell. 4— Oil Lady, Move On Seth. Froth. 5— Pleasant Smiles, Seths Hope, Dick. 6 — Caligula, Ramble, Monday Morning. 7 — Molinero, Harp of the North, Pete Foy. P, Horgan. Dally Racing Form Selections. 1 — Raising Sand, Dr. F. T. Adams, Sunsprite, Mad Fire. 2— Col. Pat, P. T. Barnum, Brass Band, Naughty Nisba. 3 — French Canadian, Trafalgar, See It Through, The Plainsman. 4— LOTTO, Hun Conaway, Melvina. IMieblo. 5 — Caplinger, Seths Hope, Dick, Pleasant Smiles. 6— Monday Morning, Caligula, Ramble, Silk Sox. 7 — North Pine, New Rival, Utah, Vanishing Boy. Consensus. 1— Dr. F. T. Adams, Raising Sand, Geo. Dever, Sunsprite. 2— Stay On, I*. T. Barnum, Col. Pat, Naughty Nisba. 3— Trafalgar, French Canadian, Joe Campbell, See It Through. 4 Lotto, Oil Iady, Move On Seth, Hun Conaway. 5 — Seths Hope, Pleasant Smiles, Caplinger, Dick. 6— CALIGULA, Mondav Morning, Ramble, Silk Sox. 7 Molinero, North Pine, Harp of the North, New Rival. | llontiuuei] t»u fourteenth page. RACING FORM SELECTIONS Continued from second pagei JUAREZ The horses whicli «eeni Beat in todays races are : Trackman** solccdom. 1 Marry M.. Iointex, Day Tine-. J Moicxie. Waldout. Marjorie Sfaal :. Sf*. P. Montgomer . My Qracie, Little Bade I Spicelmsh. The KeehCW, Arctic King .", JOHN A BGOTT JR., Krini»en. piaeafall • i; r*oar O-Flrr. Battle Beat. Kinetic 5 7 Tripeaara Sfre. iat. iBaaraner ; l Clark _ I a

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