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You Can Beat the Races Write TODAY for a copy of "How to Pick the Horse That Carries the Cash" it is FREE. It tells you all about the gams and explains the new Superior Method of Handicapping, which will •now you how to pick winners with surprising: regularity. Write for it TODAY. Do not call. sirKition niBUMnra co. Mnnsey Itnilding Washington, D. C. LATUM V KA FS Col. J. J. SCHREINER AMERICA S PREMIER CLOCKER 30 Years Experience as Trainer-Clocker YOU CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOU 0 BALANCE MEETING. LAST DAY. JULY 5TH. Consult a specialist of the game. I wiro one or two horses daily at 11 oclock. Telegraph remittance or remit by express order in letter. THE BROADWAY CINCINNATI. OHIO MOM VY T I. TO MA A horse will be sent to the post fully prepared for the easy win that is oxpected. We also expect to get a real juicy price on this horse. To a few sportsmen who are willing to share the cost of same to the extent of making a .00 straight play, and remitting the winnings of same by telegraph immediately after the ra?e. full details w:ll bo wired. Address JAMES C. COBURN. Saxony Euilding. Cincinnati. Ohio. Published Weekly 35 Cents Per Copy Ten Weeks Subscription. .00 MONDAY S FREE CODE: LATONIA— Spado-10-12 FAIRMOUNT— Spade-22-9 Phil Foto .00. Won Dark Phantom.40. Won Rhinock . CO. Won Kajaba Second •were given Thursday. One Bst. Next Best and a Parlay to you by OTornight mail. for 6 days. Turf Expert, Temple Court Bldg., Chicago. 111. • fcwe HARVEY AMES, Inc. ™ *-«ICVCn L/CiyS EARLE BLDG. BROADWAY AT 52D ST. NEW YORK CITY on Tour Tracks Nothing Advised Yesterday of the EVERWIN RACING METHOD Daily play t.,.i, _»_____*_ A i *. j mi*, xxji „_ is being filed with the daily racing form, we rack conditions prevented action yesterday. As often stated be- ■rS %$» ~J*£m*Jrt?Z2ZZ fore e,very Possible precaution is taken to safeguard the interest of New York, Latonia. Aurora 14 to 19. and Canada OUT followers. Hamilton. 14 to 16: Fort Erie. 19 to 25. Resnlts ____________„ for Saturday, June 26, not known at time this ad " Transaction" Monday 3 Per Day Net "I!arv€gr J Subscription, 00.00, in advance, by telegraph or in person. Play as specified above equals thirty -seven racing days on ONE TRACK, and is an average of 3 per dny*£rofitV £**? Jun6. 25, was an off x*f °n Tomorrow, Monday, June 28th, the day of the starting of the next all three of the above tracks now running. Latonia uninwru J . . and t-i- a air* a st-ris-v.i •• • ■ io«t .40; New York lost .55; Fort En« lost nAKvtY I KANSACTION, should prove again why so many con-uSiSTtSSSLn fine ther turf operations strictly to "HARVEY TRANSACTIONS." this remarkable system. We are telling the truth only. Friday was a loser. But the only things that count are weekly or monthly resuita. We have no agents anywhere. Deal directly with this office and no money needed avoid unnecessary regrets. for copy of system TELEPHONES: CIRCLE 2591-2592-2593-5749-1434-1435 Shoot your name and address to us by mail ar wire. The complete system will be mailed to y»n ~~— ~— ~*~—" | — ——_— — — — ~ at once. No strings to this offer. Youll get the ~ ~~ system itself, not a sales letter or* circular asking _, _____ ___]__. """•"•»" ""-"-" CTDAirilT UDAM TUT UADCEC MAI ITU j-isv.K.TioIliAlljIll rlUJlTi lnfi IIUKjLj lYiUUIii know scratches, jockeys, prices, or track condl- ne0xntSdaDo aU your business at noon- *■"*"•» ANNOUNCING THE ARRIVAL OF THE "THE COUNSELLOR" Over 500 men had copies of the EVERWIN SPECIALS FOR THE CHICAGO MEETING MhH°DrW*hil" _ WatJnnT,° u?*5 8Decifie Throuith affiliation with a small ffroup of "men in the know," I am in a position to advise upon above. Get your FREE COPY nght now. and a few horses that will be EACMO CERTAINTIES during the next 31 days string along while the next ,000 is being won. an°du hwa?ch° STtSS sw. *_SL£T _*_ LIMITED, BUT SAFE OPERATIONS foUows: YOU ONLY PAY ME OUT OF YOUR WINNINGS Palion/ A Piikliclti—sr f_k To introduce myself to new clients, I will advise you of the first operation for the winnings of a llClldJlLC I UUII0I1III2 L0. ton d""ar bet- The second advice will cost you the odds of a fifteen dollar bet. Thereafter, as u regular ,1,ent• 0U *"** t0 **-" d°UarS f°r Wy "Ud °n eath °«,eration- 4707 SHERIDAN ROAD CHICAGO, ILL. YOU CANT LOSE! My connections are conservative and reliable. If a horse is not in a soft spot, properly placed and a racing certainty we take no chances. mSSSSSSSSSSSmSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSm Tnis lrssons tne number of bets made, hut insures success. There may be only one or two weekly ¥Ffy J » VJ VaYjJ fi d _— rpaI eoo 1 ,,lir"-s f Blml 9 _■__■_[_! aUIJ My :llvioe is ""t !,I,M1 "» newspaper form, long distance clocking or chart handicapping. yfafU ikmllflf Ulil I DONT GUESS— I KNOW! Jaa— _a_aaa—L ■9UiBbMb2LW«mLUbibUL! As reli»b!e information must he last minute information, all business must be transacted by *- ___. —— »a«BM telegraph —Western Union for preference. I will be pleased to meet you personally through correspond - ence, but actual transactions need quick action- telegraph, dont write. WEEKLY BOOK. 35 CTS. AT ALL NEWSSTANDS wire me your acceptance today. I trust you to live up to a sportsman, agreement and pay me DAILY SPECIALS. OCCASIONALS, out of your winnings. TODAYS FREE CODE: IMPORTANT LATONIA— Memphis-Lease-Might-Nexus-Human, The names of all horses released are filed with this paper before post time. All releases are in code. TTAHn Tf/* f REGISTERED TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS: Hill Jllll "THE COUNSELLOR" — M# ■ U J M • Correspondence: Room 203, 309 So. La Salle St. Chicago, 111. fj*1 A A P r 1 117 1 • ■ YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS NECESSARY FOR MAILING CODE 00 free Code Won Again! __ IT WAS C J II jl L *o on nr ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■llMliiliiiiiliiiiiiilllllHMMIIHilllll S2F Si *™ Won ITURF MESSENGERl 00 Free Codes Are Real Info.| SHSS3™ | CO " AAA«.»:AMA1 AiL D I 1 • = VV»r We have completed our new IvWaT « H n,™« d. RaCe Lat0IUa : 1 connections and advise that to- J§ | Terrific Speed | Ml Ldy Hatch, .20 fll I And they said GO THE LIMIT on this bird today. ™ ffBaSlv /TlLifcv S This is your chance, ask your newsdealer for the ES v—-ap. I 11 T ¥ ■ !s-lai S Master dockers Occasional 1 4HP WIly Kay, LOSt | For sale at all newsstand.. WATCH FOR FULL PARTICULARS = Daily Master Clocker § ARTHUR v blackwell | woSaT?, s!t?,!*„fs ?■? iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiijiniii Remit to 440 S. DEARBORN ST.,- CHICAGO, ILL. __ ■ I CAN CONVINCE YOU aW ■ i aaV Bff E /laV/aV aaL ff W* H K 1 Y Without any advance cost to that I have W VVBafli BaaaaaCi Xk aaT MM~4M±M M valuable connections here. I will wire you a day _. JJBayaaaFaaMaWMaWaM in advance, the name of a horse that lias been KWSH*IEfc3aa?BaaKs!SK D ar, A d ilJi NVmr g1 * f w T f f F* especially "propped and expected to win the KSSSaaaftBaaataaaaaamkBaCljaal aafcmS39 ft /I I f/VlT ffvf /ffffr first race at AQUEDUCT on Tuesday June 29 iMmprwXFi-iY ■af "ilVJilU KM KJ 1U JLt which is a seven furlong race lor three-year-olds ■■ , . mK . „ T ,c 35c. 10 ,n ,v V,ceks „, », «»,t,t.t „ and unward MfM Sinelc Issue. WW A PICTORIAL OF THK TURF S0LD AT ALL NEWSSTANDS | | PUBLISHED EVERY KB FRIDAY Rush your name and address to me by wire, and name of horse will be sent to you at once. Just Get the new issue. Number 36. to decipher jnon- WEEKLY RACING GUIDE is sold strictly on ts asre* to send me a part of your winnings after free code. merits d ri 00 as a publication that picks the winners. Its you collect. VnKtardavi Canadian Canadian Special Snevial regular features include HORSES READY TO WIN Only players that will keep their word, and like HEARTACHf SELECTIONS. CLOCKERS SPECIALS W MEM m™ "•" " • " " " "* two one plays week or a are desired. Use W. U. WORKOUTS. TIMELY PICTURES. D*ILY CODE ""**"■ for quick LATONIA — Feb. -24-11-21-3 ,,"■"- service. , .. , sfrvipf 9mmwmm »,i and nthpr other valuable l-»i,„iu data ut. for r race followers, fWAH 8 w » -v-iift vr. ,j * t from o5 -aA™0ND that should tie the layers Hore is one up o nr.„,„„ ON ON SAI hALE F AT AT ALL ATT TrAnlxrr. LEADJNG Mrwca-r»r.o NEWSSTANDS C€3 WARWICK ST. BROOKLYN. N. Y. coaat to coast. We can eafely say this is one of the safest 00 free codes handled by this organ- FREE CODE SPECIALS FOR MONDAY: ization. Past performances of this racer have shown AQUEDUCT— Judge -Half -Barn IiriTTl?nC! t nothing recently. Take our advice and have your .J?-Jge-Track -Hay YY 1 1 1 W*m l iron men riding, nose, saddlo and tail, lor this sure FAIRMOUNT— Steward-Show-Plates **— ■» n_T • is a iong one y„u have the assurance that . very IfTririf/f IT l| /Ifim / TTIn«i Thats what I will have during the Washington available precaution, the best that human enter- 11/ L L U I V U l i 11111 I IISIlL Park and Lincoln Fields meetings. I will send my prise can produce, has been taken to make tins If IjIj1Ij I IVlWjIllll 111 I I III aaaaaaaaaaawai first transaction, which goes Saturday. July 3. two 00 winning free code winners in a row. luivuitl V»V/AA/AJ FREE. Rush name and address with to guarantee _ _. OK flpTltc Pnntf £ „ o payment of telegrams. No attention given replies Last ,CA. *500 Fleo Code . ** VrCIlLb cl C-Opy „ otherwise. Dont delay, for in order to receive KING G0RnJ n S5.60. Won this FREE OPENING SPECIAL I must have your I LAST WEEKS BOOK WINNERS: DAILY „.«,..- KAUINO LJAr.-r CHART, IllC. reply in ample time to mail you my code. No Denizen 8.50 Thco. Fay 0. 05 Ill! I.1SJI Kits transaction in open rr.crsages. My connections and Lathrop |16.80 Kanduit .80 |;; F.nst S2nd Street New York " Y sources of information are the best. Dunmore 10-1 Billy Witt .20 ■ " * F. J. GILXABTES Eda C 4.90 Shining Light ...10 ■===============— ___________ Care Western Union CHICAGO HEIGHTS. ILL. "ND MANy OHeTViNNERS "" ft 11 , «!. . a J. — — Again followers of System Hors, ■; on the bottom 1 1 SI II ATI i- WllUlinCF r SlflilUC --—-———-————-———------—------——--—-— of pago six had a banner week. Follow these horses VlUIlVlf O If 11111111.1 I ill Id V O ___ __ _, and you cannot miss. GET THE NEW ISSUE and " _ __. ** J F--__ D 17 17 f •— ri immediately. DOLLY x T BAY and PARC0-335 _V _L-i JCj GALLOPS PARLAY « MONDAYS 00 DAILY WIRE WON— PAID .95- THE SECRET OF BEATING THE RACES" 0 T0 S1 PAJlLAY RUMBLING and CROSS BOW— 336 a 16-pago booklet of real inside information Connections have assured us that these two speed GALLOPS PARLAY WON— PAID 25.00- by a retired turf speculator. No charge. Sim- ■■"«•» wlU steP down the easlost kind ot »nners- LUCKY DRIFT and MEDDLING SETH— 337 I ly mail this ad and 4c postage to J. K. MONDAYS . CO SUPER DAILY WIRE GALLOPS PARLAY WON— PAID 4 35 Wlli., Box 1066, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Goes m *. mm* — ould fly £»**** CALUMET and MISS RQSEDALE-338 GALL0** PARLAY WON-PAID 5.00- -=~==~-______-_------~=r__: TERMS-.00 Daily Wire, six • days service. rk»r»»o lairr-JXI / . CO: .00 Daily Wire, six • days service. All the above taken from Gallops Weekly and UAK O WLbKLY 0.C0. Parlay Page with instructions which we mail you Tnr AV« SPECIAL TERMS— Both the .00 and .00 ln Pui" seale 1 envelope 6 weeks for .00— mail r-T r-r rtT.f T.-.JV-7* AXWS C0DEi Daily Wiro. for six .6. days service, which also y°ur subscription to LATONIA— Maine -Sun -Man -Brown includes Wednesdays extra special. 0.00. . _~ A I I -r"-D C I • --— -■ SUPREME PUPLISHING CO. UALLUr O | ADVKRTISK IX DAILY H.UlNt; FORM 793 Broadway. Room 22* New York City I 219 South Dearborn Street Chica_5. 111.

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