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J Daily FormHanlcaps Racing LATONIA Track Fast The horses which seem best in todays races are: Trackmans Selections. 1 — -Estin, Gaffney. Blue Granite. 2 — Belle of Ky., Seminola, Clover Club. 3— NEW GOLD. Black Grackle. Stone Age, 4 — Queen Clara, Eager. Reyal Sweep. E — Breakfast Bell, Marconi. Kentucky Cardinal, fi — Peach. Nor Vaster, A. B. Bensinger. 7 — 1andosto, Kanduit, Cloister. S. Brown. Dnily Racing: Form Selections. 1 — Blue Granite. Estin, Peaches. Anona. 2 — Dark Angel, Belle of Ky, Seminola. Leah Annas. I — Stoneage, Black Grackle, My Destinv, New Gold. 4 — Queen Clara, Fantoche, Royal Sweep, Eager. .ri — Breakfast Bell, Kentucky Cardinal, Rth- ermel, Marconi. •— PEACH, Noreaster, War Tidings, A. B. Bensinger. 7 -Lancer, Cloister. Pandosto, Kanduit. Man o Wars Selections. 1 — Blue Granite, Gaffney, John Hager. 2— Clover Club. Seminola, Belle of Ky. 1 — New Gold, My Destiny, Black Grackle. 4 — Que en Clara, Eager, Scampaway. 5— BREAKFAST BELL. Giblon. Rothermel. 6 — Piccadilly. King Basil. A. B. Bensinger. 7 — Sola Mia, Dolly Bay, Pandosto. Consensas- 1 — Blue Granite, Estin, Gaffney, Peaches. 2 — Belle of Ky, Seminola, Clover Club, Dark Angel. 3 — New Gold, Black Grackle, Stoneage, My Destiny. 4 — Queen Clara, Eager, Royal Sweep, Fan-toche. 5— BREAKFAST BELL. Kentucky Cardinal, Marconi, Rothermel. 6 — Peach. Noreaster, A. B. Bensinger, Piccadilly. 7-— Pandosto, Cloister, Lancer, Sola Mia. FAIEMOUNT PARK Track Good The horses which seem best in todays races are: Trackmans Selection*. 1 — Porto de Oro. Serena. Phyllis Gentry. 2— Golden Top, Wild Notes, High Art. 3— GATEWOOD, Grayling, Magic Light. 4 — Kum Kalessi. Shasta Love, Double Quick. 5 — Blockhead. Supporter, Bigheart. 6 — Colonel Winn, Shining Gold. Lavigne. 7 — Island Fairy, Mad Boy. Dr. T. S. Dabney. J. L. Dempsey. Daily Racing: Form Selections. 1 — Serena. Phyllis Gentry, Kingsclere, Porto de Oro. 2— High Art, Gold Bells, Predominant, Golden Top. :: — Magic IJght, Pipes of Tan. Lady Busch. Grayling. 4 — KUM KALESSI, Shasta Love, Carrie Belle. Shasta Gold. 5 — Capistrano, Abstract, Bigheart, Phantom Fire. C — Common Gold, Marquette, Colonel Winn, Iavigne. 7 — Island Fairy. Chemiserie, Billy Mann, Blarney Stone. Dick Welles Selections. 1— Porto de Oro, Hidden Jewel, Serena. 2— Infatuation, Gold Bells, Golden Top. : — Gatewood, Magie Light. Pipes of Pan. 4— KCM KALESSI, Shasta Love, Dr. Ed Keefer. 5— Capistrano. Blockhead, Bigheart. G — Shining Gold, Colonel Winn, Wish-Ton-Wish. 7— Island Fairy, Dr. T. S. Dabney, Reap. Consensus. 1 — Porto de Oro. Serena, Phyllis Gentry, Hidden Jewel. 2— Golden Top, High Art, Gold Bells. Infatuation. 3— Magic Light, Gatewood, Pipes of Pan, Grayling. 4— KlTM KALESSI. Shasta Ixne, Double Quick. Carrie Belle. 5 — Capistrano, Blockhead, Bigheart, Supporter. 6 — Colonel Winn. Shining Gold, Common Gold. Lavigne. 7-Island Fairy. Dr. T. S. Dabney, Mad Boy, Chemiserie. AQUEDUCT Track Fast The horses which seem best in todays i aces are: Trackmans Selections. 1— Embers, Oharusan, Khayyam Belle. 2 — Sky Scraper II., Brantome, Ararat II. 3— VOLANTE, Claptrap, Cinema. 4 — Judicial, Cartoonist. Titan. 5 — Scorcher, The Seer. Zeod. 6 — Crystal Domino, Doubloon, Chlum. C. J. Connors. Daily Racing: Form Selections. 1 — Embers. Oharusan, All Virginia, Gnomes Lajjs. 2 — Sky Scraper II.. Brantome, Ararat II., Pete the Scribe. 3— CLAPTRAP, Storm King, Volants, Little Asbestos. 4 — Cartoonist, Judicial, King Jimmy, Titan. 5 — Scorcher, The Seer, Sonny, Shiraz. 6 — Crystal Domino, Doubloon, Blue Fire, Candy Pan. Sweeps Selections. 1— Embers, Oharusan, Star Light 2— Brantome, Ararat II., Sky Scraper IT. :i Claptrap, Storm King. Little Asbestos. 4— Titan, Cartoonist, King Jimmy. ■ — I-ady Audrey, Exchequer, Scorcher. C- CRYSTAL DOMINO, Jim Crow, Doubloon. Consensus. 1— Embers, Oharusan, Khayyam Belle, AH Virginia. 2-Sky Scraper II., Brantome, Ararat II., Pete the Scribe. Continued on wventeenth pace. DAILY RACING FORM SELECTIONS Continued from second pare 8— Claptrap, Volant.. Storm King, Little Asbestos. 4 — Cartoonist. Judicial. Titan. King Jimmy. I — Scorcher. The Seer, Lady Audny. Z°od. 6— CRYSTAL l OMINO, Doubloon, Chlum. Ulne Fire. OMAHA Track Fast The horses which seem best in todays races are : Trackman* Selection*. 1— Marse John, Dust Brush. Daniel TL, Anthony Jr. 2 — Ring. Balefull, Horinga. 3— Lemon Seth, John A. Scott Jr.. Korbly. 4 — Quota. Metal. Julia Lee. I— PIRATE COLD, Queen Catherine, Publisher. 5- Old Tom, Viola Burton. Martin Thorpe. 7 — OIlie Palmer. Josie M., Pop Ryan. J. J. Murphy. Daily Racine Form Selection*. 1 — Lura. Crimp Far, Marse John. Miss Leighton. 2 Brown Trout. Horinga, Joe Tag. Stnmp. 3 — Korbly. John A. Seott, Jr.. Puty Boy, Bessie Hope. A Quota. Julia Lee, Bunbury. Black Friday. S— RlBLISHFR, Don K.. Boy O Boy, Queen atherine. 6 — Braise. loom Girl, The Falconer. Hands Pp. 7 — Lad Finnell, Zealot, Sweet and Low, Coflit id. Consensu*. 1— Marse John, I.ura, Dust Brush. Crimp Far. 2— Horinga, Ring. Brown Trout. Balefull. 3 — Korbly. John A. Scott. Jr., Ix-mon Seth, DM| Boy. 4 — QlOTA, Julia l ee. Metal. Bunbury. 5 — Publisher, Pirate Cold. Queen Catherine. Don K. 6— Old Tom. Praise, Viola Burton, Gloom Girl 7 — OIlie Palmer, Lady Finnell. Josie M., Zealot AKRON Track Fast Tbe horses which seem best in todays races arc : Trackman** Selection*. 1— West Point, Feu de Joie. Millie G. 2 — Redwood, Krskine Pale, Marie Maxim. 3 — Locarno. Dahinda. Sinvona. 4— FREEDOMS CALL. Oil Lady, Glory. 5 — Kenoluni. Dr. McArthur, Gussie P. fi — Ranoi-k. Wild Bill, Queen Navarre. 7 — Zero, Hopalong. Evening Star. F. H. Sproule. Daily Unci lis: Form Selection*. 1— W.st Point, Feu de Joie. Millie G., Our luess. 2 — Er.-kine Dale, Redwood, Chief Tierney. Betty Mae. 3— Foster Embry. Dan E. Stewart, Bud Fisher, Locarno. 4 — The Ulster, Glory. Oil Ladv, Hectors Alley. 5 — Gussie P., Clarimondc Hope, Fun Maker, Ki aolani. I— -RAXOCK, Adjuster. Wild Bill. Bar-riskane. 7 — Zero, Evening Star, Randel. Barberry. oiisciihiis of II ami lean*. 1— West Point. Feu de Joie. Millie G., Our Guess. 2 — Erskine Dale. Redwood, Marie Maxim. Chief Tierney. 3— Locarno, Foster Embry. Dahinda. Dan E. Stewart. 4 oil I .adv. Glory. Freedoms Call, The Lister. E ;ussie p.. K. aolani, Dr McArthur, Clari-inonde Hope. 6- RAXOCK. Wild Bill, Adjuster, Queen Navarre. 7- Zt no, Evening Star. Hopalong. Randel. MOUNT ROYAL PARK Track Fast The horses which seem best in todays races are : Trackman* Selection*. 1 Klaxon. T. H. Everitt. Salome. I* — Certs. Marat. Bottoms lp. 3 — C. A. Comiskey. Home Run. Veima M. 4 — JOE JOE, Merry. Jigtimo. 5 — Frank Fogarty. Dr. Huff. P.runeth. G — Play Hour. Vendor. Trajanus. 7 — Piedra. All There, Jamima. E. L. Ferguson. Daily Itacing Form Selection*. 1 T. H. Everitt, Sir Glen, Night Express. Bud Howard. 2— Certs. Fairy Gift, Milord, Ix g Fire. 3 — Royal Dick, Horace Lerch, Ormzleigh, Silver Maid. 4— Joe Joe. Miss Eugene. Jimson. Merrv 5— PRANK rOOARTT, Goldmark, Dr. Huff. Brunetli. C — Trajanus. Woodlake. Vendor. Play Hour. 7- Jamima. Black Art, Flowerful, Harp of the North. Peuftticks Selections. 1— Blue Dale. T H. Everitt, Pali. I — Fairy Gift. Ceres. Milord. 3 — Horace LaVeb, Royal Dick. Silver Maid. 4— Jimson. Joe Joe. Miss Eugene. 5— FRANK rOGARTY. Goldmark, Dr. Huff. 6 — Vendor. Trajanus. Play Hour. 7— Black Art, Flowerful, Jamima. Couaenau*. 1— T. H. Everitt. Klaxon, Blue Dale, Sir Clen. 2 — Ceres, Fairy Gift, Milord. Marat. 3 Horace l rch, Rojal J tick, c. A. Comiskey. Silver Maid. 4-— Joe Joe. Jimson. Merry, Miss Eugene. 5— FRANK FOGARTY. Dr. Huff, Ooldmark, Bruneth. 6 — Trajai.us. V. !,.l ,r, lla Hour, Woodlake. 7 — Black Art, Jamma, Flowerful, Piedra.

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