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Braxted Brothers 0 PAYS FOR SIX DAYS— TWO HORSES DAILY WESTERN CLIENTS— NOTICE— READ— WESTERN CLIENTS Remit ton 0 00 dollars, via Western Tnion or Postal Telegraph, to our New York office find receive the advertised two horse parlay for six days. IMMEDIATE SERVICE TO ALL OFT OF TOWN SUBSCRIBERS. Telegrams sent to all sub« ribers immedintely npon receipt of ten 0.00 dollars. No waiting. No delay. WE ARE THE OFFICIAL TlRF COMMISSIONERS FOR TUB MARYLAND MEETINGS Bowie. Havre de Jrace, limliro. SATURDAY WE WIRED TO EVERYBODY: ALGOL 2.90, Won REJUVENATION 7.80, Won g-50 TO 1 MONDAY— 50 TO 1-*pg If yon want to cash in on a limit probable win parlay, here is your opportunity. Strictly two horses telegraphed to everybody immediately on receipt of 0. No waiting. TWO PROBABLE WINNERS MONDAY— SHOULD PAY 50 TO 1— TWO PROBABLE WINNERS Mondays information is the strongest we have ever received. Two winners at very big odds. DO NOT MISS MONDAYS TWO HORSES Prompt and immediate service to all Western clients. Subscribe to BRAXTED BROTHERS and Bake money. Beat the game by playing our two-horse parlays. §9* Wo are open Sunday from 10 a. m. to 6 p. m. Wire your money today if possible. We will wire everybody Mondays advertised two horses immediately. Positively no waiting whatever. No delay. Mo excuses. Open Monday from 7 a. m. to 4 p. m.W We state nothing bnt facts in our advertisements. We advertise over the entire country during the Eastern racing season. We do not operate at the winter tracks. We have been releasing turf information for the past 14 years. HONEST INFORMATION. PLAY OCR TWO-HORSE PARLAY EACH DAY AND VOL" SHOULD WIN. PLAY THE PARLAYS WIN ONLY. 0 PAYS FOR SIX DAYS Western clients, wire ten 0.00* dollars, either via Western Cnion or Postal Telegraph, and you will receive six win parlays. Not one cent additional charge whatsoever. Prompt service to all Western subscribers. BRAXTED BROTHERS, 1480 Broadway New York, N. Y. FORMER JOCKEY WM. KELLY DAILY— ONE HORSE A SAY— 5 FOB SIX WINNERS Strictly one horse a day. EverylK dy receives the same horse. The horse I advertise is the horse everylKwly receives. Telegrams sent everybody early. No waiting. ■sftt TO 1 SHOT— MONDAY— 15 TO "mk My connections at Havre de Crace are unbeatable. Do not miss a single day of this meeting. WINNERS! WINNERS! Saturdays strictly one horse: TRITON 7.10, Won Opening day at Havre de Grace. Many more winners like the above will be released during this meeting. 15-1 Monday — 15-1 Monday I exi ect this horse to pay IS to 1. Easy winner. Positively wired all western clients early. No waiting. Office open all day Sunday. Wire your money Sunday and receive this 15 to 1 probable winner by telegram Sunday. Wire your money Monday and receive this 15 to 1 probable winner by telegram Monday. Telegrams sent same day money is received. Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Yes. folks. I am willing to stake my reputation on the result of this horse. Monday is the big day. Small U-ttors as well as large Iiettors. arc advised to subscrilie for this winner. My terms are the same to everybody, daily or ." for six winners. Subscribe now. Convince yourself. Win a big bet. STRICTLY ONE HORSE EACH DAY— POSITIVE SERVICE EVERT DAT Subscrilie today and convince jourself of the honesty and trufthfulness of the advertisement of JOCKEY WILLIAM KELLY. Out of town clients, remit money via Western Cnion or Postal Telegraph and receive my wire immediately. No waiting. Office open 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. Terms: daily or 5 for six winners. 8trictly one horse each day. Positively wired all western clients. No exceptions. WILLIAM KELLY, Room "•!, 1476 Broadway New Tork City Information Worth While We can give you real inside information, bnt yon will have to pay for it. To get in on these good things it costs us a lot of money, and we cannot afford to stand for alibis or excuses when the time romes to pay us. We want as clients men who desire to make racing part of their business and are willing to go to it heart and soul. We want 00 commission ont of each 00 we win for yon in a week. We will wire yon two horses every day at 8:00 a. m. Yon play a $." win parlay each day. We will win at least 00 for you in a week or you owe as nothing. That is how sure we arc of our connections. LAST WEEK WE HAD: Monday : Wednesday : DONETTA 1.8*, Won RESOCRCEFFL $ "..%%, Won RED SPIDER 4.76, Won MARK MASTER f 7.60, Won Tuesday: Saturday. SrN FORWARD 1.00, Won ALGOL 2.90, Won THE ALLT 1.70, Won DEADFALL 3.40, Won Now. fellows, dont cut your own throat by holding ont on ns. Every time we advertise there are acme welcbers. and even some new clients welch that we get through recommendation of oor regular clients. For the benefit of the new clients, we took on whose six days are now up, if we dont receive the money due ua by Tuesday morning, we will discontinue wiring yon. Wire name and address, with for expenses, etc., and we will start you immediately. We make •ore of the information we wire you and you can depend on it. We play it heavily ourselves. City people call— PROGRESS NEWS CO., 114 E. 28th St., Room 206, New York City I Ask No Money in Advance You pay me after my horse wins. On Wednesday, April 20. a horse will start at Ilavre de Grace, and direct connections expect this horse to gallop home the easiest winner of the day. This horse has worked aa fast as greased lightning for this race. Wire or write me you- correct street address, and I will wire you the name of this horse early Wednesday morning. My terms are: You must wire me the winnings of five dollars the day after my horse wins. I will have about two good prospective winners each week all this cummer. Address WILLIAM JOHNSON CARE POSTAL TELEGRAPH CO.. BALTIMORE. MD. FREE! "THE SECRET of BEATING THE RACES" a 16-page booklet of real Inside Information, by a retired tnrf speculator. No charge. Simply mail this ad and 4c postage to J. K. WILLIS •122 N. W. 18TH AVENUE MIAMI, FLORIDA LEXINGTON RACES OPENINO DAY, APRIL 2S COL.J.J.SCHREINER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKEK Thirty years experience ai docker YOU CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOU 115.00 FOR ANY TEN DAYS You will find me to be just ten years ahead of the present-day people in my line. Unless you have received my work, you have never reached the right man. I am recognized to be the best-posted man in America in my line. Consult a specialist of the game. I wire one or two horses daily at 11 oclock. Telegraph re-mittance or remit by express order in letter. Propositions not considered. Strictly cash only. PHOENIX HOTEL LEXINGTON, KV. ® PERCEMTAGE KING - CONSOLIDATED COPYRIGHTED Six outstanding plays each week DIRECT FROM THE TRACK Positively the only combination of Men that has ever given all the Percentage to the Players instead of the Bookmakers before releasing the horse to the client, as described below. Each play sent out by us is based on the following definite knowledge: HANDICAPPING — When our own expert handicappers figure the horse the fastest in the race, and stands out the strongest of any other race. CLOCKERS — And our own dockers report the horse is at his best. INSIDE INFORMATION — Having advice from our inside men that the horse is in the race to win the purse shows he is ready and trying. DISTANCE — If the horse has the proper distance to prove his best efforts, as some horses never win only at a certain distance. TRACK CONDITIONS— And the track conditions are satisfactory for his best performance, as each horse favors a special track. WEIGHT — If the horse is not overweighted and has about the weight that he carries when he wins his races. JOCKEY — And must have a jockey that has a record of winning many races, and must be thoroughly capable of handling his mount. When we have the COMBINED PERCENTAGE on all the above points we place the percentage on the players side instead of on the bookmakers side, before we send out the play. No guess work, but definite knowledge of all the facts secured from the track from our own combination of men on the ground. Players who desire honest, dependable information will be convinced with one weeks subscription including six horses. Not necessarily having a play every day. if we should have two plays the same day, all our clients will receive both. TERMS— OCR TERMS are 0.00 for six horses, payable in advance. Wire address and money by Western Union or Postal Telegraph ONLY and code will be sent immediately. NO PROPOSITIONS CONSIDERED. To protect the price at the track, we POSITIVELY will not accept any subscribers from the track where we are obtaining our information. Make all remittances to C. J. WEEKS, 806 St. Panl Street, Baltimore, Md. T°°NW YORK PRESS "GREATEST RACING AMP FINANCIAL WEEKLY IN AMERICA " 145 West Forty-Fifth Street, New York City Price 15 Cents A BIG EIGHT -PAGE RACING PAPER NOW IN ITS THIRD YEAR New issue sow on sale everywhere in America today. Greatest success ever scored by a racing; weekly CAN YOU USE SOME NEW MONEY ? YESTERDAYS J. IIAYNES DE LUXE SPECIAL: Algol, 2.90, Won Important announcement to the racing public: The racing editor of TFIE NEW TORK PRESS, Mr# J. -Ilaynes, one of the best known raring and sporting editors in the country, has established a SERYICal DE LlXE, consisting of TWO HORSES DAILY, telegraphed to everybody sending in 0 for one week. This service has heretofore been confined to a few select clients, hut this season Mr. Ilaynes has dropped down the bars and, in response to public demand, is releasing TWO HORSES DAILY at noon, for the; small sum of 0 for six racing days. The service DE LlXE REPRESENTS THE LAST WORD IN TURF INFORMATION. It ia a BTTSt* NESS MANS SERVICE STRICTLY, and is meant for those who will be satisfied to make one or two parlays a day. Sometimes you will get long shots: sometimes they will be favorites, bnt WINNERS, WINNERS, WINNERS will be the sole and only consideration. J. Ilaynes is endeavoring to build np a large and satisfied clientele and he recognizee there is just one way to your heart, and that is through your purse. If he can make you win he can hold your friendship. Start with Ilaynes immediately and follow him through the week. He has been on the ground personally in Maryland for the past few weeks and is "hep" to many a good thing that will be pulled off this week. Do not wait a minute. Join Ilaynes right now. Telegraph your subscription to Racing Editor THE NEW TORK PRESS, 144 West 45th Street, New York Oity. Recent De Luxe Specials: Wednesday, April 13— MARK MASTER, .60, Won; MARINER. .00. Won Tuesday, April IS— KATHLEEN CROSBY, .60. Won; MARTHA WASHINGTON. .40, We* Monday, April 11— SUN RAJAH, .70, Won; TIPPER ARY MARY, 0.30, Won NEW ISSUE— NEW YORK PRESS— ALL STANDS TODAY Are yon reading THE NEW YORK PRESS, largest and most widely read of the racing and financial weeklies. It is a big eight-page paper ably edited and written. All the sports read it. Sonic of the livest turf writers and dockers in America contribute weekly to its columns. Its pages are replete with information on "coming winners." See page eight under the heading "Lawtons ratings ami selections." This is a knockout feature. Follow this religiously ; it will be the means of dragging many a long shot out of the cave. CONTAINS THE FAMOUS LAWTON RATINGS The famous Lawton ratings, supreme for twenty-one years, are carried weekly in THE NKW YORK PRESS. This is one of the biggest features of the paper. Ask your bookmaker about LAWTON. He will tell yon. The Lawtea ratings are simple. A child can understand thesa. Nothing complex or that you would not understand. Dont wait a minnte. BUY THE PRESS AT THE NEXT STAND. If your dealer does not handle, please drop ns a post card and we will send you a sample copy. AETNA TURF AGENCY 147 WEST 42HD STREET, 7TH FLOOR NEW YORK CITY TERMS: DAILY. 0 WEEKLY— STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY This concern is a ligitimate turf agency, registered and listed under the laws i f the State of New York. We release ONE HOUSE A DAY never more to every person. We wish to slate emphatically that each and every person receives this same horse. We do not promise you the impossible, such as .20 to 1 shots each day, or lo to 1 shots. If you expect such horses, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to the Aetna Turf Agency. SATURDAYS ONE HORSE WON AGAIN: DEADFALL 3.40, Won MONDAY— EXPECT 10 TO 1— MONDAY 9T A REAL GOOD THING. SHOULD WIN AND PAY 10 TO 1 "•■ Onr Trackmen Are At Havre de Grace and Beulah Park Direct information. We spare no exi ense in obtaining the right information. No guesswork or handicapping. No system. A horse that should gallop home to an easy win and | ay lit to 1 or better will be telegraphed to all those who subscribe today. We want everyone to get in on this winner — 0 to . RELEASED TO EVERYBODY. No exception. UO THE LIMIT— WIN ONLY. When we make such statements we know whereof we speak. Wire your and receive the advertised horse by fast telegraph service. Telegrams sent everybody promptly. No delay whatsoever. ■»T DO NOT MISS MONDAYS WINNERS— EXPECT 10 TO 1 ""»■ BEWARE OK INFERIOR TURF INFORMATION. fOfJ ARE ASSURED OK RECKININi: SKIUHg TBI SAME DAY VIII SUBSCRIBE. ONTINTOI S SERVICE TO ALL WEEKLY SUBSCR1 I.KRS. If you want to do business with an honest and legitimate organisation, subscribe to the Aetna Turf Agency. Ynu will be more than satisfied. All those desiring our one horse a day, remit $." for one day or 0 for six days. We have no other propositions. We entertain no propositions. Remit via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Our offices in New York are open 12 hours a day 7 ilus a week.

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