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HarVey Ames, Inc.| 1674 BROADWAY, CORNER 52ND ST. NEW YORK CITY WON AGAIN | Yesterdays "Fhtrvey Transaction, and the only horse advised, won easily, at Rood odds. This horse had not von a ra * in twelve previous starts. We have formed a connection at Bowie which has never before been accessible to lh racing public, and the coming meeting will prove the strength of this eagle. HarVtey* Transaction Today* Subscription, 00, in advance, by telegraph or in person. We do not specialize in 20 to 1 shots, but we have been informed that todays transaction will pay exceptional odds and that the result is assured. Telephone Numbers: Columbus 2415,2422, 2428. 5455, 0995, 6760 "NEW YORK PRESS "GREATEST RACING AND FINANCIAL WEEKLY IN AMERICA" 145 West 45t!i Street, Bryant 2761 New York City | All Racing Business By Telegraph or in Person FOURTH YEAR! FOURTH YEAR! FOURTH YEAR! New Twelve-Page Illustrated "Coming Winners" — All Stands. 15 Cents. SeatahM the famous J awtea Ratface, aaeveaac for SB jears. ■heacet wcm t«ei scored i y a ■•eiag «iiU. The Fieaa i* a all awl in tin- Ml cities of tlie Inited States and tanada. CHICAGO OFFICE— SPECIAL NOTICE— CHICAGO OFFICE For the convenience of our western friends, we have established a branch office in Chicago. III. Address — No. li:i West Madison St.. 4th Floor. Readers of the WCStcm Form can wire their subscriptions to our Chicago branch. If in the neighborhood, call at office. Telephone, STAte 1183. DEAL WITH A BEFUTAELE OBGANIZATION BUY NEW ISSUE— ALL STANDS laWTBKBAYfl winmm; SPKl I.M.S: SON OF JOHN 6.80, WON I GRACIOUS GIFT $ 6.80, WON Hiyl.l off the nel two winners! Down tbt. came like piae in .loer! lltuMl who sent in |SI to Tlic New Y..rk Iress Baciaf S r riec r« crhed the ifiwi i liimul hence, The N w Yuri; Ficaa deckers. 1jn -i-jed and alert. Kent to the Home Office the liorses and the, in turn, wire related to all subscribers to the racing serioe. If von are in the market for intelligent, honest, conservative, "direct -from - tlie-traek* information, telegraph |M immediately to Ka.i lip Pepartmei t. New Ynrk Iress. and oii will receive n wire liefore 1 oclock each day :iii»j; H,e names of two horses which our clockcrs liave reason to belieTe are the liest Lets of the da . I.i-im nil«r what yen are eetttae; for our inonej — TWO IH1KSK8 A DAY, NKYKK MuKK! Telegrapa *»0 imnn diat If and join the ariaaJag panefe. FREE! FREE! FREE! YYith a view to increasing |he raeidlv eeearhaf, circulation of the New Yolk Press, the racing department, in conjunction with the circulation dc| arlmt lit. is gfTtag out IKhl. OF 4 B4MSI to ciI..mI *• ndiiiK in J2 for ten weeks trial subscription to The New York Iresa, tie name of a horse which will go to the lKist at Bow ie on April 7 and which, barrinp accident, should aaj I Ml fat mutuel. This is given out strict Ij for advertising; purposes at;d with a iew of familiarizinc. The New York Pn BJ with a now clientele at readers. CI. IP AND MAIL TO flKOI.ATION PKPAKT.MKNT. TUB NEW YOKK PKKSK, lio West 4." Hi Street. New York City, N. Y.: Gentlemen: Enclosed please find lien with t2 for ten weeks trial subscription to The New York Press. It is understood and agreed that I am to have telegraphed to me. collect. FlifK OK CHAR43B, as a boons or premium with my subscription, a horse which will go to the post ;it Howie. April 7. NAMK AMIKKSS p.rsiNKss J. Ja Desmond I BAILY— TWO HOKSKS DAILY J You Have Subscribed to the Best— Now Subscribe FOB 1HE BEST: : •DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE ON THE SQUARE " NtiTH K. RACING PUBLIC— Do not fall prey to any i erson who claims to he connected with my office. 1 liave no associate such as that. I also Log to advise I haw aa she ts for sale on any newsstands throughout the country, so dont he misled hy fakirs, do aaahajM with my office oily, which is loo; ted in N.-w York. My telephone numler is Caledonia 444B. YESIKKPAYS STPKli.Y TWO BOMBS: ■9* GRACIOUS GIFT .80, WON PE HT EUPHRATES 9.50, .30, 2ND -1H If Today — Another Ironclad Desmond Transaction "K REMIT TWENTY -FIVE DOLLARS FOB THIS ONE. The two horses that ion receive are the horses that-aro advitised win or lose. If you are seeking bona fide, legitimate turf information, subscribe. One day e trial will convince you. Once a clieot, always a client leF" TODAY— 50 TO 1 WIN PARLAY— TODAY -« Out-of-town clients receive the advertised two horses within an hour afler their money it-received. No waiting for my service. A FAIK AND SQUARE DEAL ASSDJtDT EVERYBODY LEGITIMATE INFOBMATION— NO GUESSWOBK YVire $."• via Western Ciiion or Postal Tei* graph and receive the advertised two horses laaaiilalilj ncitVICB six days a WEEK. J.J. DESMOND 1123 BROADWAY, SUITE 612 NEW YORK CITY PETER KING THE MABYLAND HORSEMAN JUST AS I STATED YBffTBBDAT*fl SPKKD DKMON " Comet, 4.80, Won M followers certain!* started the season in ilic liglit way "the King wav." J hols- ,oii bet enough. I-VK. 1 did. BIT THAIS PAST BISTOB1 NOW. "TODAYS FLYER" has not started sine,- last fall and will Ie saddled by one of the e!ev rest trainers in the business. "Striitly a g 1 thing thai is wakn.g up today at a heiillhy price. Dont be mi-led h] anybody ilaimiiig to he connected with this oflic,. Although ■Mat Kings service is nation-wiri . My oi.ly office is/Ncw York City. Bush your subscr.pt ion b.v wire. Terms J5 daily. Dont let anj tiling stop you today. After todays result jou will be a steady King client. PETER KING 1658 BBOADWAY, BUTTE 408 NEW YOBK CITY TELEPHONES: CIRCLE 9084— 3086— 309C. JACK BAltiJ ASSOCIATES One Horse Daily. Terms COMET, 4.80, WON Results as shown above should prove to the most skeptical the value of real track information. Bates clients, however, expect winners and our track connections know that they have to produce. TODAY Everything is in readiness, all angles have been covered and much time and money have been spent to again make Bates clients winners. BE A WINNER WIRE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW to be sure of service, as we reserve the right to discriminate. CHICAGO, ILL. Room 1120 123 W. Madison St. Billy Kelly AMERICAS FOREMOST INFORMATION EXPERT Daily Last-Minnte Speeinl by Telephone Daily Code Horse at Eaeh Track Burton Britt in Maryland Burton Britt, -who compiled a remarkable record during the jHiiod when he was substituting lor Billy Kelly at Jefferson Bark, is on the ground at Bowie spotting hot horses for Billy Kellys big following. He is coikc ntrating his efforts on the last-minute specials, which have proved such a lemarkahly successful feature of Billy Kellys service. TUESDAYS LAST-MINUTE SPECIAL,: Mally Jane, .60, 3rd TUESDAYS CODE HOBSE : Afterglow, Second LAST-MINUTE SERVICE BY TELEPHONE Billy Kellys Last-Minute Specials are available hy telephone in the following cities at 12:o0 li. in. Central Standard Time 1 :o0 p. m. Eastern Standard Time: CHICAGO READERS: LOUISVILLE READERS: CIKC1N.NAT1 READERS: Call WABash 4830 Call Main 9370 Call Main 4200 ST. LOUIS READERS: OMAHA READERS: LEXINGTON READERS: Call Garfield 1365 Call Jackson 2512 Call 9220 DETROIT READERS: MILWAUKEE READERS: INDIAN ATOMS READERS: Ask Your Newsdealer Call Broadway 2843-44 Call Riley 6789 Be sure to ask operator for Billy Kellys Last-Minute Special to avoid mistakes. In. the case of both code horses piinted in this paper each day and last-minute specials released by telephone first two and last two letters of horses name are given in code, except where two horses in the race have names beginning and ending alike. In such cases, the first three and last two letters are given. BILLY KELLYS CODE BOOK NUMBER 315 Gooil for One Meek Beginning Friday, Mareli 30. Now on Sale at All Newsstands — Trice . If your dealer is not supplied, wire J2 and book will be. mailed to you direct by first class mail. Make remittance payable to WM. BURKE KELLY, 25 E. Congress Street, Chicago, III. BILLY KELLYS Code Book No. 345 KELLYS COM Kill K».KSI . : BOWIE— D-32-14-52-43. A new book with new code published every Thursday. Price, two dollars. Soiii iij year dealer, r direct from WM. BURKE KELLY 23 EAST CONGRESS STREET CHICAGO, ILL. reward nrrt i rewarded will a lree copy of JUE MKBR jj M1 MATING THE RACES," a l ;-paj;e I booklet of real inside information. No cliarge. I No obligation. X IA/II I IC 5122 N. W. 18th Ave. 3 Jl/ . ft.WILLIb MIAMI, FLA. Jf ENORMOUS WINNING POSSIBILITIES: FREE! There are Men who FREE: FREE! Till tell you that the FREE: FREE! Races cannot be beat. FREE: BEAT THE MUTUELS EVERY DAY! Lot me Imw joii what 1 have found -mail this ad for inii k information. PeeaMHUea simply won ibrfiil to run a "slxxslrinj; into a roll. L. C. WOODS. Gaston" URBANE. ILL. Dept. A. -865 ATTENTION! FREE! Thin horse pan FRIDAY at Bowie and should pay 5 to 1 or hatter. Old elienls know our method*. Aa an inducement to new clients, wire address and i.orsc will b s«i,t free. • i»n«-e a client, always ;l JOHN BUCKLEY 307 Market St.. Arcade Bldg. BUFFALO, N. Y. WEEKLY KACING GUIDE Daily Code •Worlds Greatest Kneing Weekly" NEW— BIGGER— BETTER Two Great Free Information Services Carmacs Release for Wednesday: BOWIE: One -Wind -Field. CARMAIS TI KSIMT I.KI.KASB: EUPHRATES, .30, 2ND F0K CODE, Bl¥ ISSUE OF IAK II 31 WEEKLY fflacing Suide 25 Cents— AH Newsstands. Subscription rates: .25 per month; six months, «C.OO; one year, flo.iMi. Published By Daily Racing Chart, Inc. M 6 ». WABASH AVK. tHICAGt

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