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I ft Uf K RUTf W 1 Q°c Leslie Blair I Viirf /__lf H m I II 11 1 IVKvL/ ! Two-Horse Wire Last-Minute Information WCJHLlll I/HI LlJ27 Price, Daily ! DAILY DAILY I NOT ON SALE AT NEWSSTANDS— ONLY DIRECT FROM OFFICE | i YESTERDAYS TWO HORSES: I While Inquisitor ran second, we count this a losing day, to be more than made up j ui — -_ a +*9 _ it* **+ __ .— ». m XK "W T" 1 with todajs release. Our record shows: § I |_ M U J_ fl* C fl /I % jfa / TUESDAY RELEASE l/eilll 11161. 30.114, W Oil FORTUNATE GIRL $ 4.14, WON _, „„ ol,er „»„., „■■■, ..,/„ . J2 I MONDAYS TWO RELEASES: I ____________________________________________ ________ ___. ___________ j HOWARD LEE $ 6.38, WON j Mondays two horses: ! GOLDEN WANDERER .32, $ 2.92, 2ND | F 1 II d*r7 AA IIF G0LDen pr,ncE::t~st.w:.re:e::es: ««* w0N rrank Horan, .00, Won j ELIAS O 7.38, WON WT lal Ai_, .-- | THURSDAYS TWO RELEASES: . 3 I I I 0* f~" % t 111 1 SMOLDERING 2.52. WON j UDuIK6a «pD»Q_£, If OH SHORT PRICE $ 9.00, WON [ r 7 T 7 lAflf RATFQ MAlf!* flAFi i-t-Wl-jrtl Horse: Fridays Two Horses: J J/il/J D/llLJ Ifl/illLiJ UUUl/ AJJf II II Ml 79 W Blackwood . .2.80, Won I OddtellOW II., 1.7Z, Won Doltai re ....2.30, Won ___________________ _____ — — — — -— — — — — — — — ■■ ———■—■ — — — Day by day Jack Bates is getting better and better. All Bates followers are J • I beating their bookmakers for plenty. Why not you? makes you a Bates follower. | i tell you, boys, you cant beat the kind of information I hand out. I might have one 5 Information worth 00. Start beating your bookmaker with Bates. f bad day a week, but I always come back strong. How much longer are you going to read j Our advertisement has been running in this paper longer than any other turf a this advertisement and miss my winners? Start today. Become a successful Blair client. T bureau of this kind. There is a reason,, because Jack Bates is doing big business and I Blair horses are not to be parlayed, because my information is so consistently good that I his success is clue to winners. | nobody, who follows it day after day, can possibly go wrong by playing both horses separate. Todays Two Releases £= TODAYS TWO HORSES TBI I ______________________________»____________________ | come from sources that have proved almost infallible in the past. Both horses have been , I reserved for just the sort of going that will prevail today. The result of both races is I I have word on two horses for today that are about the smartest propositions I 1 practically a foregone conclusion. Clocker Blair is very confident of the success of todays | have ever handled. These horses are placed in spots, and are ready to win easily, J two horses and recommends them to all his clients. They should again prove that my I as expected. Watch my smoke today. You cant afford to miss this hot info. Direct II friends will do more for me than anybody else in this business. So, string along. from headquarters. If you knew half as much as I do about these two. you wouldnt j NOTICE : Clocker Blair has no connections with any other turf bureaus. Deal on]y with elusive Central News Co., for Blair horses. J nearest I m* agent, genuine Go to the telegraph office right away and wire for todays winners. I Chicago players, attention : Deal with somebody you see every day. Come up and I Wire and be convinced. Chicago clients, call at otfice. have a talk with me. Everybody welcome. | j CENTRAL NEWS COMPANY j JACK BATES Exclusive Agents for Clocker Leslie Blair f Office hours: 9 n. m. to 4 p. m. 5 -ion tA/iaot Wa«hmerr rn Qtrpat fihimrrn III ou wesi oireei. III. I 123 west madison street, room 1180 ciiicago, ill. I vvasningron unicago, ! I Thones: STAte 3182-3183 ,j«-n-»_»_„-.n_n_„_„_0»0_„_l,_„_o— ™n_,-,-._r-.„_n_„_0_„-, OFFICE HOURS: 9 A. M. TO 4 P. M. — . —__——____ __________________ — — » i —_—_________—__——_______—______—_——_____, GW eorge Barry JLn tffc FORMER STIRLING JOCKEY W0 Jim iii 11 18 IS W If TERMS— DAILY— TWO-HGRSE PARLAY DAILY feJ L%f • WLw andi Win! and Again We Won! ! Is the Daily Cry of My Followers m SENSATIONAL M0NE!f~-RIDER* ™°!! ?.7!?_ STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY-TERMS, DAILY SUCROSE 0.35, WON HOMEWOOD 2.26, WON BREAKING ALL RECORDS— THE TALK OF THE COUNTRY Look what you missed yesterday if you were not with me. All Barry clients received the above parlay and sure hit the ENEMY BOOKS FOR PLENTY OF THE 16033 LONG GREEN 16033. If you are not YESTERDAYS STIRLING RELEASE- one of my followers. ACT NOW AND GET TODAYS PARLAY. DONT WAIT FOR RESULTS. To read my winners will not put any money in your kick. Subscribe "FT— SC jpa Immediately and play them. JK B and! IS jB Tuesdays Barry Parlay: Mondays Barry Parlay: WMim? JTUl. %3 *_■ i »« i% Wl COLOR BLIND 824.42, Won CAREFREE .60, Won Pf ZJA M S 1 Ef_ »~E % ff _Sn_l W flTiill WONDERFUL 4.98, Won BELASCOAIN Lost M f 1 %Jm M. I «_,%I W L i*_l Z A Br»» cb •■ ■• W ■•fc -«0P » Only one losing day in the last fifteen days. I, George Barry, released fourteen win parlays to all my followers. Is there any wonder that I have been operating for the last twenty years at the same W location and the same address? Turf informants come and go, but I continue producing win parlays m — r» mzwm s» for all followers year in and year out. Ask the old timers, they will tell you the reputation of fwk **B *fl flB Hf Jf GEORGE BARRY. U £ K M • M *andk M WW TODAY— PROBABLE 0- WIN PARLAY— TODAY ~W* T% 9 I ffr% f WW /llTi My connections advise both horses are in spots made to order, and each and every angle has been A j| E g 5R w B jjr m ■» w» H O E Jy taken care of. Both these horses should step down in the easiest manner. Being honor-hound, 1 cannot U| «9L dBi W r fliDSS W WW Jm 3m go into details concerning this parlay, but, you can be assured, all you have to worry about is the price E W this parlay will pay, and, knowing the eligihles in the races, these two horses, when parlayed, should . .__ . . «.._ u .......,» — .. „---.„ ..._» _.. Au nut be an 0 PROBABLE WIN PARLAY. Why, if I was in a position to mention the names of my CHALK UP ANO I HER WINNER FOR STIRLING FOLLOWERS connections, yon would be willing to separate with any amount to get this PARLAY. But my same terms prevail today as any other day. Wire at once for this parlay by Western Union or Postal Telegraph. When my connections operate they eliminate each and every obstacle, as they always City clients, call. have command of unlimited capital. I cannot state too much, but, if you are smart, you QPQDQP BARRY W*N understand that my connections and I will go any extreme to produce winners for my _ . ._ ., --„, . clientele. All clients, who confine their operations exclusively to this service, are in a 799 Broadway Suite 423 New York City position to grab themselves a bankroll daily. Telephone: Stnyvesant 2756 I, JOCKEY STIRLING, PERSONALLY INTERVIEW ALL CLIENTS _ — — _____ ______ . __ _ . ——___ ~~~ I am always at the service of players, ready to help and advise about each and every angle pertaining to the RACING GAME. I just love to talk horse. Pay me a visit today. Clients throughout the country are V J J™ _ |H WfW if k fi T "" ~ I JL. y clamoring for my service. Is there any wonder? All clients receive immediate service, 6/1/ £M |K B£ g ffk. ~ ik.1 b| S Yf whether you call at the office or subscribe by wiie. the consistency of my winning infor- WW S_jIjM.M. A V* ■ i I W| S___y ijand mation have made fortunes for players throughout the country. All clients are assured a ■- — --•—-«-»——-« — - — * — — —1 — — — A "fair and square deal." That is THE STIRLING way of doing business. "A WINNER A DAY KEEPS THE WOLF AWAY" f i _Tfli_0 /FJFJTIT BARRING ACCIDENTS, STIRLING RELEASES ARE INVESTMENTS IV/IC/iVvJ ~-~ ilUIUtL ~ ~-_— GA!N! ,HATS °FF! THE LIMIT IN PRICE EXPECTED ON TODAYS RELEASE ** m— — ~* — — ■ ~— -•~— « YESTERDAYS ONE nORSE: WORLDS GREATEST RACING WEEKLY HOMEWOOD 2.26, Won °n,Y through the fact that I have a personal interest in the outcome am I in a position to release my horse to my clients. Here is a long shot that should wake up today and win, The old bov keens knocking them awr ine om ooy Keeps KnocKing tnem oei. neVer leaving the result in doubt. I have personally invested on the outcome. My money TIAir* r-.DCAT CDFF IMFHDMA ■ am paflnK mor* thnn ever and I must £et will be placed the last moment by commission men in various parts of the country. There- I VVU» UKtM I rntt llsrUrtlVItt- w.nncrs and more winners. fore not jeopardizing the price, as the LIMIT in price is just what we anticipate getting. TION SERVICES on ASSlmSLS. V°° WW TELEPHONES: BRYANT 1526-1527 -~M Tuesdays One Ilorse: Wire immediately. City clients, call. Make all remittances direct to carmacs code horses REENE 3.64, Won JOCKEY D STIRLING Always winner on a Fiat piay. BUCKEYEBELLE . ""090, Won 160 West 45th Street Suite 38 New York Cit One Dorse a Day Selected by Americas Greatest IHP*" LAST TWO DAYS *~ P r!!-T-~ !~ !~ ~ ~ — Expert. at these low rates — just. to get you started. ■ ~~ " ___r* ONLY DAILY "*5_P " CARMACS RELEASE FOR TIllKSDAY: *wi„ The ngainl -T__R I I OFSMONO LATONIA: One-Stake-Stake. n,ver %uch get winners opportunity MflF* JgF Om Urn U £_t O lV-l V- 11 J_# "«1 your hfe to get at even 00 For Code, Buy Issue of June 16 a day. WORLDS LEADING TURF INFORMANT APAIM TOrtAV SW~ LEADS IN WINNERS, SERVICE AND QUALITY ~H MUMliM IUUMT |ff~37 Years Active Experience -«S George Burkes Phone Specials ASK A i»ks i««« subscrideri THF I IMIT 9fi 1 v-v-w B __»-.-- ■■«—-■ UFUI"HI I nt LliVII I, _U-I -vVEEK. i am ,,..lck in Kc- York with plenty un my sleeve. FOLLOW ME TI11S AT«llable In Chicago. Cincinnati. New York and SW~ 1 Am Going to Ruin Bookmakers. 37th Year and Going Strong "WO Connections toll this hal.v is mo ns p-oo.1 connections tell this me baby is as gooa New Orleans _ promise made is a debt unpaid. Look what I released to my faithful clients some of them as ln- lh?y could not tell it to me any on my otg Ior years, which proves that if I did not pr-duee they would not be on my books — -. - . . *._. stronger. today. LOOK WHAT A SLAMMING I GAVE THE LAYERS See Weekly Racing Guide lor Telephone WIRE EARLY FOP. EARLY ANSWER NOTICE, OLD CLIENTS: Renew your substription fori expect to give out many limit parlays. Numbers and Code Words Atviorione R«t fe* fij A DAY ■«■ /MTierica s oesx £— r* today— two ironclad desmond transactions go— dont miss them ■— to _ ■_ MD A SATCHDAY S TRANSACTIONS: TUhht Paaima rffiW/i _» ■ IVI K . M M IM r» U V Y pp» BROOMSTER 6.40, Won OBTAIN $ 6.35, Won -» IT €€RlV ixQClfiS JUIG€ 6 VARICK ST. NEW YORK THURSDAYS TRANSACTIONS: "* ■ WC MISS WIDEWORTIIY ...10-1, Won SMOLDERING 2.52, Won -*e World8 Greatest Racing Weekly ~~ Tuesdays Two horses: Saturdays Two Horses: On Rnln at All Newsstands GEO. GROOM J27.06, Won DOWNCAST $ 6.96, Won SJlee Twenty.jr Centl 1 •! 1 /l • 1 AC1REMA 3.26, Won DINNER DANCE... 1.42, Won trnee iweniy rive enis I J- volumes !! 1 |l_.-|»w L/AA *«r „t *or my past performance, ask a Desmond subscriber. They speak m SO. WABASH AVE. CHICAGO, ILL. ft]W QIM UUICle T01 A?2,?and*gli£ZJ15Ei? SSSSSoVAl m y — D»~ REIRESENTATION AT ALL MAJOR TllACKS *W lie fwn u"rs,s •*•• J00 receive are the horses that are advertised — wiu or lose. Ol IODTM IT CI ACU oUintiVlb iLAoiT C*_» 4- Cl- 4- *J-V- If you are scekinS b "a fide. legitimate turf information, subseribe. One days trial will For Sale At All Newsstands T ll St Oil Oil CClS Willi convince you. Once a client, always a client. TODAYS FREE CODE: Out-of-town clients receive the advertised two horses within an hour after their money Is TATOTJTA LATONIA-March Mnrrh.T.zn.l 3 20-1 lfl 18. __ » «_. received. No waiting for my service. - Fllffl-t » *A P_ cf A FAIR AND SQUARE DEAL ASSLRED EVERYBODY _iHlI IC5 Clllll 1 ttlll i LEGITIMATE INFORMATION— NO GUESSWORK KMVirMVJ DACIMr- DC-V/ICXA/ KLVILW Wire daily via Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive the advertised two horses FREE CODES: W% # immediately. Service, six days a week. LATONIA-Frank-11-24-3-1. V* fX f f" f f* rr| » 11 f P C J. J. DESMOND. 1123 BROADWAY, SUITE 801, NEW YORK CITY * *• * * mm * *** ** ** ** ** m WINDSOR— Joe-14-23-20-1. ______________________________________________«____———--

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