Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1932-08-27

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J I jEbftdHgyyjiyyi BestoftheDay 1 F" 1 HAWTHORNE 6th... FAIRENQ i DADE PARK 4th RIDGE WISE O" CET iriTllXJ JiJwJwW X Jl VJNC TLJS. BAINBRDDGE PARK 1st .DIMOCK I SARATOGA 4th . .HAPPY SCOT, HAWTHORNE Trackman: J, J MURPHY. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. . Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Bronx Park Chrysostom Swinhaven Bronx Park Bronx Park Bronx Park Bronx Park 36 i 1 Swinhaven Bronx Park Fair Image Hernando Stinger Kalola Swinhaven 12 Stinger Hernando Oziti Flirting Kalola Stinger Chrysostom 8 " Grand Prince The Point Grand Prince Grand Prince Grand Prince Grand Prince Grand Prince 42 Doris Jean MartieFlynn The Point The Point The Point Doris Jean The Point 20 i MartieFlynn Doris Jean Doris Jean MartieFlynn MartieFlynn MartieFlynn Doris Jean 12 ! Etcetera Wee Drop Etcetera Camp Boss Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera 32 i Portcodine Calf Roper Out Bound Out Bound Out Bound Camp Boss Camp Boss 16 Out Bound Camp Boss Portcodine Wee Drop Camp Boss Chicago Out Bound 14 Esseff Gloritone Gloritone Gloritone Gloritone Gloritone Gloritone46 i 4 Gloritone Ballygran Esseff Ballygran Ballygran Esseff Esseff 22 Ballygran Esseff Ballygran Esseff Esseff Ballygran Ballygran 18 - Kincsen Kincsen Playdale Kincsen Playdale Valenciennes Kincsen32 5 Playdale Prince Tokalon Kincsen Playdale Kincsen Prince Hotspur Playdale 28 Prince Hotspur Valenciennes Annimessic Valenciennes Prince Hotspur Playdale Valenciennes 12 Faireno Faireno Faireno Faireno Faireno Faireno Faireno 50 i Q Gusto Charleigh Plucky Play Gusto Gusto Gusto Gusto 18 I Plucky Play Plucky Play Gusto Plucky Play Evergold Charleigh Plucky Play 10 " Kneehigh Happy Fellow Kneehigh Kneehigh Trombone Trombone Kneehigh 36 7 Jambalaya Triassic Trombone Trombone Kneehigh Kneehigh Trombone 26 . Trombone Kneehigh Happy Fellow Worldly Lad Happy Fellow Happy Fellow Happy Fellow 14 Jack Collins Black Patricia White Legs Tony Joe White Legs White Legs White Legs 34 8 White Legs Tony Joe Tony Joe WhitaLegs Black Patricia Tony Joe Tony Joe 20 Black Patricia White Legs Black Patricia Wise Lee Jack Collins Wise Lee Black Patricia 16 DADE PARK Trackman: L. G. PLAUT. - Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for muddy track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP I ANALYST CONSENSUS Barashkova Abe Furst Barashkova Isstm" Estin Abe Furst AbeFurst 26 1 Estin Take Off AbeFurst , AbeFurst Barashkova Estin Estin 26 j AlvinRanshaw Jessie Coppage Estin Take Off AbeFurst Barashkova Barashkova 22 Sizzling Americn Prince Sizzling Sizzling Parade Step Parade Step Sizzling 26 - 2 Parade Step Newshawk Yarnallton PrradeStep Newshawk Newshawk Parade Step 24 f AidasPal Yarnallton Proud Princess Whliam C. Yarnallton Sizzling Newshawk 12 Wood River Sambo Brown Druggist Sambo Brown Sambo Brown Sambo Brown Sambo Brown 34 Duelist Duelist RoxieWeidel Deemster Judge Lueders Wood River Wood River 12 Judge Lueders Deemster Duelist Druggist Deemster Deemster Druggist 10 Captain Joy Ridge Wise Ridge Wise HildurRock Ridge Wise Ridge Wise Ridge Wise 40 4 HildurRock Captain Joy HildurRock Ridge Wise Captain Joy HildurRock HildurRock 22 ! Sweeprush Polygeny Polygeny Captain Joy HildurRock Captain Joy Captain Joy 20 " 5Manta The Widower Ridgeview Betty Derr Canron Canrbn Canron 22 Rusty Canron Manta Ridgeview Betty Derr Manta Mantal6 I Ridgeview Betty Derr Rusty Canron Ridgeview Betty Derr Ridgeview 16 " K. Russell Firef lash Tadcaster Firef lash Tadcaster K. Russell K. Russell 24 5 Pretty Penny Pretty Penny Pollys Folly Tadcaster K. Russell Tadcaster Tadcaster 24 Running Water K. Russell Firef lash Pollys Folly Pollys Folly Firef lash Firef lash 20 Lady Ebony Lady Jay Gibbys Choice Gibby"s Choice Big Shot Gibbys Choice Gibbys Choice 28 7 Gibbys Choice Nose Gay Last Attempt Lady Ebony Nose Gay Lady Ebony Lady Ebony 18 Stop Gap Prince Farthing Prince Farthing Stop Gap Lady Ebony Lady Jay Lady Jay 10 BAINBRIDGE PARK j Trackman: F. H. SPROULE. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Dimock Dimock Sunny Sideup Dimock Dimock Dimock Dimock 46 J Sunny Sideup Colored Artist Dimock Sunny Sideup Most Always Colored Artist Sunny Sideup 20 Most Always Sir Michael Bonnie Marita Colored Artist Sunny Sideup 1 Sunny Sideup Colored Artist 10 AdRemmcon Tollie Young AdRemmcon Beleveitornot AdRemmcon Beleveitornot Ad Remmcon 32 2 Tollie Young Ramus . Beleveitornot AdRemmcon Tollie Young AdRemmcon Beleveitornot 26 Beleveitornot Beleveitornot Brimsey Tollie Young Beleveitornot Tollie Young Tollie Young 20 " Alamae Capts Daughter Alamae Alamae Donday " Miss Peggy Alamae 32 3 Toltec Miss Peggy Toltec Donday Alamae Alamae Donday 16 ! Donday Bay Rose Justa Princess Toltec Toltec Donday Miss Peggy 12 AnneL. The French Rose Gurgler AnneL. The French Rose The French Rose T. Frch Rose 32 4 Gurgler AnneL. Mendell The French Rose Anne L. AnneL. AnneL. 30 The French Rose James T. AnneL. Jargon Gurgler Gurgler Gurgler 18 Reverberate Reverberate Inferno Lad Hogans Dance Inferno Lad First Mission Inferno Lad 28 1 5 Inferno Lad First Mission Hogans Dance Inferno Lad Hogans Dance Hogans Dance Reverberate 22 First Mission Inferno Lad Reverberate Reverberate First Mission Reverberate Hgans Dance 22 Sky High ParnellBoy Flyg Ambasdor Flying Ambasdr BavelleFronk ParnellBoy Sky High 22 t BavelleFronk Ear Full BavelleFronk Sky High Sky High Sky High Fly. Ambdor 20 Wind Flower Brown Gold Sky High Wind Flower Fly. Ambassador Fly. Ambassador Parnell Boy 16 . Uprise Perfect Play Uprise Tantalizing White Knee Tantalizing White Knee 20 7 White Knee Sniper White Knee White Knee Perfect Play Perfect Play Tantalizing 18 i Tantalizing Little Turtle Sniper Hold Hard Hold Hard Uprise Uprise 16 , Baptiste Albert Blanton Albert Blanton NuckolsBoy NuckolsBoy " Albert Blanton Albrt Blahton 2S 8 Hehukai Pauline H. Nuckols Boy Hehukai Hehukai Nuckols Boy Nuckols Boy 26 , NuckolsBoy Penchant Donup Pauline Hi Pauline H. Baptiste Hehukai 12 SARATOGA Trackman: C. J. CONNORS. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE j TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP f ANALYST t CONSENSUS Wise Advocate Wise Advocate Wise Advocate Wise Advocate Wise Advocate A la Carte Wise Advote 44 : A la Carte Laura Gal A la Carte Dodgson A la Carte Wise Advocate A la Carte 24 , Dodgson A la Carte Dark Seeker A la Carte Dodgson Dodgson Dodgson 10 i Huffy Moonstruck Huffy Huffy- Glaneur Glaheur Huffy 36 j 2 Outlaw Huffy Outlaw Moonstruck Huffy Huffy Glaneur 18 J j Rollng Princess Glaneur Hatbroom Hatbroom Moonstruck Outlaw Moonstruck 14 Happy Gal SunAn-her Happy Gal Ladysman Happy Gal Ladysman Happy Gal 38 I 3 Sun Archer Happy Gal Ladysman Happy Gal Ladysman Happy Gal Ladysman 26 Ladysman TheDarb Sandy Bill Sun Archer Sun Archer Sun Archer Sun Archer 18 Happy Scot Happy Scot Happy Scot Happy Scot Happy Scot Happy Scot Happy Scot 56 j 4 Semaphore Martis Martis Semaphore Semaphore Semaphore Semaphore 18 Villon Up Semaphore Martis Martis Martis Martis 14 ! Pari-Mutuel Pilate Pilate Pari-Mutuel Reveille Boy Pilate Pilate 28 EC Reveille Boy Reveille Boy Reveill Boy Reveille Boy Pari-Mutuel Reveille Boy Reveille Boy 28 j Rocky News Pari-Mutuel Pari-Mutuel Pilate Pilate Pari-Mutuel Pari-Mutuel 26 i Miss Snow Sweet Chariot Sweet Chariot Sun Alley Sweet Chariot War Glory Sweet Chariot 30 Q Rye Colonist War Glory Colonist Colonist Sweet Chariot Sun Alley 14 I Sweet Chariot Rye Sim Alley Sweet Chariot Sun Alley Sun Alley War Glory 12

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