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YESTERDAYS PARLAY: ONLY ONE, .40, .50, 3RD TRISTRAP, 4.30, LOST TUESDAYS "SMASHING" PARLAY: .BRIGHT AND EARLY. 3.20, WON TEDDY CARL, 2.10, WON "DONT FAIL" to take ADVANTAGE of MY PARLAY TODAY. "I KNOW -PLENTY" about TWO BIG TEXAS WINNERS. 0- ODDS ANTICIPATED, and you can "SEND "IT IN TILL THE COWS COME HOME." Be sure to $ $. PARLAY TERMS, DAILY Out-of-tovners, WIRE IN your subscription by Postal Telegraph or Western Union. City players, call at office or phone DEARBORN 3610-3629 and receive parlay by FAST MESSENGER. No additional charge for messenger service. "CLOCKER" SAM CLARK 127 NORTH DEARBORN ST., SUITE 1435-37 Write for sample copy of my turf ratings CHICAGO, ILL. Free! Free! Free! I One ot the greatest books on ..System Play, ever written is yours for the asking, jtt has never sold for less than yet, you; may have it now, while the remaining copies last, for absolutely nothing. The author I ELLWOOD TANSEY I Recognized the World Over as Americas Leading Authority on Racing Systems, In ,1 Co-operation with the Turfs Smartest Magazine POST- TIME MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO OWN THIS REMARKABLE TREATISE ? THERE ARE EXACTLY 750 COPIES OF ELLWOOD TANSEYS PREFERRED SYSTEM AND BETTING METHOD AVAILABLE All you need do to receive your free copy is to send in ono years subscription to POST TIME. The price, for twelve issues of POST TIME is .50. When the 750 copies of the book are exhausted, there will be none available at any price, so get yours today, while there is still time. SEND A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR YOUR YEARS SUBSCRIPTION, AND V MR. TANSEYS VALUABLE S5 BOOK, HANDSOMELY BOUND, WELL BE MAILED PREPAID TO YOU IMMEDIATELY ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO POST TIME 421 PLYMOUTH COURT DEPARTMENT R-5 CHICAGO. ttL A RECORD THAT STANDS UNPARALLELED FOR NUMBER FREE CODE WINNERS 10 STRAIGHT IN A ROW 10 , YESTERDAYS NUMBER FREE CODE 537: PARADUN, .60, WON TUESDAYS NUMBER FREE CODE 457: LAST TIME, $ 4.30, WON MONDAYS NUMBER FREE CODE 459: LEGUME, .00, WON Revolutionizing the Wagering Marts SATURDAYS NUMBER FREE CODE 744: RIVER ROSE, 1.40, WON TODAYS NUMBER FREE CODE: 3 8 2 For these Daily NUMBER WINNING FREE CODES, see page 2, SUPREME FLASH, sold at all newsstands, 35c the copy. YESTERDAYS TRACKMENS PARLAY: SUN ABBOT, Lost ZEMBLA, 7th Havre SATURDAYS TRACKMENS PARLAY: ELANBEE, 6.90, WON WINTER SPORT, 3.60, WON Gigantic Trackmens Parlay Today 00 FOR And these two probable winners are right in our AD in code form for your benefit, to win. TODAYS TRACKMENS PARLAY: HAVRE Green-6-10. HAVRE PurpIe-1-4. TERMS FOR TRACKMENand.PARLAY PAYS FOR CODE CARD GOOD FOR SIX DAYS Wire subscription immediately. First days Trackmens Parlay telegraphed. SUPREME FLASH 799 BROADWAY SUITE 407 NEW YORK CITY 15 CENTS ALL NEWSSTANDS 15 CENTS . PAY NO MORE THAN 15 CENTS If Your Dealer Is Sold Out, Notify Us YESTERDAYS "PAY-OFF" PARLAY: t MARCHING HOME 5 TO 1, WON i PRIMUTE 3 TO 1, WON "Pay-Off Parlays" Pay Plenty .AH our Parlay followers are sure getting some of that" easy" dough with this famous service. ITS YOURS FOR A SONG And you can sing the song yourself. Go to your nearest newsdealer and warble: "Give me a copy of RACING STAR WEEKLY," turn to page 2 and then YOURE ON THE INSIDE OF RACING. BUY A COPY NOW ! If your newsdealer is sold out, send for 15 weeks rubscription to RACING STAR WEEKLY 3 PARK ROW NEW YORK CITY NOTICE! - J. WARREN ATWELL: Have leftPhila-clalphia. Very anxious to get in touch with you at once. Where can I reach you? JOYCE, 5333 Wolfram St., Chicago, 111. fflO TURF WEEKLY Qffi W AT ALL STANDS W 30-1 CODE PARLAY GOING TODAY TODAYS CODE PARLAY: HARRY Red-44-14. DANNY Gray-32-78. Dont miss this for any reason. Jusf get a copy of SILVER "6" and see page 11. PAYS FOR SIX DAYS Remit by Western Union or Postal Telegraph. SILVER "6" 152 West 42nd St. New York City TRACK CRACKS RACING WEEKLY "The Truth If It Breaks Us" On All Stands, 15c THERE IS NO LONGER A LIMIT TRACK CRACKS SECURES YOUR WAGERS A new and better plan assures you of "Track Odds." For details, see TRACK CRACKS or write for sample copy. Todays Track Cracks Code Parlay: DALLAS Ritz-17-11-72-41 and DALLAS Young-72-77-33-75. PAYS FOR SIX DAYS CODE SERVICE TRACK CRACKS PUB. CO. 4 WEST 15TH ST. NEW YORK CITY TODAYS HAVRE DE GRACE CODE SPECIAL: HAVRE DE GRACE Cap-1 9-7-46-7. TODAYS TRACK CRACKS FREE CODE: JAMAICA Plum-22-11-18-18. POST TIME FREE CODE RELEASES TODAYS TWO FREE CODE RELEASES: 2nd HAVRE DE GRACE: Cattle-Tea-Oysters-Sausage. 6th HAVRE DE GRACE: Hay-Hogs-Sausage-Salmon. To decipher, see page 29, May Post Time. 538 South Dearborn St, Chicago, -III Price 35c On Sale Everywhere Price 35c , TODAYS THURSDAYS FREE CODE: DALLAS: August-Detroit-Memphis-Cleveland. To. decipher cede, purchase Weekly Issue of April 2D. wv MAN O WARuS,tt FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS Todays Free Code: DALLAS Whip-37-39-1 6-42. Todays Code Parlay: JAMAICA Sidney-43-35-59-63 and HAVRE DE GRACE Sidney-57-63-63-37. Todays Meeting Horse: HAVRE DE GRACE Rose-18-36-18-30. i I HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY x. Wednesdays Parlay: Tuesdays Parlay: ONLY ONE, .40, .50, 3rd TEDDY CARL, 2 10, WON HUT, 7th Havre B00CAP, 4.10, 2nd W STOP GUESSING! STOP HANDICAPPING! STOP LOSING! ! -HB SW- THURSDAY "SHOOT THE WORKS," WIN ONLY ! ! -y Thats just the expression used by my connections about the TWO "GOD THINGS" they are going to "cut loose" today. I cant make public all the details but take my word for it W YOU NEVER BET ON TWO "SURER WINNERS" IN YOUR LIFE W DONT HESITATE! SUBSCRIBE NOW! TERMS, DAJXY! "m. City clients, call in person or phone FRANKLIN 3134 for messenger service absolutely no charge. Out-of-town clients, wire via Postal Telegraph or Western Union. Service wired by fast telegram. No delay! JACK FIELD, 35 South Dearborn St. Room 708, Chicago, HI. Daily Telegraph EPF- NOW ONLY 10 CENTS "fRB More "Reading the Stars" Winners TUESDAYS "READING THE STARS" RESULTS: TEDDY CARL, 2.10, WON REVONAH $ 4.90, WON GOLDEN LYRE 13-10, WON WHAHAE 16-5, 6-5, 2nd Where can you duplicate information like this? We have been exhorting you to take advantage of this new turf sensation and now you can see what you have missed if you failed to heed our warning. Four live horses, which figure to win, are released by this service every day. No horse player should be without these releases, and the smart ones are not. Three winners and a second out of four releases is a brilliant record; yet, dont be surprised if this happens every day, for every one of these horses is dead fit. for a win. The Daily Telegraph Parlay, found on page two of this publication every day, went over on Tuesday, when both TEDDY CARL and REVONAH scored. Here are some of Tuesdays "Pink Sheet" winners: j GOOD GAMBLE 3y2-1, WON McCarty Jamaica Tip VICAR 2-1, WON Basset-McCarty Tip LAST TIME .30, WON Regren Havre de Grace Tip NIGHT SPRITE .50, WON McCarty Havre de Grace Tip WATCH THE "PINK SHEETS" NEW FEATURE ; "READING THE STARS" FOR WINNERS -C THURSDAYS TWO FREE CODES: - HAVRE DE GRACE BIack-107-108-118. DALLAS Yel !ow-1 06-1 17-1 24. To Decipher Above Codes Buy a "Pink Sheet" CHICAGO DAILY TELEGRAPH 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, DLL. .50 per Month by First Class Mall .00 per Month by Air Mail IX l IM IV f v f DIRECT STABLE INFORMATION Two Horses a Day In Code Form PAYS FOR SIX DAYS SERVICE BILLY KELLYS RELEASES FOR THURSDAY: HAVRE DE GRACE A-23-2-1-11. - JAMAICA A-9-14-3-1. WILLIAM BURKE KELLY 731 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. AT ALL STANDS EVERY WEEK 35 CENTS Turf Gossip Free Code: DALLAS Fcb.-51-44-42-36. dockers Tips Free Codes: HAVRE Self-66-67 -78-83 and HAVRE Duke-84-76-77-66. TUESDAYS CLOCKERS TIPS FREE CODES: LAST TIME, .30, WON NIGHT SPRITE, .50, WON WIN 0 PER WEEK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE If you play the racea we will put you next to a little trainers secret that should place you above want as long as you live. No obligations. Just send your name and address to SECOR PUB. CO. AURORA, ILL. HORSEMANS -" WEEKLY.isSF : - ON SALE AT ALL STANDS- PRICE. 35 CENTS Todays Free Code: HAVRE ApriI-61-51-4,1-53. SECRET FLASH .CODES: HAVREr OE GRACE-Vermont-47-43-41-41. DALLAS Co!orado-51-37-41-46. THORP RACING WEEKLY Worlds Premier Long Shot Handicapper "TRIUMPH OF ETERNAL TRUTH" ROCK OF OUR FOUNDATION Only 15 Cents a Copy All Stands Have It YESTERDAYS FREE CODE: PARADUN, WON Today Free 12-1 Long Shot Winner This SPECIAL is prepped and ready to win arid has been kept under cover for this particular race. Be sure to get your copy of THORP RACING WEEKLY TODAY. Turn to page 7 HERE IT IS: TODAYS FREE CODE: HAVRE DE GRACE YelloW-38-55. TODAYS HAVRE DE GRACE MEETING HORSE: HAVRE DE GRACE Dodge-9-37. TODAYS THORP DAILY DOUBLE: HAVRE DE GRACE Window-61-53. HAVRE DE GRACE Floor-172-123. TODAY 80 FOR SMASHING WINNING DOUBLE Two Corking Good Things, well handled, ready to win at limit prices. Be sure to subscribe for this WINNING DOUBLE TODAY. Terms, Daily or Weekly Service rendered immediately upon receipt of, subscription by telegraph, code follows immediately. City clients, please call. THORP RACING WEEKLY 63 Park Row Suite 804 New York City LIVE WIRE TURF WEEKLY Sold on All Newsstands Price. 15 Cents TODAYS CODE PARLAY: HAVRE Cadillac-73-77. DALLAS Cadillac-33-73. TODAYS MARYLAND CLOCKER SPECIAL: HAVRE DE GRACE Yellow-322-384. Five dollars pays for Code Card good for six days parlays. Also Code Card for Maryland Clocker Special for Havre do Grace meeting absolutely free. Todays ,000 Free Code: HAVRE Pass-10-8. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form

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