Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-03

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman P G McCann SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS PODS Rival Gayle F PODS Rival Millpomo PODS Rival POD s Rival PODS Rival 24 I 245 PM Remarkable PODS Rival Rangle PODS Rival Remarkable Gayle F FRemarkable Gayle F 7 Madam High Axelson Remarkable Estrellita Southern Jane Remarkable Remarkable 6 King s Glory Dabiton King s Glory GloryValordor Kings Glory GloryValnor Kings Glory Kings Glory Kings Glory 25 315 PM Valordor Stage Door ValordorValnor Valordor ValnorValordor Valnor Kates Silver Camo Liberty Dabiton 5 Camp Liberty Camp Liberty Valnor Valordor Stage Door Stage Door Valordor 5 EdM Liberty Flik Liberty Flik Van Greenock Liberty Flik Van Greenock Liberty Flik 18 1 345 PM EdMCrystal Crystal Torch Van Greenock Crystal Torch Liberty Flik EdM EdM Van Greenock 14 Tan Greenock EdM Van Greenock EdM Crystal Torch Liberty Flik Ed M 11 ALiack Aljack Mr Smith ALiack ALJACK ALiack ALiack 29 29Mr 415 PM Might Step AljackWeatherburn Weatherburn Aljack Might Steo Mr Smith Might Step Mr Smith 8 Bezique BeziqueSWPING Pescadero WeatherburnPescadero AljackPescaderp Pescaderp Mr Smith Very True Pescadero Might Step6 SWPING AHEAD Sweeping Ahead SWPING AHEAD Guante Sweeoing Ahead SWPING AHEAD SWPING AHEAD 31 31Dog i 445 PM Gremlin Harv Aetnel Dog Daze Harv Aethel Dog Daze Dog Daze Dog Daze 8 8Guante Dpg GremlinDpg Daze Doe Daze Captain Eddie Gremlin Harv Aethel Captain Eddie Guante 5 Leos Brandy FORTRESS Right Carla FORTRESS FORTRESSProminette Right Carla Right Carla Right Carla 17 17Fortress 515 PM Green Torch FORTRESSRight Right Carla Prominette Prominette ProminetteJavakav Prominette Jayakay Fortress 15 Tin Your Hat Prominette Fortress Javakav Bright Novet Prominette PrpminetteJ 8Y Peacharino Peacharino Toms Ladd Toms Ladd Peacharino Peacharino Peacharino 24 24Toms 545 PM Ida Streng Toms Ladd Peacharino Peacharino PeacharinoSirTivery Toms Ladd Toms Ladd Toms Ladd 17 17Ida Toms Ladd Prosoect Boy ProsDect Boy SirTivery Ida Streng Manila Bav Ida Streng 3 Spanish Belle Gay Hour Spanish Belle Ten Blow Gay Hour Gay Hour Gay Hour 21 21Spanish 615 PM Gay Hour Swift Sue Gay Hour Gay Hour Honored Miss Spanish Belle Spanish Belle 14 14Ten Flag Post Van Man Honored Miss Spanish Belle Soanish Belle Swift Sue Ten Blow 5 Trackman D S Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES PHAR LAP CONSENSUS LADY ROMERY ROMERYMigration Lady Romery Martlet Ladyj Romery Lady Romery RomeryUnquote Lady Romery LADY ROMERY 28 2100 PM Migration MigrationPaiturf Some Ad Some Ad Beau Catcher CatcherUnquote UnquoteSomeAd Unquote Beau Catcher Martlet 5 Paiturf Sidonia Lady Romery Unquote SomeAd Unquote Some Ad 5 Flying Double Gamer Flying Double Lazy Tongs Lazy Tongs Gold Flare FlareLazy Lazy Tongs 16 16Flying 230 P M Lazy Tongs GamerGold Gold Flare FlareDinaFlag Lazy Tongs Gold Flare Gold Flare Lazy Tongs TongsGainer Flying Double 41 Bright Glow DinaFlag Jois Flying Double DoubleCarbonate Gainer Gainer jGold Flare 11 11Kathy Timocracy Carbonate Kathy Carbonate Timocracy Kathy Kathy 16 16Carbonate CarbonateTimocracy KathyMiss 300 P M Kathy Kathy CarbonateKathy THe Duck Timocracy Carbonate Miss Advice AdviceThe Carbonate 13 Carbonate The Duck Favor LKathy Kathy The Duck jrimpcracyj 12 SunFlower Cyclorama Lucky B Sun Flower FlowerLucky Cyclorama SUN FLOWER FLOWERCyclorama Sun Flower 23 330 P M Cyclorama CycloramaSun Sun Flower Sun Flower Lucky B Sun Flower Cyclorama Cyclorama 19 CycloramaLucky Lucky CycloramaLucky B JLuckyB My Reward MyJReward Lucky B Lucky B Lucky B 11 Bold Captain CaptainAlforay ALFORAY ALFORAY Son of Peace PeaceAlforay BOLD CAPTAIN Son of Peace Alforay 20 400 PM Alforay Bold ALFORAYBold Captain CaptainSon ALFORAYSwiv Swiv Alforay Son of Peace Alforay Bold Captain 14 AlforaySwiv Swiv Son of Peace SwivBold Bold CaDtain JThisisit Queens Risk Bold Captain Son of Peace 13 Bosunette KaiHi Gourmet Gourmet KaiHi Gourmet Gourmet 18 430 P M KaiHi Guaymas KaiHi Big GourmetBig League LeagueKaiHi Gourmet KaiHi KaiHiHoney KaiHi 17 17Bosunette KaiHiGourmet Gourmet Honey Chile Honey Chile KaiHi GourmetBigJLeague BigJLeague Honey Chile Bosunette 5 Burning Stick Burning Stick Isaroma Isaroma Burning Stick Burning Stick Burning Sticks 22 500 PM Isaroma Surgeon Dick Surprise Party Burning Stick Isaroma Isaroma IsaromaSilk Isaroma 17 Surgeon Dick Isaroma Silk Yarn Surprise Party PartyVALEROSO IsaromaSurgeon Surgeon Dick Silk Yarn Surgeon Dick 4 4Valeroso Valeroso II Valeroso n nPanjab Valeroso U UEscolar VALEROSO TL TLEscolar Sara Deer Valeroso n Valeroso U 27 530 PM Mistucky Panjab Escolar Escolar Valeroso IE Sara Deer Sara Deer 8 Hadaboy Pajas PanjabPajas EscolarMistucky Mistucky Hadaboy Song Spinner Minnie Ha Cha Escolar 4 Trackman M W Casale JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS South Drive South Drive Chislam Chislam Chislam Chislam 21 Lovely Delores Demolition South Drive Demolition Demolition South Drive 12 Chislam Teta Maude Teta Maude Lovely Delores Lovely Delores Demolition 8 Early Delivery Breeks Early Delivery Early Delivery Early Delivery Early Delivery 22 Old Rosebush BreeksOld Old Rosebush RosebushEarlv Breeks Breeks Old Rosebush Breeks 11 11pld Breeks Earlv Delivery BreeksOld Old Rosebush Ladies First Breeks pld Rosebush 7 Little Davey Single KayDiane Kay Diane Good Company CompanyPlavfields Good Company 12 Good Company Good SingleGood Company CompanyLittle Good Company CompanyJPlayfields Little Davey Plavfields Little Davey 11 11JKayjDiane Single Little Davey JPlayfields Clamor Girl LittleDavev JKayjDiane 10 SPARKLING MTD Sparkling Maid Anthemion Anthemion Sparkling Maid MaidAnthemion Sparkling Maid 25 Anthemion Adventurous Driven Show Sparkling Maid Anthemion AnthemionThe Anthemion 14 The Watch Driven Snow Sparkling Maid Driven Snow The Watch Driven Snow 4 Bossuet TIPTOE BQSSUET BOSSUET BOSSUET BOSSUET 35 TipToe Bossuet BQSSUETTipToe TipToe TipToe j jAttendant Attendant TipToe 16 Attendant TOP Reward TipToeAttendant Attendant Attendant TipToe Attendant 5 Budded Stylus Stylus Flange Magdala Stylus 18 MagdalaStylus Bottle Imp Free Speech Magdala Magdala StylusFree Stylus Magdala 11 Magdala Magdala Free Speech Stylus Free Speech Budded 7 x xPony Ballotant Ballotant Pony Express Pony Express Pony Express Pony Express 20 Tacoma Star of Padula Clip Clop Ballotant Clip Clop Ballotant 14 Prima Donna Clip Clop Ballotant Mattie J Ballotant Clip Clop 7 Trackman C J Connors P I M L I C 0 Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS Mouse Hole Jons Ataman Ataman Mouse Hole Ataman Ataman 20 1100 AM Ataman JonsAtaman Ataman Plane Shadow Silent Hero Silent Hero True American Mouse Hole 10 10Jons AtamanCol Silent Hero Col Hockwald True American True American Ataman Plane Shadow Jons 5 Which Ace Free Dutch Free Dutch Which Ace Which Ace Which Ace Which Ace 22 1 1 M 30 A Honest George Honest George Honest George TumbleBoy Free Dutch Tumble Boy Free Dutch 14 14Honest Tumble Bov Which Ace Which Ace Free Dutch Tumble Boy Free Dutch Honest George 6 1200 M Mae Case CaseHis Mae Case CaseMarron Marron MAE CASE Mae Case Mae Case Mae Case 28 His Banker Marron On the Line LineMae HyKerry His Banker His Banker His Banker 7 7JVTarrpn Chief Mate MatePartido MarronHyKerrv HyKerrv Mae Case His Banker BankerPartido HvKerrv Gold Tint JVTarrpn 7 HyKerrvPARTIDO Partido PARTIDO Nellie Mowlee MowleeHadawin Partido Nellie Mowlee MowleeHadawin PARTIDO Partido 24 PM PartidoHadawin 1230 Hadawin PARTIDOHadawin Hadawin Hadawin Nellie Mowlee Hadawin Hadawin HadawinNellie NeLlie Mowlee 15 15Jladawin Nellie Mowlee Nellie HadawinNellie Mowlee HadawinGranlag Granlag Hadawin HadawinGranlag Granlag Nellie Mowlee Jladawin 1 1 Mandingham Iron Shot ShotOssabaw Mandingham Mandingham Mandingham Knights Quest Mandingham 20 20Cottesmore 1 00 P M MandinghamCottesmore Cottesmore Ossabaw Cottesmore MandinghamCottesmore Cottesmore Cottesmore Bladen Cottesmore 9 Irqn Shot OssabawCottesmore Cottesmore Knights Quest Bladen CottesmoreBladen Iron CottesmoreIron Shot Iron Shot JronShot 8 CottesmoreVincentive 130 PM VINCENTIVE Vincentive VINCENTIVE Vincentive VINCENTIVE Vincentive VINCENTIVE 36 36Sollure Sollure SollureNewMoon VincentiveNeV NeV Moon MoonMercury Noonday Sun Black Grip VINCENTIVESollure SollureMercury Sollure SollureOream Sollure Sollure 7 NewMoon Mercury Sollure New Moon Mercury Oream NewMoon 4 200 PM Wise Timmie Wise Timmie Wise Timmie TimmieAlhalon Wise Timmie Alhalon Wise Timmie Wise Timmie 27 Hornblende Harebell Alhalon Sooon Bread Wise Timmie Pompeco Alhalon 8 Pompeco Alhalon AlhalonHarebell Harebell Pompeco Harebell Spoon Bread JPomneco 4 230 PM Attache Winnin Smile Watch Flag Tippy TippvHand Tippv TippyHand Tippy Tippy 18 Winning Smile Tippy Winning Smile Attache Hand Me Down DownWinning Hand Me Down DownAttache Winning Smile 11 Watch Flag Watch Flag Tippy Whining Smile Winning Smile Attache Attache 8 Trackman R N Charlton NARRAGANSETTPARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Our Gladden Our Gladden Our Gladden GladdenSturdy Momo Flag FlagOur Our Gladden Our Gladden Our Gladden 27 130 PM Polo Player PlayerTimothyC Sturdy Willow Sturdy Willow WillowPolo Our Gladden Momo Flag Mqmo Flag Momo Flag 10 TimothyC Polo Player Momo Flag JSturdyWillow JSturdyWillowWar Signal Tower Our Orphan Sturdy Willow 5 Circus Wings WarMelody Circus Wings War Melody MelodyBulwark War Melody War Melody War Melody 21 Dense Path Bulwark Bulwark Bulwark Frontier Jane JaneKleig Bulwark Circus Wings 10 War Melody Kleig Light Kleig Light Frontier Jane JaneBriar Kleig Light BulwarkJDensePath JDensePath Bulwark 8 Arestino HiKid Briar Play PlayBatik Briar Play PlayNavarin Briar Play PlayCatomar Briar Play Briar Play 22 230 PM 3 Briar Play Batik Navarin NavarinNavarin Navarin CatomarHiKid Catomar Be Prepared Arestino 7 Batik Navarin Be Prepared Aresting HiKid Arestino HiKid 6 Kitchener Kid Faille j Faille FailleOwn Chance Cross CrossValdina FAILLE FAILLE Faille 25 25Kitchener 300 PM 4 Valdina Rip Own Ship Kitchener Kid KidValdina Valdina Rip RipFaille Kitchener Kid Chance Cross Kitchener Kid 9 Chance Cross Valdina Rip Valdina Rip Faille November Valdina Rip Chance Cross 8 GUY FAWKES La Scala Guy Fawkes FawkesGuy Guy Fawkes Guy Fawkes Guy Fawkes GUY FAWKES 29 330 PM MardiGras Guy Fawkes No Count CountWise La Scala No Count No Count La Scala 9 La Scala Wise Decision Play Greenock No Count Wise Decision La Scala No Count 7 Flag Trumpeter Flag Trumpeter ROUGH NEWS Flag Trumpter Count dOr Belmike Flag Trumpeter 15 400 PM Rough News Count dOr Milk Route RouteWheat Flashalong Flashalong Milk Route Rough News 10 Count dOr Wheat Flashalong Milk Route Cirio Rough News Count dOr 8 430 PM Miss High Hat One o One One o One OnePariCall Pari Call Pari Call One o One One o One 15 Pari Call PariCall Fiery Steel SteelMiss Fiery Steel Fiery Steel Fiery Steel PariCall 15 Fiery Steel Miss High Hat Miss High Hat Miss High Hat Mahlette Bari Call Miss High Hat 9 500 PM Hada Star NOPALOSAROJO Hada Star NOPALOSA RO JO Speedy Josie JosieSpeedy Cosse NopalosaRojo 16 NopalosaHoJo Hada Star Cosse CosseSpeedy Speedy Josie Cosse CosseHada Hada Star Hada Star 15 Speedy Josie Speedy Josie Speedy Josie Hada Star Gallant Robin Speedy Josie Speedy Josie 1 1

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