Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-31

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIIU BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDSatHAWTHORNE Selections Madefor Fast Track JIACE PROB POST TRACKMAN H AND CAP J JCK WELLES WELLESTwo ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Doll Baby Liberty Lad LadGrand Two Ton Tony Doll Baby Liberty Lad LadIdle Sonny Casey CaseyOwasse Doll Baby 11 11Liberty I 245 PM OPlay Grand News Starweista StarweistaMillpomp Idle Sun SunHuTsJPalm Idle Sun SunDoll OwasseIdle Owasse Liberty Lad 10 Sonnycasey IdleSun Millpomp HuTsJPalm Doll Baby Idle Sun Sonnv Casey 6 Bolo Babe Jean LaBelle LaBelleSaraphara Saraphara Saraphara Saraphara Saraphara Saraphara 23 23Jean 7 315 PM Jean LaBelle Saraphara Jean LaBelle Jean LaBelle Jean LaBelle SarapharaBolo Bolo Babe Jean LaBelle 14 14Bolo Saraphara Bolo SarapharaBolo Babe BabeNicht Bolo Babe Bolo Babe Bolo Babe Jean LaBelle Bolo Babe 11 NIGHT SarapharaNIGHT SHADOW SHADOWBolo Nicht Shadow ShadowBlue Alforay Nieht Shadow Alforay NiKht Shadow ShadowAlforay Night Shadow 25 25Alforay 345 PM Bolo Tie Blue Pom Nieht Shadow Blue Pom PomKanoDolis Blue Pom Alforay Alforay 14 JHppsier AlforayCzech Alforay Blue Pom KanoDolis Nieht Shadow Hoosier JBlue Pom 7 Czech Lass Czech Lass LassValdina CZECH LASS HvCap Czech Lass CZECH LASS LASSValdina Czech Lass 31 31HvCap 415 PM HvCau Valdina Andire Valdina Andire AndireMpreJOelieht Czech Lass LassMoreJDelieht MoreDelieht Valdina Andire HvCap 8 Say Miss JVIore Delieht MpreJOelieht MoreJDelieht SavMiss HyCap JValdina Andire 6 6Real Real Sad Real Sad SadBurcqo Iron Works Real Sad Real Sad Real Sad SadRexAvis Real Sad 25 25Iron 445 PM RexAvis Burcqo Maid RexAvis Sweeping Dream Iron Works RexAvis Iron Works 8 Iron Works JPrpminette Burgoo RexAvisBurgoo Maid Rex A vis RexAvisSweeping Sweeping Dream DreamBest JRejcAvis 7 Best Seller Best Seller SellerShot Best Seller BEST SELLER BEST SELLER Best Seller SellerAletern BESTSELLER 34 34Shot 515 PM Aletern Shot Put Shot Put PutAletern Shot Put Shot Put Aletern Shot Put 10 10Aletern8 AleternShot Shot Put Aletern Aletern Aletern JU e tern JSHptPut Aletern8 Alaflae Alaflasr Alaflaer Alaflae Drollon Alaflag Alaflag 25 545 P M Barneys Gal AlaflasrValdina Valdina Dude DudeTenuous Valdina Dude DrollonLittle Drollon Valdina Dude AlaflagDrollon Drollon Drollon 9 Thrift Shoo Tenuous Quercus Little Slam Little Slam JValdinaDude Valdina Dude 7 Alley BLON GLA GLAAlley Alley Al au Feu AlauFeu Al au Feu FeuYesteryear Al auFeu 16 615 PM AlleyYesteryear Yesteryear Alley Blon Gla Blon Gla Blon Gla Yesteryear Blon Gla 14 AlauFeu AlleyYesteryear Yesteryear Yesteryear Late Dawn Late Dawn Blon YesteryearBlon Gla Alley 12 Hiehthorne Monks Memo Monks Memo MemoWestHo Hiahthorne Monks Memo MemoReztips Mismark Monks Memo 16 Annie Alone Hiehthorne WestHo Mismark Reztips Rugged Rock Highthorne 12 Black Mark Annie Alone WestHoMismark Mismark Annie Alone ReztipsMismark Mismark Monks Memo Mismark 9 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES WELLESFlorizan ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS G lf Widow Golf Widow Florizan Sam Florizan Sam Akrontown Playful Pal Florizan Sam 13 115 PM Akrontown Akrontown Akrontown JayakavGolf Jayakav Darbv Ducat Florizan Sam Akrontown 12 Florizan Sam Hugabit Darby Ducat Golf Widow Jayakav Akrontown Golf Widow 11 JAY D KAN KANIron JAY D KAN Jay D Kan Jay D Kan Jay D Kan JAY D KAN KANIron JAY D KAN 36 145 PM Iron Mike Mister Big Darby Dean DeanCpuntChat Iron Mike Darby Dean DeanCount Iron Mike Iron Mike 6 CnuntChat Count Chat CpuntChat Count Chat ChatShakerMan Count Chat CpuntChat JTojmtChat 6 Briar Sharp SharpGallant Gallant Hour Briar Sharp ShakerMan Gallant Hour Gallant Hour HourShakerMan Gallant Hour 19T 215 PM Gallant Hour ShakerMan ShakerMan Gallant Hour HourAllenjav Briar Sharp ShakerMan Briar Sharp 15 AyeniayJ Briar Sharp Good Play Allenjav Good Play Briar Sharp ShakerMan 11 The Giggler GigglerTower Tower Maid Tower Maid Gooseberry The Giggler Gooseberry Tower Maid 18 245 PM Tower Maid MaidMisslam The Giggler The Giggler Tower Maid Tower Maid GooseberryTower Tower Maid MaidMisslam The Giggler 12 Misslam Misslam Gooseberry Anita Chiauita Goosebeirv Misslam Gooseberry 12 Wise Moss Marksman WISE MOSS Three Percent PercentWise Dogpatch Wise Moss Wise Moss 21 315 PM Three Percent Wise Moss Col Teddv Wise Moss MossCol DogpatchMarksman Marksman Marksman Marksman 9 MarksmanDispose Dogpatch Night Editor Night Editor Col Teddv Dispose Three Percent Three Percent 8 Dove Pie Dove Pie Precipitous Precipitous DOVE PIE Bayborough Dove Pie 19 345 PM Bayborqueh Bayboroueh PrecipitousBayborough Bayborough BayboroughConowingo Sea Marriage MarriageBayborough Precipitous Dove Pie Bayborough 12 Brass King Sea Marriage Conowingo Bayborough Sea Marriage Sea Marriage Precipitous 12 Ovala Ovala Bosky Dell Bosky Dell Bosky Dell Ovala Bosky Dell 21 415 PM Bosky Dell DellJVIuskrat Bosky Dell Symmetry Muskrat CTvala Bosky Dell Ovala 17 JVIuskrat Muskrat JVIuskrat Symmetry Muskrat Muskrat Muskrat 6 Call to Colors ColorsMagnetism Call to Colors ColorsMagnetism Call to Colors STEM WINDER Scrooge Magnetism Call to Colors 19 445 PM Magnetism MagnetismScrooge MagnetismScrooge Magnetism Scrooge Magnetism Magnetism Call to Colors Magnetism 14 Scrooge Scrooge Magnetism Ava Delight Call to Colors Ava Delight Scrooge 9 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Dover Cliffs Docdonough Dover Cliffs Dover Cliffs Dover Cliffs CliffsRenraw Dover Cliffs Dover Clifis 27 1230 PM Docdonough JDover Cliffs Docdonough Docdonough Renraw Docdonough Docdonough 14 RenrawDocdonough Renraw Renraw Renraw Got There Docdonough Renraw Renraw 6 JACK S L Jack S L Jopier JACK S L JACK S L JACK S L JACK S L 34 100 PM AllHoss Hickory Head JopierSon Son of Peace PeaceJack Son of Peace Joe Burger Hickory Head Jopier 6 6JHickorvHead Hickory Head Snn of Peace Jack S L Hickory Head Jopier Son of Peace JHickorvHead 6 Trebleapplause Eauilibrium Trebleapplause Eauilibrium Trebleapplause Trebleapplause Trebleapplause 24 i 130 PM Eauilibrium Trebleapplause Greek Flag Trebleapplause Eauilibrium Eauilibrium Eauilibrium 17 17Greek EauilibriumJongleur Yankee Chance Greek Flag Eauilibrium Greek Flag Yankee Chance Jongleur Greek Flag 4 Penomp Penomp Parasun Penomp PenompBoojiana Penomp Penomp Penomp 25 200 PM Rosa Bonheur Estate Boojiana War Waac WaacWar War Waac Estate PenompEstate War Waac 7 7JEstate6 EstateWar Estate War Waac War Waac Estate Sea Reigh War Waac JEstate6 Fairy Manhurst Top Reward FAIRY MANHRST Fairy Manhurst Fairy Manhurst Fairy Manhurst ManhurstTOP Fairy Manhurst 29 230 PM Top Reward Fairy Manhurst Deseronto TOP Reward TOP Reward TOP Reward RewardEvaporate TOP Reward 13 Evaporate Deseronto TOP Reward Deseronto Deseronto Evaporate Deseronto 5 Market Wise Devil Diver Devil Diver Devil Diver DiverMarket Market Wise Market Wise WiseDevil Market Wise 21 300 PM Kings Abbey Market Wise Market Wise Market Wise Shut Out OutAttention Devil Diver Devil Diver 17 17JCines Attention Bovsv J iverland Riverland Attention Bovsv JCines Abbey 2 Vain Prince VAIN PRINCE Wait a Bit Vain Prince PrinceScotland Bull Reigh Vain Prince PrinceBull Vain Prince 25 330PM Scotland Light Scotland Light Pictor Scotland Light Vain Prince PrincePorters Bull Reigh Bull Reigh 8 8Scotland Pictor Bull Reieh PictorVainJPrince VainJPrince Pictor Porters Cap Scptland Light Scotland Light 7 Don Juan n Redthorn Singing Torch Caduceus Plantagenet Redthorn Redthorn 12 PM RedthornPlantagenet 400 Sir Alfred Nipsickle Aboyne CaduceusRedthorn Redthorn Don Juan TJ Plantagenet PlantagenetAir Plantagenet 8 Tragic Ending Plantagenet Nipsickle RedthornAboyne Aboyne Tragic Ending Air Current Don Juan n 7 f friri riri man R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Tracf RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP B1CK WELLES ANALYST P H AR JAP CONSENSUS Becomly Flaming High HighBecomly Big Chance Becomly Becomly Becomly Becomly 22 1 130 PM 3 Big Chance Becomly TJgin Wise Decision BecomlyBrave Brave Sir SirBig Flaming High Big Chance 10 BecomlyBi TJginVise 1 i Roman Descent Bi Chance Vise Decision Roman Descent DescentGALAFLY Big Chance Big Chance Flaming High 7 Galafly Galafly Rough News GALAFLY Galafly Ranchos Bov Galafly 23 9 200 P M Silver Tower King GalaflyKing Torch Ranchos Boy Kin GALAFLYKin Torch Balmy GalaflyBalmy Spring Rough News Rough News 7 i Rough News Star Boarder King Torch Balmv Spring JKingTorch jGalaflv Ranchos Boy 7 Rough Pass ROUGH PASS PASSCount Count dOr Rough Pass PassYankee Rough Pass PassCount ROUGH PASS ROUGH PASS 31 31Count i 230 PM Satin Cap Count dOr dOrYankee Rough Pass Yankee aPrtv Count dOr dOrYankee Yankee Partv Count dOr 12 Count dOr Yankee Party Yankee Party Count dOr Yankee Party Count dOr JYankee Party 7 Open Fire Bud Grev GrevOpen SwiftyFox Open Fire FirePatch Bud Grev GrevSwif Bud Grey Open Fire 16 16Bud 300 P M j ji Patch Party Open Fire Hasty May MayOpen Patch Party Swif ty Fox Open Fire Bud Grev 16 i Bud Grey Swif tv Fox Open Fire Breakable Miss MissGraustark pnenFire Patch Partv SwiftyJFox 8 War Result Tetra Rock RockGaustark Allegro Graustark Allegro AllegroWar Tetra Rock Allegro 13 13Graustark i 330PM Selmalad Gaustark Boy AllegroBoy Baby f GraustarkSelmalad Selmalad War Result Graustark Graustark 11 i Allegro SelmaladAllegro Allegro i s sThrough Graustark fGraustark Easy Blend Graustark Allegro GraustarkAllegro jretra Rock 10 Through Bound Through Bound BoundValdina Through Bound Valdina Alpha AlphaThrough VALDINA ALPHA ALPHAThroughBound Through Bound ThroughBound 24 24Valdina 400 P M Valdina Alpha Valdina Alpha AlphaHicomb Valdina Alpha Through Bound BoundRed ThroughBound ThroughBoundRed Valdina Alpha Valdina Alpha 20 20Red i Red Vulcan Hicomb Argonne Woods Red Vulcan Red VuICan Red Vulcan Red Vulcan 4 Ample Reward Boy Soldier AMPLE REWARD Ample Reward Ample Reward Ample Reward Ample Reward 27 430 PM Believe Believe Baby Darling Believe Baby Darling Believe Believe 8 8BabyDarlinEr Baby Darling Kiev Lee Kiev Lee Baby Darling Kiev Lee Baby Darling BabyDarlinEr 6 SCOUNTY Clingendaal Hattie Belle Clingendaal Viscounty Clingendaal Viscounty 17 500 PM Panther Creek Ranger TJ Viscounty Viscountv Ranger II Off Shore Clingendaal 16 Clingendaal Viscounty Panther Creek Ranger n Sir Kid Sir Kid Hattie Belle 5

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1940s/drf1943053101/drf1943053101_5_1
Local Identifier: drf1943053101_5_1
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800