Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-04

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Daily Racing Form Experts7 Selections TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Hadabov Uncle Walter Snow Apple SNOW APPLE Gay Hour Snow Apple Snow Apple 19 19Uncle 245 PM Dans Choice Snow Apple ApplePaias Uncle Walter WalterGay Uncle Walter WalterGay Uncle Walter Uncle Walter Uncle Walter 13 13GayHpur Gay Hour Paias Gay Hour Gay Hour Hadabpy Gay Hour GayHpur 9 Bonamo Kings Glory Heel Call Bonamo Crystal Torch Bonamo Bonamo 16 16Crystal 315 PM Marcella K Brave Deed Crystal Torch TorchBonamo Beth B BHeel Beth B Beth B Crystal Torch 9 9Beth Crystal Torch Crystal JTorch Bonamo Heel Call Elcinap Marcella K Beth B 6 Half Grand Half Grand Mr Infinity Flo Bratten Flo Bratten Half Grand Half Grand 20 20Flo 345M Airsickle Flo Bratten Count Traumer TraumerHalf Half Grand GrandHeckelsie Half Grand Flo Bratten Flo Bratten 14 14MrInfinity Count Traumer Mr Infinity Half Grand Heckelsie Mr Infinity Mr Infinity MrInfinity 8 Valdina Andire Busy Line Compatriot Valdina Andire Valdina Andire Valdina Andire VALDA ANDIRE 22 22Compatriot 415 PM Compatriot Valdina Andire AndirejCpmpatriat Little CompatriotLittle Alice AliceBaenell Busy Line Little Alice Busy Line Compatriot 10 10BusyLine Little CompatriotLittle Alice jCpmpatriat Baenell Compatriot Bagnell Compatriot BusyLine 9 BaenellTWO Hometown Ouizzle TWO TON TONY TONYHometown Ouizzle Quizzle Ouizzle Quizzle 21 21Hometown 445 P M Alacyon Hometown Hometown Hometown Hometown Hometown Hometown 15 15TwoTon Quizzle AlacyonQuizzle Twojrpn Tonv TonvCHERRY Hasty HometownHasty Kjss Distant Isle Hasty Kiss TwpTpnjrqnyCherry TwpTpnjrqny TwoTon Tony 6 CHOPPY SEA CHERRY TRIFLE TRIFLEChoppy Drollon Cherry Trifle HI DIDDLE Cherry Trifle Cherry Trifle 20 20Hi 515 PM Cherry Trifle TrifleHi Choppy Sea Blue Cadet CadetHi Hi Diddle DiddleDrollon Choppy Sea Hi Diddle Hi Diddle 13 13Choppy Hi Diddle Drollon Hi Diddle Drollon Cherry Trifle Drollon Choppy Sea 11 Frou Frou Fortress Frou Frou Fan Fortress FORTRESS Fortress 20 545 PM Fag FortressMidall Midall Cideam FanFortress Fortress Fag Fag Fag 12 12Fjrou FagCampus Campus First Fag MidallFag CideamFortress Fortress FortressMidall Midall Havaheart FagFrouFrpu FrouFrpu Fjrou Frou 11 61 5 PM Panjab The Object Toms Ladd Micvophobia The Object Toms Ladd The Object 15 Toms Ladd WestHo WestHo The Object Microphobia The Object Toms Ladd 14 Perplex Toms Ladd The Object Toms Ladd Princely Gift Perplex Microphobia 7 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Heavy Track RACE PKOB POST JRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Chiclette Bull Whip HiPov Bull Whip Bull Whip Bull Whip Bull Whip 22 330 PM Bull Whip WhipWise Prahs Pomkee HiPov HiPov Pomkee HiPov 9 9Chiclette Wise Duke PrahsJPomkee JPomkee BertW PomkeeBertW Wise Duke Bert W Bert W Chiclette 5 Bursweep Ste Frances Bomberess Ste Frances Ste Frances Ste Frances Ste Frances 24 400 PM Ste Frances FrancesJBomberess Bursweep Ste Frances Bomberess Patsy T Bomberess Bomberess 11 11Bursweep JBomberess Bomberess Patsy T Patsy T Bursweep Miss Julie Y Bursweep 8 Camp town Camptown Camptown Camptown Brass King Camptown Camptown 27 430 PM Brass King Brass King Ecmal Chance ChanceBrass Brass King Camptown Brass King Brass King 14 Lady Stardust Valdina Punch PunchSorbonne Brass King Lady Stardust Take Courage Take Courage Lady Stardust 2 Kabo Lea Sorbonne KABO LEA KABO LEA Wavecap Kabo Lea Kabo Lea 25 500 PM Sorbonne Kaboljea Fred Havecker HaveckerWavecap Wavecap Sorbonne Fred Havecker Sorbonne 10 10Wavecap Fred Havecker HaveckerVIBURNUM Wavecap Wavecap Fred Havecker Kabo Lea Sorbonne Wavecap 9 VIBURNUM VIBURNUMFiddlers Fiddlers Bit Viburnum Viburnum Viburnum VIBURNUM VIBURNUM 31 530 PM Fiddlers Bit Viburnum Darby Donna Darby Donna My Reward Fiddlers Bit Fiddlers Bit 10 Darby Donna My Reward Finally Fiddlers Bit BitSwell Innate My Reward Darby Donna 5 600 P M Flying King Flying King Swell Chance Swell Chance FLYING KING Swell Chance Flying King 22 j Swell Chance Swell Chance Pari King Flying King Swell Chance FlyingKing Swell Chance 21 CossackPost Pete Jr Flying King Pari King Pari King Pete Jr Pari King 4 Ocean Bound Rodia Rodia High One Ocean Bound Rodia Ocean Bound 16 16Rodia 630 RodiaOcean PM RodiaOcean Bip BipRodia Ocean Bound High One OneHugabit Ocean Bound Call to Colors Ocean Bound Rodia 16 16High Rodia Chief Bud Hugabit Chief Bud Bip Chief Bud High One 7 Ambo AMBO Ambo Anita Chiauita Ambo Ambo Ambo 27 700 PM AmboBiscayne Biscayne Blue Lydia K AmboKenneth Kenneth K Biscayne Blue AmboBiscayne Biscayne eBlue AmboBiscayne Biscayne Blue Biscayne Blue 8 Meritorious Anita Chiauita Anita Chiauita Kenneth K Kenneth K Anita Chiauita Anita Chiauita 8 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Wood Spirit Rita Jane Town Gallant Rita Jane Rita Jane Rita Jane Rita Jane 22 1230 PM Tennessee Maid MaidRita Tennessee Maid Wood Spirit Tennessee Maid Wood Spirit Wood Spirit Wood Spirit 13 Rita Jane Wood Spirit Rita Jane Wood Spirit Tennessee Maid Tennessee Maid Tennessee Maid 7 Grand Party Sicyon Sicyon Sicyon SICYON Sicyon Sicyon 27 27Tomochichi 1255 PJvt SicyonTomochichi SicyonTomochichi SICYONTomochichi Wildebeest Scotch Trap Tomochichi Tomochichi Tomochichi Tomochichi Tomochichi 8 TomochichiMarogav TomochichiScenic TomochichiMarogay Spare Man Grand Party Marogav Scenic Marogay Scotch Trap Gr andJParty J 6J Epmdel Epindel Epindel Eran De Perse PerseEpindel Epindel Epindel Epindel 27 27Pico 120 PM EpmdelPico EpindelPico EpindelPico Pico Blanco II IIKellsbprq Pico Blanco n nSir Pico Blanco II IIKellsboro Epindel Kellsboro Pico Blanco II Pico Blanco n 9 9KeUsbpro EpindelKellsboro Kellsbprq Sir Bluesteel Kellsboro Kellsboro Pico Blanco n Kellsboro KeUsbpro 6 Tricks Neb Beseiged Besieged Sun Jesting JestingTricks Tricks Tricks 16 16Besieged 145 PM TricksHonfleur NebTricks BesiegedNeb TricksNeb Honfleur Tricks Sun Jesting Neb Tricks Neb Besieged 12 12Neb HonfleurJuldoewee TricksBesieged NebTricks TricksJuldoewee NebBesieged Juldoewee Besieged Tricks Tricks Juldoewee Besieged Neb 9 COCOPET Cocopet Cocopet Cocopet Cocopet COCOPET Cocopet 34 210 PM Grant Rice Everget Everget Everget Everget Everget Everget 11 Eyerget Mouse Hole Nap EvergetNap Mouse Hole Shamokin Mouse Hole Mouse Hole 3 POPS Pick POPS PICK POPS PICK POPS PICK POPS Pick POPS Pick POPS PICK 36 235 PM Modest Lad LadLa La Reigh La Reigh La Reigh La Reigh La Reigh La Reigh 11 La Reigh Hickory Head Hickory Head Modest Lad Jim Jo Hickory Head Modest Lad 3 Perfect Rhyme Perfect Rhyme Company Rest Perfect Rhyme Perfect Rhyme Perfect Rhyme RhymeDiscouraged Perfect Rhyme 27 300 PM High Bit Regimental Perfect Rhyme Company Rest Manamaid Discouraged DiscouragedManamaid Company Rest 7 Manamaid Manamaid Puritan Maid Rackatack High Bit Manamaid Manamaid 5 Curvven Fuego Fuego Fuego Fuego Bygone Star StarFuego Fuego 23 325 PM FuegoBygone FuegoBygone Resolute H Bygone Star FuegoRecognize Recognize RecognizeSkirmish FuegoBygone Bygone Star Bygone Star Fuego FuegoRoman Bygone Star 11 Fuego Skirmish Skirmish Recognize Silver Rocket Roman Governor Curvven 5 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES WELLESEdmar ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Edmar Jojan Portage Trail Edmar Jqjan Portage Trail Edmar Jo Jan Portage Trail Edmar Jojan 19 19Portage I r 130 PM Boston Victory Edmar Jojan Boston Victory Boston Victory Boston Victory Edmar Jojan Portage Trail 18 Portage Trail Tracer Bullet Portage Trail Teen Age Portage Trail Boston Victory BostpnVictory 9 9Tintitter Ilefetchit Tintitter Spare Room RoomTintitter Tintitter Ilefetchit Tintitter Tintitter 18 18Ilefetchit 200 P M Ecomint IlefetchitEcomint Spare Room Tintitter TintitterEcomint Ilefetchit Buckle Down Ilefetchit Ilefetchit 14 EcomintTintitter Tintitter Night Pennant Ecomint Ecomint Spare Room Night Pennant SpareRqpm 8 8Sunamit SUNAMIT Sunamit Sunamit GREEN BELLE Sunamit Sunamit Sunamit 29 29Green 230 PM AnizgoceMarauest Anizgoce Green Belle Green Belle Sunamit Green Belle Green Belle Green Belle 15 Marauest Anizgoce Marauest Cab Sir Anizgoce Anizgoce AnizgpceJ5 Zacharias Zacharias ZACHARIAS Zacharias Zacharias Zacharias Zacharias 32 X XBit 300 PM Bit OGreen OGreenClamor Bit OGreen Sorgho BitOGreen Bit OGreen Bit OGreen Bit OGreen 11 Clamor Girl Sorgho SorghoJSitOGreen JSitOGreen Chance Sord Sorgho Clamor Girl Sorgho 4 Red Vulcan RED VULCAN VULCANMadigama Red Vulcan VulcanHicomb Red Vulcan RED VULCAN RED VULCAN VULCANMadigama RED VULCAN 36 36First 330 PM ItaboHicomb Itabo Madigama MadigamaHicomb Hicomb HicombFirst Itabo First Son Madigama First Son 5 5Madi Hicomb Hicomb First Son First Son Twinkippy First Son Madi ama 4 Free Speech SpeechKanlast Kanlast Precious Years Free Speech SpeechFlange Flange Flange Free Speech 18 400 P M KanlastMr Kanlast Freo Speech Free Speech Flange FlangeKanlast Free Speech Kanlast Flange 12 Mr MacGurrin Precious Years Philjean Kanlast Kanlast Free Speech Kanlast 11 Esta Mokablue Ranger n Ranger H Ranger n nEsta Ranger n nEsta Ranger n 23 430 PM Bar Ship Ranger n Cosse Mokablue Esta Esta Esta 11 EstaMokablue EstaMokablue Ranger II Esta JBarJShip Esta Mokablue Mokablue Bettys Bobby BobbyOrenco Bettys Bobby BobbyTransmitter Bettys Bobby BobbyTransmitter Bettys Bobby BobbyAbyssinia Bettys Bobby BobbyMajorette Bettys Bobby BobbyTransmitter Bettys Bobby 30 500 PM Orenco Transmitter Transmitter Abyssinia Majorette Transmitter Transmitter 9 OrencoTransmitter TransmitterMajorette TransmitterAbyssinia AbyssiniaTransmitter MajoretteTransmitter TransmitterMajorette Transmitter Majorette Abyssinia Transmitter Transmitter Majorette Majorette 4

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