Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-07

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Slow Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 245 PM Farrell Courteous CourteousCtourtequs Farrell Opera Star Farrell Farrell Farrell 20 J Ctourtequs MonksMemo MonksMemoDiscussion Captain Fury Captain Fury FuryMillpomp Monks Memo Monks Memo Courteous 7 Discussion Captain Furv FurvCLUDY JDiscussion Millpomp i iLast Millpomp Discussion Monks Memo 6 315 PM CLUDY WE ATHR Cloudy Weather Cloudy Weather Last Call Cloudy Weather CLUDY WEATHRCLUDY WEATR 30 J Highthorne Gay Youth Hi hthorne Highthorne Gay Youth Trim Stepper Highthorne 8 I Miss Brideaux Highthorne Gay Youth YouthRockwood Cloudy Weather Highthprne Gummed UP Last Call 5 345 PM PMI ORisky Gay Orphan Rockwood Edah EdahORisky Rockwood Edah Rockwood Edah Rockwood Edah RockwoodEdah 21 j Little Steve ORisky ORisky Tib ORiskySirDate TibSir Sir Date ORisky ORisky 14 14GayJDrphan Rockwood Edah EdahTo Sky Hook SirDate Sir Date Tib GayJDrphan 5 I 41 5 PM PMj To a Tee Valdina Way After School SchoolTo Harvard Sauare Harvard Sauare TibHarvard Harvard Sauare Harvard Sauare 19 19To Harvard Sauare Harvard Sauare To a Tee To Tee a Urge Me Proud Sister SisterTp To a Tee 10 10After Ladv Liberty Dr Rush RushPROMINETTE Alforav Marion Collins CollinsPROMINETTE LadyJLiber tv Tp aTee After School 5 445 PM PMi Active PROMINETTE PROMINETTEWheatstraw Active ActiveIron PROMINETTE Her Guardian Prominette Prominette 21 21Active j Her Guardian GuardianProminette Wheatstraw WheatstrawActive Iron Works WorksRex Iron Works RexAvis Active Active 11 11Herj3uardianJ7 Prominette Active Rex Avis JWheatstraw Prominette Wheatstraw Herj3uardianJ7 515 PM Yar Valdina Groom GroomShot YAR YARCherry Shot Put PutYar SHOT ProminetteSHOT PUT PUTValdina Yar Yar 21 i Shot Put Shot Put Cherry Trifle Yar Valdina Grgom YarShot Shot Put Shot Put 18 JLums Pride Yar JValdina Groom GroomJust CherrvTrifle JYar CherryTrifle JValdina Groom 8 545 PM Airsickle Just for Fun FunMaterialize Just for Fun FunAirsickle Just for Fun FunAce JYarAirsickle Airsickle Just for Fun FunAce Just for Fun 22 22Airsickle Kates Silver SilverJVenture Materialize Airsickle Ace Fleet Just for Fun Ace Fleet Airsickle 12 12Ace JVenture Can Elcinap Ace Fleet JVenture Cap Ace Fleet JKateJs Silver Ace Fleet 6 615 PM Wayriel EpaminondusThe Epaminondus Wayriel Wayriel WayrielThe The Object Dancing Light LightWayriel Wayrief18 Dancing Light The Object ObjectWayriel Dancing Light The Object ObjectEpaminondus Bitter Ender Wayriel The Object 10 Sweet Story Wayriel Kennebis Epaminondus Epaminondus The WayrielThe Object Dancing Light 9 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Slow Track TRACKMANAnita TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYSTTedder ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 330 PM Anita Chiauita Yarn Spinner Tedder Tedder Anita Chiauita Pause Tedder 14 J OK Sugar Lydia K Principal One OnePause Yarn Spinner SpinnerAnita Tedder PauseTedder Tedder Anita Chiauita 13 Bqsunette Anita Chiauita Pause Anita Chiauita TedderPrincipal Principal One Anita TedderAnita Chiauita Yarn Spinner 7 j 400 PM Florizan Sam Florizan Sam Florizan Sam Florizan Sam SamDarby Darby Diavolo Florizan Sam Florizan Sam 27 27Darby Golf Widow Golf Widow Darby Diayolo Darby Diavolo DiavoloJo Florizan Sam Darby Diavolo Darby Diavolo 13 13Golf ValdinaJVicar Darbv Diavolo Jo Kapi Jo Kapi Jo Kapi Golf Widow WidowVALDINA Golf Widow 5 430 PM Valdina Idol Valdina Idol Hit Tune Hit Tune TuneValdina Hit Tune VALDINA IDOL IDOLHit Valdina Idol 22 22Hit GravJDottie Hit Tune Gray Dottie Valdina Idol Valdina Idol Hit Tune Hit Tune 20 HitTune Gray Dottie Valdina Idol Gray Dottie Gray Dottie Gray Dottie Gray Dqttie 9 I 500 PM HiGrip Fred Havecker Fred Havecker Star Maedic MaedicHiGrip Star Maedic HiGrip Fred Havecker 17 17HiGrip Fred Havecker HiGrip Star Maedic HiGrip Fred Havecker Fred Havecker HiGrip 15 Star Maedic Mintv Fred Havecker HiGrip Star Maedic StarMaedic 15 I 530 P M JPlayfulPal War Wise War Wise War Wise Black Skimmer War Wise War Wise 23 23Black Black Skimmer SkimmerJWarWise Black Skimmer Black Skimmer Black Skimmer War Wise Black Skimmer Black Skimmer 15 JWarWise Darbv Ducat Darbv Ducat Nice Enough Side Order Playful Pal JPlayful Pal 6 600 PM Miss Daunt Double Back Double Back Miss Daunt St Dismas Miss Daunt Miss Daunt 20 20Double Double Back BackPari St Dismas Miss Daunt Double Back Miss Daunt Double Back Double Back 17 Pari King Miss Daunt Pete Jr Isolde Double Back Pari King JSt Dismas 7 630 PM Marksman Marksman MarksmanDispose DISPOSE Marksman BIG MEAL Marksman Marksman 2d 2dDispose Big Meal DisposeNight Dispose Some Man ManMany Big Meal Bayborough Night Editor Dispose 13 13Big DisPOse DisPOsePURPLE Night Editor Many Lands Disoose Night Editor Dispose Big Meal lir lirPURPLEWRACK 700 PM PURPLE WRACK PURPLE WRACK WRACKMy My Myri PURPLE WRACK WRACKOrcus My Myri Purple Wrack PURPLEWRACK 29 29My Orcus My Myri Purple Wrack OrcusQuarto Orcus Dissension Sir SirPurple DissensionSir My Myri 13 Quarto Dissension Sir Dissension Sir Quarto Purple Wrack My DissensionSirMy Myri JDissension Sir 6 730 PM Touch and Go GoTraumelus Traumelus Traumelus Saboteur Touch and Go Touch and Go GoTraumelus Touch and Go 20 TraumelusBalloter Traumelus Touch and Go Call to Colors Touch and Go Call to Colors Traumelus Traumelus 15 Balloter Saboteur Touch and Go raumelus Balloter TraumelusSaboteur Saboteur Saboteur 7 Trackman C J Connors AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 1230 PM Tennessee Maid MaidDocdonough Docdonough Docdonough Blue Sash Dauntless Gal Docdonough Docdonough 19 Docdonough US Salute High North NorthBlueSash Dauntless Gal Docdonough U S Salute Blue Sash 9 JBlue Sash SashLIQUID Blue Sash BlueSash High North Blue Sash JTennessee Maid Dauntless Gal 7 100 PM LIQUID LUNCH LUNCHFlak LIQUID LUNCH LUNCHPeace Liauid Lunch Liauid Lunch Liauid Lunch LIQUID LUNCH LIQUID LUNCH 36 Flak Peace Eagle Peace Eagle Peace Eagle Rewarded Peace Eagle Peace Eagle 8 jpiggie Bit of Nerve Diggie Diggie Vacuum Cleaner Flak Flak 3 130 PM FiftyFifty Replica II Sir Bluesteel Replica II Delhi Dan Delhi Dan Replica 16 16FiftyFifty Yankee Chance ChanceJ3ir FiftvFiftv RePlica U Sir Bluesteel Replica II Replica II FiftyFifty 11 11Delhi J3ir Bluesteel Sir Bluesteel FiftvFiftv FiftvFiftv FiftyFifty FiftvFiftv Delhi Dan 10 200 PM GigTest Gig Spheric Test Flight Spheric Mightiest Test Flight FlightSpheric Test Flight 17 17Spheric Test Flight FlightSpheric Abashed Mightiest Test Flight Test Flight Spheric Spheric 13 Spheric Test Flight Lieut Well Lieut Well Abashed SphericAbashed Abashed Mightiest 7 War Gleam GleamYukon Twin Lakes Yukon Nipsickle Yukon 230 PM Twin Lakes Yukon 15 15Twin Yukon Dear Judy Dear Judy Yukon War Gleam Nipsickle Twin Lakes 11 JDear Judy Yukon Blenson Twin Lakes Dear Judy Dear Judv WarGleam 7 300 P M Attention AttentionOur Attention ATTENTION ATTENTIONSalto ATTENTION ATTENTIONBovsv ATTENTION Attention Attention 36 36Boysy Our Boots AttentionBoysv Bovsv Salto Bovsv BovsvThe SaltoCnrvdon BovsvThe Corydon Boysv Boysy 6 BlueSerge The Rhymer Cnrvdon The Rhymer The Rhymer BoysvThe The Rhymer TheRhymer 4 330 PM Accord AccordIs TOP Reward TOP Reward This Freedom This Freedom Is I Is IsTop TOP Re ward 16 16Is Is I Is IsTno Is I Is Valdina Dust Too Reward Is I Is Top Beward BewardThis Is I Is 12 12This Tno Reward Accord This Freedom Is I Is TOP Reward This Freedom This Freedom 12 400 PM Shaun G GBobs Shaun G Bobs Boys Wood Robin One Shen ShenThorino Wood Robin shaunG12 Bobs Boys BoysWood Exemplify Exemplify Shaun G Thorino Exemplify Wr shaunG12Wr Robin 11 11Bobs Wood ThorinoExemplify Robin Blazing Glory Thorino Exemplify Exemplify Bobs Boys Bobs Boys 8 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST POSTJ TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP EP CONSENSUS I J 130 PM Santa Rosa RosaRoman Chance Cross Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Santa Rosa 27 Roman Nymph NymphNight Santa Rosa Night Pennant Night Pennant Momo Flag Night Pennant PennantMomo NightPennarit 8 Night Pennant Night Pennant MomoFlag Chance Cross Roman Nymph Momo Flag Chance Cross 6 200 P M Tilting TiltingGood Gooa Lawyer x Bright Quest Good Lawyer Tilting Good Lawyer Good Lawyer 19 Good Lawyer Big Ripple Miss Gosling Bright Quest Good Lawyer Chain Miss Tilting 11 Chain Miss Chai i Miss Big Ripple Tilting Lightf oot Lee Big Ripple Big Ripple 6 230 PM Blue Cyprus CyprusChuck Chuck ChuckIdle Blue Cyprus Chuck Blue Cyprus Blue Cyprus CyprusChuck Blue Cyprus 20 20Chuck Chuck Idle Fool FoolOpenFire ChuckOpen Chuck Onei Fire Chuck Chuck Chuck 18 18OpenFire Open Fire OpenFire North Fire Idle Fool Idle Fool Open Fire OpenFire 5 BUD GREY GREYElray BUD GREY GREYElray Bud Grey BUD GREY BUD GREY Bud 300P M Grey GreySide BUD GREY 38 38Elray Elray Elray Side Boy Elray Elray Side Boy Elray 10 10SideJBqy Victpry Blue SideBpy Elray Side Bov Cavatorta Jplrav SideJBqy 6 330 PM Galaflv Galafly GalaflyGraustark Graustark GraustarkGalafly Galafly GalaflyGraustark Allegro Galafly Galafly 24 24Graustark GalaflyGraustark Graustark Graustark GraustarkAllegro GalaflyAllegro Galafly Graustark GraustarkAllegro Galafly Graustark Graustark 14 Allegro Allegro Allegro Allegro Graustark Allegro Allegro 1 Q 400 P M Mixer MixerEric Mixer MixerRush MIXER Mixer MixerEric Mixer MIXER Mixer 34 Eric Knight Rush Act ActEric Rush Act Eric Knight Sunsho MIXERRush Rush Act ActEric Rush Ac i 9 RushJVct Eric Knight Dodge Citv Rush Act Rush Act Eric Knight EricKnteht 6 Cash o Boy BoyBelmike Belmike Cash o Boy King Torch Cash Boy 430 P M Belmike Ranchos Boy o Ranchos Bov dash o Boy 17 17RanchosBoy RanchosBoy Anonymous Little HOOPS Rough News RanchosBoyRough RanchosBoy 10 Anonymous Little HOOPS Rough News Cash o Bov Ranchos Bov Cashj Bov JBehnike7 500 PM Star Chance ChanceJack Star Chance Jack Rubens RubensTriplane Grey Wolf Jack Rubens Star Chance JBehnike7Star Star Chance 17 Jack Rubens RubensGrey Waugh POP Triplane Jack Rubens Star Chance Grey Wolf TriplaneCopin Jack Rubens 14 Grey Wolf Supreme Ideal Copin Triplane White Hot Waugh POP Grey Wolf 8

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