Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-29

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS. ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE ; TWO FOR SECOND. ONE FOR THIRD, BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS Trackman, W A. Willig Arlington at Washington Park Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST" PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSLS Bobs Pick Bobs Pick Shush Bobs Pick Bobs Pick Bobs Pick " 21 1 Kings River Shush Esoiritu Shush Shush Shush 12 Shush Kings River Bobs Pick Espiritu Kings River Kings River 4 Warrior Lad String Band Broadhead Hills Palm Hills Palm ~~ HilFs~Palm 14 2 EverFlving Hills Pal m Hills Palm EverFlving String Band String Band 8 Broadhead Ever Flying Burning Chips String Band Warrior Lad Warrior Lad 6 JOES CHOICE Cracks In the Bag Joes Choice Joes Choice Joes Choice 21 3 Cracks Joes Choice Joes Choice Cracks Cracks Cracks Artillerist Whvso Artillerist Commisseration In the Bag in the Bag 6 Final Reward Algrins Sunwise Final Reward Final Reward FinalReward 15 4 Lvtta-Jane Bright Bronze Bright Bronze Bright Bronze Sunwise Sunwise 8 Genies Mate Genies Mate Algrins Sunwise Bright Bronze Bright Bronze 7 St. Jock Diderod St. Jock Bulls Eve Bulls Eve St Jock 16 5 Fair Sand St. Jock. Liberty Pan St. Jock St. Jock Bulls Eve 10 ___ Diderod Fair Sand Diderod Diderod Diderod Diderod 10 Ocean Wave Ocean Wave OCEAN WAVE OCEAN WAVE OCEAN "WAVE OCEAN WAVE 31 6 Four Deep FourDeeo Four Deep Four Deep Four Deep Four Deep 10 Drollon Sun Flower Valdina Maiden Sun Flower Valdina Maiden Valdina Maiden 2 Expediter EXPEDITER Joe Soagat Expediter Expediter Expediter 24 7 Limestone Dav Expediter Silvery Moon Jesting Fox Joe Spagat 5 Dav Buck Road Limestone Dav Day Day 5 Home Again Home Again Passan Big Brands Son Home Again Home Again 6 8 Gooseberry Big Brands Son Robins Pet Dr. Bones Big Brands Son Big Brands Son 9 Robins Pet Dr. Bones Gooseberry Home Again Gooseberry Passan 5 Trackman: C. H. Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Detained Detained Dissension Sir Talk Over Detained Detainpd To 1 Ever Star Dissension Sir Detained Detained Tomilv niwnVinn ?ir t Tomily Tomily Red Meadow Red Meadow Red Meadow Talk Over BOB MURPHY Bob Murphy Bob Murphy BOB MURPHY BOB MURPHY BOB murphv 99 2 Sweet Goods Big Creek Hvoerhelio Hvoerhelio Hvperhelio Hvnerhelin 7 Sweet Comet Hvoerhelio Bright Steel Big Creek Our Style Big Creek Hustling Dom Blue Mate Blue Mate Blue Mate Blue Mate Blue Mate 99 3 Blue Mate Hustling Dom Hustling Don Hustling Dom Hustling Dom Hustling nnm %%. Petes Kid Petes Kid Petes Kid Gamblers Girl Valdina Vivo PVtes Kid 3 Teddys Tea STIPPLER Buds First Stippler Stippler Stimiipr " "~To 4 Stippler Black Thrush Black Thrush Red Tet Teddys Tea TpririvTPa o Buds First Teddys Tea Red Tet Teddys Tea Red Tet Bu5?s First 6 Able Marine Black Fantasy Order Arms Black Fantasy Able Marine Able Marine v? 5 Black Fantasy Able Marine Vinita Harvest Vinita Harvest Tommys Double Black Fantasv 19 Vegas Banner Vinita Harvest Able Marine Tommys Double Weeping Order Arms 5 Shout About Circus King Dimit Shout About Dimit Stunt Ahnut ta 6 Nine R. Train Shout About Shout About Dimit See D Dimit 13 Umbriago Dimit Nine R. Train Circus King Circus King Circus King 7 Court Flash Here She Is MIGHT STEP Idle Sun Might Step Mieht Sten i 7 HeVeShels Kantar Run Court Flash Pari King Court Flash Court Flash 0 Syrian Boy Pari King Yellow Kitten Might Step Idle Sun Here She Is 7 Trackman, C. J. Connors Aqueduct Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS JettaT. Ringawav Ringawav Ringawav Rineawav is IJettaT. Grand Partv Frontier Jane Deimos Frontier Jane Bright Camp Petta T 19 Frontier Jane Bright Camp Edahaste Jetta T. Jetta T. Frontier Jane 5 Cruiser Picket Line Picket Line SeTconvov Picket t ine m 2Lawrinson Mackabv Picket Line Tory Row Cruiser Cruiser Sea Convov 7 Picket Line Lawrinson Sea Convov Sea Convov Picket Line Cruiser 9 Bonnie Bervl Bonnie Bervl Forerunner Bonnie Beryl Incrtelle BmnieBervl iq 3 Sopranist Highfortidies Bonnie Bervl Incitelle Bonnie Bervl Incitelle 1 Highfortidies Forerunner Highfortidies Highfortidies Highfortidies Forerunner 6 Brand Wire Briar Epicure Ariel Show Wire Briar Motie Brand 12 4Motie Ariel Show Ariel Show Motie Brand Motie Brand Motie Brand Wire Briar 12 Aethelred Motie Brand Wire Briar Wire Briar Ariel Show Ariel Show 10 Tiger Call Bull Plav Alabama Tiger Call Alabama Tieer Pall 14 5 Princess R.L. Alison Peters Bull Plav Bull Plav Tiger Call Alabama in Chief Barker Tiger Call Tiger Call Alison Peters Alison Peters Bull Plav 9 MINEE-MO Jaco Roval MINEE-MO MINEE-MO MINEE-MO 8 6MINEE-MO Blue Serge Jaco Roval Blue Serge Napoo Blue Serge Jaco Roval To Jaco Roval Blue Serge Napoo Jaco Roval Jaco Roval Blue Serge 7 Grand Pal Double Brab DOUBLE BRAB Grandoal Grand Pal Grandpal 19 7 Rarified Grandnal Grandpal Double Brab Double Brab Double Rvah 17 Double Brab Peace Fleet Thin Air Peace Fleet Rarified Rarified 3 Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Headoverheels HEADOVERHEELS Headoverheels Headoverheels IHeadoverheels Alatomo Alatomo Beanstalk Alatomo Soma Lassie Ala£££ HPiRnnurn EELS * »-, 22 Attune Hada Star Alatomo Knute Beanstalk BeansTalk 0ssabaw Ossabaw Meeting House Ossabaw Ossabaw o««aha™ Vo 2 Meeting House Meeting House Ossabaw Meeting House Meeting House Meeting wn,,co H Danny Deever Danny Deever Danny Deever Danny Deever Danny Deever Danny Deever I Mugs Game Mugs Game Valdivia Mugs Game Mugs Game Mues Oa.m7 3 Valdivia Opening Bid Mugs Game Opening Bid Opening Bid Vairiiv 99 H Opening Bid Valdivia Air Power Valdivia Valdivia Opening Bid 7 Why Not Me Why Not Me Proposition Why Not Me Why Not Me Whv Nnt tu ~o7 4 Ladv Noonday Proposition Red Shoes Proposition Proposition Prnnn«i«nn i Popo Lass Popo Lass Whv Not Me Ladv Noonday Lady Noonday Ladv Noonday 4 Tack Room TACK ROOM Petes Bet Petes Bet Petes Bet "pTr Tn 5 Petes Bet Girlette Girlette Girlette Vovageur TarfcRnm , Girlette Vovageur Kerry Lass Tack Room Tack Room Girlette 7 ADROIT Snare Man Edemgee ADROIT ADROIT Admit- 9* 6 Spare Man Adroit Adroit Spare Man Snare Man Snare Man 19 Edemgee Edemgee Spare Man Edemgee Edemgee Edemgee 9 Theseus Knights Quest Aera Hornblende Aera i~i 7Aeria Theseus Beggar Theseus Hornblende Beggar tEmmm 0 Bright Argosy Saxon Paul Saxon Paul Art Brown Aera Hornblende 7 Stormy Bill Stormv Bill Valdina Goblin Stormy Bill Stormy Bill Storm v Bill 99 8 Gene Chance Gene Chance StcrmvBill Valdina Goblin Gene Chance Vairtina Onhiin « Wars Dun Valdina Goblin Wars Dun Gene Chance Galleen Gen Chance 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LA~ SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 A,er?noI"istil, er?no™ist Turkey Feather Turkey Feather Agronomist Agronomist 17 I Turkey Feather Turkey Feather Boston Can Agronomist Turkey Feather Turkey Feather 17 Duskily Boston Cap Murex Boston Cap Singular Boston Cap 4 Two Down Two Down Home Front Two Down Two Down Two Down 99 2 Home Front Rita Roval Two Down High East Rockwood Daisy Home Front 9 Rita Royal Home Front High East Rockwood Daisy Home Front Rita Roval 3 Range Rate Range Rate Danny J. Range Rate Dannv J. Range Rate iTs 3 DannvJ. Iron Penny Lustv Tidbit Lustv Tidbit Intriguing Dannv J 14 Intriguing Dannv J. Nath Danny J. Lusty Tidbit Lusty Tidbit 5 4S. S. Grier S S. Grier Boom On Boom On Patrol Pilot Boom On 14 Boom On Madigama Patrol Pilot Madigama Boom On S S Grier Madigama Patrol Pilot S. S. Grier S. S. Grier Madigama Patrol Pilot 8 JackVennie Seven Hills Chance Cross Seven Hills Seven Hills Seven Hills 17 5 Seven Hills JackVennie JackVennie JackVennie JackVennie JackVennie 13 Materialize Materialize Help Wanted Chance Cross Chance Cross Chance Cross 7 PAPER MILL PAPER MILL Snow Maid Miss Balladier Paper Mill Paper Mill 23 6 Flying Bridge Sangone PaoerMill Paper Mill Miss Balladier Miss Balladier 9 Miss Balladier Miss Balladier Halcyon Night GavGino Flying Bridge Snow Maid 5 7 Ogham Ogham OGHAM OGHAM Ogham OGHAM 29 / gxie RamseX. Cream Ellen Mist Ellen Mist Ellen Mist 4 Ramsey Santa Ehsa Oxie Ramsey Cream Ramsey 4 Drudge Boot and Sour Drudge Boot and Spur BOOT AND SPUR Boot and Sour 19 8 Chance Yen Drudge Boot and Sour Bov Soldier Chance Yen Drudge 13 Joes Mistake Doctor Jeep Bov Soldier Darbv Ducat Drudge Chance Yen 4

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