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BUFFALO RACING ASSOCIATION UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE JOCKEY CLUB. race course: kenilworth park, buffalo, n. y. Annual Meeting, 1907. The Meeting Will Begin Saturday, June 15th, and Continue to Saturday, July 20th— 31 DAYS. NO PURSE LESS THAN 00. The Following Events Are Opened to Close and Name at Midnight of Saturday, May 4th, 1907: THE BUFFALO DERBY— Guaranteed Value, ,500. ™E Ontario HAiMDiCAP-Guaranteed Value. ,ooo. THE BUFFALO DERBY. Id- now lal€C SST-aMs. ;n:ir:inteed c;i-h vnliie ,5M. of wliieli S.IOfl lo THE ONTARIO HANDICAP. For three year -Ids Hnd upward. Cuaranteed value ..001. of wbieh ■ the Bccasjd and 00 to ;he third. By rabsrrlpttoa «.f S2.r each: starters to pay si: additional. N"n ?"" " ,lu second, and 00 to the third. 0 each to aeeassnaay the Domination; .". addltiaawl to stari. stlsnera of ,000 in HOT, allowed 1 ponnds; "f ,000, allowed n poonds; of 00, allowed 10 pounds; weights to be announced three dayi before the day ot the race. Winners of a handicap alter the asaktena allowed 21 nasmda. One Mile and a Quarter. aassBSSJeessssn ot weigkts lo carts 5 pounds extra. Five and a Half Furlongs. For Three-Year-Olds and Upward. For Three-Year-Olds. THE CATARACT -Guaranteed Value, ,500. THE BISON CITY Selling— Guaranteed Value, ,000. THE CATARACT.— For three year ol.N and upward. 0 eaeh to aeeompany the nomination-. S2.r. addi- THE BISON CITY.- For thtee vear ohis. BOB winners of ,000 selling. C.uaraiiteed value of ,000. tional to stall. ,000 iiaranlee.l. .1 Which 10 to the secSJSt, and io the third. Weights three „f irhleb 00 to the second, and 00 to the third. 0 each to accompany the nomination: 8 additional dajb before the race. One Mile and a Sixteenth. ,,, ■tart Ike winner to be entered to !»■ sold al auction for $." .0oo. if lot lo. i pxnsnd allowed tor eacn THE RAPIDS — Guaranteed Value 000. *10u ,louu 1" H.OOO. gelling price to l« Mated thr««Sh the entry box al the Coarse, at 12 oclock noon of the lay before the taee, or to be sold for ,000. Seven Furlongs. THE RAPIDS. -For three-year-olds and upward. *io each to accompany the nomination. 3 addi- tionai to start. ,000 guaranteed, ot which imi to the second, and 00 to the third. Weights three davs before Ihe race One Mile and Forty Yards. Frkt* ror TV/A-Ypar-OM« a wo-I ear-wias. THE WHIRLPOOL-Guaranteed Value, ,000. . THE IR0QU0IS~For Two-Year-Olds-Guaranteed Value, ,000. the whirlpool, io,- three rear aid. and epuani. $ aeh to ac,.o,„pany the nominaiion; us addi- j lional to start. ,000 guaranteed, of which *oo to the second, ami 00 to the third. Weights three THE IROQUOIS. For two-year lifts. Guaranteed cash value .chx . of which mi to the second. Uhs before the men. One Mile. and 00 !• th» third. 0 «a h 1 accompany the nomination; starters to any 5 additional. Non- : """"ls; " :""""" 7 I""",ls: °f •00 , Amt* " THE INTERNATIONAL HANDICAP -Guaranteed Value, ,000. __5SJ_ i poundimUowH TtZwSSkSl THE INTERNATIONAL HANDICAP, lor three ycar-oida and upward. Guaranteed value ,000. of THF ficiiipeFF «i«»llirnl--Fnr Tvt/n-Ypar-nirl«--f;imrantppri Vaiup SI nilO ,nc ,se,,mS ror iwo rear uius uiiardnieea value, i.uuu. which ki to the sec and 00 to the third. 0 each to accompany the nomination; 3 additional to _____C8CC atari, weights to be announced three days before the day of the race Winners of a handicap after the THE GENESEE. Im two-year-olds selling. Guaranteed value ,000, of which fAM to ihe seeond. annoiimenient of wefghta to earrj ." pouudi extra. Six Furlongv and moo to the third. HO eaeh to accompany the nomination; ." additional to start. The winner to be , „ . . _ _. ,. _, . - ,, . _ .j eii.ered lo be sold al auction for ,500. If for ,500, allowed .■"• pounds. If to be sold for less. 1 pound for THE INDEPENDENCE Selling For Three - Year - Olds and Upward — Guaranteed I ,..„.,, 10o down to .000. Seinng price to be stated through the entry box at the Course, at to oclock assn Value SI 200 " "" ,,!IV 1,ef"" " :"- or , " sol 1 f"r : ::-r,"0- Five Furlongs. „M For Two-Year Olds Mllies and Guaranteed the independence. ir thnoyea, .ids spward «,iii„ nuaranted value 200. of THE MOHAWK Geldings Value, ,000. which 00 to the aeooa*, and 00 to the third. each to accompany the nomination: .fir; additional the MOHAWK. Im two-yew-olds, lillies and plilngs Quarantoed value ,000 of which 00 to siart. The winner to be entered io !«• sold at auction for Si.i.ooti. if for less, t pound allowed for fl |„, second, and 00 to the third. 0 eaeh to aecosananj the nomination: 5 additional t start. Non-each down to . Selling price to be stated through the entry box at ihe Course, at 12 oclocji u nners ot ,000, allowed : pounds; of ,000, 7 pounds; of ,000, 18 pounds; of $." oo. 17 pounds; of $:mh . liiMiu of the day before the race, or to lie sold for $:;,ooo. One Mile and a Furlong. ._.,, pounds; maidens. 25 pounds. Four and a Half Furlongs. THE CLINTON Selling-Guaranteed Value, ,000. STEEPLECHASES The Kenilworth Serial Races. to „™ "alnf n»t?£ SS£%Sft3r* acVoulK grSfcXgSandtandSandZ ™* KENILWORTH SERIAL STEEPLECHASES- For four-year]0,ds and upward. 0 each ,t, the i,..nini:.tioi. «lnei, sha l enutle Ihe entry to Mart in each ot the three handi.-aps; the Uek-Winne The winner to he sold at auction for $.1,000. If for less. 1 pound allowed for eaeh 00 down to ,000. empany the Hsmilton. o 00, and the Toronto ,,i .«iH . Also all entries Mali he handicapped if of 00; port, of M.000 tolOOT nol to be entered for less than ,*W. gelling price to the stated through Ihe enlf" atS ?esMh ,h.ly tree lor all overnight steeplechase handicaps during the meeting, thus saving the declara l»x in the Course, aas. of the day before the race, or to to aold br ,060. entered, ble Mi e and a Sixteent . 1J» " TH£ LoCKPORT. Guaranteed value 00. of which 00 to the second, ami $." 0 to the third. THE LEATHERSTOCKING Selling— Guaranteed Value, ,000. Weights to be announced three days before the day of the race. The Short Course. HAMILTON. Guaranteed value 00. of which 00 to the second. THE aadJBO j» thcUted. THE LEATHERSTOCKING.-For three-year olds and upward selling,. Guaranteed value ,000. of _, which 1.7 lln M-cml ami 00 ,o the third. S10 each to accompany the noBSiaatiou 6 addition;,! W **SL naSS 7 f . fZLTZ .. . , EiVT ° " THE TORONTO. Guaranteed value *w- ,000. n of which 00 to the second, and 00 to the, third. to st- it The winner to be entered to be sold at auction for ,000. If for less. 1 pound allowed for each Sim down to 00 Winners of ,000 In 1907 not io be entered for le-s than ,500. ReUing price to i»- Weights. 5 pounds below the scale. Winners ot 1907.sh00 .. pounds additional: of two races of 00 or ItaTe.1 ihion-h the entn bos at Ibe Course, al !- oci. k noon of the day before the race, or to lie aold for i one " W1907.sh. 5 pounds; at two races of . or one of ,500, 10 pounds; maidens allowed 8 |M»iindw: SjIhhi Sijc Furlongs. | horses Ihat have mv.r stalled in a steeplecha-e allowed 7 pounds. The Full Course. NOTICE The management proposes to feature steeplechasing, and the weekly book will contain as many races as tho number and quality of the horses on the grounds warrant. Address All Communications to JOSEPH A. MURPHY, MANAGER, P. 0. Box 960, Buffalo, New York.

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