One of Argentinas Famous Studs, Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-27


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, , i I . . . , , [ . • r i - i t t • j I : .- r r t i ■ !■ r t - . it i ii i to ., v jt _ i, In ,, i .1 i n - .r «■ In ii ► i. !! p • if .I ■r II i- i U i~. , , ; d ,; v v I n U its is li a a ONE OF ARGENTINAS FAMOUS STUDS. "•The Special Ceiuinis-ion" of :.on.hin Spoil-man has for some years pa-; annually taken a -intei sea voyage to Buenos Ayrea aad hack and is icw on the high -•;.- en his return to Bagland. »n this lutest trip he paid a visii i Seaor C mutes San JaciutO stock farm, where lie- great French horse Sill dOr is the principal stallion. Of what he saw there he wrote the following: -This visii uu ihe Wednesday necessitated starl ing hy ii sj a. m. train :ind a journey of some three hours: hut ii was easily done, and at Stan Jacinto station we found Senor Lmroe himself to meet ii-. iili his private omufbua mid a very u-e-I ful learn of tour horses. With a mounted peon io open gates we aooa reacheil our destination and found that invaluable stud manager, -L Horan. sihi ti i and will. He baa now about seventy broodmares under his charge, and the lour stallions are Val dOr, Pipperminl and ids brother, Phaental, both gray-, and the truly moulded Whirlpool, hy Ayrshire, out of Weir. There is also the beautiful pony stallion. Mountain Ash by Carnage out of Ceeropia. but Ids services an- iiaeii.alh ILtHlid for a mob of ••ndd i ototed" mares, from many of which he ought io sue nolo ponies. I had never seen Val .riM looking better, and it i- a notable fact that, differing from ihe resi of the Doncaater line, he has done better and better each year at the stud. 1 had never seen Pipperminl before and was much Impressed with him. it i- seldom that one see- a gray borae with -mil range and STOpa, and a- to ni-. racing quality thai is beyond nil question. though ih- latter part .-i hi- career was wasted in South Anna, and ii la only within the lasr three rears thai be baa been given a fair chance at the -ii.i. Plmental i- also a tine borae, and m is i one. Their breeding i- of Interest, for they are by Si. Mirin sou of Hermit, and trace, through ihe dam. to Strathfleet, a first-rate No. 14 ..He. . There an- some capita] year! tags hy Pipper- inint. notablj ii .-lean, shapely hay filly oat of Splendid, bj Labrador out of Ornament, and two Iii- rale gray colts, each out of a dying Vox mare. It goes without the saying that the Val dOra show any amount of promise, a bay anil out of Marseil i.-ii-e being of -mil commanding merit that Seaor I mme is half Inclined t" keep him as a successor to his sire. Whirlpool, too. has begun weft, and there are I wo fine chestnut fillies hy him OUt of si. Mirin mares. "II would serve no useful purpose here to go into full detail- about thc-e yearling-, a- my readers may never see any of them, hut I may lay I hat rh.V would certain!] hold their own in the i*--; company at Doueaster or elsewhere, and they hav been admirably reared and handled. A fair propor lion of maize is used for feeding bloodstock in the Argentine, but the homegrown oats are nm had. though a lightish sample Good oat- nee now being Imported from New Zealand, and they are preferred io English or Scotch, for it is declared that tie v .ai.-e from England ha- a prejudicial effect, no matter bow giwi the oat- may in- when shipped. "Senor Cntnes mare- are with scarcely an excep tion brad in he purple and tiny Include daughters of living 1". William ihe Third. Aja. Bona Vista. ami lie-rii.-nd. in aditimi te Splendid I already • i rred to, and several daughters ef Si. Mirin. which was the mosl successful stallion of all Her-•■ mil- sons. Senor i naue ha- ■ great fancy for pepper and Salt blood, and two of hi- mares are ..nt of Sweet Hilda hy William HI., and the other by Galashiels The Desmond man i- out of the heautifullj bred Martagouia, hy Martagoa out nt Arcadia idam of tylleael, aad what pedigree ■ Id he henor loan -liu ..i Felicia, by Uiuktiehl- Pride. hei .l.ui, hy Si Sim m mil of ilapoy Hainpleu" Modern Maid Is mother imported mare full of fashion, for she i- a sister to Orchid, hy thine OUl of Mushy Maid sister to LAhhesae de Jourarre». Ihe foals bj Val dOr are particularly good, and I specially liked tin- call and idly for which ihe two St. Hilda mar.- are responsible. There i- ;t I — » a line Idly bl the -ami- sire out ..f Splendid, and Pipperminl has a smashing good filly on; ol armel, i.v Fort on io. I only wish !•• give an Impression "i this well-appointed and well-managed stud, where nothing hut the lest -inri. that money ran buj i-,, g | • iiough lev lli! owner, who ha- practically limit less quantities of land on whi-h Io do everything that he breeds th folles! justice How many leagiu - i f land s. nor I* nana owns at San Jacinto an, i elsewhere I do not pretend to know, but they rover an area which .• as would seem almost fabulous, and In- tloilcs and herds are practically Innumerable. "Senor I naue as bis father before him .- i _ieai tattle breeder, anl be !::i- implicit belief in ihe necessity of importing hull- from England. At present he is anxious for the tune to come when the present restrictions on such trade will hi re veil. t..i he wants - m re English-bred shorthorn hulls. ami n.ii a lew •■! them, hut it will he quite useless io offer him any that are not in the rerj tir-r rtaas. I bad a brief h ok through he bull house at Sau Jacinto and -aw some SITperb vollllg ones thai an- sure winners at forthcoming -how-, li i- iiitli cult with our limited idea- of firming in England to even imagine tin magnttnde of these Argentine operations. Thus Senor [Tukm himself -ells no fewer ihati ".on hull- annally and rzpeeta next year to sell 1. sS . In last years ili.iught he lost no fewer than lu.lhiu bead Of rattle, and appears to think -u. h a hi— of no great ronuequence. "Among his many houses he can have none more comfortable than the one at San Jaeiato, where Senor Inane received us t,, breakfaat and spoke Euglish perfectly. Altogether we speat :i deiightfid mart-lag, and 1 was very Horry whet, the time came for us in drive away again to catch the return train to Buenos Ayres. I should .add. before closing Mils subject, Senor Lmtue, who i- well-known mi ihe English turf and bus a stud in Prance, is not without hopes of some day winning our Derby. and to this end lie breeds a foal or two to English lime, or course ii is long odda against anybody breeding a Derby winner, hut so fat- as good stallions and broodmares can contribute o that crowning triumph nothing is wanting at San Jacinto."

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