One Of Latonias Spring Attractions.: Good Racers Nominated to Contest in the Latonia Inaugural Handicap Next June., Daily Racing Form, 1917-04-22


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ONE OF LATONIAS SPRING ATTRACTIONS. Good Racers Nominated to Contest in the Latonia Inaugural Handicap Next June. Cincinnati. O., April 21.— The Inaugural Handicap for the coming spring meeting at Latonia. which ope-ns on June 11, and on which day this handicap will be run. has an entry list or ftfty-oight. All of the best stake and handicap horses which will race at the Latonia meeting are named to purticipatojflP The entries to the Inaugural Ilainlicap usually giw I good bates as to the calibre of the horses which will race in the eTjL2M and Sl.ODO handicaps, which will grae-e the La tenia card on days on which no stake- race will be decided. John W. Schorr is the heaviest nominator, having entered six. with Corri-gan iV McKiiiiu-y second with five, and R. L. Raker thiril with four. On two occasions the horse which has won the spring Inaugural Handicap at Latonia has Imm-ii sueeessful in the Fall Inaugural Handicap at the same track. Last year Dodge was first in both of them and a few years back old High Private won this race- on the first day of the spring mei-ting ami repeated his victory on the first day of the fall mei-ting. The race is for threeycar-olds and over at a mile and a sixteentli, with 2, KHI added. Entries follow: H. C. Apple-gate Co.s b. g. Old Rosebud, C. bv Cnch Ivory Hells. A. Haile-r and Co.s b. c, Sol Cilsey, 3, by Plaudit-Dixob tta. R. L. Dakar and c. .- bik. g. Pif Jr.. ... by Water-bay — Anna Bale; h. h, Bawraaa Oochraa, ... by Jim QaBaey Viola H.; eli. c. King flat hi. 4. by Transvaal- Kthcl Simpson; br. h, John Cund. C, by Peep oDay —My Oyps. Green Jones Named by W. H. Baker. W. IL b. c. Crce n Jones. 3. i,v Maud-el -Mor. al: b. m. Lady Botha, ... by Cold,-,, Ab.xiin or Fayette Sandy Par. c. II. Berryaaaa*! eh. e. Valor, t, by P.allot — Muriel; b. c. Wat. rblu.-. .*:. by fJ/aterhoy Heg.-n-erate. i:. B. Bradaeya b. e, BBai Baggage, -l, bv Ban - Love Not. J. N. Caaraea*! b. h, Bally, o. bv Piter raaaeo— Miss Piach. Hallah -r;. b. m. Vogue. .,. bv Peep olMv — Claire A. R. Hancocks ch. m. Fmbroide-rv. .".. by Celt -Network: b. f. Sprint. 4. by Rock Sand Sprite- J. S. Hawkins .V Co.s b. j.-. Ir. Pailow. :!. hv loehiiugton Brie Belle; ch. g. rhihaira :. i.V Peter Qaiace - Lady Hope-. George M. Heudrie--. b. h. Baacher, ... bv Cal-vesiou Sw eel ader. I. mil Hera, !•. -. Daddys Choice, 1. bv Trap Bock Barth; b. u-. Bagte, •" . by Taakee Miss Kearney. V. r. Kaebdkanipa ch. g, Moaey Maker. :. bv McGee Marie Frames. .1. Livings:. .ns b. c. Cat, Ve-nnie-. 4. bv Pi. ton sh.v Missi.-; ei,. f. Dianarad, :t. by Dark Piaaell -Annie Williams; b. g. Syrian, ... bv Kb, ti,, ,,,.,., b. h. Boynl II. , :,. by Soar Maieatj -Lady BtbeL ;.-«.. J. Longs b. f. Kathleen, 4, by S.-niptcnioiis I-oc -ma. B L. Maekcnzies br. c, Faux-C..l, 4. bv -ileus -Collet Monte. T. C. Me D..-. ells ch. h. Manager Wait.- .. bv Wat. La Veagaaaa. 1. Marions ch. b, Prince Hirmis. 7, by lb mil* I Iiille-.l. J. C. Milams ch. e. Capt. R ;. 4. bv Plaudit Starry Night. M. C. Mooi.s b. f. .|;,M, . sirailh, 1. bv Da! liceiis;,- Tickle; b. g. Marion Gooaby, ... bv Mara-the.ii — Pheeaie Pidde. Midway Among the Nominations. J. W. Parrishs d c. Midway, :t bv Baliol - Thirty Third ; ,-h. •-. Rids,-. |. bv Disgaiae - Nethi lsole; ,h. f. Rosewood. .I. bv Mugll to Rose Tree- II Paathae Btabtei ch. c. Qay Portaae, n. by Transvaal Ce-llll.l. J. K. Ke-dmons b. c. Jack Salmon. ." .. bv Jack Atkin Sea Spray .1. BraaBera b. f. Amiga, .-;, bv Waterbo* -Scl I .lolin P. Se iiorrs ch. c. iTllaaa. 4, bv Oss.rv - • Or iaa. dj .i.ehn W. Sohe.rrs iii. -. Harry Belly, ti, bv II tinius - Woodiuie; b. ,-. Cadge I, :!, by 1-., , ti. I, Kugeiiia Barch; b. c, Bateteraratek il. ::. by Kadiam Maearaoa; ch. «-. spring Win at, :;. by Ferolc Wairies; , h. .. John W. Klein. 4. bv Star Shoot Planless; br. g. P.nio.1. S, by lb I t - laawad, Kay Sp. lices ch. g. Hodge, »:, by Han foe Te-r-lihh Nannie Hodge. W. Show .liters ch. c, Cane Run. 4. by Box— Domino Noire. John W. Wards ch. g, Fran! iin, 4. hv Jim Gaffaey — eliding By; b. c. BerUa, :;. by Jim GaBaey Aatotee. .1. T. Weav.-rs blk. g, Woadthon, .1. b.v Patriot — Mary Basic. Wicklille- Stables br. c. Assume. .5. bv Dfagatoa — Chaaeery; ch. -. P.asii. .-. by Totor Miateake; in- g. Acabado. :?. by Sii|» rman Btegance; eh. g. Filicidad. 3. by Hurst Park- Fclicitv Muirat; ch. g. Raddy Dear, ::. by c.-it Wyola; eh. g, Passing Fancy. :?. by Hurst lark Idle Pancy. William Woclards b. g. Opportaaity, S, by To ldington .Miss OerteL It. !. V.agers blk. e, Al M. Dick, .!. bv Dick iiiincll Martha Palmer.

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