Favorites Prove Fickle: Most Of Preferred Horses At Latonia Disappoint Their Adherents.; Tex Forman Runs a Game Race and Wins the Valuation Stakes in a Close Finish--Leo Skolny Wins and Gains a New Owner., Daily Racing Form, 1917-06-26


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FAVORITES PROVE FICKLE MOST OF FRF.FERRED HORSES AT LATONIA DISAPPOINT THEIR ADHERENTS. Tor Fornian Runs a Game Race and Wins the Valuation Stakes in a Close Finish — Leo Skolny Wins and Gains a New Owner. I.Ntt iii:i. Kv . June 28. "ili:* running f In- Val nation Stakes, for twe-year-ohts, which f atared this afternoons Latmiia card, brought nrith it many reuetitioaa of Ian rear, in th.it . II. Baker, whose Walter II. Pearce aceeaatca far the stake then, again captured the prize when ail Te For 111:111 K it up in time te heal Hamilton A. out hy a few laches. The latter carried the Apaaegate colors, whose May W. hiinleil in seeuiul place in the s.iine rare 1: 1 --1 rear. The aet ralae at the stake, ,403, was also i Icliticnlly the SST lis in the previous year. HaaiUtoa A. was aa out -landing favorite in the race ami il.it tereil extensively hy maintaiaiag ■ toad lead far the greater part of the way, lust euaM not withstand the terrific rush of Tex Fornian in the last sixteenth. There were only four starters, hut they made it .111 interesting contest anil h:ul American iiml Gipsy Qaeea not lost ground by coming wide into the stretch, they would have lieen on almost equ.il terms :it the finish. With tie- firs! two. The distance, five :iinl a half furlongs, aras the longest thai the two rear-stda have lieen asked to go this year at this course. This was the fifth running of the Valuation Stakes, the brief history of which follows: Year. Wtaaer. Wi. Jockey. Val. Time. MIS Black Toaej MS J. Lof tea... 82,005 1 :o*;-r. 1911 Meiiln Park 108 D. Connelly. 2.185 1 : Trt . 1815 Checks MM. Garaer. . 2.585 1:10% ltlfl Waiter 11. Pcarcc107 K. GOOTC .. 2,403 1:117-. 1917 Tex Forman 121 It. Gaase... 2.405 1 : iv .. 0 aether targe Minaaj attcadaace waa present tiiis afternoon ami witnessed some excellent racing, although from a ipci ulallic point they again fared poorly. Favorites were downed frequently. Lea Skolny. in the si ml race, betas; the only out standing one in the first five laces to succeed. The .Mackenzie representative appeared to outclass the others and won like it. It was the first time that he had I-en in with a nuniher of platers and the claiming; dame of the race was taken advaatage of hy Knelielk.iiiii iV lloworton. who were repre seated by Sister Susie, and they took Lea Bkotay for *1.400. Backers of Favorites Fare Poorly. The two worst overthrows of the afternoon developed with the defeats of OtheUs and Bieeth. Prime S. won the dash that Othello was the choice for and Dr. Samuel accounted far the one thai Bieeth started in. For Fair brake down in the Sleet h race. .1. I.. Bcspesa, 07. Perkiaa, .1. B. Goodman, T. P. Jl.iyes. A. I.. Kirhy and K. 1.. Baker are among the owners who will ship their horses to Windsor at tile couclu-ion of the meeting here. I. B. Clarks Paaette, a winner at Hot flpiiai.il this year, had to lie destroyed today as a resalt of having sustained a lifoken big from a fall this morning addle i eing exercised. .1. O. Kciie lias sent to numerous owners a handsomely gotten up catalogue, nhoalna; the breed ing of the youngsters iniporie.l from England and Ireland hy Messrs. Keene. bang and Schorr. The colts are inteniled for the sales at Sara toga in AllgusL Other youngsters, sired mainly hy Luke Mel. like, will also 1m- offered at the same time. Jockey Btearas eaaeeUed all his riding cngagc-nicnts for the afternoon, on account of illness. Work-outs over the Latonia track Suinhiy morning were over a fast track and in •huhd the following: Aldeli.iran Thief aaaitaia in 1:15. America Mile in 1 ; 17. Berlin Three-quarters in 1:15. Black fc? Daw Three-iiuarters in 1:10%. Bab iMiudou Three qnarters in 1:10. Bringhurst Half mile in 50. Buffingtiui Three mnurten in 1:10%. Chalmers— Mile in 1:44%. Cheer Leader Mile in 1:4S%. Courtly Lass -Mile in 1:40. Dental Seven eighths iii 10%. Fleuro — Three i|iiariers in 1:17. Fly Home Mile and a ajaarter in 2:10. Franklin --Three-quarters m 1:18%. Highland Lassie Mile in 1:11-.. Immense Seven -eight lis in 1:20. Lindenthal Mile in 1:43. Miles Finhn Mile in 1:45. Marie Ellis Three eighths in S0%. Matin - Three quarters in 1:23. Nobleman — Five-eighths in 148%. Olive Three -quarters in 1:1ft. Othello — Three quarters in 1:15%. Pin Feather Mile in 1:17. Plum -Five eighths in 1 48%. Prince Igor Five eighths in 1:03. Protection Mile in 1:48%. Pnrdey -Mile in 1:17. Rhyme — Three-eighths ill 3« %. Shim — Half mile in ."iO. Bieeth— Mile in 1:51. Simfhisli — Five-eighths in 1:04. Syrian Seven -eighths in 1:32. The Grader — Three-quarters in 1:18. Thistle Green — Mile in 140. Trusty — Three -quarters in 1:10%. Waterproof — Mile in 1:17. Watty Hogan— Mile in 1:41%. Following were the best moves this morning: Alfadir— Seven-eighths in 1:30. Itelgian Trooper — Mile in 1:47%. ■Sack Taney— Five-eighths in 1:04. Bine Paradise — Half mile in 50. Bream Bweep — Three qnarters in 1:17. Cora Lane — Three-eighths in 37. Daddy Holbert Three-quarters in 1:22. Darney — Three-eighths in 3S%. Day Dreams — Mile in 1:48%. Dixie Highway--Three-quarters in 1:19%. Evelyn V. — Three-quarters in 1:18. Cinger Quill— Half mile in 19. Highland Lad— Half mile in 52. Jackstruw — Mile in 1:51%. James Foster — Three-quarters in 1:10%. John Hurie — Half mile in 51%. Kale — Three -eighths in 37%. Kline--Three-eighths in 37%. Miss Boncro — Five and one-half furlongs in 1:12%. Opportunity — Five-eighths in 1:08%. Pastime — Half mile in 50%. Pif Jr. — Mile in 1:42. Redland — Three-quarters in 1:17%. Reserve — Mile in 1 :47. Robert L. Owens — Three-quarters in 1:20. Rosalind — Five-eighths in 1:04. Rosewood — Three-quarters in 1:17. Bqueeler — Three-quarters in 1:16%. Star of Love — Three-eighths in 38%. The Baroness — Five-eighths in 1:04. Tom Anderson — Five-eighths in 1:04%. Tush Tush — Mile in 1:48%. Ukukele— Five-eighths in 1:03%.

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