Fort Eries Good Stake Program.: Four Well-Filled Feature Events, Including Canadian Derby, Carded for Coming Meeting., Daily Racing Form, 1917-06-26


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FORT ERIES GOOD STAKE PROGRAM. Four Well-Filled Feature Events, Including Cana- dian Derby. Carded for Coming Meeting. ituiTaio. x. v.. June 25, Great preparations are being made for the Fort Brie meeting, to open on July -1. The dig plant has lieen burnished up and there are horses on the ground. The track manage- 1 ment expects to staid. • more horses than last year. when the capacity ef the barns was closely ap 1 preached. That there will be splendid racing uwriaaj the seven days is ill. li. ate. 1 by the wealth of mat. rial gathered iii the stake entries. The Niagara Racing Association will run the four events originally raided f-T the opening meeting, the Fourth ..f .Inly Stakes, the Niagara Stakes, the Port Brie Stakes and the Canadian Derby. Naturally, interest center-, an the Derby, which is to lie run as the fourth race on the closing day. .inly 11. The Canadian Derby has never lieen won bv a had horse and many times by the greatest of the year. A glimpse at the entries this year, as shown hy the stake books now in tie- hands of the horsemen, shows a fin-- band of eligildes. Chief among then is Mr. Maeoml.ei s Liberty Loan, the renamed Dick Finnell Martha Palmer colt which recently took the Litonia Derby for the popular recruit to the American turf. Hut there are many ether gooil ones in the hand. The Canadian Derby is a race of a mile and a quarter, conditions as given in the annexed table, am! closed with forty-two noniiiatiens. It is a race with 04.000 added money, one of the richest three-year -old races of Canada for many years. The feature event of the opening day will be the Fourth of July Stakes, a handicap of ,500 added, for three-year okls and ever, forty -five neani- nati ms and the distance a mile and seventy yards. The Niagara Stakes, the only two year old stake race of the meeting, will introduce a fine band of juveniles for the five eighths journey. This race baa ,000 added, it is to be ran an Saturday. July 7. The Port Brie Stakes, selling. ,500 added, three-quarters, for three-year-otda ami over, will come on the fifth day. Monday, July 0. Seven races will be run each day ami the ptogiaaa hook bristles with sparkling prospect!. For the first time at Fort Brie Francis Nelson, the talented turf critic of the Dominion, will appear in the stand as the steward representing the Canadian Baring Associations. The stewards of the meeting for the Niagara Association will he C. J. Fitz Gerald, »f New York, and J. B. Campbell, of Kentucky. Mr. Fitz Gerald will also officiate as judge, with V. Horace l.erch. and Mr. Campbell will act as racing secretary and bandicapper. A. B. Dade is start r. Joseph McLennan, del k of the scales. B. W. Mills tinier, and Y. M.i.tin. patrol and paddock judge. The following are the nominations for the four stake races: Forty-two Nominations for Derby. The Canadian Derby, M. 000 added, far three-year-olds; 0 to accompany the nomination; $ t additional to start. ,000 added, of which 00 to second: 00 to third: 00 t" fourth. Winners in l.t1 i-17 of ,008, :i lhs.: of ,000 twice. 5 lhs. extra. Others which have not won ,580 twice in 1810 17 if non winners in 1!»17 of ,000, allowed :; lhs - of ,500, i lhs.: of Si. .".no ft lt s. : i- wtanera in lftlti-17 of ,000, 12 lhs.: S.iOn. 15 lhs.: maidens. LO lhs. One mile and a quarter: J. S. Andersons *Sunflash II. . h. r. hy Sun Bright N.pthalia. Mrs. J. Arthurs Bondage, eh. c, hy Ogdeii — Fair Atalanta. A. Bailers Sol iilsey, h. or hr. c. hy Plaudit — Bixoletta. K. It. Bradleys KaUtan, h. c, hy Bey Hindoo -Dally: Brihed Voter, eh. g. hy Ballot -Marie Prances, ;. H. Brownes Cn puscule. h. f. hy Meddler— strike-a-Light li. ; •Cmmpaafl h. g. hy ahtaum— Mime. J. C. Callahers Biatt. eh. c. hy Ogdea — Al Lane; Trapping, eh. c. hy Trap Bock -Velocity. C. W. Gaasers Douglass S.. h. c, hy Sir lluon -Victoria B. ;. M. Ilendries *Kxhorter. h. c. hy Sunder— Persuasion. H. II. Hewitts Skeptic, h. «•, hy Sain— Inspiration. J. . Keenes Basilias. h. c. hy Ballot — Coraza. W. S. Kilmers Tom McTaggart. h. c. by Chuc-taniinda Toptaah; Flection, h. c, hy Ballot -Sadie S. V. W. Loiieys Kentucky Boy, eh, e, hy Toihling-ton My Fair Kentucky. Andrew Millers Ticket, h. c, by Ballot— Princess Orna. B. E. MlUetts Smart Money, ch. g, by Armeath II. Servilia. T. c. McDaweBa ftmtiiia. h. f, by Tatar— Bracegirdle. V. L. Olivers Judge Wingfield, br. c. by Sea King Clad Tidings. H. o.its *Atwell. ch. c. by St. Amant — Bade; ♦Barney Shannon, ch. c, by Llangihhy -.Princess Stirling; *Bierman. ch. c, by Polymelus— Shy Missie. W. H. Pearces Geo. C. Love. b. g. by Peep oD.iy — Kvaline. W. J. Press Waukeag. br. c, by Ogden— Lady Vincent. J. B. Respess Highland Lad, br. e. by Dick Welles— Bessie Spahr. J. K. L. Boss Cadillac, ch. c, by Toddington — Winnie B. C. Straus Baider formerly Van, b. c, bj- Crttfel — Miphanzi. Thorncliffe Stables Graphic, b. f, by Glorio — Picturesque. E. Trotters Arravan, b. g, by Broomstick — Sally of Navarre. i W. Viaus Amalgamator, b. c, by Duke of Ormonde — Compensate. J. S. Wards Berlin, b. c, by Jim Gaffney — Autolee. Wickliffe Stables Aeabado, rn. g. by Bnperman--Flegance; Baddy Dear. ch. g. hy Celt— Wyola; Swan Song. br. f. by Ben Brush —Pink Domino; Bassing Fancy, ch, g. hy Hurst Bark -Idle Fancy. J. O. Whitlows Westy Hogan, br. c, by Dick Finnell Carrie Jones. H. 1. Whitneys Bickety, ch. c, by Broonistick --Queen of Hearts; Tumbler, ch. g, by All Gold— Flip Hap. W. Woodards Opportunity, b. g, by Toddington — Miss Oertel. A. K. MaeomlMrs Liberty Loan, blk. c, by Dick Finnell — Martha Palmer. K. T. Zollicoffers Fruit Cake, b. f, by Dick Welles — Parisienne. Fourth of July Stakes. The Fourth of July Sitakes — handicap — ,500 added. For three-year-olds and over. 0 to accompany the nomination; 0 additional to start. ,500 added, of which 50 to second and 50 to third. Weights July 1. Winners after publication of weights five pounds extra. One mile and seventy yards: R. J. Austins Commonada, ch. h, 5, by The Commoner — Nevada. Mrs. Jas. Arthurs Bondage, ch. c, 3, by Ogden — Fair Atalanta. Continued ou second page. FORT ERIES GOOD STAKE PROGRAM. Continued from first pace. Mrs. A. 0. Blnkel.-ys Drumley, ch. h. fi. by ltii»T — Ailriutlia. C. J. r.niikniilhrs Cnimpy, b. g, 5, by Canopus — Florentia. C. Baxtoaa Basta, b. , 4. by The Picket Qacea; Old BrooBB, b. g, 5. by Br astick Baae of Dawn. I. P. Carmans Churchill, It. c, -1. by Sweep Lamp Cirl. G. M. Headrles Raaeher, h. h, 5. by Oalveaaai Street Lavender: Sands of Pleasure, b. g, 4, by Fair Play Boldea Baada. Sir John Hendries *HusseIl Sqaare, b. g, I, by Simon Sqaare Lady Birdie. II. H. Hewitts Skeptic, b. c, 3, by Sain— Inspiration W. S. Kilmers Tom M.Taggart. b. c, 3, by Chuc-tanunda Toplash. Ij. Marions Prince Heiinis, ch. h, 7. by Heriuis— Crimea. .1. W. Mays Davberrv Candle, ch. m. fi. bv Cunard —Tower of Candles. Andrew Millers Runnier, b. g, fi. by Knight Kr-rant -Hose Tree II. Mirasol Stables Dunes, br. h, 5, bv Voorhoos — ChilTie. W. D. Olivers Kewess.i, b. K. 7. by M Ceo San fara. H. Dots •Atwell. ch. c, 3, by St. Amant Doro: •Bicrman. cli. c. 3. bv Polvmolus Shv Missic; •Monty Dint, l . , 3, by Marajax Dtadaiaful; •Harney Shauiion, ch. c, 3, by Lluugihhy -Princess Sterling. W. P. Orrs Leaehataa, h. g. 7. by Broomstick—-Lea vonara. H. W. Plants Gordon Russell, b. h. 7, by March mout II. Tokaloti. D. Phelps McAdoo, br. g, 5, by F.lectioneer — Natasha. W. J. Press W.iuke.ig. br. c. 3. by Ogdon Lady Vln-ent: Hubbub, b. g. 4. by Broomstick — Uumpus. .1. Powers Harry Shaw, b. li, fi, by Sain- Hand Dell. D. Raymonds *Malatnont. ch. h, 7. by Flying Fox — Mndomoiscdlo de I.oiiKcliainps. C. Straus "Raider formerly Van, b. c, 3, by Criffel Miahsati M. Sheas Tea Caddy, ch. e, 4, by Dock Sand — Teas 0*«r. J. V. Sweeneys Ilauln-rk, b. g, ,r , bv Martinet — Dmid. J. A. Thomson, Jr.s Orinnlu, eh. m, 5. by Fair Play — Orieuta; •Leixllp, ch. c, 3. bv Fugleman — M. R. A. ThornclilTe Stables Graphic, b. f. 3. by C.lorio — Plctareaqae; Incog, b. f. 3. by flajaVa MarttL E. Trotters Aravnn, b. g, 3, by ltroomstick - Sal-lie of Navarre. W. Viaus Trial by Jury, eh. h. ,r , by Fair Play-Princess Chic. J. O. Whitlows Westy Hogan, br. e, 3, by Dick Finnell — Carrie Jones. H. P. Whitneys Dorrow. b. g, fl. by Hamburg Forget; Pennant, ch. h. i. by Peter Pan Royal Rose Promo, b. e, 4, by ltroomstick I/eayonara. A. K. Macomls-rs Dilierty Loan. blk. c, 3, by Dick Finnell Martha Palmer. R. T. ZollicofTers All Smiles, br. h, B, bv Fair Play Simper; Christie, b. g, ." , by Star Shoot Chu lita; Fruit Cake, b. f. 3, by Dick Welles Purisi enue. Good Field for Niagara Stakes. The Niagara Stakes, SU.ihmi added. For two-year-olds; to accompany the nomination; 0 additional to start; fg.Oaa added, of which #3 K to second and ." 0 to third. Winners of $°.KX» or . K twice, 5 lbs. extra. Non wiuners of si. mid allowed 4 lbs.; of 00, if non-winners of four races since April 15, 7 lbs.: two races since then, 10 lbs.; maidens, 15 lbs. Five eighths mile. R. J. Austins Jim Hefferiug, b. e, by Trap Rock — Kairv. H. G. Bedwells Muanita III., ch. g, by Sweeper I — Santa Anita: Austral, h. g, by Dalhousie— Aus-tralina; Little Sweeper, b. f, by Sweeii — Star of Runnyniede. Mrs. D. H. Ilrownes •Simon Pure, b. g, by Simon Bqaare Catherine R. J. II. Hrownes *l?oy P.luc. gr. e. by Orey Leg — ■ Cissy Itniwn; *Margotstar, ch. c, by Sunstar — Merry Margot. R. F. Carmans Louise V.. eh. f. by The Turk — • Daruma; Pepper, ch. e, by The Turk — Paradise Queen. W. W. Dardens Prince Igor. b. g, by Ivan the Terrible -Moulin Rouge. W. II. Fizers Haseen. b. c. bv Hessian — Rosa Marie; Hasty Mabel, ch. f, by Trap Rock— Lady Paramount. C. W. Cassers Queen Blonde, ch. e, by Free Lance - T. P. Haves Jane Frances, ch. f. bv Tncle — Algie M.; Oeheata, t . f. bv hfcOee -LUtte Turner. 5. M. Headrles North Sea, h. g, by Sweep -4r-ange and P.lue; Sweet Aljssum, b. f, by Uallot--Sweet LS vender. H. H. Hewitts Herald, b. e, by Coy Lad— Anger-ona; Huudicap. blk. c. by Coy Lad- Run of Luck. J. P. Jones Virginia Yeli, ch. g. by Plaudit — Mary Scribe. J. o. Keeaei Sarreatra, h. f. by Waterrah — Nikil.i: Simona. b. f. by Watt rvale Souriante. W. S. Kilmers •Sun Briar, b. e, bv Baadridge Sweet Briar; Stella Mia, ch. f. by Star Shoot My Bessie. A. L. Kirbys Violet Bonnie, ch. f, by Transvaal Mary Da v. W. J. Lamberts New Model, eh. f. by Abe Frank - Minyon. J. LoAcnsteius Theodore Fair, br. e, bv St. Nat —The Hare. K. McBrides *M;:rv Maud. b. f. bv Irish Lad 1rizette; Charlie Levdecker. b. c. by Jack Atkin -PaUy D. ; Paul Connelly, br. c, by Pallet Lamp- over. Robert J. McCanalrks Huzzas, br. c, by Plaudit— Ivabel. W. 1. Poisons Dragon Rock, br. c, bv Trap Rock CoasaeDa II. I» RayaHMMls Hollinger, b. e. by McGee leate L. J. P. Respess Gipsy Queen, b. f. Marathon Zinfaudel: Amerie:ni. b. g, bv Dick Welles Ani-iiinsilj: Angolino. b. or br. f. by Kick Welles - oil wai. P K. Tijrhes *F. J. Ilund. h. c, bv Sin Antonio Labbe. - -Fontaine ThornclilTe Stables Loxon, b. e, by Sain— Pic-turi saste. E Trotters Kuklux, b. g. by Broomstick — Val-kvrie. J. J. Trailers Pera Haadley, br. f, by Brya Maarr snarl. w. Viaus Geaeral NhreUe, i . e, by star si t Ohiyesa; Duke of Devonshire, ch. c, by Transvaal Mladfad. .1. O. Whitlows Kerrigan, br. c, by Dii k linnell Octavo. Fort Erie Stakes at Three-Quarters. The Fort Erie Stakes selling S1.50O added. Pat three year olds and ov.-r. 0 to accompany the nomination: *::.". additional to start. tl.MMJ added, of whi h to second and 48 to third. S3 Kin. tour pounds above scale: two pounds less for each JC.IIO to , KM»: one pound for each .*1IKI to ,000; two pounds for each SlOO to .SfilM. The winner to be sidd by Starters with seRiag price t.i be named through the catty box at the usual time of riosiag lie1 day before the race. Three .piarters. R. .1. Austins Milestone, b. g. I. by Star Sheet Aaiergae. Mrs. J. Arllmrs Water Lady, b. or br. m, fi. by W 1 1, rboy Kuchess of Tow.fs. It. .1. P.rannons S.|iieeler, br. g. fi, by John F. — Loreta Phillips. li. c. itedw eiis sir Edgar, ch. g. 5. bv Caamrd Stumpy: Monakiu. b. c. 3. by Rapid Water Little Putter, up: Anita, b. f. 1. by Voarhee* Handsome F|orry; *Tyraat, b. c. 3. by Radium Oppression. C. Ituxtons Manganese, b. g, i,, by Lithos — Rccca. R. I". Carmans Startling, b. c, 4. by Mut.i Baata Country Fraud. C. i:. Chan. -ellors Ophelia W., br. f, 3. by Bryn Maarr Star Lady. C. W. Cassi-rs B.iijamiii. br. g. 4. by Ildrim — Belle of Belle Meade. ;. M. Headrles Sands of Pleasure, b. g, 4, by Fair Play GoMea Sand: *Exhortcr, b. c, 3, by Sunder Persuasien. Sir John Headrles Thoughtful, br. g. 3. by Marta Santa Divination. J. O. Keen, s Pulaski, b. c, 3. by Out of Reach— Baisaae. A. I.. Kirbys Dr. Tu. k, b. c. 3, by Transvaal — Sin ■i-asunn:. .1. Laatsdeas Lyaette, ch. f. 3. bv Fair Play -MoseHe. J. P. Lyons Vahrie West. br. f. 3. by Bannock-burn -Sinfi. Mirasol Stables I.adv Moll. b. f. 3. by Hessian — La near. M. c. Maarcs Glpary Gearge, b. g, 4. by Dick W.llcs - Animosity. P.. McBrides Reprobate, ch. c. 3. by The Commoner Hoitcnsia. D. A. OMearas Pesky, b. f. 4. by Broomstick-Perverse. II. Ools •Aristol.nlus. ch. c. 3. bv Boi Horode -Ellen Graeate; *Moaty Blag, b. c. 3, bv Marajax llisd:. infill. W. P. »rrs Port Light, br. g. 4. by Hamburg— Morifingside. W. H. P.arces Geo. C. Love, b. g. 3. by Pee] ollav i:aline. W. J. Press Hubbub, b. c. 4, by Droomstick— Rumpus. J. Powers Harry Shaw, b. h. fi, by Sain — Hand Bell. J. B. Respess Bradleys Choice, ch. g. fi. by Caaard Sweet Alice; Langden. ch. g. 3. by Dick Wclhs Lass of Langden: •Purdey, rn. g. 5. by Faarliag-plece Lady Hamburg II. M. Sheas Tea Caddy, ch. e, 4. bv Rock Sand Teas Over. P. Sheridans Back Bay. b. g. 7. by Rubicon -Gonna; Yenetia. br. m, 5, by Solitaire II.— Salva-triv. F. F. Tighes Quartz, br. g. 5. by Rockton — Orfadca. B. Trotters Troitus, ch. g, 3. bv Broomstick— Bene -f Trap. g. B. Wagasas Bae, ch. g, fi, by Caaard — BaadeOo. W. C. We.inis Po.kichoo. ch. c. 4. by Stalwart -Miss Peggy; Noynini, ch. g, 4. by Abe Frank — Min von. K. T. ZollicofTers Phil Ingar. b. c, 4, by Con-teslor Miss Manners. •Imported. ___

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