Bashford Manor Stakes Entries: Big List of High-Bred Ones in Churchill Downs Main Race for Two-Year-Olds., Daily Racing Form, 1918-04-28

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I h . [ ! I I I I 1 [ 1 f I BASHF0RD MANOR STAKES ENTRIES Big List of High-Bred Ones in Churchill Downs Main Baca for Two-Tear-Olds. The Bashford Manor Stakes is the New Lnnisville Jockey Clubs principal spring offering for two-year-old colts and geldings. It is a dash of four and a half furlongs and heretofore has been run on the Wednesday following Kentucky Derby day. as presumably it will be this year. It was awarded .1 spbndid entry list this year, in which all of the prominent, western stables are represented, as well as some of the eastern stables. Last year it was won by the fine colt Escoba, with Jas. T. Clark second and Big Enough third. Few of its eligihles have raced as yet. but. following precedent, it is probable the Lexington meeting will develop a favorite, or favorites, for the event. Its entries embraces a wealth of high-class breeding and are as follows : Charlton Alexanders Cochroach, b. or br. g, by Magneto — Lady Levitv. O. A. Bianchis Senuings Park, ch. c, by Jim Gaffney — Irish Queen. E. R. Bradleys Bill Rendered, ch. c. by Marco-Forecastle; Believe Me Girls, b. c. by Helmet— Love Not; Buncrana. b. g. by Helmet— Tower of Candles; By Heck. br. c, by Helmet— Ladv languish. B. J. Brannous George Miiehlebach. b. e. by Mc-Gee— Stolen Moments; llo]ieful. b. c. by McGe. — Pink Rose; Colonel Livingston, b. c. by Handsel — Axis; St. Bernard, ch. c. by Ivan the Terrible — Beatrice K.: Allah, b. c. by McGe. — Mirror. *•-*■ Clarks Old Gib, eh. c. by Everett— Panlita. 1 if ford and Wilsons Buster Clark, br. c, by Stalwart—May B. II. C. W. Crowleys Elkwood. blfc. c, by Elkhorn — Km 111,1. It. O. Eagens Honest George, b. or br. c, by Keuil worth — Mitten. Gallaher Bros. Ballistite. h. c, by Peep o Dav— hire Russell; Best o Luck. ch. c. by Duval— Ida May; Charley Rector, b. c, by Peep o Day — Milkey J. C. Ellis Golden Floss, h. c, by Golden Maxim-Floss s. Frank Gering, Jr.s Nick Klein, ch. c, by Abe Frank— Negligee. J. S. Hawkins and Co.s Stockwell, ch. c, by Ballot — Janice. T. P. Hayes Lothair, ch. c, by Boml« n Bean — The Fashion. C. B. Heads Khaki, h. c, by Stalwart— Torrid II. II. Hewitts Ginger, ch. c. by Coy Lucky Wave; Sam Reh, b. c, by Peep o Day— Coy Maid. Fn-dorick Johnsons Cock o* the Main b c hy Cock •* the Walk— Private Flag. J. O. and G. II. Kccnes Salute, ch. c, by Stalwart— KislMTdale. Frank J. Kelleys Pastoiirean. h. or br c by Flint Rock— Prickley Pear; Sans Penr II h • hv Kthelbcrt— Sandwich; Linkstrap, b. c, by Trail Rm-k —Linda Stone. Willis Sharpe Kilmers Driimmond. h. c, by Og-len— Quebec; Poilu. ch. c. by Ogden— Grace Navarre; Mormon, hlk. c. by Ogden Rose of Gold; Vancouver b. c. by Ogden— Lady Alberta; Amstello. •h. c, hy Ogden — Amstcl. A. L. Kirbys Jazz Band, b. c, by Duke of Or-iiomle — Northumhria. I an Lehans John Churchill, br. c, by Solar Star— .Miss Louise. II. Eugene Leighs Adulation, b. c. by Plaudit— Tardy; Search Light III., ch. c, by Sweeper— lias let. Jefferson Livingstons Major Parke, blk. c. by Oick Welles — Undy Infallible; Mayor Galvin. ch. c. •y Marathon— Shawana; Wave. b. c, hy Tidal Wave —Marie Blanche; Jago, b. c, by Marathan— Somersault. George J. Longs Lancelot, b. c, hy Trap Rock — Merry Heart; Blondel. b. c. by Sir Huon— Boema-dadrid. ch. c, by Alvescot— Latifa; Clermont, b. e. •y Free Lance — Razia; Merrivale. b. c, hv Alvescot — Shameen; Coustantine, b. c. by Tin" White Knight — Perishable; lizarro, b. c, by Bouaros.i— Uecky. G. W. Lofts Rodgers. b. c. by Sweep — Lardell.-i. A. K. Macombers War Strength, ch. c. by Spanish Prince — Modify; War Drive, b. c, by Spanish Frtat« — Sweet Maiden; War Fame, br. c, by Prince talatine — Verne. Thomas C-. McDowells Loyalist, ch. c, by The Manager — Ancient. Mrs. E. B. McLeans Uncle White, ch. c, by inele — Busy Lass. E. B. McLeans Mint Cat. b. p. by Catmint — Ar-lette; Bank Note, b. c, by Greenback — Talavera; The Six Hundred, ch. c. by Light Brigade— Gal-Ionia; Candle Light, br. c, by Light Brigade — Calan-Iria; Vietordale. b. c. by Darley Dale — Victorgon. Middle ton and Jones Bugle Call, b. c, by Burgo--naster — Incognita; Service Flag. b. c. by Ben Trovato— Royal Child. J. C. Milams Hidden Jewel, b. c, by Disguise — -Itiibia Granda. M. C. MiMires Catch the Bear, ch. c, by Bear--•atcher — Kirstie. Charles Nuckols, Jr. and Co.s Foster Embry, ch. c, stalwart — Margaret Hastings. J. W. Parrishs Byng, h. c, by Peep o Day — Ec-rnana. William Perkins Henry Roberts, ch. c, by Astronomer — Keep Still. W. F. Poisons Vulcanite, b. c, hy V 11 lea in — single Shot; Billy Kelly, b. e. by Dick Wellesi — Glenn; Eddie Tranter, b. or br. c, by Textile — Xordlac. Otto Rogers Cerinns, ch. c, hy Transvaal — Ce-rina; McVex. b. c. by McGee — Spiteful; Counterbalance, b. c, by Dick Welles — Coni|M»nsnte. J. K. L. Ross Roselyou, br. c, by Sniistar — Desmonds Rose; Welshmans Folly, b. c, by Lan-•iibby — Lady Mischief; Czardom, b. c, by Royal Realm — Zoara. J. II. Rosseters Ragnarok. b. c, by Dick Finnell — Peace; Raynuuunt, ch. c, by Dick Finnell — llano-k-orine. John W. Schorrs Napthalins, b. c, by Lorenzo — Xapthalia. Morton L. Schwartz Audacious, ch. c. by Star jilHMit— Bold Girl; Efficient, blk. c. by Star ShiMit— Fulfill; 1yramus, ch. c, by Peter Quince — Miss Finch. J. A. Seeking tons Mack Garner, b. or br. c, by Seth — Flarney. Kay Spences Ivan, ch. c, by Ivan the Terrible — Sister MoUy. A. B. Spreckels Docod, ch. c. by Voorhees — Love of Gold; Vivir, ch. c, by V M rhees — Norinnc; Napan. b. c, by Dr. Leggo — Gaviota; Onienie, b. c, by ViMirhees — Priceless Jewel. Talbot Bros. Darnley, blk. c. by Magneto — Mizzle. E. H. Taylor, Jr.s Col. Taylor, b. c, by Plaudit-Looking Glass. W. V. Thraves* Brer Fox, gr. g, by Marta Santa — Fair Oris; Flying Eagle, gr. g. by Marta Santa — Fairyday; Marse John, br. g. by Fayette — Martha Lee. C. C. Van Meters Daymon, ch. c, by Ben Trovato — Anyday. I. Wells and Sons Judge David, b. c, by McGee — Benedetta. J. H. Wheelwrights Twiford, blk. c, by Celt— F.telka. R. D. Williams Lowell, b. or br. c. by Hilarious — Darling; Legal, b. c, by Hilarious — Responsf ni ; La Kross, b. c, by Martinet — Chemulpo. J. Hal Woodfords b. g, by Vulcain— Ruby Right. C. T. Worthingtous Bob Baker, ch. g, by Mi-Gee — Qnee Commoner. : *

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