Telegraphic Form, Daily Racing Form, 1919-10-17

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TELEGRAPHIC FORM The horses which seem best in Fridays races are: Latonia, Ky., October 1C. 1 Bonstelle, Lancelot. Money. 2 Dresden. Zinthon, Eyes of Youth. 3 B. B. Johnson, Opportunity, Rafferty. 4 KING GORIN,: Discussion. Lady Fair Play. 5 Wickford. Lorena Moss, Sir John Vergne. 6 Adelia W., Joe Stahr, Counterbalance. 7 Hemlock, Rhymer, Contestant. J. L. Dempsey. Buffalos Latonia Handicap. 1 Money, Trusty, Ettahe, Bonstelle. 2 Accelerate, Eyes of Youth, Centerville, Zin thon, 3 DoCod, Opportunity, Medusa. Archie Alexander. 4 KING GOUIN, Lady Rachel, Discussion, Jago. 5 Wickford, Lorena Moss, Frank Mattox, Judge David . 0 Counterbalance, Joe Stahr, Hadrian, Sam Reh. 7 Tahlac, Rhymer, Hemlock, Waterproof. Observers Latonia Handicap. 1 Trusty; Ettahe, Lady Luxury, Bonstelle. 2 Dresden, Eyes of Youth, Accelerate, Zinthon. 3 Opportunity, B. 15. Johnson, Archie Alexander, Sosius. 4 KING GORIN, Discussion, Lady Fair Play, Galli-Curci. 5 Frank Mattox, Lorena Moss, Sauer, Judge David. 0 Joe Stahr. Counterbalance, Lariat, Discord. 7 Rhymer, Tanlac, Contestant, Waterproof. Laurel, Md., October 10. 1 Murray, Back Home, Miss Horner. 2 Kirah. Pirate McGee, Col. Murphy. 3 RAPID TRAVELER, Truly Rural, Forever. 4 Hnndfull, Tie Pin, Legacy. 5 The Desert. Waukcag, Fairy Prince, fi Zouave, Indian Chant, Indian Spring. 7 The Decision, Foacher, Malvolio. T. K. Lynch. Buffalos Laurel Handicap. 1 Smart Guy, Back Bay, Murray, Goldine. 2 Kirah, Who Cares, Buckhorn II., Pirate Mc Gee. 3 TRULY RURAL, Rapid Traveler, Mock Orange, Limerick Lass. 4 Duke of Devonshire, Waukeag, Jack of Spades, Tie Pin.. 5 Waukeag, Dorcas, The Desert, Sibola. C Zouave. Jack of Spades, Baby Sister, Indian Chant. 7 Poacher, The Decision, George Clark, Dolina. Observers Laurel Handicap. 1 Yaphank. Smart Guy, Murray. Miss Horner. 2 Kirah, Who Cares, Liola, Pirate McGee. 3 RAPID TRAVELER, Truly Rural, Mock Or ange, Limerick Lass. 4 Tie Pin, Waukeag, Piiiard, Jack of Spades. 0 The Desert, Sibola, Dorcas, Waukeag. 0 Zouave, Indian Spring, Jack of Spades, Baby Sister. 7 The Decision, Poacher, Doling, Meliora. Empire City Yonkers, N. Y., October 16. 1 Swirl, Thunderbird, Right Over Might. 2 Susan M., Assumption, Wilfredn. 3 Adele, Tommywaac. Thos. F. McMahon. 4 OVER THERE, Bally, Cromwell. .1 Blairgowrie, Pastoral Swain, Cromwell. C Lucius, Jack Mount, Bettie Bluff. K. J. OrteU. Buffalos Empire City Handicap. 1 Right Over Might, Swirl, Bridge Player, Feather. 2 Assumption, Susan M., Cousin o Mine, Wil- freda. 3 Ting-a-Ling, Adele, Tommywaac, Thos. F. McMahon. 4 OVER THERE, Bally. Cromwell. 5 Blairgowrie. Pastoral Swa..n, Drumiuond, Foiilt- ncy. G Gex, Jack Mount, Orderly. Luchi.?. Observers Empire City Handicap. 1 Right Over Might,. Bridge Player, Swirl, Thunderbird. 2 Tom Young, Susan M.. Wilfreda. Assumption. 3 Ting-a-Ling, Adele, Ninety Simplex, Tommy waac. 4 Over There. Bally, Cromwell. 5 BLAIRGOWRIE, " Pastoral Swain, Poultney, Drummond. 0 Lucius, Bar One, Gex, Jack Mount.

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