Telegraphic Form, Daily Racing Form, 1919-10-23

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TELEGRAPHIC FORM The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: Churchill Downs Louisville, Ky., October 22. 1 Binding Tie, Lively, Lady Fair IMay. 2 Ace of Trumps, Sams Boy, Hosier. 3 Jack Hare Jr., American Ace. Tacola. 1 The Swimmer, Claymore. Prince Pal. 0 King Gorin, .Tack Hare Jr., Sway, ft Paris Maid, Ellison, Lucky It. 7 MADGE F., Linden, Prospector. J. L. Dcmpsey. Buffalos Cliurcliill Downs Handicap. 1 Binding Tie, Bon Tromp, Nepperhan, Star Baby. 2 Sams Boy. Ace of Trumps, Melvin, Ray Atkin. 3 Jack Hare Jr., High Cost, American Ace, Tacola. 1 Frank W., The Swimmer, Make Up. Claymore. 5 MIDWAY. Jack Hare Jr.. Stockwell, Rcgnlo. ft Chick Barkley, Ellison, Redstart, El Boy. 7 Madge F., Linden, Sans Peur II., Sun God. Observers Cltiiuliill Downs Handicap. 1 Lady Fair Play, .Tago. Star Baby, Rinding Tie. 2 Simonite, Hosier, ltny Atkin, Melvin. 3 JACK HARE JR., Rifle, American Ace, High Cost. 4 Prince Pal, The Swimmer, Mile. Razie, Make Up. 5 King Gorin, Jack Hare Jr., Minto II., Stock- well. 6 Parr, EI Roy, Lucky R., Mountain Rose II. 7 Madge F., Jim IIcfTering, Linden, Hocnir. Laurel, Md., October 22. 1 DOMINIQUE, Flying Welshman, Martha Luck- ctt. 2 Earlocker, W. T. Wilkinson entry, Gargoyle. 3 Malvolio, Saints Bridge. Dan. I Venal Joy. Devil Dog. Tattle. 5 Dr. Rae, Veto, Mint Cat. 0 Boniface, Stickling, Carpet Sweeper.. 7 Grimalkin, Ophelia, Arrah Go On. T. K. Lynch. Buffalos Iiaurel Handicap. 1 DOMINIQUE, Wedding Cake, Martha Luckett, Flying Welshman. 2 Gargoyle, Syrdarya, War Cap, Sea Sun. 3 Saints Bridge, Hnrwood, Joan of Arc, Napoli. 4 Runnyven, Devil Dog, Clarabclla, Col, Murphy. 5 Dr. Rae, Dancing Carnival, Frizenr, Belario. ft Boniface, Stickling, Bridesman, Carpet Sweeper. 7 Boniface, Ophelia, Grimalkin, Lcocharcs. Observers Laurel Handicap. 1 Dominique. Wedding Cake, Martha Luckett, Flying Welshman. 2 Gargoyle, Minata, W. T. Wilkinson entry, Sea Sun. 3 Saints Bridge, Joan of Arc, Dan, Harwood II. 4 Squire Charlie, Sea Mime, Devil Dog, Runny ven. 5 Dr. Rae, Belario, Pibroch, Frizeur. ft BONIFACE, Stickling, Bridesman, Carpet Sweeper. 7 Arrah Go On, Ophelia, Boniface, Fort Bliss. Empire City Yonkcrs, N. Y., October 22. 1 Northern Belle, Castor, Lonely. 2 rllousemaidj Resist. Tommywaac. 3 Sycamooc. Little Nearer, Senator Crow. 4 Homely, Pilgrim, Vice-Chairman. 5 LADY GERTRUDE. Salvestra. Wee Louise, ft Jack Mount, -Wood trap, Orderly. - 1 F. J. OrtelL Buffalos Empire City Handicap. 1 Lonely. Lovers Lane II., Cock o the Roost, Betsinda. 2 Housemaid, Paddy, Tommywaac, Resist. 3 Senator Crow, Jack ODowd, Sycamoor, Ameri can Eagle. 4 Pilgrim, Homely, Lunetta, Vice-Chairman. r ORMONDA. Lady Gertrude, Cleopatra, Homely. 0 Grundy, Woodtrap, Jack Mount, Orderly. Observers Empire City Handicap. 1 Lonely, Indiscretion, Ogden Girl, Lovers Lane II. 2 Housemaid, Tommywaac, Sycamoor, Mumbo Jumbo. 3 LITTLE NEARER, Sycamoor, Jack ODowd, Wilfreda. 4 Homely, Irish Dream, Lunetta, Vicc-Cliairman. T Lady Gertrude. Homely, Ormonda, Cleopatra, ft Jack Mount, Woodtrap, Orderly, Grundy.

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