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ANNUAL RACING FORM THE INTERNATIONAL AUTHORITY OH AMERICAN RACINE Circulating in the United States, Cuba, Philippine Islands, . Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Australia, India, Argentina, Chile, Peru, etc. etc THIS BOOK CARRIES indexed form charts of all recognized racing in the United States, Canada Ouba and Mexico, has supplanted all others for the use of racing officials an is universally used by jockey clubs throughout the world. Compact, accurate perfectly printed, with absolutely correct index, on linen paper, lettered, and bound in flexible leather. Contains, besides charts of all recognized racing on American tracks, the American and Canadian time records, scales of weighti of various governing bodies and records of jockey mounts in the United State Canada and Mexico, for the year. 9 Mr The Special Attention of Students of form 18 directed to the method of indexing the charts. The index shows each anc every start of all horses that have raced, with firsts, seconds, thirds and traci conditions designated on the occasion of each and every start. By means ol this innovation it is possible for the user of the Form Book to instantly de tcrmine a horses ability to run on any sort of track concerning which infor raation is desired, as shown in the following example: VAKT 8PARK. eh. g, 5. by Martimas Flicker H. A. Cotton 180071 31088h J31202ui JSt4r32u 31407i 31523i 3ttU5 JSUEtt!1 J31729 131824 818438, "31933 i 319G5h "31089b 532000 320S0S 532147 P 32231 P32305 "32377 "82390 32410 32S15 P32830 "iiHii 3234 133226 J3327U 33352 33438 8352011 33855h 133827 "3390V 34032 34139i 084357 . "34504 S4574 34610 "84746 M84M4 KAPENNY, cli. g, 6, by Bock Sand Half Sovereign H. Lang 31306l 31375 h31432 31470 h3153h "31556 h31588m 3140h 31hl4 r31.XS3 131934 31978 131993 32u721i 32084 132123h 32165 32175 32213 132243 J32811 132870 33029 S313tfsj k33207 33309 r334!l 335flSi 33R7fl tSS778 33822 r33028 C3968 84105sm 34241 kS429J tiMSflOh k34422s 84Ulk 1S4J1 184717 184751 ZODIAC, oh. g. 6. by Star Shoot lady Vincent M. J. Daly 81070 "31170 "31228 "3130H1 o313.r0J P31410 "31157 P31540 "33609 J316Nti 131743h 131913 131982 132026 "3206211 3212Sh 132209 32250 32281 "32458 82483h P32.rllsy 32543 P32557 "3305Kb k33268 "33309 333S8 P33460 P33607 P83612 P33077 P33745 "33072 r10S08, "34139 "3430S P34428i, 34541 84571 14688 "84749 PS4817 "h" lor heavy, "m" for muddy, "iy" for ilojpy, "i" for tlow; raoei not otherwiio designated wr ver fast or good traoks. The alphabetical alxit before each race number shovt-a the d Utsna at which the naci haa been run according to the Jkey belovrt J -4 and 3-8 Mile A 1 Mile 8 1-2 ITnrlonara B From 1 Mile 20 Tarda to 1-2 Mile D 1 Mile 100 Tarda O 4 1-2 Fnrlonsra F 1 1-16 Miles P 5-8 Mile G 1 1-8 Milea Q 5 1-2 Farlongra . M 1 3-18, 1 1-4 and 1 5-1B Mile. P 8-4 Mile .i J 1 1-2 Milea S 6 1-2 Furious K 1 5-8 and 1 3-4 Milea T 7-8 Mile Ii 2 to 3 Milea ; . . . . V 7 1-2 Farlonca ........ ... .... M 8 to 4 Miles V - Anneal Racing Form has been oversold for the past few years and the attention of prospective purchasers of the 1921 edition is respectfully called to the desirability of placing orders early. VOLUME I., 1921, Will Be on Sale On or About July 15, 1921 PIBUSHEP IN TWO VOLUMES Price, Per Volame, 0 Copies by mail must go as registered matter, with an extra charge of ten cents foi registration Bot responsible for books sent ai regular ma.il. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO., 441 Plymouth Court - - , - - - Chicago, Illinois ,157-169 East Thirty-second Street - - - - Hew York, N. "X 74 footage Stree - I, I, J, ... . MEETING WINDSOR INCLUDING SPECIALS ALL FOR 0 ONE HORSE DAILY RELEASED THE NIGHT BEFORE Spurred on by our splendid success, ALSO harking to the numerous requests, we have decided to issue a DAILY WIRE DURING THE WINDSOR MEETING. This, probably the biueest and best on the Canadian circuit, opens July 12, continuing to and including- July 19. POSITIVELY ONLY ONE HORSE FROM THIS TRACK DAILY. DAE JEELING, 9.10. HIS CHOICE, 2.40. BLACK SERVANT, 7.50. Only three of the many melons cut by us. Up to the moment we sent out EIGHT 00 GUARANTEED SPECIALS. All -were duly filed with this publication in some instances three to five days in advance. Purveying of "information" not "tips" is, with us, a BUSINESS. We pay top prices and deliver the goods. WINDSOR MEETDTG, INCLUDING SPECIALS, 0. For the Windsor meeting we will issue a DAILY WIRE. Our bargain offer is the ENTIRE meeting, one horse daily, including ALL specials, for 0. Our opening day special alone is worth MORE than we ask for the ENTIRE meet. Just ONE of our methods of ADVERTISING our expert service. Rush your subscription NOW. NATIONAL NEWS SERVICE, Turf Dept. SUITE 1002 - 100 NORTH DEARBORN STREET - CHICAGO, ILIi. The CHIEF CLOCKERS DAILY SPECIALS 50c OCCASIONAL WE TOLD YOU SO ! Thursdays Special .00 Occasional KIMPALONG. . .4.20- WON Wednesdays XXX Occasional was Scratched TUESDAYS .00 MONEY OCCASIONAL WON MONDAYS .00 SPECIAL OCCASIONAY WON FRIDAYS S2.00 OCCASIONAL WAS SCRATCHED WEDNESDAYS .00 MONEY OCCASIONAL WON TTJESD AT S .00 XXX OCCASIONAL WON Many others were given that are too numerous to mention. MANY WINNERS WERE GIVEN ON OUR 50c DAILY SHEET that are entirely too numerous to mention GETAWAY LATONIA ONE BEST TODAY A chrowd trainer has this hcrse as fit as any hands can make him and there will be nothing to it in this horse beating this field and will be at a nice juicy price. Make sure you ask for and get THE CHIEF CLOCKERS DAILY SPECIALS ONLY 50c XXX GETAWAY LATONIA .00 OCCASIONAL TODAY We have the final 0. K. on this one from our "Chief Clocker" and if you were only to know how nrcod this horse is at tho present time and how they have placed him in the spot where this babe belongs you would not hesitate a moment to get this one and send your bank roll in on it. Here is the WINNER you do the rest, so dont pass it by. Wo expect a REAL GOOD PRICE ON IT BEWARE OF IMITATORS Be Sure You Ask for and Get THE CHIEF CLOCKERS .00 OCCASIONAL Horse must win or you get our next Occasional FREE OF CHARGE by mailing us in your sheet. CHIEF CLOCKER 501 S. Dearborn St. Chicago, 111. Sold at Principal Newsstands CINCINNATI, 0. Bob Bishow, Fountain News Co., 5th and Walnut Sts. COVINGTON, Ky. Robert Gordon Pharmacy, S. W. corner 4th and Seott Sts. LOUISVILLE, Ky. Eiler and Goodman. 227 4th Ave. LEXINGTON, Ky. Joe Bishow, Main and Limestone Sts. DAYTON, Ohio H. Euphrat, 123 South Jefferson St. WRITE ME FOR THE FULL DETAILED RESULTS OF MY SIX DAYS, 0. K. JOCKEY LIVE WiRES At Kentucky, New York and Canada tracks, as previously advertised in Racing Form It Proved Remarkably Successful TERMS: Flaco the winnings of a 0 straight play for me. Wire winnings day after or you will get no moro information. I have two or three plays weekly, wired at 9 a. m. HARRY C. WHITE 206 E. LEXINGTON ST. BALTIMORE, MD. THE SYSTEM with a guarantee Must WIN its cost in three days or money refunded. No handicapping. Instructions make play positive. If you expect fabulous results dont inquire. An INVESTMENT, not a speculation. Mod-orate, but POSITIVE. Play one raco or tho cntiro card at or away from the track with small capital. Our BOOK is COPYRIGHTED and fully PROTECTED and is on file in the United States patent office. Data sent upon request, showing capital used and that it won on every track in tho United States and Canada in 1920. Small payment down, balance from winnings. Address THE GUARANTEE SYSTEM 117 W. FRANKLIN ST. BALTIMORE, MD. Yesterdays Bost Bet ran second. KIMPALONG 4.20 WON was Thursdays Best Bet This makes 9 WINNERS 9 out of last 19 starters. DONT FAIL TO GET TODAYS GETAWAY LETTER AT LATONIA 50c AT ALL NEWSSTANDS 50c Mailed direct, one week, .00; two weeks, .00. NATIONAL 0. K. PUBLISHING CO. ROOM ill BALTIMORE BLDG, CHICAGO, ILt. JACK FIELD I ONLY GIVE ONE HORSE A DAY SOLD AT PRINCIPAL NEWSSTANDS DAILY WEDNESDAYS ADVERTISED 00 FREE SPECIAL WAS Wadsworths Last.30- Won One of last weeks good winners REDMON .... .30- WON BIG "GETAWAY" LATONIA 00 Free Special Today One of tin? best known sources in this country is going to start a lior.se today that lie has kept up his sleeve for quite some time, and where lie .has this horse placed today it will be a WALKOVER. I have gone to a tremendous expense In obtaining this one of todays, and if you ever heard of a SURE WINNER, why, here is one. This horse will lie at a SPECIAL BIG PRICE Irice for todays sheet is same as usual . MAILED A WEEK in a plain sealed envelops overnight and is received the first mail in the morning. Can also be TELEGRAPHED. JACK FIELD 505 S. Dearborn St. Chicago, 111. Sold at Principal Newsstands CINCINNATI, O. Bob Bishow, Fountain News Co.. 5th and Walnut Sts. COVINGTON, Ky. Robert Gordon Pharmacy S. W. corner 4th and Scott Sts. LOUISVILLE, Ky. Eiler and Goodman, 227 4th Ave. LEXINGTON, Ky Joe Bishow, Main and Limestono Streets. TURF TOPICS FOR SALE AT ALL LEADING NEWSSTANDS 5 Publication for 35 Cents TODAYS FREE CODES: Latonia: Bay-26-60 Empire: Sea-50-44 BIG GETAWAY LATONIA OUT TODAY The meeting at Latonia tomes to a close Saturday, July 9. Many a good thing will be cut loose these getaway days. Our staff has reported many a live one for these remaining days horses that have been especially prepared and ready to be cut loose the next time out. Some of them may be as good as DONA LORIOTTE 9.30 WON the long shot reported in last weeks issue. Also many LIVE ONES AND LONG SHOTS AT EMPIRE AND CANADA All reported in this issue. If you want to get in on some of this stuff, so to your newsstand and purchase a copy of Turf Topics. Sold at the Following Leading Newsstands: LOUISVILLE, Ky. Eiler and Goodman. 227 4th Avo. DAYTON, 0. H. euphrat, 129 S. Jefferson St. CLEVELAND, 0. 0. Schroeder, 212 E. Superior St. DETROIT, Mich. L. Grosscup, 85 Congress St. ST. LOUIS, Mo. Foster Book Co., 410 Washing, ton Ave. ST. LOUIS, Mo. W. Laser, 7th and Market Sts. KANSAS CITY, Mo. Rickersecker, Ninth and Walnut Sts. CINCINNATI. 0. R. Bishorn, 5th and Walnut Sts. HOT SPRINGS, Ark. Fort Pitt News, Malvin and Valley Sts. AKRON, 0. B. Wheatman, 7 S. Main St. MOBILE, Ala. E. G. Bonner, care St. Andrews Hotel Newsstand. TURF TOPICS PUBLISHING CO. Room 54, 111 Nassau St., New York City, N. Y. OH, BOYS LOOK! This wonderful system went through all last season until the Louisville fall meeting before it had over two losing plays in succession on any one track. Up to June 29 in one week at the dif ferent tracks it only had 10 losing plays out of tit bets. The best bet only had 2 losers out of 10 bets. At Woodbine, Dorval. IMue Konuets and Connuuglit this system only had 15 losing plays out of !t bets. The best bet only had - losers out of 28 bets System Xo. 2. This system picks more long shots than any on the market. Here are a few of the recent winners: REDMON 0.30- WON NONSKID 6.50- WON FIREBRAND 1.90- WON TRANSPERO 3.55- WON MYRTLE CROWN 5.25- WON BYRNE 8.10- WON CHASSEUR 3.75- WON MISS MUFFINS 8.70-52 WON OM ALLEY 9.50- WON ETTAHE 0.00- WON FAIR GAIN .00- WON BUDANA 0.00- WON And a Large Number of Others. They both go for 0.00. and I will give you 00.00 if it didnt pick those horses. Nothing accepted by telegraph. J. H. CROSMAN Box 26 Palmyra, Ind. THE TURF REPORTER. 22 W. Ouincy St. Estab. 1904 Chicago, Illinois, SATURDAYS X SPECIAL: Mail-Friday-Was-Not-Lct-Not. Book on sale wherever Racing Form is, 35c per copy. SATURDAYS FREE SPECIAL: Bring-South-See-Try-Be-Fix. NEW BOOK ON SALE at all news-stands, 35c, good for a week. THIO AMERHiV THOROUGH IIRKD Baltimore Bldg. Estab. 1907 Chicago. Illinnia CHIEF OBSERVER, 25 West Forty-socond St., New York City. 35 cents daily. TODAYS FREE CODES: Latonia: Vermont-17-23-23 Fort Erie: Maine-22-2-21 Empire City: Florida-5-23-5 Dont miss this live one today: October-Orange-54-42-28-83. Get new book on sale at all newsstands for code to above free special. 35c per copy. Mailed direct, 3 copies, .00. The Standard Turf Guide, 403-22. wt Quincy St., Chicago, 111,

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