Tempting Array of Nominations: Fine Response to Churchill Downs and Latonia Stake Races- Entries for the Latonia Derby, Daily Racing Form, 1922-03-30


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. J ; » I i . ,. I I , j f , , a * *■ 1 I I r TEMPTING ARRA Y OF NOMINA TIONS I FINE RESPONSE TO CHURCHILL DOWNS AND LATONIA 1 STAKE RACES — ENTRIES FOR THE LATONIA DERBY As is usual, itt view of tlu-ir Importance and tempting endowment in tlie way of added] i money, the stake races proffered by Up- Kentucky Jockey Club for Its Churchill Downs and Latonia meetings tilled magnificently. Kentucky Derby entries have long since been i made public. The other Churchill Downs stakes received the following numbers of entries: Race. Age tind Distance. Entries. Debutante Stakes, two-year-old tiliies; 1-2 mile 119 Rishford Manor Stakes, two-year-okl colts and geldings; 4 1-2 furlongs 112 Kentucky Daks, three-year-old fillies: 1 1-8 miles U Kentucky Handicap, three-year-olds and ovc ; 1 1-1 miles 72 l Chirk Handicap, three-year-olds and over: 1 1-8 miles 7 | The more extensive stake list to be decided in tlie course of the spring and early . summer meeting at Latoniu fared even better with the fallowing pleasing totals of nominations: Race, Age and Distance. Entries. Latonia Derby, three-year-olds: 1 1-2 miles Xt g latonia Oaks, three-year-old fillies: 1 1-4 miles 54 , Ten Broeck Handicap, three-year-olds: 1 1-1 miles K] J Inaugural Handicap, three-year-olds and over: I l-lti miles £•". * Independence Handicap, three-year-olds and over; 1 1-2 mil-s 80 Daniel Boone Handicap, three-year-olds and over: 1 3-D! miles S7 7 Enquirer Handicap, three year-aide and over: 1 1-1 fi miles S8 Quickstep Handicap, three-year-olds and over; 3-4 mile 7s s Harold Stakes, two-year-old colts and geldings: 5-S mile 130 || Clipsetta Stakes, two-year-old fillies; " -8 mile 125 5 Cincinnati Trophy, two-year-old: 3-1 mile 181 1 *Queen City Handicap, two-jar-olds: 1 mile 237 7 *To be run at the autumn meeting. First in appeal to public interest at this time is the T.atonia Derby. This race occupies s place of its own in that it is at the correct Derby distance of a mile and a half and in consequence a truer test of stamhut than the Keentucky Derby or Preakness Stakes. In 1 general, its entry list is practically that of the Kentucky Derby. Morvich is in it along ? with his speedy stablemate Mawn-oron. and so are John Finn. Irish Brigadier. Violinist, ., Ttockminister. St. Henry. Surf Rider, Marble. Spanish Maize. Oil Man. Deadlock. Kai-Sang. • Bunting. Runstar and others which have been backed to win the famous Louisville race. Any variations can be discerned by an inspection of its entry list, its conditions and nominations being as follows: THK LATONIA DSKBY tor three year olds. By Mib-ct iption of .". each; ." 0 additional to start; . gland.aaa added, of which .gpa to -eoond. xl.KM to third, earth to s.io strike. The winner, if alo the winner of the Kentucky Derby, to receive STi.000 additional. Winners in tatS of a three -year-old race of *Kl.tHH. t lb-, extra. Maiden- allowed 7 lb-. Ac-op tames to be named through the entry box tin day ™ _ ImToic the ran at the usual lime of closing. One mile and one-half. I , ] , I i Baker, Q. P. -Ch. C, Jeha Finn, by Dick Kinnell— ; Coruscate. Baker, c. P. -Br. or Uk. g, Kebab, by Dick Fin nell— Saiidringham I.clle Baker, 8. P. and C. D. — !.. g. Casey, by Vubain-- Incetidiary. Blaokfoid. O. I.. Br. c. M.iximac. by Colden Maxim— I/ily Mac. Black, Benjamin — It or Br. c Morvieh. by Kuuu.v- llleile 1I.V lllir. Black, ISenjamin--Cli. e. MavvKoron, by ttryn Mawr — Coronis. rBradley, B. B. — B. c Baay American, by North Star III.— Urea thing Spell. rBradley, B. It. — B. •. Bet Maafct, by North star III.— Santa Anna II. IBradaey, B. B. B. c, Beaaaraneafat, by North Star III.— Stumpy, vl.radiey. K. R. It g. Bay .rom Homo, by Uclmct May Bird. vl.radiey. D. B.— Br. g, Baaker Bteera, by Behael Vaila. tBraddey, B. B. -Br. ■. Bj Ceah, by Black Taney Acatbadma. Bradhry, T. C- B. e, TeaMaai, by Ballot — t;old Lady. Braaaaa, B. I. — B. e, Oaeaaei Winn, by Bareep — — Drowl. I.reckenridge, Desha- th. c. Braedalbaue, by Jack Atkin — Princess Pat. isreckenridge. Beaha ff*h •. Beethtaaaa .louett. by Inelt— Dike Barhrar, Fred Br. c Irish Brtgadaar, by Lighl Brigade Magic Laaten It. Clark. C. W. — Br. c. Tom Hare. Jr., by Vulrain Moonet. Ceadea, J. B.— B. g Gaed Times, by Then. Cook — Bounty. Oeadea, I. S.--B. g. Ittg Heart, by Sweep -High flown. Daniel. William — B. c. Lighter, tF NeRofol — buck Stone. Daniel. William Br. g, Ccsligan. by Colin Sam rata. Daniel. William B. g. Otyathea, by WbbbbtIbb Kildonan. Doyle. »;. L. — Ch. g. Bobbie Shea, by Magneto — l.illi- Kruter Fisher. H. C. — Br. ft Violinist, by Dik Finnell — Plata Vail. Penytbe, P. A. Br. I raary Fee. kg Heaaiaa - Ruth I. i.oldblatt. II. B c. Tomahoi. by Athettag II — Cori.o. I.oldblatt. M. — Ch. ft Demos, by Cnele -L.a-t Cherry. Greeaberg, .1 Ch. c, .lake Berger, by AtheUag Tl. Jladiola. Headley, Hal Pi in Ch. g. Dad. by Yaadecgrift— Oaeetah. Hewitt H. H Hi f, Stanle. by Slar Hawk - Inspiration. Hewitt, H BL — Ch. ft PTaahhagtaa. by BaUet— Baaaaaa. Hewitt, h ii Ch ft Aaeaemt, by TaJcahj A vision. Hhrarh, Max I h. «•. Sidereal. I y Star Slcot Md Bajaaar. Hubble. R. L. B. ft Billy Bru-h. b B.n Break Sweci heart Sue Jeffords. W. M. Oh. ft Macduff, b] M.i.ce Stolen iloineiit-lone-. Mnntfort Ch •• Roi kininister. hj Friar Rock Mallard .lones. Mont tort Ch. c. St. Henry, by the Finn -Lady Sterling. ; z-Ioyoe. P. P.— B. g, Oppemaa, by Pataud— Dancing j Wave. _ Keenc. .1. O and B. H. — B. c, I.ueknow. by Luke .McLukt — Careue. Bene, .1. O and B. H. -IS. e, Llewellyn, by Luke ,; Mi Luke— Agnes Virginia Kelley, F. I — Ch. e. Chatterton. by Fair Play — - Chit Chat. Kibler. B, A.— Ch. e, Proclamation, by Jim Gaffaey v - Royal Message. •Kilmer. Willis Sliarpe — Cli. c, Sunieigh. by Sun- i. dridge — Sweet Briar. . Kucbclkamp. C- B. e, ISiliy Dunn, by Athettag II. - Thistle Belle. Kolin and Theisen — Br. e, James B. Brown, by Ma-- ler Robert —Marbles. Kohn and Theisen— Blk. f, BBBgan, by Hessian— Met ■t Mexican. Lehan. Dan— Br. f. Margaret Winaor. by iluon II. I - Braaaara hag. Lilian, Dan B. g. Spat-, by Sain Lcia. Lewis. W. 1,. -Ch. ft Thibodaux. hg unard - ITcctro. Level!, Dr. R. B.— Ch. e. apt. Clover, by Gen. i I teberta — Ba va i ia . Madilit. .1. B. — B. g. Surf Rider, by Superman — _ Sea Spray. May, B. M. — B. g, Carpenter, by Mont dOr II.— Cat ana. Mooar. K. E— Ch. g, Dissolute, by Theo. Cook — Marian Cay. Mueller, T. E— B. t, Randel. by lack Atkin— ~ Niko. Odaaa, ;. BL— Ch. e, Hada, by Biaaaaail raauBa DSullivan. J. — B. g. Plaudcl, by Plaudit —Ave te Russell. Patigle. J. W.— Ch. g. Caesar, by Stedfast— Kitty y Praaer. Reploglc. J. L. — P.. f. Princess Palatine, by 1riu-e e Palatine— Frizctte. Ros- J. K. L.— Ch. ft Marble, by Ballot— Tiffany iv Blend RoSs. .1. K. L. — Ch. ft Mercutio, by Friar Rock — _ Mereadel. Ross. J. K. L. — Ch. e. Spanish Maize, by Spani-h lj Pi Ian II. — Wheat-ear Rosscter, J. H. — Ch. e, Singapore, by Friar Rock — Dancorcss. Rosseter. J. H.— ■ Cli. c, SuixTcaigo. by Friar Rock * Sweet Marjoram. IBaare, W. II.— Cli. ft Oil Man. by North Star HI. I" Bandello. ••Ry.-ii. C. I.— Ch. ft Noithcliffe, by Sea King— - Doria. ••Ryan. C. I. — B. ft Black Fox. by Sea King - Aleen B. Shannon, Robert H. -B. ft Deadlock, by Sir Wilfred |. — Hortense II. ::Siuims. F. F. B. ft Southern Cross, by Luke lt Mil. nke — Phamphlyc. iStmuis and ili»er B. c, Liiky Hour, by Peraaa or Hearten - Lucky Catch. .Simiiis and Oliver — Ch. c. Missionary, by llourless — Missions. Simms and Oliver— B. ft My Play, by Fair Play— atabahah. • .Siiilair. B. P. — B. ft Kai Sang, by The Finn— Kttnaa, rtShB lair. It P. Blk. William A., by Jack Vkiii Tehera. Spreekels, A. B. — Ch. c, Runstar, by Ruunytnede — S.ilv.itrix. Wallace. W. M. Br. ft Horologe, by St. Amaul — Hour Hand , . i "ii i luiied vu piitf iwu.i TEMPTING ARRAY OF ENTRIES | Continued l|..in page one. i ■ Whittle; II P. B. •-. Ruining, by Pennant rrillery. Whitney. H. P. Ill, e, Wliiskawav, bv Whisk I.ioom II Inaugural. Whiloey, II P Br. . Oiyaspos, by Boya] Baflr Paradise II uhiinev. ii. p. it. •_•. Broeaaater, hy Biaaraaliit Spun Class. Whitney, ii. ;• Br. g, Braiaotoras, hy Pater Paa Babble. Whitney, I. P. v.. g. Backet, hy BiaaaaiHil Fi:-t Flight. Whitney, 11. P. B. •. Cherry Vvtf. hy Rroomstick Ceriae s Whitney, Mrs Payae -ch. c, Letteraaaa, hygaayor- m.-.ii Ariette. Wi. d. mai.n. in! ch. t. Bah, by Oik rapIHa w i.i in.! ni:. I ii. B. i. Aahtaad, hy Hoaeywoed — ■ l. M h. .-. tldle Boar s i ... k Farm. cTriple Bpriaca Farm. •Pnnbriar Coart. IPeiicaa BtaMe. **Oak Uidge Stable. ::Nal.ipa Faun. iU-xiiiKton Sable. iRancoias Stalde. xtJr.eiiirre Stable.

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