Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1922-08-15

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DAIL Y RA CING FORM HANDICAPS SARATOGA The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Augnst 14, 1922. 1 Lucky Antoine. Flannel Shirt, Anterio. 2 Syrdarya, Mohican, Bryan O. Lynn. 3 Tassel, Thessaly, Belle of Blue Ridre. 4 KAI-SANG. Little Chief, NorthclifL 5 Hereafter, Lackawanna, Brink. C Zev, Dunlin, Enchantment, F. J. Ortell. New Yorlc II:tiilIc;tp. 1 The Peruvian, French Furze, High Speed, Krocklesby. 2 Syrdarya, Mohican, Bryan O. Lynn, New Haven. 3 Rustem. Belle of Blue Ridge, Dicks Daughter, Tassel. 4 KAI-SANG, Horologe, Little Chief, Sweep By. 5 Hereafter, The Peruvian, Brink, Lacka wanna. C Zev, Dunlin, Newmarket, Comixa. ChienKo anil HnlTalo ll.-inlie:i. 1 Lucky Antoine, Brocklesby, French Furze, The Peruvian. 2 Mohican, Syrdarya, Royal Greens, Bryan1 O. Lynn. 3 Thessaly, Chile, Belle of Blue Ridge, Lady Myra. 4 KAI-SANG, Northcliff, Toil, Galantman. 5 Lackawanna, Brink, Hereafter, Long Is land. C Zev, Dunlin, Prince Regent, Comixa. Observers ll:iiilirni. 1 Flannel Shirt, Brocklesby, Lucky Antoine. The Dictator. 2 Mohican, Syrdarya, New Haven, Royal Greens. 3 Thessaly, Sequel, Allie Ochs, Dicks Daughter. 4 KAI-SANG, Little Chief, Northcliff, Gal antman. 5 Hereafter, Lackwanna, Brink, Orcus. 6 Zev, Enchantment, Dunlin, Newmarket. Consensus of llmiil ic:i p.s. 1 Lucky Antoine, The Peruvian, Flannel Shirt, Brocklesby. . 2 Syrdarya, Mohican, Bryan O. Lynn, New Haven, ?- 3 Thessaly, Tassel, Rustem, Belle" 6T Blu3 liidge. 4 Kai-Sang, Little Chief, Northcliff, Galant man. r n 5 Hereafter, Lackawanna, Brink, The Peru vian. ! 7 6 Zev, Dunlin, Enchantment, Newmarket. FORT ERIE The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Fort Erie, Oiit., August 11, 1922. i 1 Zeureka, Tycoon, .Toella J. 2 St. Donard, Purl, Some Baby. 3 Fincastle, Peter Piper, Thorny "Way. 4 Dellahm, Aunt Lin, Fanatic. 5 Despair, Lunetta, Sangrado. C North "Wales, Ogarite, Frank Fogarty. 7 DARK HILL, Fantoche, Rainbow Boy. T. K. Lynch. New Yorlc TTunfllonp. 1 Tycoon, Zeureka, Ardella, Joella J. 2 Some Baby, Purl, Ruddles, Nomis. 3 Harry Burgoyne, Thorny "Way, Peter Piper, Beckna. 4 Dellahm, Bassano Boy, Sweet Bouquet, Somme. 5 Lunetta, Sangrado, Despair, Martin A. Noonan. 6 Colonel Matt, Frank Fogarty, North "Wales, Blarney Boy. 7 DARK HILL, Louis A., Hello Pardner, Lads Love. Chimin :iml ltufTnlo 1 1 :i it I m 1 Zeureka. Tycoon, Arragosa, Joella J. 2 Purl, Quanah, Manna, Basil. 3 Peter Piper, Mumbo Jumbo, Fincastie, Thorny "Way. 4 DELLAHM, Somme, Mallowmot, Aunt Lin. 5 Madeline Lillian, Sangrado, Martin A. Noonan, Croupier. C Colonel Matt, North "Wales, Attorney, Roseate. 7 Dark Hill, Louis A., Raider, Fantoche. Observers 1I:niflicni. 1 .Toella J., Zeureka, Tycoon, Arragosa. 2 Basil. St, Donald. Purl, Quanah. 3 Joseph Brant, Peter Piper, Icon, Beckna. 4 DELLAHM, Bengali, Somme, Bassano Boy. 5 Despair, Sangrado, Madeline Lillian, Mar tin A. Noonan. 6 Dan, Colonel Matt, North Wales, Frank F ogarty. " Dark Hill, Rainbow Boy, Louis A., Raider. Consensus of Ilmitliennn. 1 Zeureka. Tycoon, Joella J., Arragosa. 2 St. Donard, Some Baby, Purl, Basil. 3 Fincastle, Harry Burgoyne, Peter Piper, Joseph Brant. 4 Dellahm, Somme, Bassano Boy. Aunt Lin. 5 Despair, Lunetta, Madeline Lillian, San grado. 6 Colonel Matt, North "Wales, Dan, Frank Fogarty. 7 DARK HILL, Louis A., Fantoche, Rain bow Boy. TOLEDO The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Toledo, Ohio, Augnst 14, 1922. 1 BATTY H.. McGees Pink, Maura. 2 Quincy Ward. Discussion, Miss Caltha. 3 Babylonian, Bristow, Chisca. 4 Musito, Marion Hollins, Zainer. 5 Marmite, Cacambo, Uncle Bert. G First Consul, Major Domo, Captain Burns. 7 Clip, Rog, Sentimental. F. II. Sproult. New Yorlc Handicap. 1 Gin, McGees Pink, Batty H., Maura. 2 Christie Holters, Miss Caltha. Grandee, Dinty. 3 Madge F., Gordon Roberts, Trader, Mab. 4 Currency, Musito, Marion Hollins, July 5 CQL. TAYLOR, Uncle Bert, Silence, Ca cambo. 6 Captain Bums, Major Domo, Will Soon, Ncg. 7 Dr. Shafer, Puzzle, Commander, Senti mental. ChieaKo arid Huffcilo Handicap. 1 Batty H., Gin, Maura, McGees Pink. 2 Frank Shannon, Discussion, Christie Holt ers, Grandee. 3 MADGE F., Babylonian, Gordon Roberts, Chisca. 4 Malvolio, Dr. Hall, Musito, Goldie S. 5 Col. Taylor, Marmite, Shifty, Uncle Bert. G Major Domo, "W. G. McClintock, Neg, First Consul. 7 Clip, Sentimental, Commander, Dr. Shafer. Observers llniidiiap. 1 Batty H., Kedgwick, McGees Pink, Gin. 2 Grandee, Discussion, Christie Holters, Frank Shannon. 3 Madge F.. Chisca, Bristow, Babylonian. 4 Musito, Malvolio, Marion Hollins, Dr. Hall. 5 COL. TAYLOR. Marmite, Shifty, Cacamno. G Major Domo, Captain Burns, Wodan, AY. G. McClintock . 7 Clip, Sentimental, Dr. Shafer, Commander. Consensus of Handicap. 1 Batty II., Gin, McGees Pink, Maura. 2 Quincy Ward, Frank Shannon, Grandee, Christie Holters. 3 Madge F., Babylonian, Gordon Roberts, Chisca. 4 Musito, Currency, Malvolio, Marion Hol lins. 5 j-COL. TAYLOR, Marmite, Uncle Bert, Ca cambo. 6 Major Domo, First Consul, Captain Burns, AY. G. McClintock. 7 Clip, Dr. Shafer, Sentimental, Commander.

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