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WEEKLY RACING GUIDES Two Daily Code Services The Turk World-Famons Long Shot Specialist and Watson "Buck" Watson, well known nnd successful bandicapper. The two are releasing two specials each, every day. FREE to Weekly Hating Guide readers. The Turks Releases for Saturday : BOWIE: Six - Lawn - Stretch Will take some lira tint;. Two - Impede - Atlanta. Is due fur brackets. Watsons Releases for Saturday : BOWIE: Nine -Trainer-Bit Likes tlie track. One - Timer - Clocker The class of the race. FOR CODE, BUT ISSUE OF APRIL 2 Weekly Racing Guide Worlds Greatest Racing: Weekly 26 Cents at All Newsstands am WEEKLY BOOK. 35c— AT ALL NEWSSTANDS DAILY SPECIALS. OCCASIONALS, New Weekly Out AND AC.AIN ANOTHER 00 FREE CODE Bowie— Chicago -Level-Canal -Level -Flora. Here is a colt ready lo step down in front today and word has been re -*ived to get down here, HOOK. LINE* and SINKEH. Also here are a few of last weeks winners: Titina, $ 7.20, Won Battle Shot, 4.50, Won Frosty Boy, $ 7.50, Won Dancing Fool, 4.70, Won AND OTHERS So. by all means, he Mire to pet the new weekly. For sale at all newsstands, and cents. BILLY KELLYS Code Book No. 292 KELLYS CODE FOB SATURDAY: BOWLE: Doc-14-7-hB17-9-21.12-15. A new book with new code published every Thursday. Price, one dollar. Sold by your dealer or direct from WM. BURKE KELLY 21 EAST 3RD STREET CINCINNATI. OHIO DAISY AND LUCY TODAYS FREE CODE: BOWIE: Dance -Honey -Silk -Ankle -Fine Wicker -Flash SPECIALS I fgf I A" Supplied by Our Private dockers and Expert Track Representative* • Cm*** DONT MISS A SINGLE WORD RELATING TO THIS oifhSat* SUPER SERVICE fS 1 Montee Trackmen work for Montee exclusively on a scale of remunera- don based upon audited results produced and therefore must maintain a high standard to remain in our employ. LAST-MINUTE SUPPLE- , . CONFIDENTIAL AND MENTARY STAFF — EXCLUSIVE HIGH-VOLT- CONSENSUS RELEASES A AGE INFORMATION / | L The following are horses on which we have These selections are assembled, charted and / ■ M certain extremely VALUABLE , INFORM A- verified at Urge expense, and relayed by / B TIOM. They will run and WIN before the FIRST-CLASS SEALED MAIL on the 10th / ■ ■ regular current Consensus is released: OF EACH MONTH at the ACTUAL COST I V I of handling. The charge per subscriber is very I M V I LUCKY GAIN ACHIEVE low through the economies of quantity produc- I V ■ I FORTUNATE WIN REALIZE tion. If we had only a thousand or two sub- 1 V Hk / PROSPEROUS SECURE EARN scribers, we could not afford the large staff of I 1 3L / AUSPICIOUS GRATIFY ATTAIN high-salaried Experts that we maintain. __KssssssssV / ZJ!S£Lam ATTAIN !™C»™D kf SUCCESSFUL This staff is kept incessantly at work tabu- SH lating. studying, revising the constant stream | L*t7 TICKER FLASH SPECIAL RELEASE. °[ daia_thlt ST"! b*forj hemi £?£ »~ WT To receive this SPECIAL SUPER INFOR- Track Clockers and Rep- phoned by the Expert | MATION, 53c in stamps must be forwarded resentatives in the field, whose duty is to learn to cover the charges of printing, track tele- whatisgomgonm the barns and in tte morn- itante information carefully grams, long-distance phone calls, postage, ing trials. Even such details as track soil analyzed and tabulated before handling, etc., thus allowing us to break even compositions and climatic conditions receive released by our on the service, which is figured on a pro rata their consideration. expert staff headed basis of calculation for every N. T. D. reader. ,, _ - - _ by We benefit through the avenue of increased »_j * render a— .v. Service j~ do If attempted to we we _the WALLACE WALLACE N. T. D. Circulation, obtainable only through 1° 21nfie ,"d!|V,,,« In?te rendition of 100% Service. Each Special hundred thousand dollars -™n. *nnually. In other Tdrf EdjtolwTh. National Tarl Difftst Supplementary Consensus will go forward by mi $ *~*s ***15020******15020*15020***** ** ** SUPPLEMENTARY CONSENSUS COUPON NO. F. IT MEANS LARGE WINNINGS FOR YOU as- • Montee Publishing Co., Inc., „. Montee Building, 511 Oakland Ave., Baltimore, Md. «* Gentlemen : m ** Enclosed find remittance of 53c.» which is for Supplementary Mcntee Consensus Release. ™ • PLEASE WRITE PLAINLY Name No. and Street ** •» City Sute .* ««• NOTE — Exchange charges on Canadian remittances must be included. U. S. stamps are accepted. All remittances by currency v should be registered. I 5 I IMPORTANT — Date this Release will be made is stated above. Carefully note the I same and AVOID unnecessary correspondence on subject If this is the FIRST coupon " sjgwwasv you have ever mailed to this Department, BE SURE and mark X in space. I I EtSSBBSk, * * IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP AT NIGHT AND YOUR BANK ACCOUNT I W V"""V *~ * BY DAY WITH THE TICKER FLASH SPECIALS " n-rocerS TURF WEEKLY [f 35 cents per copy, 10 weeks fl J± FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS m0and*§ New Weekly Out TODAYS FREE CODE: BOWIE Brazil — -Lot -Com. One of the fastest tricks at this track and it goes for the money this afternoon. The horsemen behind this deal usually get a price in four figures and they advise todays liorse should prove the easiest kind of a winner. Kor name of this racer get the new weekly, B cents, at jour newsdealer. YESTERDAYS FREE CODE: OUT STEP .80, Won LAST WEEKS BOOK WINNERS: BATTLE SHOT 4.00. Won TITINA $ 7.20, Won SPORTY McGEE 6.20. Won WAVECREST 1.00. Won LORD VALENTINE 3.60, Won AND A BATCH OF OTHERS Another Confidential Rogers BIG SPECIAL GOES TODAY The big chief clocker. N. Rogers, advised this office over the long distance telephone that this racer, without a shadow of doubt, is the best medium of a prospective winner that he has ever laid his eyes on. The horsemen behind this deal have also given the big boss their assurance that they will try and make this occasion the biggest the;, have as yet attempted and. boys, how these horsemen know how to put them over and at price*. From their own word they advise that this racer is a probable 10-1 shot. Terms for this special, $." . Wire or call in person for this big special. See page " two, Clocker N. Rogers Weekly. Rogers Publishing Co. 1672 Broadway New York City JOCKEYfM. KELLY DAILY ONE HORSE A DAY 5 FOR SIX WINNERS Strictly one horse a day. Everyliody receives the same horse. The horse I advertise is the horse everybody receives. Telegrams sent everybody early. No waiting. YESTERDAYS STRICTLY ONE HORSE: Mariner, 7.70, Won THURSDAYS STRICTLY ONE HORSE: LITTLE BROOM 8.60, Won TODAY— -15-1 EXPECTED SATURDAY— 15-1 EXPECTED POSITIVELY WIRED ALL WESTERN CLIENTS EARLY. NO WAITING Today is the big day. Do not miss this big 15-1 probable winner. Have a very big bet win only. Ho not iiiiKS todays probable winner. Should pay 15 to 1 or iwtter. Suhscrilie today. Ho not wait. Irompt service to everybody. STRICTLY ONE HORSK EACH DAY POSITIVE SERVICE EVERY HAY. Subscribe todsv and convince yourself of the honesty and truthfulness of the advertisement of JOCKEY WM. KELLY. Out of town clients, remit money via Western Inion or Postal Telegraph and receive mv wire immediately. No waiting. Office opens 8 a. in. to C p. in. Terms $."» daily or 5 for six winners. Strictly one horse each day. Positively wired all western clients. No exceptions. WM. KELLY, 1476 Broadway, Room 701, New York City Braxted Brothers I 0 Pays for Six Days — Two Horses Daily I WESTERN CLIENTS— NOTICE— READ— WESTERN CLIENTS Remit ten 0» dollars, Tia Western Unicn or Postal Telegraph, to our New York office and re**iva the advertised two horse parlay for six days. IMMEDIATE SERVICE TO ALL OCT OF TOWN SUBSCRIBERS. TELEGRAMS SENT TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS IMMEDIATELY CPON KKCKIIT OF TEN 0 HOLLARS. No waiting. No delay. WE ARE THE OFFICIAL TURF COMMISSIONERS FOB THE MARYLAND MEETINGS Bowie, Havre de Grace. Pimlico. YESTERDAY WE WIRED TO EVERYBODY: Duckling, 4.10, Won Out Step, $ 5.20, Won Thursdays Two Horses: Mondays Two Horses: WAR MA $ 9.00, Won FIRST EDITIOX $ 9.00, Vol SPKiS .M. $ 3.5$, 2nd MYRA M $ ...10, Won Wednesdavs Two Horses: Saturdavs Two Horses: WILD ASTER $ 5.20, Won THE HEATHEN $ 9.10. Won FABLE 2.4$, Won LANCASTER $ 6.30, Won Tuesdays Two Horses: Fridays Two Horses. COLONEL SETH $ 6.20, Won SKAVAIt .10, Won MACBETH Lost AICILLA 1.19, Won The above is our complete record for the present Bowie meeting. Strictly two horses each day released to all subscribers the same released to everybody. These are the two horses advertised. 90* BIG LIMIT WIN PARLAY SATURDAY -g Telegraphed to everyl ody immediately on receipt of 0— no waiting. Wire your ten i0t dollars via Western Inion or Postal Telegraph to our New York office and receive these two big priced probable winners within thirty minutes. We have a staff of clerks to handle all western subscriptions. For your own good sake do not fail to subscribe today. No details can be made public regarding these two horses. All subscribers are advised to make an exceptionally big wager on todays parlay win only. SUBSCRIBE TO BRAXTED BROTHERS AND MAKE MONEY. BEAT THE tiAME BY PLAYING OCR TWO-HORSE PARLAYS. jgPfLast year at Bowie we released eight win parlays in eleven days. Watch us this year "gj We state nothing but facts in our advertisements. We advertise over the entire country during the eastern racing season. We do not o| erate at the winter tracks. We have been relc.isins turf information for the past 14 years. HONEST INFORMATION. PLAY OCR TWO-HOUSE PARLAY EACH HAY AND YOU SHOCLD WIN. PLAY THE PARLAYS WIN ONLY. 0 PAYS FOR SIX DAYS Western clients wire ten 0 dollars either via Western Inion or Postal Telegraph and yon will receive six win parlays. Not one cent additional charge whatsoever. PROMPT SKKI»K To ALL WESTERN SUBSCRIBERS. BRAXTED BROTHERS, 1480 Broadway New York, N. Y. AETNA TURF AGENCY 147 WEST 42ND STREET, 7TH FLOOR NEW YORK CITY TERMS: DAILY. 0 WEEKLY— STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY This concern is a legitimate turf agency, registered nnd listed under the laws of the State of New York. We release ONE HORSE A HAY NEVER MOKE to every person. We wish to Mate emphatically that each and every person receives this same horse. We do not promise you the imimssible. such aa 20 to 1 shots each day. or lo to 1 shots. If vou expect such horses, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to the Aetna Turf Agency. YESTERDAY OUR ONE HORSE: THE CODE 7.00, Won TODAY— SATURDAY— EXPECT 10 TO 1 WIRE YOUR and receive the advertised horse by fast telegraph service. Telegrams sent everybody promptly. No delay whatsoever. We wire you one horse a day. This horse is telegraphed everybody as soon as we receive their money order. Prompt service assured to everybody. After you receive a winner, we do not ask yon for additional monev for specials, extras, etc. We only release one Lorsc a day. The horse we release is the one we advertise. M» DO NOT MISS TODAYS WINNER— EXPECT 10 TO 1-K BEWARE OF INFERIOR TURF INFORMATION. YOU ARE ASSURED OF RECEIVING scTviTe the same day voii sultscribe. Continuous service to all weekly subscribers. If you want to do business with an honest and legitimate organization, subscribe to the Aetna Turf Agency. You will be more than satisfied. All those desiring our one horse a day remit for one day or 0 for six da.vs. We have no other propositions. We entertain no propositions. Remit via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Our offices in New York are oven 1- hours a day — 7 days a week.

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