Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-10

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Fast Track I RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHARJAP CONSENSUS Brown Mate Kings Glory GloryCrystal Kings Glory GloryTimocracy Brown Mate Brown Mate Timocracy TimocracyBrown Brown Mate 14 245 PM Timocracy Crystal Torch Timocracy Crystal Torch Timocracy Brown Mate Timocracy 13 TimocracyPrivate Private Howie Timocracy jCrystal Torch jTimocracy Kings Glory Crystal Torch Kings Glory 11 OMASARI LAST CHICK CHICKFire Omasari OmasariFire Omasari Omasari Omasari OMASARI 27 OmasariUnknown OmasariUnhampered 315 PM Unhampered Fire Dust Unknown Reward RewardUnhampered Fire Dust UnhamperedBolo Unhampered OmasariUnhampered Unhampered Unhampered 7 7Last BigBoy JJnknown Reward RewardBusy Unhampered Unknown Reward RewardBusy Bolo Way Unknown Reward RewardBusy Last Chick 7 Busy Line Busy Line LineMargaret Valdina Kovia KoviaMargaret Busy Line LineValdina Busy Line LineBagnell Busy Line LineBagnell Busy Line 25 345 PM Bagnell Margaret T Margaret T Valdina Kovia Bagnell Bagnell ValdinaKovia 9 9JBagnell BagnellMargaret Margaret T Valdina Kovia Bagnell Little Alice Margaret T Valdina Kovia JBagnell 7 Two Ton Tony Alned ALNED Doll Baby BabyOwasse Chicago Dr DrTwo ALNED Alned 20 20Two 415 PM Owasse AlnedJust Just Beans BeansChicago ALNEDBayport Bayport Owasse Two Ton Tony Just Beans Two Ton Tony 7 7ChicaKO Idle Sun Chicago Dr Just Beans Alned JBaypprt jOwasse ChicaKO Dr 6 Alacyon Bolo Tie TieEver Fire Engine EngineEbony Fire Engine EngineEbony Hoosier HoosierEver Bolo Tie TieFire Fire Engine 13 445 PM Ever Flying FlyingJHoosier Ever Flying FlyingFire Ebony Edge EdgeBoloTje Ebony Edge EdgeBolo Ever Flying Fire Engine EngineEver Bolo Tie 12 12JEverJFlying JHoosier Fire Engine BoloTje Bolo Tie Jjuroid Ever Flying JEverJFlying 7 Yar Cherry Trifle TrifleHi Yar Wedding Call CallCherry CHERRY TRIFLE Ubiquitous Cherry Trifle 18 YarHi UbiquitousHi 515 PM Hi Diddle DiddleCherry Hi Diddle DiddleUbiquitous Cherry Trifle Cherry Trifle Wedding Call Hi Diddle Yar 10 10JHiJDiddle Cherry Trifle Ubiquitous JCJbiguitous Hi Diddle Hi Diddle Cherry Trifle JHiJDiddle 8 Pittistraw Isarpma Ras Taf fari fariSay Pittistraw Alaflag Afaflag AfaflagIsaroma Alaflag 14 IsarpmaPittistraw PittistrawAlaflag 545 PM Aldridge Pittistraw Say Nomore Alaflag Isaroma Isaroma Pittistraw 13 13Isarpma Isargma Alaflag Alaflag Aldridge Ras Taf fari JPittistraw Isarpma 10 Prince 6Mars Hazel Lee Alley HAZEL LEE LEESwoosh Hazel Lee Hazel Lee LeePrince Hazel Lee 24 615 PM AlleyHazel Surgeon Dick Alley Hazel Lee LeeSwoosh Swoosh Alley Prince OMars OMarsAlley Alley 11 AlleySwoosh SwooshLovely Alley Swoosh Swoosh Lovely Dawn Lovely Dawn Alley Prince OMars 7 Dr Bones Dr Bones Dr Bones Dr Bones Dr Bones Very True Dr Bones 25 Blossom Queen Anopheles Blossom Oueen Anopheles Anopheles Blossom Queen Blossom Queen 7 Pajas Very True Very True Blossom Queen Due Snort Anopheles Very True 7 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROS POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Sidout Exploded Sidout Exploded Exploded Exploded Exploded 24 SidoutExploded ExplodedBebeJa SidoutExploded ExplodedSidout ExplodedBebeJa 330 PM Exploded BebeJa Exploded Sidout BebeJa BebeJa Sidout 14 BebeJaSidout ExplodedBebeJa SidoutBebeJa BebeJaSidout JJebeJa Sidout BebeJa BebeJa Ava Delight Sidout BebeJa 9 Pairfort Nabroi Betnabar Nabroj Betnabar Pairfort Pairfort 14 PairfortField NabroiPairfort BetnabarPairfort 400 PM Field Lark Pairfort Pairfort Betnabar Nabroj To Boot Betnabar 14 JBeJnabar Bj2tnabar Nabro1 PairfortNabro1 ToBoot Field Lark Field Lark Nabroj 13 FLORIZAN SAM SAMThe The Giggler GigglerFlorizan FLORIZAN SAM SAMThe Florizan Sam THE GIGGLER FLORIZAN SAM SAMPlucky FLORIZAN SAM 30 30The 430 PM The Giggler GigglerPlucky Florizan Sam The Giggler The Giggler Florizan Sam Plucky Teddy The Giggler 19 Plucky Teddy TeddySorbonne PluckyTeddy Plucky Teddy ValdinaVicar Plucky Teddy JThejGiggler JPluckyTeddy 6 Sorbonne Valdina Loria LoriaWavecap Kabo Lea Manda Valdina Loria Wavecap Valdina Loria 13 13Kabo 500 PM SorbonneClayburne Clayburne Wavecap Gray Dottie Kabo Lea Wavecap Kabo WavecapKabo Lea Kabo Lea 11 Valdina ClayburneValdina Loria WavecapKabo Kabo Lea Valdina Loria Wavecap Kabo Lea Valdina Loria Wavecap 10 Yarn Spinner SpinnerBetrothed Yarn Spinner SpinnerOne Betrothed Yarn Spinner SpinnerOne Betrothed Yarn Spinner SpinnerBetrothed Yarn Spinner 22 22Betrothed 530 PM Betrothed One Link BetrothedOne One Link One Link Yarn Spinner SpinnerJLydiaK Betrothed Betrothed 16 One Link JBetrothed JBpsunette JBetrothed JBetrothedBISCAYNE JLydiaK pneLink OneJLink 8 Chiclette Biscayne Blue BluePrincipal Biscayne Blue BlueChiclette BISCAYNE BLUE BLUEOkoole Principal One Biscayne Blue BlueChiclette Biscayne Blue 26 26Principal 600 PM ChicletteBiscayne Biscayne Blue Principal One Chiclette Okoole Maluna Biscayne Blue Chiclette Principal One 10 JLittleJEb ony Okople Maluna MalunaSong Principal One Principal One Okoole Maluna Principal One Chiclette 9 Patriot Song o War WarPatriot Early n Smart SmartNight Early n Smart Early n Smart Song o War Early n Smart 17 17Song 630 PM Song PatriotSong o War Patriot Night Editor Song o War Night Editor Early n Smart Song o War 14 Bright Arc Night Editor JPatriot JSTight Editor Boot and Spur Night Editor Patriqt 8 War Shy ShyJay JAYDKAN Jay D Kan KanBlack Jay D Kan Jay D Kan Jay D Kan Jay D Kan 29 29Black 700 PM Jay D Kan KanBlack War JAYDKANWar Wise Black Skimmer SkimmerWar Black Skimmer Black Skimmer Black Skimmer Black Skimmer 10 10War Black Skimmer Black Skimmer War Wise War Wise War Wise Jayakay War Shy 5 Trackman C J Connors AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Little Davey Bright Camp Bright Camp Little Davey Little Davey Little Davey Little Davey 23 1230 PM Mission Step Little Davey Fettacairn Bright Camp Camp Sortie Bright Camp CampNcte Bright Camp 14 ft Patrol Flight Note Little Davey Note Umbril Ncte Note 3 J At Play Liberty Franc Liberty Franc Liberty Franc Liberty Franc Liberty Franc Liberty Franc 25 100 PM Family Doc White Time Airspring Pony Express Airspring Pony Express ExpressAt Pony Express 8 8AtPlay6 Pony Express Pony Express Pony Express Family Doc Pony Express At Play AtPlay6 Harford The Beak BeakCaddie Mercator The Beak The Beak The Beak The Beak 22 130 PM Guinea Club Caddie The Beak TOP Milk TOP Milk TOP Milk MilkJTasmania Top Milk 8 8JHarford TOP Milk CaddieTasmania Tasmania TOP Milk Galley Boy Tasmania JTasmania JHarford 5 WAR WAAC MISS BISCUIT Directory Miss Biscuit Miss Biscuit Miss Biscuit Miss Biscuit 23 200 PM Shelter War Waac DirectorySantaStefana SantaStefana Santa Stefana Santa Stefana Santa Stefana War Waac 12 12Santa Miss Biscuit Santa Stefana Awaited SantaStefanaAwaited War Waac War Waac War Waac Santa Stefana 9 Piccadilly Dini BARDIA Dini Dini Dini Dini 21 230 PM BardiaDini Bardia PiccadillyBardia Full Cry Full Cry Full Cry DiniAlbatross Albatross AlbatrossHaichow Full Cry Bardia 11 11JPullCry Dini Bardia Haichow Air Current Haichow Bardia JPullCry 8 Corydon Corydon Corydon Corydon CORYDON CORYDON CORYDON 34 300 PM He Rolls CorydonCopperman CoppermanRedthorn Copperman CorydonCopperman Copperman Copperman Redthorn Copperman Copperman 9 9Redthorn Redthorn Redthorn Redthprn Redthorn Copperman Redthorn Redthorn 7 330 PM Tenebrose This Freedom Happy RedthprnHappy Guess GuessPeace PEACE EAGLE This Freedom Peace Eagle Peace Eagle 18 Peace Eagle Happy Guess Peace Eagle This Fceedom Hatfpy Guess Happy Guess This Freedom 13 13JIappyGuess Amble Tint Peace Eagle AmbleTint Happy Guess Peace Eagle This Freedom JIappyGuess 12 400 PM Over Curwen Bold Stroke StrokeCurwen Curwen Curwen Curwen Curwen 24 Curwen Devils Crag Curwen Over Devils Crag Shipmate Devils Crag 8 Devils Crag Shipmate Devils CurwenDevils Crag Devils Crag Shipmate Devils Crag Over 7 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CO SENSUS Collect Call Miss Vogue Winning Smile Collect Call Collect Call Our Victory Collectcall 17 130 PM Ecomint Our Victory Collect Call Our Victory Ecomint Miss Vogue Our Victory 9 Winning Smile Ecomint Miss Vogue Santa Rosa Our Gladden Ecomint Miss Vogue 8 8Valdina Manador Valdina Troth Valdina Troth Valdina Troth Pomade Valdina Troth Valdina Troth 21 200 PM Devils Wit Pomade Manador Pomade Manador Pomade Pomade 11 11Manador Sun Valley Sun Valley True Heart Sun Vallev Valdina Troth Sun Valley Manador 9 Renraw Sunamit Sunamit Sunamit Renraw In Vogue VogueHonest Sunamit 18 230 PM RenrawSunamit SunamitBallacolas Sunamit Renraw In Vogue Renraw In Vogue VoguejSjunamit Honest George Renraw 14 14InJVogue Ballacolas BallacolasBanyan Ballacolas Ballacolas In Vogue jSjunamit BallacolasLad Ballacolas InJVogue 10 Banyan Teen Age Banyan Blue Cyprus Blue Cyprus Lad Boswell BoswellNine Blue Cyprus 14 14Banyan BanyanBlue 300 PM Blue Cyprus Blue Cyprus Nine Hole Nine Hole Banyan Nine Hole Banyan 13 13TeenAge JTeen Age Nine Hole Lady Boswell JTeen Age Lady Boswell Banyan TeenAge 7 Dream Parade ParadeFairy Dream Parade Dream Parade Victory Drive DriveFairy Dream Parade Fairy Trace TraceDream Dream Parade 23 23Fairy 330 PM Fairy Trace Fairy Trace Victory Drive Fairy Trace Fairy Trace Dream Parade Fairy Trace 13 JPartidq Partido Baying JDream Parade ParadeChuckle Wine Punch Victoryprive Victory Drive 8 Begda Begda BEGDA Chuckle Begda Begda Begda 29 29Chuckle 400 PM BegdaChuckle Chuckle Dense Path Burgoplette Begda ChuckleBegda BegdaChuckle Chuckle BegdaChuckle ChuckleDense Chuckle Chuckle 12 12Dense ChuckleDense Dense Path Chuckle Dense Path BegdaBurgoolette Burgoolette ChuckleGbndalina Gbndalina Dense Path Dense Path 5 OWN SHIP OWN SHIP Own Ship OWN SHIP Multi Quest OWN SHIP OWN SHIP 35 35Wadedale 430 P M Wadedale Wadedale Wadedale Wadedale Own Ship Wadedale Wadedale ID Miss Kalola Miss Kalola Miss Kalola Miss WadedaleMiss Kalola Wadedale Miss Kalola Miss Kalola 5 Gold Bill Gold Bill No Count Alhalon GOLD BILL No Count Gold Bill 19 19No 500 PM Alhalon Alhalon Ask Me Gold Bill No Count Ask Me No Count 13 13Alhalon No Count Ask Me Alhalon Ask Me Alhalon Alhalon Alhalon 12

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