Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1952-05-09

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFigures Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing S points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points 2 Points for 2d 1 Point for 3d Todays Best in Black Type Trackman D S Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS CONSENSUS Arpege Foxpoise Sgt Abe AbeArpege Sgt Abe AbeArpege Foxpoise Sgt Abe 1 1Arpege Sgt Abe Arpege Arpege Arpege Skyolater Arpege Ij IjFoxpoise Foxpoise Sgt Abe ArpegeSkyolater Skyolater ArpegeFoxpoise Foxpoise Sgt Abe Foxpoise 11 i Petes Comet Miss Sedate Sweet Belish Sweet Belish Sweet Belish Sweet Belish 1 Sweet Belish Petes Comet Miss Sedate Ganja Miss Sedate Petes Best Ganja Sweet Belish Ganja Petes Comet Petes Comet Miss Sedate Weep No More Weep No More Weep No More WEEP NO MORE MOREMr Weep No More MoreBigGirl WEEP NO MORE 27 27Begister Register Now Conquerant Perfidy Mr Tweety BigGirl BigGirlConquerant Begister Now Biff Girl Begister Now Big Girl Begister Now Conquerant BigGirl Fine Art Almenow Almenow Fine Art ArtAlmenow ALMENOW Almenow 21 21Fine ALMENOWLittleBookie Almenow Little Bookie Diamond Lane Almenow LittleBookie Fine Art ln lnLittleBookie I Dustlight Dustlight Dustlight AlmenowHallieboy Hallieboy Diamond Lane LittleBookie Arizona K BLACK BANTAM BANTAMArizona ARIZONA K KBlack Black Bantam Plunger Black Bantam PlungerMr I Black Bantam Arizona K Black Bantam Shibboleth Mr Michaels MichaelsBlack Arizona K KPlunger Plunger Mr Michael S Plunger Arizona K Black Bantam Plunger v LITTLE IMP IMPScreemin Air Mail The Gink Little Imp Air Mail Little Imp II IIAir Screemin Jack Little Imp Little Imp Dr Ole Nelson Little Imp Air Mail 1 1The Dr Ole Nelson ScreemiriJack Air Mail Air Mail The Gink The Gink b Starborough Mason County CountyChalpur Mason County CountyChalpur Starborough Chalpur Mason County I Mason County Chalpur Chalpur Scherzo Mason County Starborough ChalpurStarborough ChalpurStarborough Scherzo Starborough Starborough Easy Mark Sir Lopez Chalpur a Beau Nash Myrmidon Jiminy Cricket Beau Nash Actnice Beau Nash i Big Heralder Jiminy Cricket Myrmidon Big Heralder Jiminy Cricket Jiminy Cricket Bobin Bed Actnice Beau Nash My Boy Bill Myrmidon Myrmidon J Trackman J J Murphy BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS EP CONSENSUS BOOKWORM Its No Use UseEfcee Its No Use I Angle Efcee EfceeAngle Efcee 1 Clear Path Angle Angle Impasse Cajole Cajole Cajolea Cajole Impasse a Impasse Nose Dive Golden Fiddle Big Fib Springdale Escarp Escarp I IAllflor Allflor Allflor Escarp Allflor Allflor Fiddlers Choice Springdale Springdale Springdale lale Springdale Head for Home Deep Biver Boman Law Boman Law Deep Biver iver DeepBiver DeepBiverLaw Deep Biver Roman Law DeepRiver Deep River Boman Law Boman Law LawHead EliasG Elias G Domain Prince Head for Home Elias G Head for Home Tina Lazar Firey Bed Tahitian Firey Bed Tina Lazar izar Firey Bed Beded Fifey Bed Tina Lazar Firey Bed Tina Lazar Firey Bed ed TinaLazar TinaLazarg Winging Along Winging Along Winging Along Tahitian Winging g Along1 Tahitian Hushaby Baby GUN MOLL MOLLUpsetter Flynet GUN MOLL MOLLUpsetter GUN MOLL MOLLHushaby IOLL Gun Moll 25 25iyBaby Gun Moll Upsetter x Gun Moll Upsetter Hushaby iyBaby Baby Hushaby Baby ° Once In Love Hushaby Baby Hushaby Baby Buddy Belle Looknow w Jet Flynet King Jolie JolieFlaunt King Jolie KING JOLIE JOLIEBlenomar King Jolie King Jolie lie KING JOLIE 27 27nt Flaunt Olive of India Blenomar Blenomar Old Point nt Flaunt v 6 6Blenomar FlauntBlenomar Blenomar Flaunt Flaunt Flaunt Flaunt Blenomar 5 Daf fling Boy Dame Mangoneo Lions Share Dame Mangoneo Dame langoneo DameMangoneo 17 Dame Mangoneo Sun Boamer Famera Sun Boamer Lions Share Lions Share 7 7amer Sun Boamer Music Hoss Music Hoss Music Hoss Sun Boamer amer Sun Boamer 6 Trackman E P Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS CONSENSUS i Abbezac Tribal Fire FireAbbezac Abbezac Abbezac Abbezac Abbezac i i Tribal Fire Abbezac Tribal Fire Tribal Fire Tribal Fire Tribal Eire Swatch AbbezacAmphispirit Amphispirit Tims Moon Swatch Swing Pousse Swatch Recurring MISS LYRIC Blen Sand vBlend Sand Miss Lyric Miss Lyric Helen Maisel Helen Maisel Twice Teddy Becurring Helen Maisel Blen Sand Countless Lea Blen Sand Helen Maisel Lochy Blen Sand Helen Maisel Bold Rogue For Bent BentZillah Blenwick Unattached UnattachedBlenwick Unattached Unattached Zillah Unattached Zillah Blenwick Blenwick Blenwick ZillahUnattached Unattached Cloudburst Blenwick BlenwickZillah Zillah For Bent e TOP Luck Copsa Copsa Cedar Lock ArgyleSock Copsa i Galway Boy CopsaArgyle Argyle Sock Cedar Lock GalwayBoy Copsa ArgyleSock I1 I ArgyleSock Cedar Lock Argyle Sock ArgyleSock Cedar Lock Cedar Lock Miss President PresidentInanabout Inanabout Miss President MISS PRESIDENT MISS PRESIDENT MISS PRESINT 26 26Heavenly Inanabout Miss President Nerve Heavenly Hash Heavenly Hash Inanabout 8 8Nerve Nerve InanaboutNerve Nerve Heavenly Hash Nerve Inanabout Heavenly Hash 5 Army Conscript Hidden Motive HIDDEN MOTIVE Hidden Motive Army Conscript Hidden Motive Hidden Motive March Again Army Conscript Gatlight Hidden Motive Army Conscript 13 Surf Song Ambrose Gatlight Army Conscript Gatlight Gatlight 4 WITCH WAY Octavias Daughter Giachino Dorothys Miss Octavias Daughter Otavias Dauter 10 i Giachino Sassy Chick OneOCat Sassy Chick Dorothys Miss Giachino 8 8Dorothys OneOCat Giachino Dorothys OneOCatDorothys Miss OneOCat Sassy Chick Dorothys Miss 8 Eauibit Fleet Argo Alluring Alluring Alluring Alluring Alluring Equibit Sir Sweep Andy Handy Equibit Equibit l Lundi Andy Handy Equibit Jolirab Andy Handy Fleet Argo Trackman W C Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS CONSENSUS Silver Spot Miss Shadow Stingymaid Silver Spot Miss Shadow Miss Shadow Franks Maude Bosemere Zoe Miss Shadow Miss Shadow Silver Spot Silver Spot Miss Shadow Silver Spot Bosemere Zoe Bosemere Zoe Bosemere Zoe Stingymaid i CrewCut Mafchan Head Stream StreamKalluki Kalluki Head Stream StreamKalluki Kalluki Kalluki Kalluki Kalluki Head Stream Kalluki Head Stream KallukiCrewCut KallukiCrewCut Marchan Head Stream CrewCut CrewCut CrewCut CrewCut BE LOVELY LOVELYI BE LOVELY LOVELYCertainly CERTAINLY Certainly Certainly CERTAINLY CERTAINLYTucas CERTAINLYBe I Certainly Certainly Tucas Be Lovely Be Lovely Be Lovely Imahopin CopaTip Be Lovely Paddock Kitten Paddock Kitten Incas i Arab Knight Bemstate DashOLight ImOK DashOLight DashOLight L DashOLight Gottadance Gottadance ImOKDashOLight DashOLight DashOLightGottadance Im O K Im O K Im O K Im O K Arab Knight Gottadance Gottadance Arab Knight Alexis Librab LibrabGnu Fern Gold Gnu Gnu Gnu GnuFern GnuAlexis Gnu Gnu Alexis Fern Gold Alexis Alexis Great Whirl GnuAlexis Alexis Star Z Flying Weather AlexisJohns Johns Admiral Fern Gold Supreme Lone Shadow Leas Best Turf Star LEASBEST Leas Best Big Bad Wolf Leas Best Bebut Leas Best Lone LEASBESTLone Shadow Lone Shadow Lone Shadow Turf Star Turf Star Greens Folly Bebut Turf Star Scobeyville La Corredora CorredoraBedouin La Corredora CorredoraScobeyville METAL MIKE MIKEBedouin Scobeyville Scobeyville Metal Mike Bedouin Scobeyville Bedouin Bedouin La Corredora BedouinScobeyville ScobeyvilleBedouin Blue Bhymer Scobeyville Bedouin Scobeyville Joi B Bedouin U Asked Forit Inaname Inaname Thiercelin ThiercelinInaname Inaname Inaname Linda A Gatita II Gatita n Inaname Dada Thiercelin Africaine Dada Thiercelin Dada InanameDada Gatita n U Asked Forit Trackman A E Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST SWEEP CONSENSUS Hoop Jude Little Whim Little Whim Hoop Jude Little Whim Little Whim Dark Appeal Hoop Jude Hoop Jude Little Whim Hoop Jude Hoop Jude Little Whim Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Lefty Jim Lefty Jim Ocean Play Lefty Jim Lefty Jim Lefty Jim Wardril Ocean Play Wardril Wardril Ocean Play Ocean Play Mr Flares Wardril Smiling Eves Ocean Play Wardril Wardril Flying Fleet Aileens Pride Aileens Pride Aileens Pride Flying Fleet Aileens Pride Aileens Pride Flying Fleet Miss Challa Flying Fleet Aileens Pride Flying Fleet Mr F MrF Flying Fleet Herman L Gold Champ Miss Challa I Forgot Basis BASIS Basis BASIS Basis BasisScholarship BASISScholarship BasisScholarship BASISScholarship BasisScholarship Shoe Shine Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Basis If Coming Bold Brennan Great Morning Great Morning I Forgotr Evermine EvermineJahi Hay Edy Hay Edy EdyJahi Hay Edy Hay Edy HayEdy HayEdyEvermine Jahi Easy Paddy Jahi Evermine Evermine Evermine JahiHay JahiEvermine EvermineJohi Hay Edy Evermine Evermine Easy Paddy Easy Paddy Johi ScourSneak Scour Daydreamer Cotton Ginny GinnyDaydreamer Daydreamer Cotton Gmny GmnyDaydreamer Daydreamer Sneak Easy CoatofBlue Daydreamer CoatofBlue Daydreamer Cotton Ginny DaydreamerCoatofBlue DaydreamerCoatofBlue CoatofBlue Classy Chance CoatofBlue Classy Chance CoatofBlue CoatofBlue NO SHO SHOSmartyArty NO SHO SHONorth No ShpCoincident Shp NoSho NoSho NO SHO SHOSmartyArty SmartyArty North Clark CoincidentSmartyArty Coincident SmartyArty SmartyArty SmartyArty Dust Screen SmartyArty SmartyArty North Clark North Clark North Clark Capt Gallagher Golden Clover CloverExecution Capt Gallagher EXECUTION Execution Execution EXECUTIONCapt Toetotoe ExecutionToetotoe Execution Toetotoe Capt Gallagher Toetotoe Capt Gallagher 12 Bit o Glow Toetotoe Bit o Glow Golden Clover Bit o Glow Toetotoe 7

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