Kentucky Derby History From Aristides to Swaps, Daily Racing Form, 1956-05-05

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Kentucky Derby History From Aristides to Swaps SwapsCompiled Compiled by DAILY RACING FORM Reproduction of Tabulation Is Prohibited Without Permission of DAILY RACING FORM The Kentucky Derby to be run this year for the eightysecond time is Americas greatest horse race No Kentucky Derby has failed to furnish some interesting occur ¬ rence to make it unforgettable As the years pile up and renewals become history these outstanding incidents take on added significance In an effort to condense this infor ¬ mation into the shortest possible space DAILY RACING FORMS staff compiled the following table showing among other details horses who have won then later sired sons who won maiden winners and favorites that finished first second or third The table is the most complete ever compiled on the Derby Riders owners and breeders of one or more winners are noted The number of nominations and starters are easily compared Year Winner CoorSexWL 1875 Aristides E ch c 100 1876 Vagrant H br g 97 1877 Badent Baden M ch c 100 1878 Day Star H ch c 100 1879 Lord Murphy M b c 100 1880 Fonso E ch c 105 1881 Hindoo H b c 105 1882 Apollo E ch g 102 1883 Leonatus E b c 105 1884 Buchanan E ch c 110 1885 Joe Cotton E ch c 110 1886 Ben All H br c 118 1887 Montrose M b c 118 1888 Macbeth II H b g 115 1889 Spokane E ch c 118 1890 Riley E b c 118 1891 Kingman H b c 122 1892 Azra E b c 122 1893 Lookout E ch c 122 1894 Chant E b c 122 1221895tHalma 1895tHalma H blk c 122 1896 Ben Brush E b c 117 1897 Typhoon II E ch c 117 1898 Plaudit E br c 117 1899 Manuel H b c 117 1900 Lieutenant Gibson Eb c 117 1901 His Eminence E b c 117 1902 UAIanaDale H ch c 117 1903 Judge Himes E b c 117 1904 Elwood E b c 117 1905 Agile E b c 122 1906 Sir Huon E b c 117 1907 Pink Star E b c 117 1908 Stone Street E b c 117 1909 Wintergreen E b c 117 1910 Donau E b c 117 1911 Meridian E b c 117 1912 Worth E r br c 117 1913 Donerail E b c 117 1914 Old Rosebud b g 114 1141915tRegret 1915tRegret E ch f 112 1916 George Smith E blk c 117 1171917ttOmar 1917ttOmar Khayyam Mch c 117 1918 Exterminator E ch g 114 1919 Sir Barton E ch c 112 1920 Paul Jones E br g 126 1921 Behave Yourself Eb c 126 1922 Morvich E br c 126 1923 Zev M br c 126 1924 Black Gold Eblk c 126 1925 Flying Ebony Mblk c 126 1261926fBubbling 1926fBubbling Over E ch c 126 1927 Whiskery E b c 126 1261928tReigh 1928tReigh Count E ch c 126 1929 Clyde Van Dusen Mch g 126 1930tGallant Fox E b c 126 1931 Twenty Grand Eb c 126 1932 UBurgoo King E ch c 126 1933 Brokers Tip E br c 126 1934 Cavalcade E br c 126 1935 TOmaha E ch c126 1936 tBold Venture E ch c 126 1937 War Admiral M br c 126 1938 Lawrin E b c 126 1939 Johnstown E b c 126 1940 Gallahadion E t c 126 1941 Whirlaway E ch c 126 1942 Shut Out E ch c 126 1261943tHCount 1943tHCount Fleet E br c 126 1944 tPensive E ch c 126 1945 Hoop Jr E b c 126 1946 Assault E ch c 126 1947 Jet Pilot M ch c 126 1948 Citation E b c 126 1949 UPonder E dk b c 126 1950 flMiddleground E ch c 126 1951 Mount Turf E b c 126 1952 Hill Gail E dk b c 126 1953 Dark Star E br c 126 1954 Determine E gr c 126 1955 Swaps E ch c 126 Second SecondVolcano Volcano Creedmoor Leonard Himyar Falsetto Kimball Lelex Runnymede Drake Carter Loftin Bersan Blue Wing Jim Gore Gallifet Proctor Knott KnottBill Bill Letcher Balgowan Huron Plutus Pearl Song Basso Ben Eder Ornament Lieber Karl Corsmi Florizar Sannazarro Inventor Early Ed Tierney Rams Horn Lady Navarre NavarreZai Zai Sir Cleges Miami Jge Morris Governor Gray GrayDuval Duval Ten Point Hodge Pebbles Star Hawk Ticket Escoba Billy Kelly Upset Black Servant ServantBet Bet Mosie Martingale Chilhowee Captain Hal Bagenbaggage Osmafid Misstep Naishapur Gallant Knight KnightSweep Sweep All Economic Head Play Discovery Roman Soldier Brevity Pompoon Dauber Challedon Bimelech Staretor Alsab Blue Swords Broadcloth Pot o Luck Spy Song Phalanx Coaltown Capot Hill Prince Royal Mustang MustangSub Sub Fleet Native Dancer Hasty Road Nashua Third WL WLVerdigris OddsTimeTr Verdigris 100 100Harry 2910 237ft Harry Hill 100 100King 95 2384ft King William 104 104Leveler 81 233 ft Leveler 100 100Strathmore 31 23714gd Strathmore 100 100Bancroft 1110 237 ft Bancroft 105 105Alhambra 71 237JMt Alhambra 105 105Bengal 13 240 gd Bengal 105 105Lord 101 2404gd Lord Raglan 105 105Audrain 12 243 hy Audrain 110 110Ten 72 2i404gd Ten Booker 107 107Free 11 2374gd Free Knight 118 118Jacobin 75 236ft Jacobin 118 118White 101 239Mft White 118 118Once 81 2384ft Once Again 118 61 234ttft Robespierre 118 41 245 hy High Tariff 122 11 52ttgd Phil Dwyer 122 122Boundless 32 241 hy Boundless 122 122Sigurd 107 2394ft Sigurd 122 122Laureate 12 241 ft Laureate 122 122emper 13 237ttft emper Ego 117 117Dr 12 207gd Dr Catlett 117 117Isabey 31 212ahy Isabey 117 117Mazo 31 209 gd Mazo 117 117Thrive 1120 212 ft Thrive 122 122Driscoll 710 2064ft Driscoll 110 110The 31 207ft The Rival 117 117Bourbon 32 208ft Bourbon 110 121 20 ft Brancas 110 110Layson 121 208 ft Layson 117 117James 13 21034m James Reddick 117 117Ovelando 1110 208ft Ovelando 117 117Dunnegan 151 212hy Dunnegan 114 114Dr 241 215tthy Dr Barkley117 1910 208V sl Fighting Bob 117 117Colstan 85 206ft Colstan 110 110Flamma 2910 205 ft Flamma 112 112GoweJI 45 209m GoweJI 112 112Bronzewing 911 204ft Bronzewing 117 45 203ft Sharpshooter 114 114Franklin 135 205ft Franklin 117 117Midway 4110 204 ft Midway 117 117Viva 131 204ft Viva America 113 301 210m Under Fire 122 122On 135 209hy On Watch 126 161 209 si Prudery 121 121John 31 204Jft John Finn 126 126Vigil 65 204ft Vigil 126 126Beau 191 205ft Beau Butler 126 1710 205Mift Son of John 126 3110 207sy Rock Man 126 126Jock 1910 203ft Jock 126 126Toro 125 206 si Toro 126 126Panchio 21 210hy Panchio 126 126Ned 31 210m Ned 0 126 126Mate 1110 207gd Mate 4126 4126Stepenfetchit 910 201ft Stepenfetchit 126 126Charley 112 205ft Charley 0 126 126Agrarian 91 206gd Agrarian 126 126Whiskolo 32 204 ft Whiskolo 126 126Indian 41 205 gd Indian Broom 126 201 203ft Reaping Reward126 85 203Mft Cant Wait 126 8610 204ft Heather Broom 126 126Dit 35 203ft Dit 126 126Market 351 205 ft Market Wise 126 2910 201ft Valdina Orphan 126 1910 204ft Slide Rule 126 126Stir 25 204 ft Stir Up 126 126Darby 7110 04 gd Darby Dieppe 126 126Hampden 3710 207 m Hampden 126 126Faultless 81 206sl Faultless 126 126My 275 206sl My Request 126 126Palestinian 25 205sy Palestinian 126 126Mr 161 204Vift Mr Trouble 126 126Ruhe 81 201ft Ruhe 126 126Blue 151 202y5ft Blue Man 126 126Invigorator 1110 201ft Invigorator 126 251 202 ft ft4Me Hasseyampa 126 4Me 203 ft Summer Tan 126 145 201ft Sire Jockey JockeyLewis Owner Trainer TrainerA Imp Leamington Lewis H P McGrath McGrathW A Anderson AndersonJ Virgil Swim W Astor J Williams WilliamsE Imp Australian Walker D Swigert E Brown 1st 1stL Star Davis Carter T J Nichols L Paul PaulG Pat Malloy CarterSchauer Schauer v G Darden Co G Rice RiceE King Alfonso G Lewis LewisJ J Shawhan E Brown 2nd 2ndJ Virgil J McLaughlin J Rowe Sr 1st 1stG Lever Hurd Moms Patten G B Morris MorrisR Longfellow W HurdW Donohue tyinn Morgan R Colston ColstonW Imp Buckden l Murphy 1st W Coltrill W Bird BirdA King Alfonso Henderson JTWilliams A Perry PerryJ Virgin P Duffy J B Haggin J Murphy MurphyJ Duke of Montrose I Lewis LewisCovington Labold Bros J McGinty McGintyJ Macduff Covington Chicago Stable J Campbell CampbellJ Hyder Ali Kiley N Armstrong J Rodegap RodegapE Longfellow I Murphy 2nd 2ndI E Corrigan E Corrigan CorriganD Imp Glengarry I Murphy 3rd 3rdA J Cobin Stable D Allen AllenJ Reform A Clayton G J Long 1st J H Morris MorrisW Troubadour Kunze Cushing Orth W McDaniel Falsetto Goodale Leigh Rose E Leigh LeighB Hanover Perkins B McClelland B McClelland Bramble Simms 1st M F Dwyer H Campbell CampbellJ Imp Top Gallant F Garner J C Cahn J C Cahn CahnJ Himyar Simms 2nd J E Madden J E Madden MaddenR BobMiles Taral A H D H Morris MorrisC R J Walden WaldenC G W Johnson Boland C H Smith C H Hughes Falsetto Winkfield 1st F B Van Meter F B Van Meter MeterT Halma Winkfield 2nd T C McDowell T C McDowell McDowellJ Imp Esher H Booker C R Ellison J P Mayberry Free Knight Prior PriorJ Mrs C E Durnell DurnellS C E Durnell DurnellR Sir Dixon J Martin S S Brown R Tucker TuckerP Falsetto R Troxler TroxlerMinder G J Long 2nd P Coyne CoyneW Pink Coat Minder J Hal Woodford W H Fizer FizerJ Longstreet A Pickens PickensV C E Hamilton J Hall HallC Dick Welles V Powers PowersHerbert J B Respess C Mack MackG Imp Woolsthorpe HerbertG Herbert W Gerst G Ham HamA Broomstick G Archibald ArchibaldC R F Carman A Ewing Imp Knight of the Thistle ThistleImp C H Shilling ShillingR H C Hallenbeck F M Taylor TaylorT Imp McGee R Goose T P Hayes T P Hayes Uncle J McCabe H C Appelgate F D Weir WeirJ Broomstick J Hotter H P Whitney 1st J Rowe Sr 2nd 2ndH Imp Out of Reach ReachEngJ J Loftus 1st 1stC J Sanford H Hughes HughesC EngJ Marco C Borel Billings Johnson JohnsonW C T Patterson PattersonH Imp McGee W Knapp W S Kilmer H McDaniel McDanielH Imp Star Shoot J Loftus 2nd J K LRoss H G Bedwell BedwellV Imp Sea King T Rice RiceC R Parr V Garth Marathon C Thompson E R Bradley 1st 1stB H J Thompson 1st 1stE Runnymede A Johnson 1st B Block E Burlew BurlewD The Finn E Sande 1st Rancocas Stable D J Leary LearyHWebb Black Toney J D Mooney Mrs R M Hoots HWebb The Finn E Sande 2nd G A Cochran W B Duke Imp North Star III IIIWhisk A Johnson 2nd Idle Hour Stock Farm 2nd H J Thompson 2nd Whisk Broom II L McAtee 1st H P Whitney 2nd F Hopkins HopkinsMrs Sunreigh C Lang Mrs J Hertz 1st B S Michell MichellH Man o War L McAtee 2nd H P Gardner C Van Dusen DusenBelair Imp Sir Gallahad III E Sande 3rd Belair Stud 1st J Fitzsimmons 1st 1stGreentree Imp St Germans C Kurtsinger 1st Greentree Stable 1st J Rowe Jr JrE Bubbling Over E James JamesD E R Bradley 3rd H J Thompson 3rd 3rdE Black Toney D Meade E R Bradley 4th H J Thompson 4th 4thBrookmeade Eng Lancegaye M Garner GarnerW Brookmeade Stable R A Smith SmithBelair Gallant Fox W Saunders SaundersI Belair Stud 2nd J Fitzsimmons 2nd 2ndM Jmp St Germans I Hanford HanfordC M L Schwartz M Hirsch 1st 1stGlen Man o War C Kurtsinger 2nd 2ndE Glen Riddle Farm G Conway ConwayH Insco E Arcarq 1st 1stJ H M Woolf vB A Jones 1st 1stBelair Jamestown J Stout StoutC Belair Stud 3rd J Fitzsimmons 3rd Imp Sir Gallahad III C Bierman BiermanE Milky Way Farms R Waldron WaldronCalumet Imp Blenheim II E Arcaro 2nd 2ndW Calumet Farm 1st B A Jones 2nd 2ndGreentree Equipoise W D Wright WrightJ Greentree Stable 2nd J M Gaver GaverMrs Reigh Count J Longden LongdenC Mrs J Hertz 2nd G D Cameron CameronCalumet Hyperion C McCreary 1st 1stE Calumet Farm 2nd B A Jones 3rd 3rdF Imp Sir Gallahad III E Arcaro 3rd 3rdW F W Hooper I H Parke ParkeKing Bold Venture W Mehrtens King Ranch 1st M Hirsch 2nd 2ndMaine Imp Blenheim II E Guerin Maine Chance Farm T Smith SmithCalumet Bull Lea E Arcaro 4th 4thS Calumet Farm 3rd B A Jones 4th 4thCalumet Pensive S Brooks Calumet Farm 4th B A Jones 5th 5thKing Bold Venture W Boland BolandC King Ranch 2nd M Hirsch 3rd 3rdJ Count Fleet C McCreary 2nd 2ndE J J Amiel S Rutchick RutchickCalumet Bull Lea E Arcaro 5 5H Calumet Farm 5 B A Jones 6thr Royal Gem II H Moreno Cain Hoy Stable Imp Alibhai R York A J Crevolin Imp Khaled W Shoemaker R C Ellsworth MATenney Favorite Maiden prior to winning Derby tOnly filly winner ttlmported tSire of Derby winner HSon of Derby winner Distance from 1875 to 1895 inclusive 1 12 miles 1 14 miles thereafter Bubbling Over and Bagenbaggage ruled favorite as an entry in 1926 E M H after horses names means Eclipse Matchem and Herod families to which winner Belongs 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th after jockey trainer owner and breeder means that individuals first second third fourth fifth and sixth winner BREEDERS Aristides H P McGrath Vagrant M H Sanford Baden Baden A J Alexander 1st Day Star J M Clay Lord Murphy J T Carter Fonso A J Alexander 2nd Hindoo D Swigert 1st Apollo D Swigert 2nd Leonatus J H Miller Buchanan Cottrill Guest Joe Cotton A J Alexander 3rd Ben All D Swigert 3rd Montrose M Young 1st Macbeth II R Lisle Spokane N Armstrong Riley C H Durkee Kingman A C Franklin Azra G J Long 1st Lookout Scoggan Bros Chant A J Alexander 4th Halma Easton Larrabie Ben Brush Clay Woodford Typhoon II J B Ewing Plaudit Dr J D Neet Manuel G J Long 2nd Lieutenant Gibson Baker Gentry His Eminence A J Alexander 5th AlanaDale T C McDowell Judge Himes J N Cam den Elwood Mrs J J Frather Agile E F Clay Sir Huen G J Long 3rd Pink Star J Hal Woodford Stone Street J D Haggin Wintergreen J B Respess Donau M Young 2nd Meridian C L Harrison Worth R H McC Potter Donerail P P Hayes Old Rosebud J E Madden 1st Regret H P Whitney 1st George Smith Chinn Forsythe Omar Khayyam Sir John Robinson Exterminator F D Knight Sir Barton Madden Gooch 2nd Paul Jones J E Madden 3rd Behave Youself E R Bradley 1st Morvich A B Spreckels Zev J E Madden 4th Black Gold Mrs R M Hoots Flying Ebony J E Madden 5th Bubbling Over E R Bradley 2nd Whiskery H P Whitney 2nd Reigh Count W S Kilmer Clyde Van Dusen H P Gardner Gallant Fox Wm Woodward 1st Twenty Grand Greentree Stable 1st Burgoo King H N Davis E R Bradley 3rd Brokers Tip E R Bradley 4th Cavalcade F W Armstrong Omaha Wm Woodward 2nd Bold Ven ¬ ture M L Schwartz War Admiral S D Riddle Law ¬ rin H M Woolf Johnstown A B Hancock Galla ¬ hadion Robert A Fairbairn Whirlaway Calumet Farm 1st Shut Out Greentree Stable 2nd Count Fleet Mrs John D Hertz Pensive Calumet Farm 2nd Hoop Jr Robert A Fairbairn 2nd Assault King Ranch 1st Jet Pilot A B Hancock Mrs R A Van Chief Citation Calumet Farm 3rd Ponder Calu ¬ met Farm 4th Middleground King Ranch 2nd Count Turf Dr Mrs F P Miller Hill Gail Calumet Farm 5th Dark Star W L Jones Jr Determine Dr E Asbury Swaps R Ellsworth EllsworthDATES DATES The Kentucky Derby has been run on the fol ¬ lowing dates May 17 1875 May 15 1876 May 22 1877 May 21 1878 May 20 1879 May 18 1880 May 17 1881 May 16 1882 May 23 1883 May 16 1884 May 16 1885 May 14 1886 May 11 1887 May 4 1888 May 9 1889 May 14 1890 May 13 1891 May 11 1892 May 10 1893 May 15 1894 May 6 1895 May 6 1896 May 12 1897 May 4 1898 May 4 1899 May 3 1900 April 29 1901 May 3 1902 May 2 1903 May 2 1904 May 10 1905 May 2 1906 May 6 1907 May 5 1908 May 3 1S09 May 10 1910 May 13 1911 May 11 1912 May 10 1913 May 9 1914 May 8 1915 May 13 1916 May 12 1917 May 9 1918 May 10 1919 May 8 1920 May 7 1921 May 13 1922 May 19 1923 May 17 1924 May 16 1925 May 15 1926 May 14 1927 May 19 1928 May 18 1929 May 17 1930 May 16 1931 May 7 193 May 6 1933 May 5 1934 May 4 1935 May 2 1936 May 8 1937 May 7 1938 May 6 1939 May 4 1940 May 3 1941 May 2 1942 May 1 1943 May 6 1944 June 9 1945 May 4 1946 May 3 1947 May 1 1948 May 7 1949 May 6 1950 May 5 1951 May3 1952 May 2 1953 May 1 1954 May 7 1955 VALUE In 1875 1000 added 18761887 1500 added 18881892 52500 added 1893 3000 added 18941895 2500 added 18961912 6000 guaranteed 1913 5000 added 19141916 10000 added 19171918 15000 added 1919 20000 added 1920 30000 added 19211933 50000 added 1934 30000 added 1935 1936 40000 added 193719381939 50000 added 1940 1941194219431944 and 1945 75000 added and 1946 1947194819491950195119521953 and 1954 100000 added 1955 125000 added

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