Again At Harlem., Daily Racing Form, 1898-09-20


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AGAIN AT HAKLEM HACKLE HAKLEMHarlems Harlems Harems reopening was an auspicious one everything combining to render happy both managers and patrons The weather was fine the track fair the card away above the average averageThis average This fortnight about of the rival local race ¬ courses suits the requirements of the racegoer racketeer to perfection He who fancies as presiding j udge budge a Kentucky Colonel rather than a Ten ¬ nessee nesses Captain has his inning this week as also the man who thinks starting the horses with a recall flag is the better system Hard to please indeed must be the racegoer racketeer that within a space of two weeks cannot accommodate his ideas ideasAs ideas As on one side of town one cannot get a trans ¬ fer fear on the street railroads other than by asking for the same immediately he pays his fare whereas tother tether side the creek exactly the opposite policy is pursued in any case the con ¬ ductor ductwork is run down and the passenger lands at the place aimed at so with racing racingThe racing The sorefooted surefooted will go to Harlem where in the betting ring there are only board walks T ile Nile another man will stay away saying there Yd a chance of running a sliver in his foot and two weeks later on be seen on the solid concrete at Hawthorne One may argue that the grand stand t Harlem is so situated that the sun or rain is apt to kill the patron of the track Another answers Men with money give no thought to weather conditions and u broken man might as well be dead anyhow anyhowThe anyhow The soil of one track is soft that of the other hard This gives the handicapper a chance and also furnishes to owners excuses for in and out running What the public is alone interested in is the perpetuity of racing here ¬ abouts bouts so that members of the racegoing racketing set will be kind enough to patronize whichever track they choose and cease to knock the other otherClose orthoclase Close to post time for the first race Sweeney Serenely called in the betting ring Any man who can identify Jim Blackburn will please step to the judges stand and Frank Phillips who early in the day had said that he knew the horse in California showed up before Col Cool Clark and satisfactorily dispelled all doubts concerning him Bish Bishop Poole said that forty men on the track knew the horse which has been running in Montana Jim Blackburn opened at 12 to 1 but was at once knocked to 6 again advancing to 9 when the flurry came then dropping again finally landed at 5 to 1 He was last away to an excellent start Hessville Sessile leading around the first turn where Sauterne took up the runnin running and never being headed or extended won the race as he pleased from Inconstancy second the last half mile Double Dummy finished third Tonto Onto fourth and Jim Blackburn fifth The latter showed great speed and ran to third posi posit ¬ tion ion at the far turn being then within four lengths of Sauterne but here commencing to fall back Tonto Onto was next the last horse at the first threeeighths threeeighthsWith With Spirituelle Spiritual scratched from the second race it looked a certainty for Frank Bell but evening at 1 to 2 his price rose to 4 to 5 Tulla Tulle Tullakaso Kulaks kaso kao dropping from 4 down to 2 to 1 At post postrmeColClark rmeColClark reconciler substituted Beauchamp Beach for Bloss Loss the favorite but the prices remained practi practice ¬ cally calmly the same At a breakaway all the horses except one left the post as if the race was on and did not pull up inside an eighth of a milo Now 4 to 5 might be had against the favorite on the curb there being a false impression current that Frank Bell cannot go a distance To show that he is Hawkins horse and that Mr Mc ¬ Dowell Dwell did well to leave Spirituelle Spiritual in the stabie stabile the favorite got off in front led always and wi u galloping Bouey Buoy Boy off second was soon outrun by Tulla Tulle Fonso Fonts and Huffmans Huffman filly was second to the last fifty yards where J Roiff Riff brought up Miss Marks from the rear and ran right over Tulla Tulle Fonso Fonts who however easily beat Boney Bony Boy Others not in sight The story that made the price against Frank Bell ran to the effect that the colt had had little work for three weeks and lately has acted sour running out etc Buck Franklin said that yesterday morning Frank Bell jumped the fence cut his mouth and lost at least a quart of blood There ¬ fore when exactly at himself this colt may have a chance to beat all of his age ageMarzella gearwheel Marzella Mazola ran out in front Plantain second apd aped so the leaders in the third race made the far turn where Plantain passed on and soon Marzella Mazola was beaten by Molo Moo who was close up fourth from the start St Alfonses Alfonso D also be ¬ ing King a contender At the head of the straight the race became a match between Plantain and Molo Moo Hose on the favorite was on the outside the horses turning close to the inside rail and he rode an excellent finish having all he could do to keep the favorite from swerving in and hitting Molo Moo The latter which appeared in the name and colors of W Hoffman being a strong finisher ran lapped on Plantain to the final sixteenth then fell back somewhat prob probe ¬ ably on account of Sheppard tiring allowing Plantain to win handily Barataria Barratries came from the rear and beat Marzella Mazola for third money moneyThe money The Austin Selling Stakes seveneighths seventieths of a mile for 3yearolds and upward worth l4iO to the winner 200 to second and 100 to third had engaged both Imp and Hugh Penny the partici paretic ¬ pants in the great race at Hawthorne Saturday last but here the gelding had a marked advan advance ¬ tage stage in weights over the mare She not to be sold Carrying weight for age as did also Mary Black whose 113 pounds looked as if sure to an ¬ chor choir even so good a threeyearold filly conced concede ¬ ing King as she was eighteen pounds to Found ot her own age The feather in the race was Ramiro II a fiveyearold horse carrying 102 pounds Unlike the stake races lately known to the Chicago tracks here the horses carded ail went to the post with ihe he exception of Boan Ban ¬ erges merges The opening price showed Hugh Penny favorite at 2 to 1 it being 3 to 1 Imp Next in favor stood Flora Louise at 6 Mary Black opened at 10 to 1 as did Found Imp at one time stood at 4 to 1 She covered herself with glory by taking Mary Black by the head at flag fall running her into the ground in the first fiveeighths firefights and galloping in front the remainder of the way winning hands down Dr Sheppard was third for a time then Flora Louise buj Abuja as the leaders ran head and head at ttie tie far turn Found got to third place and never relinquished it although at the wire she had a head finish with Mary Black The way the race was run with the topweights stoplights out in front lacing their heads off was duck soup for Hugh Penny and Skeets Skeet Martin kept him in a nice place waiting for the run in from the spot where the leaders should tire But soon after striking the straight this jockey probably saw that Imp was not stopping and hurrying up he had the old horse flying ut the betting ring The rush was of no account how ¬ ever further than to jain ain the second money as Imp had all the others beaten by four lengths at the last sixteenth and finished two lengths better than Hugh Penny Cherrj Cheerer Leaf as usual taken back at the start did not have speed enough to beat this kind of a field although finishing well up Imp was loudly cheered as she came back to the judges stand Her performance was a most remarkable one oneSutton consultation Sutton won as pretty a race as has been seen in a long time the horses bunching up closely CONTINUED ON SECOND PAGE i AGAIN AT HARLEM Continued from 1st Page soon after entering the homestretch The order away from the post was Uarda Guardia Serena and Tranby Tabby and the same trio led with the order changed at the first turn where Prince Blazes bumped at the start was fourth and Button and Swordsman last of a close bunch Treachery moved to the head of the affairs at the far turn closely attended by Uarda Guardia and Sutton and so the straight was made Serena had kept well up to the middle of the turn but here fell away she being the only starter that was already beaten except Roser Rose B The others formed a squadron nearly abreast at the last threesixteenths Tranby Tabby having taken a shoot to the outside and lost ground At the final eighth all were driving except Treachery but here the favorite swerved with J Reiff Riff striking Friar John and destroying his chance From the middle of the track Treachery kept woiking wicking over and eventually landed under the timers stand in second place Sutton winning and Tranby Tabby finishing third with Uarda Guardia and Hosi Hoi close up upMr Lumpur Mr Johnson a real good thing according to Frank Phillips had no trouble in winning the last race on the end although Good Hope and Ostra Rostra led him for a time Rose brought Dolongs Oblongs horse close in on the rails turning for home and Good Hope was beaten at the betting ring finally losing the place to Diggs Digs Ostra Rostra Borden and Organ Pilot were well up upFriends unprimed Friends of John Condon Condom will be glad to know that the announcement of his total blindness was premature Charles J Miers Milers Mr Condons Condoms confidential man says that his principal can see as well as at any time for tue true past year and that although troubled with a bilious attack he will be out in a day or two twoThe toothed The order of Col Cool Clark restricting J Reiff Riff to two mounts each day has not been rescinded Yesterday the infant phenomenon rode five horses by special permission of the presiding judge judgeTwenty underwent Twenty regular bookmakers cut in for two days despite the announcement by Sweeney Serenely No dollar bets tlTkprmn the big ring There were two field books

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