Kinloch Park Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1903-03-25


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KINLOCH PARK ENTRIES. I The stakes opened by the Kinloch Park Club filled in such fashion as to insure St. Louis patrons of racing excellent sport from the very opening day of their local turf cam- , paign. Many of the recognized stars of the west are entered in one or another of the stakes, and so far as appearances go, only . extremely unfavorable weather can prevent the Kinloch Park spring meeting from being brilliantly successful. The most interesting feature of the meeting may prove to be the Mound City Derby, for which the followng three-year-olds were entered: Au Revoir Bank Street Banter Sapolio Mindora Chamblee Flocarline Barkelmore Leon De Prestolus Pickles Action Sigmund Brush By Deutschland Birch Broom Lady Churchill Canyon Prince of Endurance Jake Greenburg Fading Light Lord Melbourne Lady Jocelyn Ranchman Byronefdale Glendon Paramount Linguist Carleys Dream Crime Catechise Maxialia Blue Grass Girl Ben Lear Orpheum Outlaw Pathos Orlando Mauser The Kinloch Park Inaugural, which will be the central feature of the opening day, April 15, secured fifty-nine entries with McChes-ney at the head. The list is as follows: Horses. A. Horses. A. McChesney 4 Jena 6 Foundling 4 Travers 6 Sir Paul 4 Dr. Hart 4 Albert F. Dewey ... 5 Tayon 6 St Tammany 4 Haviland .. 6 Kenova 5 Bessie Spahr ... 4 Belvino 5 Prosper La Gai .... 5 Ben Chance 6 Audiphone 4 Balm of Gilead 4 Water Edge 4 Glen Water 4 Lacrimae 4 Maud Gonne 5 Flintlock 4 Fridolin 5 Ben Lear 3 Benson Caldwell ... 5 Terra Firma 4 Monos 5 South Breeze o Cherished 5 The Lady 6 Taxman 4 Nitrate o Kalos 6 Rolling Boer 5 W. B. Gates 7 The Light 7 Wax Taper 6 Edgardo 0 Varner 4 Linguist 3 Dr. Riddle 6 Lendin J Maltster 5 Omdurman 5 Dubious 4 Snare g Dath 8 Lady Jocelyn 3 Barkelmore ...3 Dewey 4 Kaffir 4 Picquart 4 Prestolus 3 Crimean 4 Port Royal 4 Deutschland " Oronte 3 Ultruda 4 Glendon 3 The other stakes to be run off during the progress of the meeting secured the following entry list: The Woodland Trophy. Two-year-olds; 4 1-2 furlongs. Bride. Mildred L., Major Carpenter, Don Ohigh, Hast Du Gesehen. Bar-tor Resartus, Johane, Ascot, Jollier, Scotch Dan, Imboden, Rowland M., Slim Chance, Dancisia, Happy Hooligan, Porla, Hogarth, j Burry Cherie, Aransas Pass, Ache, Selected, Et. Agnes, Haldane, Sanctum, Milkirk. Mary Dunn, Billy Jackson, Plea, Dolly Daily, Cal-bril, Pond, Flo Bob, Radium, Mafalda, Athena, Bugler, Hazel Boyle, Latoila, Honest John, Elwood, Manshak. Dick Bernard, Yen-om. Otto Stifel, Semolium, Baggerly, Leopard, Gus Heidorn. The Tranquilla Stakes. Handicap; 3-4 mile. Sir Paul, Sues Sister, Foundling, Miss Golightly, Elastic, Howling Dervish, St. Tammany, Josette, Santa Ventura, Vicie Vance, Thisbe. Saxby, Royal Deceiver, Belvino, Pickles. Maud Gonne, Swift Candle, Blue Grass Girl, Glen Water, Catechise, Fridolin, Sabinal, Orpheum, Immortelle, Nan Dora, Be True, Frank Bell, Jingler, Milky Wave, Kalos, Wax Taper, Dr. Riddle, Maltster, Pirates Daughter, Night Owl, On the Quiet, Death, Orleans, Certain, Hilee, Miss Mae Day, Dave Sommers, Flash of Night, Delagoa, Tempt. Dominis, Lord Melbourne, Glendon, Dr. Hart, Travers,- Ranchman, Tayon, Mir-ance, Bessie Spahr, St. Minor, Linguist, Lendin. Bridge, Federalist, Eleanor Howard, Harry, Ben Lear, Flintlock, Icicle, Ciales, Condy, Golden Rule, St. Cuthbert, If You Dare, The Light, Harry Griffith, Naulahka, Ethel Wheat, Instar, Rag Tag, Deutschland, Sylvia Talbot, Erema, Crimean, Bound-lee, Jerry Hunt, Ultruda. The Goodwood Selling Stakes. 1 1-16 Tommy Foster, Foundling, Monaco, Kittie Clyde, Light Opera, Albert F. Dewey, Eda Riley, Ledaea, Pickles, Paramount, Our Lady, Lee Bruno, Ben Chance, Balm of Gilead, Blue Grass Girl, Benson Caldwell, Monos, Iiimortelle, Orpheum, Dr. Kammerer, Tony Lepping, Scortic, Bank Street, Kalos, W. B. Gates, Varner, Atheola, Dr. Riddle, Maltster, Lee Ridley, On the Quiet, Death, Barkelmore, Kaffir, Louisville, Prestolus, Maud Durbin, Birch Broom, Brush By, Mamselle, I , . Ice, Lord Melbourne, Glendon, Ranchman, Dr. Hart, Jona, Travers, Tayon, Omdurman, Haviland, Audiphone, Water Edge, Fatalist, Lacrimae, Flintlock, Ben Lear, Terra Incognita, Byronerdale, Outlaw, Terra Firma, South Breeze, Loves Labor, Scotch Plaid, Edgardo, Denny Duffy, Crimean, Sylvia Talbot, Jerry Hunt, Boundlee, Rag Tag, Major Dixon, Snare, Lady Jocelyn, Ethel- Wheat, Ultruda.

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