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TADEMA — HAVANA CIGARS — The Choice of Spoilsmen and Connoisseurs W. F. MONROE 141 DEARBORN ST., TRIBUNE: BLDG. CHICAGO, ILL. Wholesale and Retail Distributer MlT I ■ I- I. T...I. — JM I .■ Cf HII.. C*.ia*am/«" Only system beatinc the WlV VSlP.m racos everyday!! Free UJfQIUItl booklet, full particulars how 0 earns daily. L. C. WOODs, L. O. W. G.D., Chicago. 2 Rn Stable Boys ORn UU HANDICAP tlv v WE SELDOM ADVERTISE BUT ALWAYS HAVE lHtl WIN NEKS. SIX SHOOTER 3-2 WON PETER PAUL 9-5 WON McCHESNEY 7-10 WON mLAN-A-DALE l-i 2ND LITTLE SCOUT l-l 3RD OUR BESSIE 2-! Place are samples of ivhat we gave yesterday. ONE ROYAL GOOD THING TODAY. We do no guessing. Pest of inside information and handicapping. For sale at south-east and north-west corners of Madison nnd Clark Sts., south-west corner of Madison and La Salle Sts., north-oast corner of Randolph St. and Michigan Ave. and at main entrance of Washington Park. Miller and Gray Chicago — TURF EXPERTS— New York ROOM 18, 132 LA SALLE ST, CHICAGO. GO Cents Daily, .50 Weekly. 0urBessie,4-l,Won SIX SHOOTER, 8-5, WON McCHESNEY, 1-2, WON DICK WELLES, 1-2, WON The above were our br st bets at Washington Park Saturday. MONDAV We will uncork, a two-year-old. This one will be a good price. NOTE— Fridays adv. should have read: "Pjost-master Wright, 8-1, won." Sheets on sale, 11 a. m., at office, hews stands Clark and Madison, Michigan and Randolph, Cottage Grove and 61st St. and main gate at race track, SUB ROSA INFORMATION SME8 158-160 SO. CLAKK ST., 2nd Floor, aelephone Crntral 21 15 3. TER US : PJb.R DAY. PEtt WEEK. There was "nothing to it" with our Sure Thing Doings esterday. Wo gave our clients: Six Shooter, 7-5, Won Peter Paul, 3-2.Won Barrica, 2-1 PI , 2nd Gold Bell, Scratched Dick Welles, 1-2 Won Haviland, left at pest UnUnAV Wo will offer a still better card, MUnUAI which will include a 10 to 15 to 1 Shot t pecial. Its a sure thing, so dont fail to get down on it. NOTE— Onr salections on sale at 9 a.m. and delivered to any address by 11 a.m. GRANT ME A PEKSONAL INTERVIEW And Ill show you my method, FREE, that beats the races every day. FRANK G. FIELD 86wash*; Patrons from Galveston to San Francisco. SoBcial Inducement ONLY 10 NEW CUSTOMERS, Mall M FOR ONE TCCT COIENTIFIO me il WEEKS | CO I OELECTIONS of THREE SPECIALLY, SELECTED RACES mailed the evening BEFORE. Regular price .O0 daily, including my wonderful betting SYSTEM. 1 I DU I II 6534 CORNELL AVE. ClAI . W. LArnAm Chicago. Telephone Hyde Park 5833. =SF Consistency, thou art a Jewel! JLi Six Shooter, 3-2 Won Peter Raul, Won ga . Our Bessie, Won lek DickWelles, f-2 Won AIIan-a-Dale, 5-i 2nd w.JTSf Barrioa, 5-1 2nd represent. THE ABOVE DISTRIBUTED TO OVER 1,800 CLIENTS SATURDAY The following were our winners the past six weeks at the local t acks: Fri. June 26: Proceeds *5-2 Fri. Juno 5: Proceeds 3-1 Jack Kattlln 2-1 Peter Paul 5-1 English Lad 4-1 Tlues.May2G: Golden Rule:.:. .. 1-1 "AiV 1r * 7 Flying Torpedo.. 5-2 GregorK 7-5 Allan-a-Dale 4-5 Thurs. June 4: Crest G-5 Men. June 15: Dr.Nowliu 3-1 Lampoon 7-2 Thurs. June 25: Shut out; made good Sanctum 2 1 Glisten 3-2 Wed. June t„,,«24. 24. the following day. GregorK 8-5 Mon. May 35: Semper Vivum... 2-1 Snr.Tnnnll- Wed. Juno 3: Moroni G-l Lucien Appleby. 3-2 peter Paul ... . 7-2 Falkland 8-5 Sweetie 1-2 Tues.June23; Savahle.... ..* V. 2-1 Favonius ........ 2-1 Sat.May23: Lord Touchwood 4-1 Dick Welles 3-5 Tues. June 2: John McGurk ... 5-2 Advantage 3-1 Fri. Jane 12: Hargis 3-1 C«»t 13-10 Won. Juno 22: Glassfull 4-1 Duke of York .... 2-1 Fri. May 22: Serge .-2 Ort Weill 7-3 Oisina 4-1 Fake 3-2 Sylvia Talbot 8-5 Xhur». June 11 : C. H. Bradley 8-5 andt. Minor 4-5 Sat. June SOt Our Be«iie e 7-1 Mon. Junel: Thurs. May 21 : WarteNickt 4-1 0nrJ* i "YA" Peter Paul.. ...... 5-1 Hitrh Chancellor 2-1 Wed. June 10: Allan-a-Dale 3-5 gyftJ: t] Bondage 3-1 Fri. June 19: Gold Piece 3-1 J * ,_ ... Automaton 13-10 Toah 3-2 Allan-a-Dale 5-1 Sat. May JO: £t. Paula 8-5 Ihnrs. JunelS: E.y,,C£rdlnali «" %laf*talf"V rl Wed. May 30: Glassfull . . 3-1 I »ck Bernard .... 3-1 Duke of York 5-3 Peter Paul... 3-2 Eugenie b!." .... 3-3 Tue.June9: Fri. May 20: Z bia 2-t McChesney 1-1 Ralph Young .... 7-1 Lampoon 2-1 Omdurman 4-1 Wed. June 17: Mon.JuneS: *P Tues.Maj-19: Peter Paul 7-5 a . , Thurs. May 28: Compass „ 10-1 Alfredo 7-2 Savable it Sardine 4-5 Nellie Waddell..7-1 0 Miss Manners .... 3-1 Collonade 1-2 Wed.May37: LinguUt 11-30 Savahle 1-3 Sat June 6: Flrbane ...5-3 Mon. May 18: Tues. June 16: Lampoon.. 5-2 Linguist 3-5 Our Bessie 7-3 Char. Thompson. 10-1 Dick Bernard .... 3-1 Alice Dougherty. 9-5 Lady F. Knight.. 3-2 NOTE THE PRICES. We advertise only horses given straight to win, and can furnish sworn statements that all of the above is absolutely correct. Betting on our information is like finding money. Dont fail to take advantage of a good thing, as this will in all probability be the last ses son that our information will be sold indiscriminately. Monday at Washington-Park we have a 6 to 1 0 to I Special. Wednesday 1 0 to 30 to I Special Dont Fail to Get in on These. TERMS FOR BEST BETS AT WASHINGTON PABK .00 DAILY; .00 WEEKLY, specials included, or .00 for five winning specials, scratches and placed horses not counted only actual winners. Wired at 10 a. m. Delivered to any city address btfore 13 m. Separate office for ladles REYNOLDS and CO., 6th Floor, 119 Dearborn St , Chicago Also on sale at 12 m. at news stands in Saratoga Hotel and Sherman House and stands at Clark and Madison Sts. ; restaurant 4253 S, Halsted St. FREE ! FREE I FREE! OAXTON, ADVERTISED EXTRA SPECIAL, KAN THIRD. ALL OF SATURDAYS SHEETS EXCHANGEABLE FREE FOR MONDAYS 8 to 20 to 1 EXTRA SPECIAL. MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY 4 to 10 to I and 6 to 1 5 to I EXTRA SPECIALS ATTENTION— Specials for sale at all cigar and red hot stands at race track. TERMS: .00 for each ONE HORSE EXTRA SPECIAL WIRE or six for 0.00. For out of town service address PRIVATE OFFICE— 94 Lincoln Ave., Chicago, HI. Phono Dearborn 8031. i Bunco Broncho Information Company l OFFICE I 315, 167 DEARBORN £T, PHONE CENTRAL 6138. » Hindoo Luck Charm Every racing man now carries a Luck Charm made of the sacred Hindoo Metal. Guaranteed to change your luck in racing, financial and personal matters within 10 days or money refunded. Send .00 to the AMULET CO.. Ottawa, 111. RELIABLE PARTIES desiring quality— not quantity— who are in a position to place a bet on something good— WHEN IT IS GOOD— can secure some satisfactory information occasionally on the Chicago races by communicating with DANIEL STOKER SKiiSS,*™

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