The Shanklin And Walker Sale., Daily Racing Form, 1903-07-09

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: - = J I L » 1 - : 1 1 1 1 1 , ; • ; ; i THE SHANKLIN AND WALKER SALE. Good prices marked the first night of Shanklin and Walkers sales of yearlings at the stockyards Monday. P. Dunne, C. R. Ellison, E. Parks, J. Arthur, and E. R. Bradley were the principal bidders. Ellison paid ,000 for a bay colt by King Eric— Princess Revenue, and E. R. Bradley, paid the same sum for a chestnut colt by Goodrich— Linda Stone. The sales were: Bay colt, by King Eric— Princess Revenue; C. R. Ellison ,000 Chestnut colt, by Goodrich — Linda Stone; E. R. Bradley 2,000 Gray roan colt, by Charade— Honey- moon; J. Arthur 1,800 Chestnut colt, by Flying Dutchman— Lady of the Lake; T. C. McDowell.. 1,500 Chestnut colt, by The Commoner— Bon- nie Blue; E. R. Bradley 1,500 Chestnut colt, by The Commoner-Ursula; P. Dunne 1,000 Bay Ally, by Flying Dutchman— Nettie Howell; J. Fay 750 Bay Ally, by The Pepper— Mildred; J. Fay 750 Chestnut colt, by Charade— Wing Shot; E. R. Bradley 700 Chestnut colt, by The Pepper— Eleanor; J. Fay 650 Brown filly, by Flying Dutchman— sister to Hindoocraft; J. Fay 625 Bay colt, by King Eric— Ivy Benjamin; . A. T. Dobson 600 Bay colt, by King Eric— Corralitos; P. Dunne 600 Bay or brown filly, by Sir Dixon— Adele; E. R. Bradley 600 Bay filly, by Sir Dixon— Chicora II.; W. H. Laudeman 550 Chestnut colt, by Lazzarone— Breakwater; P. Dunne 500 Bay colt, by Hindoo— Cambria; P. Dunne 400 Bay filly, by Halma— Born Fool; S. Kunz 375 Chestnut colt, by Flying Dutchman— Miss Eppie; S. Kunz 325 San Lorenzo, b. f, by Logic— Sea Mew; W. Hedges 325 Bay filly, by Flying Dutchman— Distress; B. Campbell 325 Black colt, by Dungarven— Maud Howard; F. L. Hartegan 300 Chestnut colt, by Flying Dutchman-Little Mary; C. E. Rowe 300 Chestnut filly, by Flying Dutchman— Macconia; T. Moore 300 Bay filly, by Handsome— Bonnie Lou; J. Arthur 300 Bay filly, by Charade— Bay Bonnie; F. L. Hartegan 300 Chestnut filly, by Sir Dixon— Belle Carter; A. T. Dobson 300 I Black colt, by Sir Dixon or Flying Dutchman— Black Wings; J. Fay 300 I Bay filly, by The Pepper— Mary Conroy; M. D. Miller 275 ; Chestnut colt, by Charade— Illeora; C. E. Rowe 250 I Bay filly, by Charade— Flam; E. Cassin.. 250 1 Bay colt, by Dungarven— Lyndall; J. Arthur 250 1 Chestnut filly, by The Pepper— Hattie Vaughn; F. Van Meter 225 ; Lock String, b. c, by Logic— Lady Relief; E. Cassin 220 1 Chestnut filly, by King Eric— Pearl Moore; A. T. Dobson 200 1 Bay filly, by The Commoner— Edna Parker; J. Fay 200 1 Bay colt, by The Pepper— Kittie; F. Cook t 250 1 Bay filly, by The Pepper— Lina II.; E. Parks 175 Bay filly, by Handsome— Candelet; G. Brown 150 Bay colt, by Lazzarone— On the Way; M. D. Miller 150 ■ Chestnut filly, by Handsome— Sincerity; M. D. Miller 150 Tete Noir, b. c, by Carlsbad— Loire; J. Arthur 150 1 Brown colt, by Dungarven— Rio; E. Parks 150 ■ Great Heart, br, c. by Carlsbad— Sem- 1 per dOr; J. Arthur 150 Chestnut colt, by Blanton— Illturco; M. D. Miller 150 . Black filly, by Charade— Moc Min; cash 125 Brown filly, by Esher— Polonaise; W. Hoffman 125 El Cuchillo, b. c, by Carlsbad— LOr- f ient; E. Parks 125 * Bay or brown filly, -by Handsome— Eletha; cash 125 Chestnut filly, by Flying. Dutchman — Falaise; P. Dunne 100 , Bay filly, by Burlington— Garnet; A. 1 Kahn 100 i Brown filly, by Dungarven — Knick i Knack; W. Harding 85 4 Chestnut colt, by Flying Dutchman— i Falaska; H. P. Laudeman 100 4 Chestnut colt, by Blanton— Lizzie Keller; 4 E. Parks 100 3 Chestnut filly, by Applegate— The Prln- 3 cess; E. Parks 75 4 Bay colt, by Carlsbad— Logic; A. E. 3 Hawkins 50 Bay filly, by St. Saviour— Screech; J. Lavine 50 J Bay colt, by Carlsbad— Fortuna; A. E. ?: Hawkins 75 * Bay colt, by Dr. Hasbrouck— Crem- morne; F. Brody 50 Bay colt, by Dr. Hasbrouck— Chapter; P. ONeill .....I....! 25 The second day of the Shanklin and Walker sale was marked by a continuance of good prices, the sales being as follows: Mansard, b. g, 3, by Florist— Fedalma; E. J. Smith ,700 Aggressor, b. c, 4, by Pardee— Starlight; A. T. Dobson 1,150 Bay colt, by Falsetto— Starlight; J. C. Yaeger 850 Chestnut filly, by Falsetto— Mary Louise; A. D. Morris 750 Shower, ch. f, 2, by King Lee— Rainfall; M. J. Powers 550 Bay colt, by Falsetto— Glovina; W. H. Laudeman 500 Chestnut filly, by Sabine— Veronica; S. H. Kuntz 425 Bisuka, b. f, 3, by Florist— Glovina; A. S. Rothert 300 Temptress, ch. m, 5, by Sabine— Brltta; A. S. Rothert .. 300 Larimore, b. g, 3, by Florist— Starlight; M. D. Miller X 250 Floronica, b. f, 3, by Florist— Veronica; E. Ware 225 Bay colt, by Bowling Green— Idlebridge; Cash „ 225 Blanford, b. c, 2, by Bob Miles— Oleska; Middleton and Jungbluth 200 Wistaria, b. f, 2, by Bob Miles— La Gas- cogne; J. F. Schorr 200 Bay colt, by Falsetto— Al Veritas; W. C. Overton 175 Chestnut filly, by Azra— Gay Parisian; H. C. Lowe 150 Sondarac, ch. c, 2, by Sabine— Hus; M. Blardone 125 Bay colt, by Bob Miles or King Lee— Zerida; W. Hoffman 125 Blando, b. g, 3, by Florist— Day Dream; A. S. Rothert 100 Bay filly, by Goodrich— Nellie G.; W. Harding 100 Bay filly, by Florist— Princess Osra; F. Cook : 100 Snuffbox, ch. c, 4, by Hanover— Jess; W. P. Gosline 75 Bay filly, by Bowling Green— Laura May; F. Cook 50 Bay filly, by Prince Royal — Mollie Pitcher; W. M. Hedges 50 Chestnut filly, by Bob Miles— Fedalma; W. Hoffman 50

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