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I?dc/nffCMfor/7 [ VOL. XIII. KO. 34. CHICAGO, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1907. PRICE 5 CE1STTS CATHERINE H. MAKES GOOD. FACTS AND FIGURES ABOUT THE SIRES KEENE names his two-year-olds. jAKE SANDERS SCARES EM. Get of Forty-Eiqht Horses Win Nearly One- Vice-chairman of the Jockey Club Will Have Half the Money Distributed. Forty-Eiqht in Traininq This Year. - . , ... ,.._. SPEEDY DAUGHTER OF CACTUS II. . EIGHT OF THE ENTRANTS DECLINE SCORES BRACKETS AT CITY PARK. Wet If one-half of the mm? dlsliskalul in slakes Janus n. Keene will have forty-eight horses In HIS COMPANY AT OAKLAWN. and panes af the atrrtlsga in the Halted Slates training this year, including thirty-three two-year- anil Canada in l.KKi was won l y the sot Of forty- olds. of the older division all lint Bohemian. r- r- .... „. ... _ _ eight stallions. This state Mewl niav be somewhat Karokl and Suffrage are three vear-oids. The two- ,_ . _ _ .»,„_ 4.u„ o,,.Q *~~ »,_-_—-£-_- the Race for Younqsters — Five Favorites Win — Civill Recovers For- ..... Fandanqo Wins astonishing to those who do not delve deeply into year-olds, nearly ,,,,,-, all of which were bred at Mr. eiqner — Judqes Bar Kicking Steeple- turf statistics, bat it is nevertheless a fact. Keenes Oastletoa stud iii Kentucky, are sired by Skyward Purse Is Protested — Salvisa _. Dining the year, as has liocn liefore related, the the noted Commando. Ben Brush. Kingston, Dis- _ . chasers-Jockeys Are Fined. s Destroyed. t,„:ll ,M,illlIti u ,,„. ,. s,„ ,,„.,., mu r,,,,,,.hSl. „lisi, V| .„ Bt L,„a.,,,ls im,, otll.r«. wllilo ,ll€ ir The number of horses taking part in these races dams include some of the most beautifully bred Wrai 5,967 and they were the set of 010 utalHoaa man lis in the world. Mr. Keene lias taken the New Orleans. La., February 7. — The weather was The stallions which are credited Willi 5,000 or usual pains in solceiing names tat his two year-olds. Hot Springs. Ark.. February 7.— The weather was told and bleak today, but Hie attendance at City more each as the combined winnings of their get I of which are related to horses that have one today and as a ennseciuence the attendance at Park was fOOd. Visitors to the M.ulri Gras were number forty-eight, showing an aggregate of 02,400,- achieved great distinction in racing. Oaklawn was he largest of the week. The quieting out in numbers. Tin re was improvement in the 219 won. This leaves 12,725,403 as the aggregate Bed Boaaet, a tilly by St. Simonian. out of of the political dislnrbances also had much to do condition of the track, the gotag being good. There winnings of the gel of the remaining ST1 sires. Beckon, is a half sister to Accountant. Incognito, with swelling the crowd. The news from Little was nothing about he card over which one could many of w hich. of curse, had out no w ilniers. Here a Diagaise colt, is a full brother to Court Dress. Dock this afternoon and this evening has em ouraged .•iilhuse. unless it was the fact that live favorites .■,,■,. the figures: the beat two-year-old tilly last season. A half -sister tarfaara to the belief that the Amis bill will be de-won. The contcstanls in all seven of the races were g H S 3. to the lano nted S.vsouhy. by Disguise, has bcea ealed when it conies up in the lower house of the Jiorses of very ordinary calibre. The race for two- g = r ; named AnoiiMiia. Cool is a half-brother to Dolly legislature tomorrow and that the meeting, will so ou ycsrnkas, won by the favorite r.lue Lee, and the stallions i I • " a Speaker, laaaqae is ■ half-heather to kuroki and lore for the full sixty days. Steeplechase, in which Lights Out was a defeated 5 == ; Zambesi. Transvaal is a half -heather to Lancastrian. T|, * horses racing today were a mediocre lot. bat favorite, were considered the features. 2 = Colin is i balf-brotber to Masauiello. nearer of the s,nu "f tlu" contests were exciting. The most inter- The followers of the Oorrigaa stable profited Ion si Is a half-sister to Itsleeey. Meggs Hill, a esting race from a horsemans point of view was the handsomely arhea Catherine II. won the opening voter16* 13 10 ]-■■ ••- oftlio. lillv T-v ,t,, Knlsl1 --"»"«" " Otti, is a full sister »»ea«Bg dash in which fifteen youngsters started. race. Croat tilings are expected of this filly of Hamburg"...!! 28 is 284 43 05*550 to Gretas Creen. while Mayfair is a full sister to There were many in the field that went to the post last season. A a yearling Catherine H. showed Wllgrane 17 !» 240 29 riL7-T. Beigraria. Mr. Kecees horstS are aa foOawa: °r the first time and their performances were cager- aeaaatteaal apced over the Hawthorne track and Jj*,88 54 HI", £» 92 S845*f rOUB Vi: R ol. US. ly watched. There was nothing sensational to tho Mi. Oorrigaa considered that he possessed in her Ben Srnaae .*.*.* SO 20 021 : 7: 80*157 Bohemian b • by Florisrl ffoariarlaad running. Fandango was away running and showed a tilly of stake class. She went wrong while being "lu.tnent 58 it::., 7l! 80,062 Kuroki." h. c by Commando Rhodesia. her heels for the entire trip to the others, winning iu prepared for the Louisville Nursery Stakes last ]s" -«i-r Suffrage, h. f. by Voter Qaeeaataa. hollow fashion by tive lengths from Dandy Dancer. WootethorDe 57 22 "mc spring ami was only started ome during the year. Kingston?...".! 45 22 890 91 08.428 TIIItKK VLAK-OI.DS. Hustle probably ran the best race of the lot aa she In lodavs race Cartherine H made an exhibition Belvidere 19 • 213 34 90,114 Ballot, eh. c. by Voter Orlto. area away in an outer position, had to lose much of herVompa,,,. WW the barrier was released «£ —» g » f» « «;»« [T chf.g, "ianMMon Delle. -i "«-i«e «ud finished with a great burst she boaaded to the front and opened up a lug lead. Commando 13 s 1 is 17 .",7. |:;ti ciimaldi. b. c, by Disgalse Calico. " apeea. Nicol had her under resirainl all of the last quarter Lamplighter ... .1 ;.:; 073 71 ."1 ..". :t4 Mentha, br. f, by Commaado — Mint Cake. .lake Sanders was dropped into a soft spot, seared and , , . . , ..... . . .. Star Shooi i_7 Is 323 53 52.193 Peter Pan, b. e, by Commando — Cinderella. .,,,, ,.;.,i.i „f °f *,0 ....imnta ami bo-it th» other kovmi slowed her down to little belter than a canter ,•;,,*,.,,,, -.,,-, .-inlander, ,Ut f*r " ant* .",; „ , .J:;L, .J4 b. g. by Ben Brash— Pink Domino. , at the finish. She is a good one. Iir. of Penzance 00 2ii 105 00 51.532 Pope .loan. eh. f. by Disguise — Kditha. He made good with httle trouble. The longest Foreigner after his victory in the fifth race re OesariOB Lit 15 308 84 44,907 Superman, eh. c bv Commando — Anomaly. priced winner of the afternoon came in the last turned"., iV, !. S tV •:- It 11H-- Xil ■ f/-v J*-"— Hituri.-a ,..,,.,. wl skvward. at 20 to 1, led nil the way nine u ,o the ii. i si.uPM stable of in P i. If .»i. Civill nun, who woo bomrht .".".in iildtellow n „ Ls 14 3T3 4J 44.07.1 Zambesi, eh. c. by ommando — Rhodesia. him for 01.200. This was a •boost" of 00 over Diagaiae II 10 8 58 12 43,819 Early Bird, eh. f. by Voter— Cushat. :ln1 wo" antering from Cadillac. C. D. Stevens. his entered price [a his previous rice Lorebner Handspring 45 lit .".1 47 42,420 laalarina. b. f. by Commando— Katharine II. owner of Cadillac, objected to the payment of the wasch -df, , Civil, by F.W. Schmidt for 8800. j|»Yarf! ;;.;;;; Jg g So ol JLIm r.,"!? m VXTmSrtandnmw l »rse to J. L Klannigan on the grounds that Sky- V. 11. Sarat, of Nashville, is here. Mr. fJerst Katherleaa l:i .. 374 :, 39,975 .;iil. ward had carried five pounds less than the comli- will send part of his siiin- to Canada this year. J;*;! I5l"sU S ] Hj!i 5 SS? TWO-YEAR-OLDS. tions called for. although he had up the carded another divi-hm to Loaisrllle and Latonia. while Kohlen Garter** 45 21 410 M a; 7;;" Chaplet.br. c, by Beo Braah— Boaegarhud. weight. The judges have taken the protest under the best of the siring will be sent east in charge K- f the Thistle 38 l:i 300 TA 30.301 Twiggs, b. g. by Den Brash— Ainbrosine. advisement. of William McDaniel. V1"1/.11" :il! | 22 -7. Ifi/K Peter Qoince* ch. c, hy Comaaaado Lair Vision. Jockey D. Riley is the latest rider to join the Lo.ikmakor San, M..st. who was reinstated yester- inapectorJB. * .* .* i | l g andg %£A b. t TcZ££3S£**~. Z "? ""■ r" Uf°rnia "" day. drew in at City Park this afternoon. Willie 1 « Commoner.. 45 22 44S ..j .V..202 ,•,,„ ,.,, t. ,,v comnumiio Maid of Krin. 1° "lost of ,no u Tl,UnS lor I*. T. Chinn. Applegate. who arrived from New York this morn- jn. !",nm,!.""" " -■ 14 410 -- iij Defiant, b. c by Commando— Biturica. Salvisa. which was cut down in her race yester- was a.so in »„„ son erer . . . . 1 17 334 2 30 ffius.Vg % VBelhield 11 day. had to be destroyed UKlay. laekeya Potter aad Beeder were taed 5 each by Osaary 7 4 ., .i 13 %jt®® Masque, b. c, by Disguise— Rhodesia. If no more rain falls the track should be fast tin- starter for repeatedly trying to get the best , uH.,1!!,c! e 7,, ,. inT, Vl *v Incognito, eh. c". by Disguise— Hampton Belle. tomorrow. 1 •i"1- iv ** i — —t Moajojao ~~ *"— ~— ~~ ~ ~~ ""~ ~ ~ ~™"~ ~~ ™ ™ ~ Vm»1 1 * ! v Iis,ruiso I *ulv i*iv of the start in the steeplechase. The judges ordered Hute . . 7 3 » 7 28.100 Munj. ch; ,.; , y nisguise— Onoma. PICTURE OF REEL MOST VALUABLE. the entry of Oliver Mc and Jim Bozeman refused sanoniigiain ... __i , _.?.• 1.. ±LJ™ Singapore, b. e, by Disguise— Citronella. in he future. Diver He took a kick at Toddimt Karls "nlU ,,lk- Si H Kill-stoii— Dominoes. every 23 12 »B 43 27209 , , . ,, ., . . , ., ,; "."i""1-"!! m — -•• t u 13 -.-;! Bepoy, ch. g. hy St. Leonards— Nautch Girl Description of Maior B. G. Thomas Famous horse la the Be leaded T. s 4 100 lb 2f..:* 0 race. heavily on Lights lammany j[..:.. Hill b f" by Ben Brush— Runawiv Girl out. intiieting a nasty cut on the inside of his 50!ngIton iS ,5 .:*., i| ?-o,70. Mayfair, br. f, by Ben Brash— Bonnie Gal. Collection of Horse Paintings. off hock. Jim Rozcman refused to leave the post . „ _- T.__ Wild Refrain, br. f. by Ren Rrush— Harpsichord. when the start came and was left. toial 1,643 740 18,881 2,313 ?2.460.270 Anonynja, b. t, by pScOpthnc **" Ten of the thirteen paintings of famous thorough- II, ,. or,i,.r in srhich the sfilli.ms appear in this Tinker Rell. b. f. by Disguise— Fairy Slipper. keed horses embracing the collection of the late JOHN BRINK BUYS HARRIS CONTRACT, list will aoi agree aitk sire tables which have been sfatkTaaoaees: bf FlVmMSm lfcJ" * " Tll0mas- an1 now on t10" ln — — published in other papers for the reason that "all infanta, but. t, by Disguise— Senorita. ■■ "f tho -"key Club in New lark, are by earned of the sires hen in named £***!£• ; f-, v V:X1,WS: Tro-v- *«**■■ "" "" valuable painting of the Jockey Who Was vvd!, Suspended awauuiauaai by oy uwner Owner Car- uar a»oaey" by the Bet :-,»".""«-p- , . Boaaet, ch t. by St. Siiuonian-Reckon. . ged .nli,e eollection is that of the famous mare Reel. "■ ,," ""U1""1 "" „.,..,„.._ •*ereaa in in OIhor other .„,.,_ abacs blk. Commando— man Will Now Return to the Saddle. Bestigoaehe, g. by Dancing founi,.r of , moW f..lnih. of hol.s_ It is SBi1 toumier or a mom i tamilj or horses. it is SBM Water. only the first BBOaeya and seconds and thiids in stakes were credited Flower of the Forest, b. f, by Commando— Sylva- to be the only picture in existence of this famous Lea Augclis. CaL, Pehraary 7. — The jockey Harris ,,,., , , , . . belle. mare Because of this and for excellence of the • • • " ot "M "l l,,ls auu 1 n ,I,M ■■■■■ "l luc Meddler, of course, bad out a greater ntimlier of — cmbroglio was brooghl i" an amicable sell lenient to- ., . , ., ,,. , , . work it is evtremelv i valuable vaiuai.te The ine p.untim, naintinc nassod aaaaaa "" m""y "*—*" ,lli,n anv °1,er stallion, but in HOPEFUL OUTLOOK AT LITTLE ROCK. 1 0a] d,v foi for all ,11 pa. i.iriies lis con.,r„ed eaaceraea. throagh throu-h flu the pui.has, nurdeis,. through , « the , hands ol two or three famous turfman nm|||M.r „f iMstl„.s „ WM „ sil|:;Ul « , his contract trass L. 1 . Carman by John Brink of the old school liefore becoming the property of °"p ot •" tlM " mntiinUIIwi e]ii esentatn es tb»t that eontribntod ontnbuted Little r..», ,. Bock, , Ark.. » , v February , - L— Attempting .„■ , to . " * * . 101 tor .i a Lonsnii coiLsidi— anon it ion or of . i.ooo. S3 mill Harris nam will win neieaini hrrr.ftrr ... . . . Thomas. It claimed that It buried Major is was ...... a. ■ -- , ... ,. , , . r ,,„_„ f ri, " r.t.illioiis Inob, ,le ° M toit eight forecast, the action ol legislature on a ride i in the tin burses m.is.s hat that run nm n here m under uiuur tin ihc ii-n.ie name ot of V I.. . .. ___ .... any * . racing during , tunes ._ to make of . _. its , , war snre preservation " !,v llM i,,.i,n„r-u Mll,|krs ii t,e t repreaeatatlTe was 1 iU Wavland. but which are owned l,v John Drink. Car ,11 or any ol I er measure that gives the ianatics and J ,1,,,,-s rainer. James F.lu.e. did not like the manner ;" *?™2 "K ™" "" " "" :1 *-" " " "«— «b ■ -** ZuTZtl ■"■« h * size Ml ™ DeM.i„ton. by fioje ~Ar,: I:"1"""1- »",100: Ironsides, 010,405; Tangle, ..„,i„1IS haalatsa, but it really looks taaOght as if . "TT!," -ox.,0 i- ].. wim which n II-iris ii. .ins rout rode w . H ii. i.aie Carer oa on Mver.u several ocea h ,. , In of ISiO when the * ,.,.,.,,,,,. w,„..i, cur— r„ — — ., , • , ,, -,, , ,, , , ., , inches, painted the apring ■ sou W* ini1 " ,k i- U" In Llec- black down 1c Mr. N r"£h -SK..,.,.,. the Amis bill will be given a eve in the lower . the Carman Btoaa and boy was set to *f B°"*-" ""i A1"e --lr,lc"1 w-,s twen,y years oI 1- _, , ,„. ,, M ,,,„■,.... ,.,„,,,...., Harria has „,„ ridden o|i"r- I5M01, and Ballot. 800,020, Voter had two house of the general assembly when it comes up for : is —*»*** -« - the best pieces of work , ■■ ,v « ni-1 e is s,.; , . -T -Hstinguisl.ed re,„esen,.uives. Dandelion. 830.- he s, id reading and voc omorrow. If the eal- iiickevs and aaddh T:;0- •i"11 BaxgOBaaater, 827.080, eoatrihated the bulk coiationa of the people who are here working l,i the h-v ,Uo ,:"," ,ls i,rtist "■ 1prsons wh0 remember i,ere his the will bis, rctmn to ■ " last .IM Ke s iieiC .lUU Ulb Itllllll IU lllC S.UIUIC Will Ijiliulu of I,.,,.., viiil likeness leMI,J"" ",lu s,,ul " it i= ls " •• tn-iciiifieont *"* "* 11Kencss or ,., Vi,.,,„M.,i ef winnings to Hamburg. The best representatives Interest of a racing bill prove correct, no measure ""f Ideal racing weather prevailed again today, bring- "[ ,lie •*»«" ■» »s ""■! Fiiigrane. Account- mteaded to kill betting will be passed at this session J. " - c panted ... M, J" . 1MO. .."Ts .s nkewfeT likewise tine. It It m, out the aaaal large attendance. Three of he "t, ?Vt.r,70: Wa.ercess. Water Fearl. 142,600; of the legislature. It may be that the friends of lii lahea were of the ■taaafttnaal order and wen pro- Haathata, Tiptoe, 810,000, and Okeatte, 0.2:;..: racing have shown the menibers that the Amis bill Is OI sl"lllar S1/e to " * exingion. du.-iive of rociferons applaase Beanie Reg heavily ]!«» Btranae, Bosebca, 827J00; Ora— eat, Oalktraat, does not represent the views of a majority of the Tllllv J illso :l —«"laWait picture of Glencoe. :!x " ,1"1" ,lV ls2 hcn tne backed nosed out SUrei Weddlag in a desperate •»*.«* Adoration. !sll .s7.,. and Monfort. 125; people of the state or it may be from some other s i"111"11 r"» " ■ drire The booking was heavy the twenty layei- Bala, Nealon. 815,460; WookfthorpC, Orapple, 815,- CSBSe, but it is I fact that there has been a change llols ":,s lm,c •**• Tlie otho1 Tro-vcs are r1*10- doing a big a flern,«°.n-s business, bad taring badly. »S. and Valencia. |1475; Kingsion. Coy Maid, of sc-ntiment in some of the legislators these last 1H"""1 V71; J* l_7x- inches: a head of Mary 015,000; Delvidere. Salvidere. 851,086; Sir Dixon, forty-eight hours. Hadley. panned in 183* size JSxo_ inches: Roxane ■"■" f,,:l1- 1,v in 1008. size Rl.vnodyne, painted KmimiIuk Water. 822,440; Coldtinch. De Mimii. 828,- m.M.mmm ahv, u,1tu o,,r,,, .ootc TAME RACING WITH PUBLIC LOSSES. •,:s "■*". "* -11111 ■•etarea of Boston and .|h|. , ml||;||||, j,,,,,,. ,.;ln gja.gaa; Lamplighter. SPENCER TO RIDE IN FRANCE. Botscher, 810,085; Star shoot Keeteeky Beaa, 7.- Fevingto,,, both 10x12, painted respectively in 1S5« Kokomo. Ridden by Miller, the Only Winnmq rK. sisetta, Sir Huon. 837,126; Pirate of Pea- New York. February 7.— Henry Spencer lias de- :llll ]s,i7- Favorite— Biq Crowd and Good Weather. aaacr, Lady Navarre. 81785; Oesarloa, Minnie ide l to try bis luck abroad again. He rode in Tlu othor tlirot Pttures are tine likenesses of Adams. 4.:is.-,. and OeweB, 1,026; Albert, Be- Baghuai in 10O2 for James R. Keene. but expects Vandal, size L.-.:;s inches; Lecomple, size 20xi Oiklaud. Cal.. Februarv 7.— Selling races of the niav. 08343; Oildfellow, Fotmlainblue, ,475; Dis- to ga t France for the coming season. Spencer has toehea, and Dicayune. size »XM inches. The picture cheapest description emposed todays card. The guise II.. Court Dress, Sll.K.l: Handspring. Flip tiot ridden for a season or two, but he believes he ■« Roxane and foal was one of Major Thomas-racing make favorites. The foal appears to be all out of pro- tan gasaL 0,810; Flamlit, khltree, 81L206; Kussell. was tame ami the bookmakers wo„ heavily. Flap. portion to the dam in size, and this fact was freely The weather was ideal and the attendance exceeded dare Russell. 3,400; Fa.herless. Orphan Lad, NOT A BAD BELIEF. commente.I upon by visitors to the home of Major 10.000. The track proper is diving out rapidly. ,425, Red River. ,426, Pater, 1907.sh,100, and T. S. n"""ils- He wo,lW •iuekle in ■ knowing and way Kokoaao, the „,lv aaeeeaafal favorite, was ably Martha, 65JM0; Ren Rrush. Lady Amelia, 80.N0, Waller **1 tmttmta better* that if the gambling ele- ask his visitor to Ik- seated until he explained. piloted by Milhr. Outsiders accounted for and Grd :.een. ,420; Ogden. Beln.erc. 1,000; of ■«■* " "* ■**■ in ™"*™1 ** these western "In those days," the Major would say. "foals were the remainder of the program. Oolden Garter. Charles Ldward. 1907.sh,408; Knight .. ,. ,..,, tracks adverse legislation would not have been sue- allowed to run with their dams until weaned by „„ ,• im „ ,• • *i „ ii the im.1 ,,„ ,|,,,.,.„. McCarter. «tj-»-.. Alheimg. i ifc.ii— Aiiar. iifar -» ■ The disqualification of Miller on Grace G. in the Thistle. I7,4z5; , . ....... . , —-.-.-- *,;]■•-.. ----- i. tcaaflil. — New ork Sun. the mares themselves. As this was rarely done »,.. .„. last race yesterday and the subsequent lining of 0,500; »,„„,,.„ Ma«etto. v arietes. ."ft .l.,.i. inspector i... .... , until close to toaling time the youngsters • . . .l i . .i - -- - - -- ».!/, ,.-. mm. Ihe I .•„...m..r..„. i.-i?.no Lddie «„ro Vare. " ■" again, - - J » the Jecfcey by the stewards has since been a fruit- Inquisitor. 0,145; oinmoner. , ANSWERS TO QUERIES. virtually yearlings be I ore being taken awav ».,-..- T, ik ,,„.„„ Horace ,. L. SI. ni .... »■■. -ii- and ,„,i r I . n™"™™ " ««-"r" and«- were of Bannoekburn. lul topic conversation among racegoers. if... -• : . . , ,. , , , - — ,, ., ., , . ~ ~ ... . from the mare. .„. This accounts for the apparent „.,,. ,,. „.. ,„ - s.,, ,,,,i „ ■ — Gardner, ».4uo: Ingoldaby, Orilene, 010, and u. ] . g Baybrook, 111. None is being made. , , , ,. .. . X „.. ..... .. ,, ■ - «- ,..-. ou .. r .. -. , .. .. .• . . . . ... mistake in the painting as to the size of Roxane SIDNEY LUCAS IS NOT MISSING. Baafara, ,080; Sorcerer, Momentum. ,126; »s- L. .1. 1 ., St. Louis, Mo. No such book is in publi- ., au« hei toal. sarv. oran. 836; Hermeme. Red Leaf. .: 7i: calion. 1 _ One dav last week a storv was sent out of Lex- Orlando. Whimsical. 8,500; Bute. Itan.s Horn, v*gfog- H- N w Y"rk City. Have not space SALEM TOWN WANTS ITS 00. ing.on. Ky.. to the effect that H. T. Oxnards ten- 7,073; +***+~** +*% *™? j. s. P., St. Louis. Mo. The bet on Daniel C. was _ . __ ~ 7~ .. , , , and Ihe 1907.sh,600; Loyal Hush III., Acter, N. IL. Fehruary 7.— A of insol- year-old chestnut horse Sidney Lucas, by Top Gal- IMOO, Quail. .1M 1 Uu.re hmtm eaaagh to execute it •coming* petition jaut Addie C. II. . winner of the American Derby Frank Lord. 4.. .07: Toddington. Toddles, ,167, Dol- frosa Chancellor Walworth. vency against the New England Breeders Club, in t0 had mysteriously disappear.! The cone- He Dollars. $:».!M ... Kllicott. $..740, Friction. ,623, T. B. F.. Chicago. The quotation was correct, which last year built the large and expensive racing SDondent wasnt" Had Sir Toddington. S::.120; Tammany, 1 okalou. JJ v " Jill notice the place and show price against |llaut known ag Rockingham Dark at Salem, has «a».i sure buic whether nriin i he u». had nan BCea net ,i sion slolen n ■ s]M imeiii the stable will the reason. . . . . . . . . , ... , male, you perceive ,. , , , 0,406; Rossington. Qoed and lMenty. », ! 14.4. ..; ,-- aeea filed in court here by the water commissioners or whether he had just wandered away. This story -t|||1[. Nj j " 1JaJ,iIe lQ, u „ m , is still going the rounds of the press, while Sid Handsel. Halifax. 2,815. conibiualion with a price laid at the time it was •* the tWn ot ■*•■ ■*• d,,al* 1,,at the elsh ney Lucas is eatnc regularly at F C Cowdius made, it lost when Airship was scratched for the owes the town 00 for water service. The new KUklevington Farm, within a "short distance of Lex- C kcierner and Wiley at Ascot Park. Nic.l at aTaX T whTclf "the sum VoVwofta depend- "T | "1" ,a,fter/ne ™f*««« »*«« •• ington, whither he was sent by Mr. Oxnaid to make Gity Park and Sandy at Oakland each rode two fnt on track pri.es, it was a winner, being void 8tate authorities would not permit poolselling, and Hit ecason of 1SM7, wiiiatrs ye8teidayt as to Airship and. good as to the other two torses, the property is aow being dismantled. ,

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