Sensible Racing Legislation., Daily Racing Form, 1907-05-09


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SENSIBLE RACING LEGISLATION. As :, substitute Tor the Ton and oilier bill* Ban him betting pending before the legislature, Corporation Counsel Brundage has prepare. i ■ -iib-ti tute iim a sane thai is row in possession of the proper roaaatltl I" the legislature, with what ehauee far n n I nienl into law M MM Can say. Whether Ij i»- r- lav or ait Ita provisions are strictly iu line with the !■■! el-he i. led cm union -ee-c Ilninoiiih dial acterist ie of all p.di« ios so far cnun elated bj ihe new luaalclpal administration. Hi,- ion bill and He Blair bill are two measures introduced in the legislature. A main feature of both was an elaborate prohlbltloa of the publlcatloo of racing new-. The probable unconstitutionality of this feature and the certainty Ilia I il would involve maiij uewspapera in vexation* and expensive lii i-.-ai ion was so OOVtOBS that both proposed meas area were referred to Mr. Brundage tor aa opinion as to the eoustltutloiialltj of thebr various prohlbl tlaaa. As aaj bigb rhuai lawyer woald do, be baa i iiu.iuaii-d everything touch lag the publication of racing new*. Otherwise the substitute recommended i, bin I* ibatantiallj Identical with aectioua 1, -. 4, .". and B of the bill li tr dneed by Mr. Ton. with an import. ml exemption added in favor of lairs and Incorporated I acing organla i ions. on He aa ■ legao from the receal city is i proposed urdlnanre Introduced b. Ahlennan lmnn and lop.Med back Cavorstdj by the Judlclarj Committee of thai council alter amendment. Like the two bills before the legislature II contains some di i tic prohibitions of publication of raclag news. Being iiou ou tile it will aadoobtedly be permitted to remain in that limbo of attempted legislation If the legislature acta favorablj . n Mr. Bruadagea substitute. I leloiiblediy fealiile of the l.rundago sluisti tute thai will attract •b attention is the exception from iis prohibitions and penalties of fair grounds and Incorporated racetracks. Should the legislature make thia aubstltute law, racing would beyond doubt be resumed over Chicago tracks speedily. Ihe apo I alwaya has been and is laa lneiiseU popular ill Chicago and il- revival would be Joyfully acclaimed bj thousands of i pic as goad and i-espcx table i are la the city limits. The Bondage Babstltute provides for this and in doing s.. seel. by stringent provisions to confine betting so the pine it legitimate!] belongs, thai is to the conaaea ■•! the racetracks. Ihe provlaloaa ol the Brundage substitute are aa follows: Bert Ion i. Be it cameled fa the people of the siate ,,i Illinois, represented la the general asseui i,i. Thai a.i. person l . • engages In i 1 selltug. baafcntsklag, betting or wagerlnx. or recordhag • : registering bets or wagers, or in selling pools or making book- upon the resuHe of any trial m cob teal Of aklll, speed or power ol endurance of iiian or beast, r anj person who keep-, or occupies my room, -he.l. tenement, tent, I tb, building, Boat, vessel, boat or water craft m anj part thereof, or Who neelipil - Ull.v place or — ■ 1 -i 11-1 ol ;.u. kilo! Upoll :,ii publli or private grounds within thia state, uiiii anj i.K.i. instrument or device, for the pur pone of recording or registering beta 01 wagers, or of gelling pools, or making i ks, or of making and taking beta or wagers, or anj person who records or registers bets .-i wagers, of who sella pool, * makea books, 01 make- or lakes bet- or wagera upon the result ot ia] trial or eoatteat of akin, --pee.i or power of endurance of man or beast, or who purports or pretends to receive, register, re ei id or forward in any manner whatsoever bets, h..l:h- or pools upon tlie result of any trial OT CUB t i ..I si ill. speed or power of endurai I bum or beast, or upon the result Of any political iioini nation, appointment or election, or being the jwner, leaaee or . .-. upant of anj place, rooaa, shed, teac met. lent, booth, building, thai, boa I . vtustl M water craft, or part thereof, or of any ground within this state knowing! j permita the same to be used or occupied for anj of tie aforesaid pa p or therein keep-, exbtblta or employs any uocka. papers tickets, r«wni ihects, memoranda or any other device .1 apparatus far the pappose of re eoraUag or registering nucii beta or wagers, or sell ing of siK-h pools, or the making of such Im . ks, 1 knowingly becomes the custodian or depositary or privilege of any money, properly or thing of value staked, wagered or pledged, or to be ttaked, wagered or pledged upon any auch result, and any person who knowlugly aids, assists or abets in any manner in any of the acta hereinbefore mentioned, spun be punishable bj imprisonment in the county Jail for a period of not longer than one year, or iiv t not exceeding 15,000, or both; provided. however, that the provlsUjus ol thia act shall not apply to the actual incjosure of i-iir or racetrack associations that an i rporated uader the laws ol this state, during the actual time r the meetings ol -aid association*, nr within tweat] tour boura lie fore aay such meetings. Sec. ". In a prosecution for any iolati..n of section i hereof ii shall not be neceaaarj to prow-that aay such trial or contest ol skill, apeed or power of endurance was actually bad, nor that there was engaged In such trial or contest a man at iieast of the name or description of that aa which such bet or wager was made, or aucfa pool sold, or mi u book made See. ". No person shall be excused from attend in;. and testifying, or producing any books, papers, documents, ticket-, cards, racing sheets, racing forms, 1 cords, devices or apparatus, before aaq court or magistrate, upoa any Investtgatiap, pro ceedlng or trial, for ■ violation of tl •■ provision- si tiiis act, upon the ground or far the reason that the testimony or evidence, documentary or other wi-e. n quired ot him may tend to convict him of B -rime or to subject him to a penalty or forfeiture: but no pet -on shall be -ubject to iiny prosecutlaa by reason ..i aaythaag truthfully di-. losed or h. rea-on of the production of any evidence, ilooiiiuehlarv or Otherwise, .on. .in lag which he may testify, and no testinaoBj so uivcii or produced shall be received against him ui ..ii any criminal lavestlgatloo or proceeding. Sec. ». An laws 01 palls ,,| law- in ...iitli.t With lie provisions of lliis a. t are hereby repealed. Sec .".. Whereas, an emergency ci-ts. therefore thia act shall take effect and he In force from and alter iis passage.

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