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JOCKEY LEE HOLDS WORLDS RECORD. No Other Rider Has Won a- Card of Six Races The Records Complete. In riding the winners of the entire card of six races at Churchill Downs, Louisville, Ky., June -3, 1007, James Lee, the colored jockey under contract to J. B. Kcspcss, of Cincinnati, 0., established a worlds record. The chronicles of racing in America and England show that only three other jockeys ever rode as many as six winners In one day, and, oddly enough, on each occasion the cards embraced more than sis races. George Fordham, the celebrated English jockey, who scored his first win on Hampton In 1S31, and Ills lat ou Bragg In 1883, was, on the authority of London Sporting Life, the first to ride sis win ners in one day. It was at the Iilbury Club mooting at Stockbridge prior to 1873. There were seven races on the card. Fordham rodo in all of them. In one, however, there was a dead heat, and his mount was defeated in the run-off. Fordham died October 12, 1SS7. Fred Archer, the most successful jockey in English turf history, who scored his first triumph on Athol Daisy in 1S70 and his last on Iilanchland at Newmarket, Friday, October 20, 1SS0, was the second to ride six winners in one day. He did it at Lewes, August 7, 1SS2. There were seven races on the card, but he had no mount in the last one. Fred Archer committed suicide November S, 1SSG. During his career he rode 2,7-lS winners. The next and only other to accomplish the feat was "Monk" Overtoil, the colored rider, who had his heyday in the latter eighties and early nineties, and who, since Lees achievement, has returned to the saddle in a vain attempt to prove that he is "not down and out." Overton rode six winners at Washington lark, Chicago, July 10, 1S01. There were seven races on the card. He won the first, had no mount in the second, and took the last live, including the Maiden. Stakes, which was won by Eastin and Larabies Poet Scout. Eleven other jockeys have the distinction of having won the full card, but in each instance there were live races or less on the program. Stoval twice won a card of four races, and George Covington won one of four races and another of three races. Forty-four American jockeys have ridden five winners in one day, but in all save eleven instances they had mounts in six or seven races. The record for live winners out of live mounts belongs to Walter Miller, now the foremost rider in America. He has accomplished this three times. At Kenning, April 13, 1000, Miller rode the winners of the last live races, and the following day was the pilot of the winners of the lirst three races, making eight successive victories, which Is a record in this country. At Harlem September 7 and S, 1000, W. Buchanan rode nine winners out of eleven mounts, but his victories were not consecutive. Instances of four winners- ridden in one day In this country are too Humorous to mention. The complete record of the principal feats of jockeyship in America, compiled in the ollicc of Daily Kacing Form, is as follows: Jickey. Track. Date. ,-Wiiiners, MLaughlm.J Nashville Oct. 10, 1S7S 3 Full card Henderson. . .Charleston. . .Feb. 4, 1SS0 3 Full card Hodges N. Orleans... Feb. 24, 1SSI 3 Full card Stoval Louisville... Oct. 1, 1SS1 4 Full card Hovey Little Kock..Oct. 1!, 1882 3 Full card Stoval Memphis Oct. 2S, 1SS2 4 Full cardt Kelly, .Alike. S. Francisco. Apr. 0, 1SS5 i mounts MLaughliii.J Monmouth... Aug. 22, 18S5 5 5 mounts Covington, J.N. Orleans. . ..Mar. 2i, 1SS0 4 Full card Covington, G.N. Orleans. . .Feb. 28, 1SS7 3 Full card Karnes Lexington. . . Oct. 25, 1S87 4 Full card Narvacz, K. . Petaluiua Sep. 1, 1SS7 3 Full card ITazlett S. Francisco. Apr. 5, 1S8S 5 5 mounts Ollara, TIiosN. Orleans. . .Feb. It, 1SS0 4 Full card Bergen, Mar.Gutteiiberg. . Jan. I I, 1800 5 niouuts Overton Wash. Iark. July 10. 1S01 G 0 mounts Hi". N Gloucester... Fell. 10, 1S01 5 0 mounts Porter, J Latonia Sep. 3, 1S01 5 0 mounts Lamley, .Tas. .Sheep. Bay.. June 20, 1802 5 i mounts Lamley, Jas. .Brighton IS... Aug. 21, 1802 5 0 mounts Beagan Lexington... May 5, 1S03 5 Full card Laiiiley, Jas..Gravescnd. . . May 30, 1803 5 5 mounts Simms Sheep. Kay.. June 23, 1S03 5 0 mounts Perkins, Jas. Lexington. . . Oct. 20, 1S03 5 0 mounts Shunts Jerome lark. Aug. 17, 1804 5 ! mounts Ierkins, Jas. Saratoga Aug. 23, 1804 5 0 mounts Sinims Jerome Park. Aug. 21, 1S04 5 ! mounts Weber, C Hawthorne. . June 0, 1S04 it 6 mounts Grillin, H Sheep. Kay.. Aug. 24, 1S05 5 5 mounts Garner, F.. .. Oakland Mar. 20, 1800 5 5 mounts Gardner, Jas. Newport Apr. 20, ISOfi 5 mounts Jones, E St. Louis Aug. 14, ISOli 5 0 mounts Kritton. ThosNewport Aug. IS, 1S0G 5 Full card Jones, E St. Louis Vug. 10, 1S0G 5 -.mounts Cnywood Ideal lark. . .Oct. 3, 1890 5 0 mounts Kunis, Thos. Harlem Sep. U, 1807 5 7 mounts Sloan, Tod...lngIeside Mar. 21, 1S0S 5 5 mounts .Maher, 1 Brighton 1!.. Aug. 4, 1S0S 5 0 mounts McCue, P Kenning xr. 30, 1S0S 5 0 mounts Martin, H... Ingleside. . . . Jan. 11, 1800 C ! mounts Jenkins, C... Tanforan Jan. IS, 1000 5 i mounts .Mitchell x. Orleans... Mar. 23, 1000 5 0 mounts Buchanan, WHarlem Sep. S, 1000 5 .mounts Mitchell Aipieduct Nov. S, 1000 .". 5 mounts 0 Connor, W.Taiiforan .Mar. 1, 1001 5G mounts Cochran, 13... N. Orleans. . .Mar. 11, 1001 5 0 mounts O Connor, W. Lakeside Apr. 23, 1001 .1 0 mounts Aubnehoii... N. or. F. G..Mar. 0, 100r, 5 0 mounts Jewell Delmar June 22, 1005 5 and mounts Morris, C Nashville Nov. 22, 100,". 5 0 mounts it"1 City Park... Mar. 2i, 1000 5 0 mounts j1"1 City Park... Apr. i, 1000 5 7 mounts Miller, W Benning Apr. 13, 100G 5 0 mounts .Miller, W.. . .Brighton July 2S, 190G 5 5 mounts Miller, W Kenning Nov. 24, 100G 5 5 mounts Miller, W Oakland Feb. 21, 1007 3 5 mounts Lee, James.. Louisville... Juno 5, 1007 6 Full card On each of these days there was one race of two heats, tfhis day full card means on the Hat, there was one steeplechase. JThis day there were seven races. In response to Daily Kacing Forms request for the records of the principal feats in jockeyship in England, the editor of London Sporting Life sent the following: George Fordham rode six winners in one day at the Bihury Club meeting at Stockbridge. In another race that day he rode a dead heat, but his mount was beaten in the run-off. Fred Archer rode six successive winners at Lewes August C, 1SS2; live winners at Chester, 1SS3; four, including one walkover, in succession at Manchester, May 10, 1SS3; five in sucession and two losers at Windsor, May 24, 1SS4; four In succession and two losers at Manchester, Juue 3, 18S4; six in succession, including a dead heat and a walkover at Blbury Club Stockbridge, in 1884. S. Cliaudley rode live winners in succession, all of his mounts, at the Pontefract Yorkshire, Summer Meeting, July G, 1803. 1 J. Tod Sloan, the American jockey, rode live winners in succession at Newmarket September 30, 1S0S. There were seven races that day. He was beaten in the lirst and seventh. Of the live winners lie rode, three were bred by P. Lorillard and ran in the colors of Lord W. Beresford. C. Trigg rode five of the six winners at Edi-bnrgh, October 3, 1002, and live out of six winners at Worcester, October 25, .100G. In both instances his winners were successive. T. Loates won with all of his live mounts at Windsor, May 2, 180G, and his brother, S. Loates, finished second to him in four of those races.

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