Sixty-Three Futurity Eligibles: Complete List, with Owners, Breeding and Performances of Such as Have Raced, Daily Racing Form, 1907-07-28


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SIXTY -THREE FUTURITY ELIGIBLES. Complete List, with Owners, Breeding and Performances of Such as Have Raced. Although not much discussed as yet,-the Futurity undoubtedly occupies a large place in the miuds of those who own cligibles and trainers are now anxiously pointing their selected ones with n view to having them in perfectly ripe condition when the day for the big race arrives. August 31 is not so very far away, barely a month. That month will be tilled in with the Saratoga meeting. Usually that meeting is replete with Futurity pointers, and there, is every indication that similar highly Interesting revelations will attend its progress this year. The last Futurity declarations were made July 15, and were so extensive that but sixty-three elig-ililes remain, an unusually small number for this big race, but ample to furnish a field up to the precedents of the event. So far as developed form Is concerned, the supremacy of Colin is so well established that the point of present curiosity is in what measure Saratoga racing is destined to bring to light worthy opponents for him. In the Whitney string are three magniticently bred representatives of Hamburg that have yet to start. They are Burgher, bay colt, dam Hurly Burly; Jersey Lightning, chestnut lilly, dam Daisy F., and Yorkville Beau, chestnut colt, dam Yorkville Belle. It Is hoped they will show In public at Saratoga. M. L. Schwartz also has a "dark" son ot Hamburg Peg Wollington called Pomander, that is carded to make his lirst start tomorrow. Nothing has been heard so far concerning "the merits, or otherwise, of John Sanfords two-year-olds. His youngsters always begin their racing careers at Saratoga. His Futurity candidates this year arc Chief Brant, chestnut colt, by Clifford Ballyroe, a full brother to the fast marc Molly Brant; Fort Johnson, bay colt, by Chuctanunda White Frost and Onatossa, chestnut colt, by Isidor Rockwatcr. They are well engaged in Saratoga stakes and their running there will bo closely watched. . In the chestnut colt Peter Quince it has been long rumored that Mr. Keene has another sou of Commando equal to holding his own with Colin. He will probably be kept for the Futurity to save maiden allowances, although that has not heretofore been- a feature o the stables policy. Altogether, of the sixty-three youngsters left in July 15, twenty-six are yet to go to the post and of these, in addition to those already referred to, Anonyma, Bonnie Star, Carrollton, Duke of Roanoke and Raquel are so choicely bred as to suggest captivating possibilities. The names of the youngsters eligible to the Futurity honors and their breeding are here presented. Students of turf problems will find the list one for careful and thoughtful consideration: Adriana, b. f, by Hamburg Kildeer. Amle Ratliff, blk. f, by Laurium LIta Lee. Anonyma, b. f, by Disguise Optimo. Antaeus, ch. c, by Henry of Navarre Annot Lyle. Ardri, b. c, by Gigantcum Miss Doone. Bar None, ch. c, by Nasturtium Equality. Battleford, b. c, by St. Simoniau II. Westmeath. Bcaucoup, ch. c, by Ornament Ollle Belle. Ben Fleet, br. c, by Ben Strorae Strychinla. Besom, br. c, by Ben Brush Noonday. Big Chief, ch. e, by Pontine Madelalne. Blue Pilot, b. c, by Cauopus Cerulea. Bonnie Star, ch. f, by Star Shoot Bonnie Blue 11.- Burgher, b. c, by Hamburg Hurly Burly. Camplight, ch. c, by Hastings Camplirc. Carrollton, b. c, by Florlzcl II. Ballantrae. Chapultepec, b. c, by Gerolstein Gracioslty. Chief Iirant, ch. c, by Clifford Ballyroe. Colin, b. c, by Commando Pastorella. Corncob, b. c, by Nasturtium Cornelia. Countermand, b. c, by Order Janice. Crack Shot, ch. c, by Star Shoot Ollle Dixon. De Kalb, b. c, by Griffon Last Ban. Dennis Stafford, b. c, by Galore Emotional. 1 Duke of Roanoke, b. c, by. Hamburg Snaasheen, SIXTY -THREE FUTURITY ELIGIBLES. Continued from first page. Fair Play, ch. c, by Hastings Fairy Gold. False Garter, cli. f, by Golden Garter Falsalara. Fort Johnson, b. c, by Chuetanunda White Frost. Griffon Colors, eh. c, by Griffon AH Colors. Hlghsplre, b. g, by Mesmerist Miss Longford. Jersey Lightning, ch. f, by Hamburg Daisy F. Jim Gaffney, b. o, by Golden Garter Miss Maxim. Julia Powel, ch. f, by Watercress Cottage Girl. Keep Moving, b. f, by Yankee La Polka. King James, b. c, by Plaudit Unsightly. King Sol, b. c, by Toddington Abilene. Lady Powell, 1. f, by Toddington Aliena. Laughing Eyes, ch. f, by Plamides Maxlne Elliott. Little Minnie, b. f, by Stephen Lilian! Isabel. Long Ball, b. c, by Plaudit Gutta Pereha. Masque, b. c, by Disguise Rhodesia. Masquerade, b. f, by Disguise Splendour. Meelick, ch. e, by Planudes Ilithyla. Mlramar, gr, c, by Faraday Crimea. Miss Angle, ch. f, by Planudes Matanza. Miss Marjorle, b. f, by Galore Mariti. Onatassa, ch. c, by Isidor Rockwater. Peter Quince, ch. c, by Commando Fair Vision. Pomander, ch. c, by Hamburg Peg Woffington. , bay iilly, by Allan-a-Dale Queenlike II. Question Mark, ch. c, by Goldcrest Rose Ban. Raquel, br. f, by Previous Hatasoo. Restigouche, blk. g, by Commando Dancing Water. Royal Vane, b. c, by Royal Flush III. Flavane. Salvallce, b. f, by Salvado Miss Alice III. Saturn, b. c, by Kinley Mack Halo. Sheering, b. c, by Griffon Pertinent. Smoker, eh. c, by Yankee Smoke. Stamina, b. f, by Nasturtium Endurance by Right. Stokes, b. c, by Ogden Nahma. Suzerain, b. c, by Prince of Melbourne Suzon. The Squire, ch. c, by Prince of Melbourne Homespun. Waldorf Belle, b. f, by Wyeth Sweet Blllle. Wendy, b. f, by Glenheim Adversity II. YorkvIIle Beau, ch. e, by Hamburg Yorkvillc Belle. Following is a list of the thirty-seven owners of the sixty-three eligibles: II. P. Whitney Adriana, Bar None, Bonnie Star, Burgher, Jersey Lightning, Stamina and YorkvIIle Beau. James R. Keene Anonyma, Besom, Colin, Masque, Masquerade, Peter Quince and Restigouche. J. K. Jones Amie Katllff. August Belmont Antaeus and Fair Play. M. A. Hoaley Ardri. Kirklield Stable Bat tleford and Sherring. It. T. Wilson, Jr. Beauconp. Oneek Stable Ben Fleet. Newcastle Stable Big Chief, Carrollton and The Squire. Knickerbocker Stable Blue Pilot. Queen City Stable Cainplight. F. Burlew Cliapultepec. J. Sanford Chief Brant, Fort .Johnson and Onatassa. E. L. Norton Corncob. J. B. Haggiu Countermand. A. L. Aste Crack Shot. J. F. Carroll De Kail. J. E. Madden Dennis Stafford, Keep Moving, King James, Meelick, Miss Marjorle and Stokes. J. Fitzslmmons Miss Angle. T. G. Stevenson Duke of Roanoke. W. Shields False Garter and Suzerain. W. Selleck Lady Powell. F. Allen Griffon Colors. J. Bauer Highspire and Raquel. F. J. Farrell Jim Gaffney. W. B. Jennings Julia Powel. Brownlelgh Park Stable King Sol. Chelsea Stable Laughing Eyes and Saturn. L. V. Bellew Little Minnie. T. Hitchcock, Jr. Long Ball. E. Burke Mlramar. M. L. Schwartz Pomander. T. C. McDowell Queenlike II. filly. W. Lakeland Question Mark. J. Fetz, Jr. Salvalice. F, R. Hitchcock Smoker. Stiller and Johnston Waldorf Belle. W. L. Crosby Wendy. C. E. DurncII Royal Vane. Following is a record of the performances and winnings of the Futurity eligibles that have raced the figures including the racing of Saturday, July 27: Horse. Sts. 1st. lid. 3d. Unp. Won. Adriana ... o 1 1 1 2 ,000 Ardri 1 1 Bar None 4 0 2" 2 0 3,100 lieaucoup 4 0 2 1 1 1,400 Ben Fleet 0 1 1 1 :; 2.05S Besom 2 1 0 1 200 Cainplight 2 0 1 0 1 00 Cliapultepec 8 2 :: 0 .", 14,170 Colin 5 r, o o o 50,551 Corncob 5 0 0 2 3 225 Countermand 2 0 0 0 2 Crack Shot 4 1 O 0 3 890 Dennis Stafford ... 2 o 0 1 1 7". Fair Play :: 2 0 0 1 4,305 False Garter 2 0 0 0 2 Highspire 2 0 O 0 2 Jim Gaffney 3 0 1 0 2 200 Julia Powel 2 0 1 0 1 200 Keep Moving 5 1 0 1 :! 050 King James 10 1 0 4 5 14,:!25 King Sol 7 1 0 1 0 940 Lady Powell IS :: 2 1 7 1,290 Laughing Eyes ...11 2 2 0 7 1,7S0 Little Minnie 5 0 0 0 3 Long Ball 15 1 1 :t 11 1,320 Masque 7 0 2 1 4 1,875 Meelick 4 1 1 1 1 4,010 Mlramar 3 0 0 O 3 Miss Angle 4 1 0 1 2 970 Miss Marjorle 3 0 1 0 2 100 Question Mark :: O 0 0 :: Restigouche 2 0 2 0 0 000 Royal Vane 12 5 2 0 r. 15,130 Saturn 2 0 0 0 2 Smoker 9 1 3 O 5 r.,120 Stamina 3 1 0 0 2 7,700 Suzerain 7 0 1 1 5 75 The Squire 4 1 2 0 1 1.2:.r. Waldorf Belle 21 0 2 5 14 275

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