Leading Features Of The English Turf.: Cyllene and Polar Star Exhibited at Newmarket--Chief Winning Owners and Horses., Daily Racing Form, 1908-07-30


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LEADING FEATURES OF THE ENGLISH TURF Cyllene and Polar Star Exhibited at Newmarket Chief Winning Owners and Horses London July 15 Among the attractions at the recent Newmarket sales were Cyllene and Polar Stal which shortly leave for South America Both looked remarkably well Polar Star is an especially handsome horse a gentleman in every line The pair cost the Ojo de Aguii Stud of Buenos Avres 215000 The blood lines of tlie pair are the richest in England and are tabulated herewith It is good news that Lord Derby will next year be racing the horses at present leased to Lord Dur ¬ ham in his own name and Colors ColorsThe The Grand Prize of Berlin 1 mile 3 furlongs a weightforage race worth 18500 rim on Sunday last on tlie Iloppegarten track was won by Messrs A and C von Weinbergs llorizout II from Bajazo llnon and Rojestwensky The winner is a brown colt 3 by Florizel II Hopscotch Tlie other three runners are also by Britishbred sires Bajazo being by Joyful Hnou by Aril Patrick and Rojestwensky by Perigord PerigordFor For the third time a scion of Galtee More has won the Russian Derby This years winner was Galop Hammurabi in 1900 and three yeus earlier Irish Lad were tlie previous winners sired by MorganetteW the son of Kendal and Morganette W Allison writes in the Sportsman on the point of an invasion by Americans of the English sales ring I am glad to learn in this connection that Messrs Tattersall have already as I anticipated been exercising their rights of censorship and that Mr Haggins idea of sending between 100 and 1100 of his youngsters for sale here was discouraged fifty being given as the largest possible number that might tinil buyers in October A certain number of Meddler yearlings will be sent over for Doncaster but excepting these every discouragement has been leld out to American breeders who have contem ¬ plated EnglandTo sending their stock to England To and including July 13 sixteen sires had pro ¬ duced winners of over 20000 Among them is one American horse Octagon the sire of Norman III 1 he list with their ages pedigrees leading winner total winners ami amounts won are as follows followsSire Sire age and pedigree Win Amount St IFrusquIn 15 by St Simon Isa ¬ 04825Chaleiireux bel Rhodora 31955 n 04825 Chaleiireux 14 by Goodfellow 5SCOODesmond LEte SIgnorinetta 57000 4 5SCOO Desmond 12 by St Simon LA1 Ixsse de Jourre The White Knight 5500Gallinule 23000 9 5500 Gallinule MoorhenWhite 24 by Isonomy Moorhen White Eagle 1C5IO 11 33615 33615Kaeburn Kaeburn IS bv St Simon Mower Ina MowerIna Pillo 14225 9 2 10 10Octagon Octagon OrtegalNorman 14 by Rayon dOr Ortegal 29740Carbine Norman III 28 000 3 29740 Carbine 23 by Musket The Mersey MerseyGlacis Glacis 145tr S 2S120 2S120Persimmon Persimmon dead bv St Simon Per Perdita dita IL Your Majesty 11250 4 27713 27713Bav Bav Ronald 12 by Hampton Black BlackDuchess Duchess Bayardo 90S7 13 27272 27272Marco Marco 10 bv Barcaldine Novitiate NovitiateBembo Bembo 12912 10 2G307 Diamond Jubilee 11 by St Simon Perdita II Queens Advocate Advocate2422O 2422O 4 20 20Eager Eager 14 by Enthusiast Greeba GreebaElectra Electra 12077 10 23787 23787Avington Avington 18 by Melton Annette AnnetteBilly 22610Laveno Billy the Verger 12470 6 22610 Laveno 1C by Bend Or Napoli Galvani 7990 8 21183 21183Isinglass Isinglass 18 by Isonomy Deadlock DeadlockLouviers Louviers 9202 8 20351 20351St St Serf 20 by St Simon Feronia Strickland 9805 7 20185 20185Thirtyeight Thirtyeight owners are in the list of winners of SOOO and over to July 13 The list includes two twoAmericans Americans Richard Croker and August Beluiont and is given below belowOwner Owner WinnersRaces Won WonChevalier Chevalier GInlstrellt 1 2 57000 57000W W II Walker 3 7 35402 W 35402W 33172It Raphael 5 7 33172 It Croker 1 2 31985 31985A A Belmont 3 29740 29740J J B Joel 8 29460 29460Reid Reid Walker 5 5 29330 29330Colonel Colonel 25000Lord T Y L Kirkwood 1 2 25000 Lord 20240A Derby 3 5 20240 A Stedall 10 14 17470 17470Lord 15982Sir Lord Carnarvon 5 0 15982 Sir D Cooper 1 2 10825 15975A W 10825W M G Singer 5 7 15975 A F Basset 4 4 15882 L 15882L de Rothschild 7 8 15815 15815L L 14387Lord Neumann 2 4 14387 Lord Durham 7 12 13520 13520Ri 13275L Ri B Dobell 2 3 13275 L Robinson 5 8 11922 Lord 11922Lord Rosebery 3 7 11270 Barclay 11270Barclay 11227Lord Walker 2 4 11227 Lord Ellesmere 7 9 11000 J 11000J Barrow 2 5 10900 J 10900J S Morrison 1 2 10700 10440Lord William 10700William Clark 3 4 10440 Lord Howard de Walden 0 7 10470 A 10470A Bendon 3 5 10150 10150A A E Bowen 5 7 10075 10075Duke Duke of Westminster 2 3 1O050 J 1O050J 10000A Buchanan 2 3 10000 A James 3 2 9600 Captain 9600Captain Bewicke 5 S 9fl 9340Mr H 9flH Lytham 5 C 9340 Mr Air Fairle rairie 1 i 1 i t 9087 OSJ C OSJC Bower Ismay 2 2 8700 W 8700W Cooper 2 3 8090 J 8090J M Bell 1 1 8450 R 8450R G Vyner C 14 8350 8350Two NormanIII Two Americanowned horses Rhodora and Norman III are among the leaders in the list of animals to win 8000 and over up to July 13 The list is appended appendedHorse Horse Races Amt AmtSignorinetta Signorinetta b or br f 3 byChaleur byChaleureux 57000Rhodora eux SIgnorina 2 57000 Rhodora br f 3 by St Frusquin Rhoda B 2 310S5 310S5Norman Norman HI b c 3 by Octagon Nin Ninevah evah 1 2SQOO 2SQOOThe The White Knight b h 5 by Desmond Pella 2 25000 Queens 25000Queens Advocate ch c 4 by Diamond Jubilee DiamondJubilee Red Virgin 1 24 St 24St Wolf br c 3 by St Frusquin 21120Polar Wolfs Cry 2 21120 17400Lesbia Polar Star ch e 4 by Pioneer Go On 2 17400 Lesbia b f 3 by St Frusquin Glare 2 10S25 White Eagle ch c 3 by Gallinule Merry Gal 3 16i090 Glacis 16i090Glacis ch g 4 bv Carbine Glasalt 2 14535 Pillo 14535Pillo vp c 3 by Raeburn Golden Horn 5 14225 13250Bembo Hayden 14225Hayden b e 4 by Avidity Langour 1 13250 Bembo b c 3 by Marco Grand Prix 1 12912 Billy AvingtonGold the Verger ch c 4 by Avington Gold Flake 2 12470 Electra 12470Electra br f 2 by Eager Sireuia 3 12077 Your Majesty b c 3 by Persimmon Yours 1 11250 Llangwm 11250Llangwm b c 3 by Missel Thrush Llangarren Lass 3 10725 10725Dibs Dibs br c 3 by Blairfinde Greek Girl 2 10700 Strickland br c 2 by St Serf Kent ¬ ish Cherry 4 9805 Santo 9805Santo Strato b c 3 by Victor Wild or orSt St Frusquin Pie Powilpr 1 9625 Morena 9625Morena br c 3 by St Simon Princess PrincessMary Mary 2 9620 9620Louviers Louviers b c 2 by Isinglass St Lou Louvaine vaine 2 92G2 92G2Bayardo Bayardo b c 2 by Bay Ronald Ga Galicia licia 1 9037 9037Turbine Turbine b h 5 by Speed Simplify 1 8450 8450Ebor Ebor br c 3 by Hackler Ladv Gongh 3 8425 Dean Swift ch g 7 by Chlldwlck Pasquil 1 8375 8375Perola Perola ch f 2 by Persimmon Edmee 2 8005 8005For For tlie same racing term the principal winning jockeys winningjockeys on the flat with their riding records and percentage of races won to races ridden are tabled below Jockeys JockeysHIggs Mts 1st 2d 3d Unn PC HIggs W 325 55 rS 35 117 1692 Maher D 203 47 2tt 27 103 23 11 Wootton F 248 43 42 33 130 1741 Griggs William WilliamTrigg 250 5 32 30 159 1307 Trigg C 278 53 20 31 1SS 1187 Saxby W 173 i2 25 20 90 1849 Madden O 247 2 34 29 152 129 Randall H 218 V 29 32 131 119 Halsey W 229 25 29 31 144 109 Jones II 135 23 17 14 32 109 Dillon P 137 23 10 13 S5 1078 Martin J II 200 22 23 3O 131 100 McCall G 110 19 15 18 04 1637 Jones C 122 19 21 11 71 1557 Wheatley E Ringstead C 139 18 2O 21 80 1294 Griggs Walter 187 17 15 17 138 909 909The The success of Princesse de Galles in the Royal colors in the Chesterfield Stakes at Newmauket July 17 was received with very hearty cheering His Majesty who remained to see the concluding stage of the meeting was hiuhly delighted and it ii very pleasing to Hud that the King has so smart n youngster in training The filly won quite hand ¬ somely from Battleaxe and although Prlncesse de Galles was in receipt of 10 Ibs from the hitherto unbeaten son of William the Third her performance was nevertheless one for congratulation particularly as it was tier initial outing in public In his last race Battleaxo defeated His Majestys Minoru by a neck so that the Prlncesse has now made ample amends amendsThe The Chesterfield Stakes has often been won by racers of exceptional merit Including during the past thirty years Bend Or Iroqnois Halliard Ayr ¬ shire La Fleche Meddler St Frusquin and Rock Sand and I trust the latest victress Prineesse de Galles which made a successful debut In the race may turn out one of the best to win it She is certainly a lovely filly of the very highest class full of quality beautifully balanced with length and liberty but if to IH faulted is rather slack be ¬ hind the saddle Standing now 15 hands 3 inches she was bred by His Majesty at Sandringhain and foaled February 10 1K0 is a brown by Gallinule Eclla sister to Mead and dam of Osella by Per ¬ simmon from Meadow Chat bv Minting from the Cesarewitch winner Stone Clink ClinkThe The English racing people do not fancy Jack or Isaac Joel who Is prosecuting R S Seivier for blackmail and when his colt Your Malesty won the Eclipse Stakes at Sandown July 17 no such hostile demonstration as that which greeted the winner has been heard on a race course in living memory A storm of hoots and groan was heard as soon as it was seen that Joels horse had the race In hand and these were repeated when the colt returned to the paddook to weigh in During inDuring the recent Tiiain Ireland meeting four of the races were won by horses trained under the supervision of Maxwell Arnott who within a week supplied the winners of eleven races Arnott Is in partnership with Captain Dewhurst since the latter gentleman took up his residence at Newmarket and from the Greenmoiint stable has sent out fortynine winners of tlat and hurdle races as well as steeple chases during the present season For seasonFor the third year In succession Sir George Clifford has bred and raced the most successful two yearold of tlie season in New Zealand Though some two yearolds may yet race before the season closes the last of the juvenile events has been run and the baronets great lilly Fleetfoot tops the list with a sum of 11015 She started in ten races won Nix was placed three times and unplaced once when she was left at the post The daughter of the St Leger horse Clanrannld failed to reach the records of Multiform and Menschlkoff which as twoyearolds won 13808 and 12765 vespectiyely

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