Horses That Have Died This Year, Daily Racing Form, 1908-10-28


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HORSES THAT HAVE DIED THIS YEAR. The death list of 190S to October 1 docs not include the names of many racers of recent years that were credited with remarkable racing prowess, the best having been Oran. Old England. Ben Fleet, Burt G. Lewis. Ella ONeill. Lady Vera. Lancastrian. Master Lester. Penarris and R. C. Rann. But from the breeding farms a heavy toll was taken of great stars of long ago, including such grand race mares as Endurance by Right. Ida Pick- V, wick. La Sylphide, Quiver and Sallie McClelland. . Many other names will appeal to readers familiarly, the list to the date named being as follows: Aim. ch. f. 3. by Ben Strome Ban Amy. Agnes iMack. b. in. 7. by The Hero Miss Rhodes. Auricoma. ch. m, 22, by King Ernest Belinda. Aiken, ch. g. 4, by Fatherless Ninone. Avaunteer. ch. h. 0. by Borgia Engea. April Fool. ch. c. 2. by Dublin Muscovite. Ben Fleet, br. c, 3. by Ben Strome Strychlnia. Bert Osra. ch. g, 6. by Albert Bonnie Osra. Belles Commoner, b. h, 9. by The Commoner Battle Bell. Buckman. ch. g. S. by Dorian Miss Buckman. Brookdale. b. h. 0. by Herald My Badge. Burt G. Lewis, ch. g. 3, by Sombrero Andreth. Ben-my-Chree. b. m. 21. by Galopin Ulster Queen. Bad Boy. b. c. 4. by Borgia Stealth, Beryl, b. m. 16. by Sir Modred Tourmaline. iBeldemo. b. g, 4. by Bel Demonio Morbid. Balla, ch. f, 3. by Fatherless Eocene. Billy Ayres. ch. c. 4. by Salvation Wild Lass. Brawney Lad. br. g. 3. by Braw Lad Cassilla. Castile, b. c. 3. by Vesuvian Murcia. Cinnabar, b. g. 7. by Montana, by Ban Fox Hemcra. Croxton, ch. g. S, by Troy Marlowe. Candente. ch. c. 3. by Wax Hot Spring. Certificate, b. m. 10, by Order Wedding Gift. Chic. b. in, 14. by Midlothian Louise. Cistercian, ch, m. 10. by Goldfinch La Trappe. Cinderella, ch. m. 20. by Hermit Mazurka. Charles McKee. gr. g. 6. by Tom Nichols Grisl. Colonel Faverdale, br. c, 3. by Colonel Wheeler Sweet Faverdale. Dawson, b. g, 9. by St. Andrew or Maxio Easter, by Vicksburg. Divorcee, b. f. 3, by Ben Strome Broken Vows. Durbar, b. m, 7, by Kingston Splendour, by Sheen. Dial-plate, br. f. 3. by Pontiac Sundial. Dress Parade, b. c, 2. by Woolsthorpe Lady Prim. Ella ONeill, eh. f. 3. by Handspring Royal Approval. Elzarra. b. m. 20. by Pizarro Ella Hankins. Engea. b. m, 12, by Goldfinch Firefly. Elfina, ch. m, 9, by Salvator Fairystone. Empress Dowager, ch. m. 10, by Meddler Her Highness. Ethelair. b. m. 20. by Pizarro Ethelda. Endurance by Right, b. m, 9. by Daspector B. Early Morn. Emily M., b. f. 4. by Bannockburn Highland. El Rey Dorado, b. c, 2. by AmiKo Fame. Flying Plover, b. m, 6, by Harvey Plover. Flying Virginian, ch. g. 9. by Terrifler Bessie, by John Bull. Full of Fun. b. g. 5, by The Greek Frolicsome II., by Apache. Frescati, b. f, 3. by Masetto Frogmore. Frances H., br. f. 4, by Meddler Black Venus. Floralla, b. m. 6. by Watercress Firenze. Follette, blk. m. 6, by Watercress Duchess of Towers. Fauquier, b. g, 5, by Eolic Grey Queen. Glen thorn, br. m. 12, by Darebin Glenrose. Gypsette. b. m, 21. by Inauguration Gipsy. Garterless, b. m. 11, by Golden Garter Explosion. Gerald D., br. c. 2, by Ildrlm Ganymede. Gamboge, ch. f, 2, by Tristan Anagram. Galore, br. h. 23. by Galopin Lady Maura. Halaca. ch. c. 3, by Handsel Elzarra. High Brush, br. c, 4.jbyl Ben Brush Innerdale. Hcritiere. ch. m, 14, by.; Sensation Heiress. Henry Waring, br. g. 0. by Blitzen Allie H. Hickory, b. c. 4, by Ben Str6me The Humber. Harmony, ch. g. 4, by Albanian Minstrelsy. Hawkama, b, g. 4. by Hawkswlck Amaranth. Hollistcr. blk. g. 3. by Star Shoot Janice II. Harmakis, ch. g. 7. by Albert Mbntvale. Halbard, b. g, 4. by Governor Foraker Pecos. Ida Pickwick, b. m. 20. by Mr. Pickwick Ida K. Ironworker, blk. c. 3. by Faverdale Eva Mine. Idle Days. b. m. 16. by Dudley Wah-o-Naisa. Isis, ch. m, 21. by Bend Or Shotovcr. Jovita, ch. m. 10, by Bassetlaw Santa Rita. Jude, br. m, 17. by Hidalgo Judith. J. B. Smith, ch. g. 6, by Woolsthorpe Lillian Beatrice. Judge Post. b. g, 4, by Star Ruby Aura II. Jim Hardman, br. c. 2. by Streamer May Bee. John C. Graus. b. g, 5, by Satsuma Ban Brook. Julia F., ch. f. 2. by St. Avonicus Titina. Jim Simpson, b. g. 4, by Contestor Sweepalong. Katherlna, ch. m, 10. by Goldfinch Katrine. Lady Vera, ch. f, 4. by Woolsthorpe Philura. Lancastrian, b. h. 5. by Kingston Royal Rose. La Paladin, b. f. 2. by Paladin La Prisa. Lady Dainty, br. m. 1C. by Darebin Haytienne. Lela Dell, b. m. 15. by Hanover Meriden. Lisbon Maid, ch. m. IS, by Lisbon Patroness. La Sylphide, b. m. 26, by Fellowcraft Sylph. Love Chase, ch. m, 9, by Salvator Evangeline. Lights Out, ch. g. 7. by Pirate of Penzance Gleam. Lee Crest, b. c. 3, by Goldcrest Grace Lee. Lucille II.. b. m. 15, by St. Saviour Sardonyx. Melltah, ch. f, 4. by Balgowan or Dewey Lady Maud. Monere, b. c. 4. by Bowling Brook or Sorcerer Wary. Marymar. ch. f. 2. by Cuuard Physalis. Miropette. ch. m. 7. by Brutus Mirope. Mistletoe, ch. m. 26. by Thad Stevens Mistake. Madge D.. b. in. 15. by Maxim Guenn. Marchcress, b. m, 9, by Watercress Lady Cardigan. Mauvilla. br. m, 11. by Troubadour Senorita. Mesaba, ch. m, 10. by Watercress Gertrude. Marster, b. g. 5. by Fatherless Eostre. Moongold, b. g, 4, by Goldfinch Moonflower. Miss Shannon, br. f. 2. by Ildrim Magdelane. Master Lester, ch. c, 4. by Pirate of Penzance Ilss Thomas. Mercury, b. g. 7. by Meddler Tulla Blackburn. Newguile. b. c. 3. by Beguile Violent. Nabette, br. m, 22, by Nathan Coombs Beauty. Oran, b. c, 4. by Ossary Sloe. Old England, b. g. 9. by Goldfinch Queen Bess, by Marden. Oronogo. ch. g, 3. by Trentola Triolet. Oarsman, ch. s. 8, by Hastings Ortegal. Oyamel. b. m, 7. by Bathampton Unadaga. Princess Nellie, ch. m. 11, by Prince James Miss Nellie. Princess Murphy, b. m, 12, by Bramble Princess Glenn. Poesy, b. m. 16. by Sir Modred Bas Bleu. Pasture, b. m. 8, by Candlemas Meadowvale. Primitive, b. m. 11. by Tenny Barbary Maid. Penarris. b. g, 4, by Garry Hermann Peninah. Prohibition II., ch. m, 15, by Rayon dOr Quarantine. Prim Rock, b. c, 2, by Rockton Lady Primrose. Quake, ch. c. 2. by Altamax Shiver. Quiver, b. m. 18, by Faustus Belle Broeck. Red Bonnet, ch. f, 3, by St. Simonian II. Reckon. R. C. Rann. b. c. 3. by Lactantius Cherry Button. Rare China, b. f. 2. by Royal Flush III. Porcelain. Raining Leaves, b. m, 6, by Rainbow Princess of Harrison. Smart, br. f. 2. by Ballyhoo Bey Rabensteln. Susie Christian, b. m. 7. by Wyalusing Gift. Sweet-taire. br. c. 3. by Solitaire II. Sweet Cakes. Suzanne Sue. ch. f, 2, by Oddfellow Annie Clark. Sallie McClelland, ch. m. 20. by Hindoo Red and Blue. Selene D.. ch. f, 4, by Octagon Helen, by Hlmyar. Shuttle, br. m. 17, by Siddartha Lucille Prewitt. Samoan. blk. m, 8, by Midlothian Samoa. Speedy, b. m. 20. by St. Saviour Swift. Statuesque, b. m. 8. by Llssak Juno. Summit, br. m. 9. by Darebin Altitude. Splendour, b. m. 14, by Sheen Princess Iskra. Salvadale. ch. g, 4. by Salvador Lily Dale. St KcTln. ch. g. 5. by St. Leonards Ccrlto. Steelmaker, b. g. 7. by Albert Bu,let. Sunflsh, ch. m. 11. by Rayon dO.T AFlying Fish. The Arrowed, blk. h. 7, by Gallinulc Little .May. Thespian, b. b. 7. by Rapallo Lady Cushman. Theoa. blk. m. 11, by Prospector Eotha. Toque, b. m, S, by St, Andrew La Toquera. Tansyd. b. g. 4. by St. Maxim Belle of Lexington. The Knight, b. g, 4, by Watercress Limekiln. Trackless, ch. m, 6, by Pontiac Calypso. Thunderbolt, b. h. 8. by St. Gatien Turmoil. Vagabond, ch. g. 5. by Peep oDay Strayaway. Venotia. b. m. 8. by Goldfinch School-girl. Virginia Lorraine, b. f. 4, by Kismet, by Melton Virginia Dare, by Apache. Watchful, br. h. 5. by Mirthful Wary. Woodford Lass, br. m, 10, by Salvator Miss Woodford. Water Girl, br. m. 12. by Watercress Parthenia. Woodbine, b. in. 6. by Maurice Lapwing. Wardine. ch. g. 4. by Bradwardine Total.

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