Racing Bill in Minnesota: Measure About to be Introduced in Legislature in Behalf of Sport., Daily Racing Form, 1913-01-09


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RACING BILL IN MINNESOTA ] MEASURE ABOUT TO BE INTRODUCED IN J LEGISLATURE IN BEHALF OF SPORT. 1Kividrs lor Appointment of a Commission Fatterned j Alter Kentuckys, with Pari-mutuels as Method for Speculation. 1 Si I :i i i I. Minn.. .1 miiarv fc -A i.ill POBtemplatll . lit.- development i»f i h - Ihonmgbhred horse lbr««ii: i the it-u i : linn zing of runniug race* in th.- state will l.. -i-.l carl.v in ill- -.- i.ii • -l the Mnuic- I i I .-- i-i.iiui i-. uiiicii nni i"i organisation yesterday. ItliUfi Relllj and A i :-.i n. leaner «- Roger* "I St. Paul, ami Harry Steven* id Pjpestone. are th nun Interested in lln- nt-asinc. Thej are U" lc , ins tbeuiselvc* n. i i i - lank of drafting the hill , anil seeking nupinrl which will hasare it- latrodiH: 1 oil .-llnl lia*sag . Tin lil! will provide for the appointment hj Ihe governor of .1 . ..ninn--..n of live hum. hoop i»I whom Khali draw .1 salary, .-x. . j.i i nu iln- secretary, wh kIu.1I I. allowed not to .-•.eoe.l .VI. SOI. I y.-.ll IH -,i.c;- I n.lci- I lii-. — ion running iroili.i- IMi-inc raci in.-. -in.-- irf n. a to ....-.i itair:j ilav* In each calendar year aw In in- |..-nnii led in .11 . tj in which there -ha i !.• organised .111 X* -... iatioii 11.. 1 "rt-.-i i log Mate aM. Thai is. the race* -,, Ii. I.l Khali lie distinct from the conaty fa"r The measure also will |.i.i.|. that a iger* can he iii.i.l.- providing iln pal i-uiiiiii.-l machines are u-i-i. Bookmaker* will not he permitted ..n the track*, ami Hi. law will ileal heavily with all win. -n i. in|.i 10 lay wager* either na or off the 11., 1- unless the machine* arc lined. The I.ill i- 10 1 lerncd after the acl now in fur. .- in Kentucfcj Tin,-, who are hehJnd the movement desire In make it plain thai Ihej are actuated •mi. by the ,l.-ii ■ 10 develop the thoroughbred horae .m.l n-.i ;•• 1 brow In came ..|..-n to the gamblers. Thej be lleve 11 1- .-nlv Ihnatgh the raeetrark that the thoi libred i-aiiu- ilcvebqied. anil Insist thai If the fl| ;:,,, i. ,.1.. |m 1 iy -safcgtiarded bj lawh n luiv as Miey Hl..i.- in iniinl. ii will accomplish that i iii-|i -•-. Regis! 1. iii. hi uf thoroughbred foal* bus dwindled from l.r.iin nol .1 large inimhi r in Itself -in lioi lo 1 HHi In Hill." -:ii,l Mr. Rcilly. in discussing Hi.-measure. "This Is 1 decrease ..f nearly St per .-.-in h - 11.. 1 ..iih 11. .w .1 question of asrmber l.ut f .|ll:llil. ;i well. Hiiiin the l....-i war Ihe British rovernm-nl l...iiiiiii in ili« Ini.i-il State* KW.KM horaea an 1 m..".ji mules foe ii-*- in the eaaanaiaja in s.-m.i Afriea. Ii iniiil . ::." l..r iln-in. ■•There are registered with the Agrieoltnre 1 . |.:iri:n in- si:illi..ii RegtatratioB Board, the following service stallions: ••Minn. ~..isi 4. i;-. one of wlii.ii i- t thomngA bred: Smith Itakota. I.3SR, one of wlii.ii Is .1 this oitghbred. anil la IViarnnsin, L.»i-".. iluc ..f whh-h ■re tii.-i.-!i-iii.r -.l . ••|| : hi- measure will do what we iliink ii will, ii will Imiimve the breed. There will be .1 great ei ihiiiiIhi •■! ibormighlired* iinn.n iln- serrlee -;.:i lions 111 Miun. ..i:i. if -mil ■ bill Is enacted anil racing - iimdncted alons line* that are aaaplj *afe n ,1 I,.:. ri,.|M-i legislation will heln and there sd ni. 1 he no Inclination to abolish the ereal s|.-,n which, lifter all. mean* so nwrh to the develoriinen! . 1 the Ihtiwaighhred home."

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